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This story has absolutely no real meaning on the real lives of the South African celebs mentioned in this story. They are people in their own right and in reading this, the reader should focus on the story, and keep in mind that it is just a story, even with some celebs.

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Survivor South African Santa Carolina is our version of the popular reality TV series, but instead of ordinary people, this series is being played by South African celebs. Feel free to Google those mentioned within the story, but trust me, they are very tasty!



Survivor South African Santa Carolina chapter 1: Okkert pays thanks to Izak.

Featuring Okkert Brits and Izak Davel

It has been a tired some few days for the Final 8 who was reaching the home stretch in Survivor. Even though they have merged into Kululama, the old Chibudu and Timbila tribes were still battling against each other. Firstly, they merged with 10 members left, 5 Chibudu and 5 Timbila. After Hannah (Actress) and Louw (Actor and Comedian) recieved 5 votes each at Tribal Council, Hannah was eliminated due to a 1 second Skull lapse. Now the previously Timbila were 5 members to the Chibudu's 4 and they knew that they were just waiting for the date of excecution. Unless they could get and convince someone from Timbila to vote with them, they would be dropping like flies. They had no choice as to win Immunity and hope for the best.

Izak Davel (Singer and Model) was between a rock and a hard place. Everyone knew that Okkert (Former Olympian Pole Vaulter) was the strongest member left and therefore the biggest threat left in the game. But ever since he was kidnapped over to the Chibudu side for 1 Immunity challenge, he has had second thoughts. The moment he arrived on the island and he saw that Okkert Brits was part of the castaways, he felt his chest swell. He remembered how he watched the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics and knew how many Gold medals Okkert won for South Africa. Now the old Timbila tribe's reasoning was to vote Okkert out next. Like previously said, Izak was kidnapped by Chibudu on Day 9 in the game and since that day he developed somewhat of a crush on the big Okkert. Yes, Okkert 36 and lost a lot of his sexy maleness over the years, but the moment that Okkert took off his shirt, Izak had to fight tooth and nail to remember that there was camera's all over the island. He wanted to stare and admire, but he couldn't. It was too much and since all of the tribemates spoke about voting out Okkert out that evening, he stayed away from them and just did his duties on his own. Izak found himself a nice spot on the beach, with the sun streaming on his incredible 8 pack. Complete with only his red speedo's the only thing that he was wearing he was a feast for all the woman and definitely for all the gay men in the world. He heard footsteps approach and when he opened his eyes he saw Okkert, or Okkie has they called him, sit down next to him. For a moment, there was absalute silence, not one of them speaking. Then Izak turned towards Okkie.

"Im sorry for what is going to happen tonight, Okkie. Ashley (Presenter), Kaz (Actor), Proverb (Recording Artist) and Louw are voting for you tonight. And i know that all the Chibudu guys are probably voting Louw. I know i said that i would never vote for you of the respect that i have for all that you did for South Africa, but if i don't vote with you, im on the chopping block next time round. Why do you have to be such a damn threat, man?"

Okkery laught at Izak's outburst. He knew as well as Izak did that he was going home tonight. He stared at the blue waves, the air without a single cloud in the sky, the weather just perfect. And so was the company...having Izal sitting next to him with only a Speedo on, well he was straight but after 2 weeks onthe island, he was having a difficult time with keeping his rampant cock in control. After Hannah's departure, there wasn't much to look at im terms of women. Sade (Kids Presenter) was only 24, GiGi (Exotic dancer and stipper) was too old for him and Ashley (Strictly Come Dancing) was too busy sceaming and manipulating to get him voted out to be anything worth while. He sighed and stood up.

"Well, lets see what happens at Tribal tonight, Izak. But i'll tell you this. I wont stop fighting until my torch is blown out. That i can gurantee you."

After that Okkert walked away and left Izak pondering a lot of thoughts. Okkie looked so hot in his black trousers. But he was to much of a threat to keep on the island, no matter how hot Izak was for him.

It was the end of Tribal Council. The old Chibudu tribe was dumbfounded. And if they were simply dumbfounded, the old Timbila, who thought that they were going to rule the game, was staring the fact in the face that their patriarch, Louw, was voted out due to the fact that he and Okkert recieved 4 votes each, to make it a tie, and due to the fact that Louw had 5 more previous votes than Okkert, Louw was voted out and with the Kululama tribe now 8 members, with 4 previous Chibudu and 4 previous Timbila tribemembers. Something went horribly wrong. Izak was very quiet, but so was all the previous Timbila members. While the rest got ready for the night and the video camera's were switched off after a long day's shooting, the castaways fell asleep one by one. For Izak though, sleep would never come that evening. Finally he stood up and took a walk to the lagoon that was situated at the camp. Fuck all the potential poisenous things that walked around, he wanted to be alone. He sat like that what felt like hours, until, yet again, he felt a presence behind him.

"Why Izak? Why double cross your old tribe? You do realise they are going on turn on you. Was that worth in saving me?"

"What the hell are you talking about, Okkie?" Izak asked, a little nervous by the sudden interuption.

"Come on, Izak. I know it was you."

Okkery placed his big, muscular frame next to Izak's young stature and together they stared at the lagoon's muddy water coming and going in the shallow tide. Izak turned towards Okkert once more.

"I couldn't vote for you, man. I just couldn't. And while we're alone i'll say this, because i don't think that I'll ever have the guts again. It wasn't a strategic vote on my part. Not at all. I voted for Gys (Veteran actor and sculptor) because i have feelings for you. I know it's crazy and probably island madness and if the press hears this coming from me, I'm ruined. So I'll say this here and now so that only we will ever know about it. I trust you, Okkie."

Okkert nodded in the darkness that totally surrounded him on Santa Carolina. The vote wasn't like anything they were expecting. 4 votes for Louw. 4 votes for Okkert. 1 vote for Gys. As he sat there, it didn't take a genius to figure out who voted for Gys. Izak promised Okkert that he would never vote for him. He kept it. Okkert moved closer to Izak and he surprised the young dancer as he embraced him from the back. Izak sighed and he melted into Okkie. Okkert took the time to run his hands all over Izak's ripped chest and sexy 8 pack abs. Any kind of contact was turning the former olympian on so fucking much...and he felt he had to thank Izak.

"Okay here is the deal. This is only for tonight, hey? You did a brave thing, admitted that to me. Im so horny right now, Izak. And i know that you're willing to help me. There is no cameras here now. Im yours, for now. Do what you want to."

Izak's eyeballs widened as he heard this. What the fuck was Okkie saying? He slowly turned his head to look at Okkie, eye to eye.

"Do what i want to..." he whispered. Then he leaned in and kissed the big man. Okkie, in normal circumstances would have been pulling away in disgust, but put a man on an island for 2 weeks without sex and he will accept anything! Izak placed his cold hand on the right side of Okkert's cheek and sighed as he kissed his hero. Okkert pulled Izak on top of him and kissed him deeply. If only he imagined it was his wife, then it would be fine. Okkert pulled back completly until he was laying on the soft sand on his back, with Izak on top of him, still making out furiously. Izak ran his fingers through Okkert's hair as he pushed his tongue into the big man's mouth while gasping when he felt the other tongue join his in unison. But as they were just getting into it good and proper, they heard the distant yet definitive footsteps that was approaching in their direction. Okkert and Izak froze, and looked in eachother's eyes. What now?


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