Fic: Sweet Induction I

Sweet Induction I

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Fiction based on fictional characters.


Fandom: American Idol Slash

Summary: Phillip is inducted as a muse and Heejun helps him deal with the aftermath.

Author's Notes: I've been on Phillip Phillips' high lately, so I figured I might as well write and dedicate a story to my newest muse. Don't know who Phillip Phillips is? Please allow me to introduce him to you here and here.

Sweet Induction

"PP, what's wrong?" Heejun asks his best friend, concern evident on his face.

Phillip's been up all night, reading stories after stories by a certain writer who goes by the name of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. More like Goddess of Torture, Phillip thinks to himself. He's sweating. His heart is racing. He feels sick to his stomach. He keeps covering his eyes as he peeks through tiny slits between his fingers to read terrifying scenes, scenes so horrid that it'll make a grown man cry for his mother. Alas, he turns off the laptop and spins around in his chair to meet Heejun.

"Oh, shit. I think I've just been selected as Aphrodite's newest muse."

"What the heck are you talking about, PP? Who is she?"

"She's a fanfiction writer."

"Isn't it a good thing to inspire people?"

"Not her. She's sick, twisted, and depraved. I've heard rumors that she'll come to you at night you while you're asleep and, and..."

"And what, PP? What is it?"

"She'll reenact scenes from her stories."

"It can't be that bad. Let me see," Heejun says. He shoves Phillip aside and turns on the laptop. Heejun goes down the list of bookmarks and finds the fanfiction site. "For someone who hates her writings, you sure hate it enough to bookmark it," Heejun says sarcastically. Phillip pouts and crosses his arms over his chest as Heejun samples the stories on the site. He purposely selects the stories with NC-17 ratings and with the most warnings. After reading a few selections, he shuts off the laptop and turns to Phillip. He grabs the boy's shoulders and gently squeezes them. "You're right, PP. You're in deep shit. I recommend that I sleep with you in your bed so I protect you from her tonight."

"Okay," Phillip says to his best friend, hugging him. "You're such a great friend."

"I know. I know I am," Heejun says, patting the boy on the back.

He runs his fingertips along Phillip's arm and rests them on his wrist for a few seconds before wrapping them around the wrist and pulling him to bed.

That night, Heejun throws himself over Phillip and shields his best friend's body with his. Phillip sleeps with one eye open. Despite his conscious effort to stay awake, he succumbs to sleep within half an hour. The following morning, Phillip wakes up feeling sore. Heejun is nowhere to be found. Panicked, he throws himself out of bed and collapses onto the floor.

"Heejun!" He screams. "Heejun!"

Almost immediately, the door busts open and Heejun rushes inside with a tray full of breakfast goodies and two spilled glasses of orange juice.

"PP, why are you on the floor? Are you okay, PP?"

"I think she got me last night. I don't feel good at all," Phillip cries.

"It's okay. Let's take a look," Heejun tells his best friend. He grabs Phillip's wrist and helps him to his feet. He guides him to the bathroom where he turns on the harsh lights. Phillip immediately squints his eyes and shields his eyes from the bright lights.

"What's going on?" Phillip cries some more. "I can't see."

"It's okay. She might have blindfolded you last night and now you need to get acclimated to the light."

"Blindfolded?" Phillip cries, again. "Are my wrists okay? Do you see signs of bondage?"

Heejun gathers Phillip's hands in his and inspects the boy's wrists. He rubs along the pulse on his wrist and smiles back up at Phillip. "Doesn't look like it, but let's make sure she didn't do anything else."

"Okay," Phillip says, nodding his head.

With Phillip's silent permission, Heejun begins to unbutton Phillip's flannel shirt and slips it off his broad shoulders, exposing his bare chest. He kneels down before Phillip and inhales the musky scent permeating off the boy's crotch. He looks up and pleads with his puppy eyes for Phillip to give him authorization to strip him of his last remaining clothing. Phillip nods his head. Heejun literally rips the flannel pants in half. He gets up to his feet and begins to unzip himself when Phillip stops him.

"Um...what are you doing, Heejun?"

"We have to compare our private parts to see if there are any damages done, right?"

"Right," Phillip says, nodding his head.

Once nude from the waist down, Heejun grabs Phillip's wrist and leads him to the floor length mirror nailed to the bathroom door. Heejun looks at their reflection and shakes his head.

"What is it, Heejun?"

"I'm afraid she might have assaulted you last night. Your penis and balls are a little red."

"Oh, no," Phillip cries.

"But there's only one way to find out. I'll have to inspect your penis and balls for signs of inflammation."

"Do you have any medical experience, Heejun?" Phillip asks.

"Hannah didn't either and she was your nurse maid for the entire tour."

"Point taken."


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