Fic: Sweet Induction II

Sweet Induction II

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Fiction based on fictional characters.


Fandom: American Idol Slash

Summary: Phillip is inducted as a muse and Heejun helps him deal with the aftermath.

Author's Notes: I'm sorry. I forgot to post this. Still don't know who Phillip Phillips is? Please allow me to introduce him to you here and here.

Sweet Induction

Heejun, once, again, kneels before Phillip's now naked crotch. He takes a moment to inhale deeply the intoxicating scent of Phillip's family jewels. Cautiously with much trepidation, Heejun gathers Phillip's balls in his palms and squeezes gently at first then crushes them. Phillip whimpers above him.

"Are you okay?" Heejun asks. Phillip nods his head and Heejun continues with his inspection. He rolls the balls around between his fingers and rubs them together in their sacs. He tugs at them, pulling them down further and further until Phillip yelps. "Did I hurt you?' Heejun asks. Now, Phillip shakes his head. Next, Heejun takes Phillip's limp cock and lays it flat on his open palm and runs the fingers of his other hand along the length of the nearly smooth penis then smacks it hard. Phillip jumps up, but makes no sound. "Just making sure there was no electro torture to damage the nerves here," Heejun explains, to which Phillip nods his head understandingly. Heejun wraps his fingers around the shaft and slides his hand down to the head of the penis, where he pinches it hard with his sharp fingernails. Again, Phillip whimpers. Again, Heejun explains, "Making sure there was no electro torture to the tip." Again, Phillip nods his head. Heejun rubs the mushroom head with his fingers and encourages the penile lips to open up to receive his pinky finger, which he shoves forcibly. No doubt his sharp fingernail has cut the inner walls of Phillip's penis. Phillip bites his lower lips to prevent from crying as Heejun scrapes his fingernail along the walls before pulling out. Indeed there's blood underneath his fingernail. "No damages that I can tell," Heejun assures his best friend. Phillip breathes in a sigh of relief, smiling for the first time in a long time as he wipes the sweat from his brow. "Now I'll have to make you weren't penetrated last night," Heejun announces. He gets up from the floor and grabs Phillip's wrist. He leads him to the sink and turns him around so that Phillip is facing the sink and mirror hanging on the wall. Heejun places his hand on the small of the boy's back and presses down so that Phillip is now bending over the counter of the sink with his ass exposed.

"Fuck," whispers Heejun under his breath.


"Nothing," Heejun quickly replies. "Just relax. I'm going to test the elasticity of your anal sphincter and check if you've been bleeding down here."


"Ready, PP?"


"Okay. Remember. Relax," Heejun reminds Phillip one more time before grabbing two handfuls of smooth, white mounds of ass. He squeezes each cheek once before spreading them apart to expose the tight, pink, puckered, virginal hole. He traces his fingernail along the ring, testing its tightness before shoving his finger inside the tight hole. Immediately, Phillip cries out in pain, holding onto the counter tightly. "It's okay. Just relax, PP." Phillip nods his head hysterically as Heejun hooks his finger inside and taps on his prostate. A loud moan escapes the boy's throat as Heejun stimulates the tiny walnut sized organ inside Phillip's once unbreached body. "So far no signs of bleeding, but I want to test for inflammation."


"I'll need something bigger than my finger to see if your asshole has been abused for long periods of time."

"Is it really necessary, Heejun?" Phillip questions. "As far as I know I've just been selected as her muse for the last forty eight hours or so."

"Of course, it's necessary. Just because she's made it publicly known you're her latest muse doesn't mean she hasn't been abusing you before then."

"Right. You're always right, Heejun. I'm so lucky to have you as- Argh!"

Heejun has just slammed his hard cock inside Phillip's still too tight hole. Phillip may not be bleeding before, but he sure is now as the blood from his torn anus glides down his inner thighs and onto the bathroom floor.

"Heejun, what are you using to test me with?"

"Shh...test is almost done."

"It hurts so bad," Phillip cries.

"Not as much as she'll hurt you."

"I know," Phillip cries some more.

Heejun reaches around Phillip's waist for his genitals and cradles them before withdrawing and then slamming right back in, propelling Phillip forward. His hand provides a hard cushion for the boy's vulnerable privates. He pulls out slightly and slams back in, again, losing grip of the boy as Phillip's cock starts to make its ascent to the sky. Heejun feels around for the boy's balls to hold on to instead. He finds them and fists them tightly, too tightly for Phillip's comfort, but by this time, Heejun is lost in the moment that Phillip's cries go in one ear and out the other as he fucks the boy rough and hard while crushing his balls, aiming to strike the boy's prostate, again. Again and again, he’s being stimulated from within and soon Phillip's cries turn to moans of delectable pleasure follow by a sharp scream as his penis erupts into the air. Heejun suddenly feels his cock being constricted and then being relaxed. The pumping action freezes his entire body then mere seconds later he ejaculates deep inside his best friend. He pulls out with a pop and holds onto the sink counter as Phillip collapses onto the floor, spent and exhausted. The boy is dozing in and out, breathing heavily. Heejun bends over and struggles to pick the boy up off the floor. With the adrenaline still high, he manages to lift the boy and carries him to the bed. The minute Phillip's head hits the pillow, the boy closes his eyes and lets sleep overtake him.

Heejun waits for awhile before turning Phillip over to clean up the semen and blood from his backside. He pulls the cover his best friend's naked body and then returns to his own room, where he quickly finds his laptop and turns it on. He goes down the list of bookmarks and clicks on Aphrodite's Labyrinth. At the top corner, he sees the contact link. He clicks on it and sends a simple email, "Thank you." The next day, he opens his email and receives a simple response, "You're welcome, Heejun. Love, Aphrodite:-)"

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