Fic: Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Inspired by a rumored incident, but fiction nonetheless.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jason Castro surrenders himself to David Cook and David Cook surrenders himself to Michael Johns.

Author's Notes: Part of the Your Life is a Stage and the World is Your Audience series, this is my feeble attempt at the awesome threesome known as Cohnstro. Oh, by the way, my lovely muse, Jason Castro, finally has a release date of April 13th for his debut album so good times ahead and hopefully more writing, too. Now if only he would return to his one true love, David Cook...


Sweet Surrender

Damn right if his life was about to get ruined, Michael Johns had every right to reap some of the benefits before all hell break lose, which according to Michael Johns was imminent if David Cook didn't call him soon. He kept pacing back and forth in his apartment on the seventh day mark, summoning for the phone to ring. It never once rang and the hours of the day were ticking away faster than he could ever remember. It was now dark and with just a couple hours left in the day, Michael snuck out from under his wife's loving embrace and made the trek across town to pay his best friends forever a visit.

He fished out the key to Jason's condo and invited himself inside. He heard muffled sounds coming from the bedroom, which beckoned him forward. Grasping the doorknob tightly, he gently turned and ever so quietly entered the bedroom. The scene before his eyes brought a lascivious smile to his face. In the middle of the bed was Jason Castro, completely nude, arms stretched and bound to the bed posts above his head, eyes blinded shut, and David Cook's cock buried deep within his writhing body. Michael undressed by the door and when his belt hit the hard surface of the wooden floor with a discernible thud, David turned and gasped. Michael pointed to his eyes and nodded his head in approval. Michael maneuvered across the floor and turned on the speakers, adding blaring loud music to the scene. He approached the two lovers and pressed his fingers against David's lips, silencing him. He pressed his lips to David's ear and whispered, "He doesn't need to know."

David nodded, surrendering to Michael's advances as he wrapped Jason's legs around his waist, sliding across the bed to make room for Michael. David plunged deeper into the boy's ass, making the boy moan uncontrollably. Michael smiled appreciatively at the sight of the beautiful boy bound to the bed and screaming like a wanton whore, legs spread wide and hanging over the bed as his ass was being fucked roughly by his boyfriend. He licked the shell of David's ear and kissed the rocker's lips before running his fingertips along his lip and across his face to whisper, again, "Shh... I'm going to gag you now." Michael stuffed the ball gag in David's mouth and secured it around his head. "Ready, lover boy?" Michael whispered and then thrust his cock inside David's ass, snapping pictures with his cell phone. There was much resistance as expected since Michael was more than positive David hadn't taken cock up the ass or if he did, he wasn't on the receiving end that often. Michael withdrew and slammed back in, propelling all three bodies against the headboard. Michael had to bite down on his bottom lips to stifle his moans of pleasure. David was tight and hot around his cock, milking him forcibly by his constricting anal sphincter. Michael reached around David's body and tapped on his hands to let go of the boy's cock. He wrapped his fingers around the boy's cock and yanked on it, pulling the boy's body off the bed and furthering David's cock in the boy's ass. Jason let out a shrieking scream of pain and Michael released his grip. He increased the speed and force of his thrusting, slamming his pelvis against David's hips. David arched forward and grabbed hold of the bed posts to keep from thrashing wildly as his orgasm was near. Michael kept striking against his prostate repeatedly until finally David tightened his clutch on the bedposts and tossed his head around, shooting his cum into Jason's ass while clenching his muscles around Michael's cock. Michael draped his head forward and collapsed his teeth on David's shoulder to silence his screams as David's ass milked his cock of all of its juices.

When Michael opened his mouth, he wasn't surprised to find blood dripping down his lips. He snaked out his tongue and licked the open wound on David's shoulder, reveling in the tears escaping the emo rocker's darkened gray eyes. He reached his long arms along David's stretched arms and held his hands against the bedpost as he plunged in and out one more time. The friction caused by David's tight ass caused Michael's cock to swell, again. Michael pried David's hands off the bedposts, twisted David's arms behind his back, and handcuffed his wrists together. Michael withdrew his cock from David's ass. He pulled David's body away, his cock making a popping sound as it was released from Jason's ass. He pushed David to the foot of the bed and cuffed his wrists to the bedpost. David was much too exhausted to do much. He simply leaned against the footboard, trying to collect his breath. Michael crawled back to David's vacated spot between the boy's legs. He looked over his shoulder and smiled before piercing the boy with his rock solid erection. Jason screamed in pain. The veins on the side of his neck threatened to burst from all the screaming he was doing as Michael fucked him roughly.

"David, stop it. Please. You're hurting me." The boy cried against his restraints. "Please."

Michael ignored the boy and slammed harder into the boy with each deep thrust. He kept plunging in and out. He hovered over the boy's body and pressed his mouth at the area below the boy's ear, sucking first then moving along the nape of his neck to bite the sensitive skin. His hand moved to the gather the boy's balls in the palms of his hand and with one last deep thrust, Michael crushed the boy's balls as he exploded inside the boy. Jason finally stopped thrashing on the bed as he collapsed, spent and exhausted from the forced ejaculation. Michael withdrew his cock and turned around to face David who just kneeled at the foot of the bed with his gray eyes wide open. Michael removed the ball gag and replaced it with his fist full of the boy's crème. As David worked on licking off the milky residue, Michael reached between his legs and stroke David's cock to full erection, again. Once his hand was cleaned, Michael uncuffed David's wrists altogether and pushed David forward. He guided David's cock back inside the boy's bleeding orifice. He clapped David's shoulder and whispered into his ear.

"I got my insurance policy now." Michael held up his phone with image of David being fucked by Michael, himself. "Anytime you need me, just call. Thanks, buddy."

And then he was gone.

Closing Notes: If you're feeling nostalgic like me, come visit me at Aphrodite's Labyrinth for stories inspired by the sparkly boys of 'Nsync like the classic, "A Tale of Two of Boybands" first archived here a decade ago, otherwise for more recent works, vist my author's page at Castrofics inspired by my current muse, Jason Castro.