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This chapter is the first (after long last!) of my new series, Senior Year of a Young Mutant. Joshua Munroe will experience a lot over the remainder of his last year in high school. Joshua’s defeat of Apocalypse in Tales of a Young Mutant occurred in late October of 2001. This picks up in November of the same year.

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Senior Year of a Young Mutant

Chapter 1: And The Legacy Continues. . .

Sixteen year-old Bryan McCarthur paused to intake a quick breath, finding a somewhat dismal comfort in the darkness of the locked poolhouse. He nervously ran a hand through his short red hair, his green eyes clearly afraid. He didn’t know how something as simple as a little teen rebelliousness could so quickly turn into a life or death situation–until that very moment. 

Bryan had snuck out of his house after a particularly ugly argument between himself and his mother. He was pissed that she wouldn’t let him go out to a party. It wasn’t like it was the end of the world if he had some fun. What did she know about keeping one’s self socially aware?

Besides, it would be a Halloween party at a rich friend’s house, while there were no parents, filled with some of the hottest guys in the school. And he was sure at least one of them would be privy to the same gender.

Bryan successfully got out of the house, unheard by his parents, and made the quick ten minute walk to the party. He met up with a couple of his friends, female and male, drank a little bit, and danced. It was then that he saw him.

He was a tall blonde boy, who looked like he could be a freshman swimmer in college. He wore a black wool sweater that seemed to perfectly hug his fit bod, and a pair of black leather jeans and facial makeup–a vampire. And he was staring at him. 

Bryan proudly made his way to the boy, figuring that he must have been eyeing him for his own developing swimmers build and his exceptionable fashion sense–he wore a black silk tee-shirt under a blue jean jacket and tight blue jeans that hugged his own fit body, with his own white makeup. He approached the teen and they danced and talked. Bryan was almost hurt when what seemed like the teen’s boyfriend, a brunette, darker version, also with pale makeup, who looked as is he was on the same swim team, walked up and kissed the blond stud. But when the brunet looked at him, smiled, and rubbed Bryan’s hard cock through his pants, Bryan’s doubts were cast aside. And when then the blonde stud asked him if he wanted for the three of them to go someplace more private, Bryan, always ready for a little play, gladly accepted.

They went out back, behind the large house, to the gazebo in the garden. The older boys whispered sweet nothings into his ear as they kissed his lips, then licked the side of his face and went to nibble along his neck.

Then it happened. One particular nibble from the blond turned into a sharp pain as the boy’s canines sunk deep into his flesh. Bryan pulled away from the blond boy. . .and found that his facial features had dramatically changed. His forehead was a lot bumpier now, and his eyes had transformed to a large yellow. His teeth had all elongated to a fang-filled horror.

Bryan could only surmise that this had to be some sort of mutant—or a vampire. He realized that the makeup wasn’t makeup–the boy’s skin really was pale and cold and undead.

“Come on baby,” the creature pleaded, “I just want a little play.”

Bryan shoved the thing away from him and turned to the brunet boy for help–only to realize that the brunet shared more with his friend than being gorgeous in their human form. Bryan quickly got to his feet and ran as quickly as possible away from them, leaving them behind in the large garden of flowers and grass, the creatures hot on his heels. Bryan had made it to the safest, closest place he could think of. He ran into the poolhouse, locking the door behind him.

Bryan leaned against the locked door, figuring he’d wait until the creatures had left. He was surprised when a fist shot through the door right next to his resting head.

Bryan screamed and got away from the door, running toward the other pool house door, finding that it was locked from the outside, and only a key could get it open. Bryan searched for some place to hide, but found none. He could only watch in horror as the wooden door to the pool house was kicked down by the vampire.

Oh God, I’m gonna die! Bryan kept thinking to himself as the two creatures entered the poolhouse.

“Time for dinner,” the blond said as he neared Bryan, stroking alongside his trembling face. “And then, I’ll turn you so that I can have desert, too.” 

Bryan cringed in fear as the creature bent to his neck to bite. He knew that there was no way he could stop the creature–it just smashed through the door of the pool house! It was over for him.

“What is it with your kind and flesh-eating? I mean, there’s all sorts of fast food restaurants–Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, not to mention so many diners in the state of New York.”

Both Bryan and the vampires looked towards the owner of the voice. Standing in the ruined doorway of the pool house was a hot black boy, who must have been only a year or so older than he, though he was amazingly more muscular and fit. The outfit he wore was a black rubbery costume with the seams stitched in white, with a white bird emblem on the chest, and white boots and white leather kid gloves. He also wore a black wing-shaped mask that covered only his eyes, which were themselves covered by white lenses. His shoulder-length, straight, silvery-white hair contrasted his gorgeous face. Completing the outfit was a utility belt of some sort, that had what looked to be a wooden stake and a pair of foot-long blades holstered into it.

“Grr!! Fabled One!” Growled the beast holding Bryan.

“Firebird will suffice,” he replied.

It’s the end of October, about a week since I defeated both Apocalypse and Sinister. I figured that with that done, I could feel a sense of normalcy for a while. I used so much power in the defeat of Apocalypse that I’d died. The Phoenix Force that had inhabited my body brought me back to life again, but it seems that it passed away when it did so. In its wake, I also lost most of the abilities that I had taken for granted: I now was only able to use telekinesis, telepathy, and a healing factor, in addition to my slayer abilities.

However, this didn’t stop me from being the Fabled One, apparently. Which made me wonder if I had truly lost the Phoenix. I tried not to think about it, though. The thought that I was able to rip Sinister to shreds just by thinking it was enough for me to not miss having that much power.

I was thinking these thoughts as I traipsed through the neighborhood of Salem Center in Westchester County, New York. I was on my way home from a pretty tiring night of killing vampires (it was just much harder than before when you didn’t have all those extra powers). It was then that I heard the familiar repetitive “I’m going to die” thought from a young Bryan McArthur. I hurried over to where there was a party going on. Of course, the youngster would go to a no-parents party where he could have sex with whatever hot guys were around. So quick to lose their virginity, these kids are nowadays. I snuck into the back yard, even though I knew that no one would have noticed me with the loud music playing. Such are the ways of the reckless youth. I kept trying not to include myself in being youthful, even though I’m barely a year older, if not the same age as most of the kids at the party. I followed the mental voice to the poolhouse. One look at the doorway told the story.

I entered the poolhouse to find a vampire, dressed as a vampire, about to feed on an innocent young man. Well, not so innocent to get himself into this mess, by the thoughts he was putting out. Another vampire, a brunet one, stood nearby, apparently ready to feed on the boy, too.

As I distracted the vampires with words, I sent a mental command to the boy to kick the demon in the gonads. The boy faltered at first, confused by the voice in his head, but then complied, causing the vampire to keel over in pain. The boy quickly got out of the way as I advanced on the vampires.

As I neared them, the blond vampire stood, healed from the pain on his genitals, while the brunet attacked and tried to punch me. I grabbed his fist and punched him with my other hand, then flipped him onto his back. I then got over his body, positioning myself so that he was trapped beneath me.

“I think you’ll be settling for stake tonight,” I said as I pulled out my wooden stake and stabbed the vamp through the heart. With a groan of agony, the vampire turned into dust beneath me.

The blond growled in anger and leapt at me. I did a quick double back-flip to avoid his attack, then spun and kicked the demon in the chest. The vamp snarled as he staggered backward, and as he regained his balance, he pulled out a knife. As he threw it, I grabbed it telekinetically and threw it back at him, imbedding it in his chest. The vamp growled and ran at me again, pulling the knife from his chest. As he made to swing at me, I jumped in the air over his swing, propelling myself into a flip over him as I kicked him in the back of his head. As I landed on the ground, I pulled a metallic phoenix out of a compartment on my belt, then threw it at the vamp. The vampire ducked and avoided getting hit.

“Ha! You missed!” he quipped.

“Did I?” I replied as I brought the bird back to me with my telekinesis. The vampire looked confused as he turned to look for the bird, then gasped in surprise as he helplessly watched the bird approach him and cut through his neck. His head never hit the floor as a full head before he turned into dust.

I caught the bird and put it back away. “Whoa! That was. . .whoa!” said the boy as he approached me.

“Where are you supposed to be, young man?” I demanded.

“Huh?” the boy asked, looking confused.

“You heard me the first time,” I replied.

“Oh, see, I was home, but there was the Halloween party, and I just. . .”

“Dude, tell ya what. You’re going to go home. You’re going to go back to bed. And in the morning, you’re going to feel so guilty about what you’ve done that you’ll be compelled to tell your parents and receive punishment from them. And whatever punishment they dole out, that’s what you’re going to get. Got it?” I asked, holding the side of his face.

“Um. . .yeah,” he replied. I didn’t know if the kid was agreeing because he was actually in agreement, or because he was so attracted to me.

“Good. Cause I’ll be watching.” I warned as I hit him with a mental bolt, keeping him mentally unconscious for a few seconds–long enough for me to get out of the pool house unseen and onto the rooftop. I watched as he exited the pool house and ran along home. I could tell that he was going to admit to his parents what he had done. But the thing he was really rushing home for was to jerk a large load of cum all over himself, thinking of me.

A smile came to my face as I finally headed home.

Upon reaching The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, I went upstairs to my room that I shared with my boyfriend, Logan, and then went to the bathroom to shower off the grit and the dust from my endeavors. I then went back to the bedroom, dressed, and went down to get something to refill my stomach. I ate some of my mother’s steak and gravy and mashed potatoes, as well as some of Jean’s apple pie. I then went back upstairs to my room, finding Logan in bed, just dried from showering. I also found that my hirsute boyfriend was sporting a monstrous erection.

“That thing never goes down, does it?” I asked with a smile as I shut and locked the door behind me.

“You know the answer to that question better than anyone,” he replied.

I quickly got into bed next to Logan and kissed him, one hand holding the back of his head, the other stroking his cock.

“Mmm. That feels good, baby,” Logan said as I worked him over.

“Yeah, I know you like that,” I replied into his mouth. I then moved away and licked along Logan’s muscled chest, sucking on his nipples, getting some loud moans from my lover. I moved down and nibbled and sucked along his defined abs, then went even lower to his crotch. I first licked his balls, taking them one at a time in my mouth, which couldn’t hope to contain both the sizeable baby makers in my mouth. I moved up and licked and kissed and teased the very tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue. Logan’s dick pulsed in my hand every time I did that, in expectation of what I would do next. I slowly took the whole organ all the way down to my throat, causing Logan to moan and shout obscenely. Smiling around his huge cock, I began to suck up and down on it, alternating slow and fast, swirling my tongue around it to give him added pleasure.

I then positioned myself to be above Logan, where I could eat at his asshole, and swung my body so that he could do the same for me. Logan sucked on my own cock for a while, then fingered my hole and sucked and licked at my ass. I meanwhile sucked at his asshole, fucking my tongue into him, getting him to moan into my hole while I did the same into his.

Logan then grabbed me and positioned me to sitting above his lap. I held his beastly cock, coated with his own precum, upright while I slowly sat down on it. I held onto his chest for dear life as he began to lift me up and down at increasingly faster rates on his mammoth dick. I moaned and squealed in delight as Logan’s huge cock hit me in just the right places every time.

Eventually I couldn’t contain myself. Without ever touching myself, my cock went off, shooting thick loads of sperm all over Logan’s face and chest. Logan grabbed onto my cock and began to jerk me in time to his erratic thrusts inside of me, causing me to cum harder. The harder I came, the tighter my always-tight hole squeezed on his cock, until my squeezing chute brought Logan to a yelling, cussing, asshole-overflowing orgasm.

The two of us stopped for a while, with Logan catching his breath, calming down from his sexual high. But my cock hadn’t gone down at all. I had to shoot again. And I knew just where I wanted, too.

I licked and kissed my lover’s mouth as I raised off his almost-full erection and I covered my own cock in our natural lube. Then I aimed it at his hole and slowly began to push into his hole.

Logan began to whimper as I did so, however, which caused me to stop. “Logan, are you okay?”

“I’m . . . I’m fine, Joshie. Keep going.”

“Are you sure? I can stop if you want.”

“All this time I’ve been fuckin’ you, and never letting you get the same feelin’s that I get. No kid, it’s your turn now. Just . . . take it slow.”

“Alright,” I replied as I slowly eased into his hole. I admit that my cock was a lot smaller than his, but it was still a nice girthy 8 inches. And from what I knew about my boyfriend, this was just as much of a virgin experience for me as it was for him. I slowly pushed in until I was inside him all the way to the hilt, and held it there so that he could get used to it. Also, I was a little unsure of what to do, considering this was the first time I had ever topped someone.

<Just do what comes naturally,> Logan said as I hesitated. I looked into his eyes and smiled as I began to thrust in and out of him. I now realized why this felt so good to him. To be inside such a nice, tight crevice. Sensations that I had never ever felt before went through my cock as I fucked my boyfriend. I started to go slower, but his insistent kicking at my ass urged me on and I began to accelerate my thrusting.

Eventually, I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and I had to cum. With one last great lunge, I pushed into Logan as hard as I could, my mouth tightly joined with his as I bellowed and shot my load deep into his love channel. Logan moaned just as hard into my mouth, because my cock had hit his prostate and he began to cum at the same time that I did. After a lot of panting, I settled down on top of Logan, my cock softening and slipping out of his ass, and we kissed until we fell asleep.

The next day I went to classes as usual, hanging with my friends. In my last class of the day, Bobby got himself a week’s detention–while Scott was trying to teach, Bobby made an ice sculpture of him, naked, behind his back. Bobby kept varying the size of the cock, making it larger, then making it increasingly smaller. The majority of the class snickered and giggled, until Scott turned around just a tad too quickly. Bobby slipped and instead of deconstructing his ice sculpture, it fell to the floor and smashed. Cyclops looked extremely angry.

“So, you seem to think it’s funny to make your teacher look like he has a baby dick, do you, Mr. Drake?”

“Look, Scott, I’m sorry, I was just--”

“My name is Mr Summers to you!” Scott snapped, causing everyone to look in surprise at the two. Although Scott was known for being stern and an uncompromising person, him being actually mean was something totally different. It was also something that had seemed to happen very often since we destroyed Apocalypse. “You know what, since you’ve been giving something for everyone to laugh at, I’m giving you something to laugh at. Detention for the rest of the week, Bobby! That’s school as well as X-team detention!” Bobby looked about to protest, but seeing the look on Scott’s face, he shut up. “It doesn’t seem very funny to you, does it?”

“No,” Bobby replied softly.

“Now you know how it feels.” At that moment, the bell for class changes rang. Everyone got up and left, with Kitty and Kurt trying to console Bobby. I, however, decided to hang behind and talk to Scott and see what that was all about.

“Look, Scott, I know that you’re our teacher and all, and I know that Bobby is a trouble maker, but was all that really necessary?” I asked him as I approached his desk.

“I felt it necessary, yes,” Scott replied, looking at me with a stern gaze. “Why do you feel it necessary to question my judgement, Joshua?”

“Well, because considering all of us are teammates–“

“The three of us may be teammates when the time calls for it, yes, but do not assume that such things make us more than comrades and partners in battle. I understand that you led us all in battle once, and I respect that in a sense. But as for the X-men, as well as this classroom, I am the leader and instructor. My orders and disciplines go on unquestioned and followed directly and promptly with no excuses. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Sc–“

“I am your teacher, and your superior, and you shall address me as such!” he snapped before I could finish his name.

“Yes. . . Mr. Summers,” I begrudgingly replied. I turned and began to leave the room. I then stopped and turned back to talk to him again, try to calm things down. “Mr. Summers, if this has anything to do with what happened in the Savage Land–“

“We are not talking about that goddamn place!” Scott yelled, slamming his fist onto his desk. He then looked at me, anger in his expression and sure to be in his visor-covered eyes. “And I don’t take kindly to being talked with as though I were a friend or lover. That’s a matter left to you and your ancient beastly bloke of a boyfriend.”

On that comment I slammed the door shut and turned back to Scott. “And I, for one, don’t take kindly to insults on the relationship of myself and my boyfriend, as alliterative as the insults may be. If I recall correctly, in Logan’s absence, a certain one-eyed leader was ready to spread my legs in a heartbeat.”

“And if I really wanted to I’d still do you with him watching! But I’ll leave him to that. I’ve got my wife, the prize that he’s been begging for ages. The truth is, very likely, he doesn’t really love you. He’s just achin’ to get under Jean’s skirt.”

“That’s it!” I shouted, and with surprising ease I leapt at Mr. Summers, ready to punch his face in with my slayer strength.

Before I could get close enough, however, I was belted away with an optic beam. I stood again and prepared a telekinetic blast, but was suddenly unable to move completely or to use my powers. Scott stood and I saw the look of surprise on his face when he was unable to move. The two of us looked to the doorway at a very upsetting sight–a somewhat confused Jean and Logan, standing beside a very furious Professor Xavier in his hoverchair. The strong hold on both myself and Cyclops was very much the result of his telepathic powers.

“I am very disappointed in the both of you,” Xavier warned. “I don’t want to hear any excuses from either of you. Joshua, you will serve the same detention as Bobby, excluding slayer duties with no dawdling or fraternizing among people you see.”

“Yes, Professor,” I replied, guiltily, knowing better than to argue with him.

“And as for you, Scott, I suggest you find a way to cool yourself down, because until you do, I will be taking over your classes for you and leadership of X-teams will be under Ororo and Logan. And considering you actually struck a student, I should make the punishment worse. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Professor,” Scott replied, also knowing not to argue with Prof. Xavier.

After this, the two of us were released from our telepathic binds, and then walked into the hallway. Scott and a very angry looking Jean went one way, while Logan and I walked directly into Mom and Dad. I could tell that they both looked mad, but their expression turned to worry when they saw me. I finally looked at myself and took note that my clothes were singed.

“What happened?” Mother demanded.

“Joshie got himself into a fight with One-Eye,” Logan replied.

“Josh! I am disappointed in you! How could you?” Mom asked.

“I was just trying to get him to be easier on Bobby! I know what he did was kinda lewd, but it’s Bobby, and he didn’t have to be so mean.”

“What’d he do this time?” asked Logan.

“He made ice nudes of him with varying penile length,” answered Dad, who was in charge of the detention center. “He told me the whole story. I’ll admit, detention was right, but the manner that Scott did it in. . .”

“The punishments dished were deserved, I admit, but I still don’t think that it’s right that Scott got away so clean. I didn’t see any bruises or anything on him,” Logan said, then looked me in the eye, “and I don’t think that you’d start a fight for no reason. I know you better than that. So what did he say?”

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“Don’t play dumb. What did he say?”

“Nothing, he just. . .” Logan bringing it up was actually the first time I actually thought about. The fight was an instinctive reaction, but I didn’t really think about what was said. I now had to voice the question, and wonder if Scott was really right. “Logan, you love me, right?”

“Yes, of course I love you,” he replied.

“Here they go again,”muttered Dad, getting him a swift elbow from Mom in the stomach.

I ignored him, and then asked Logan, “And you have feelings for only me, right?”

“Of course, baby.”

“Even if you would be able to have Jean instead of me?”

Logan’s face turned somewhat angry. “How could you even ask me that? I love you more than anything else in the world. I used to be in love with Jean, but it’s with you that I am complete. Jean is a closed book in my life, but you. . .you are my Never-ending Story.”

I could feel my face turn red at this–Logan being romantic. And in front of my parents, Storm and Bishop. I leaned up and kissed him.

“Eww! Gross!” Dad joked, receiving another elbow from Mom, who giggled too.

Logan and I pulled apart and laughed also. Then another angry look came across Logan’s face. “Where would you even get an idea like–“ Then the angry look turned fiercer as realization took affect.

“No, Logan, going after Scott is just going to make things worse!” I shouted, hugging him to me and passing emotions of calm and love through me into him. Logan faltered, and slowly calmed down.

“Alright. I’ll calm down. For you.” Logan said as he hugged me to himself.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I will talk to him myself, leader to leader,” my mother said, receiving nods from all three of us. If there was anyone who could talk some sense into Scott, it would be my mother, Ororo. That is, if Jean didn’t already talk some sense into him.

“Josh!” I almost shouted out from hearing the sudden voice from beneath me, and levitated upward, looking down at the sudden intruder. I glared at Kitty, who had phased only her head through the floor.

“You gotta stop doing that!” I shouted to Kitty.

“I’ll apologize later, but you gotta come now!” Kitty replied, grabbing my ankle and turning me intangible. With that, the two of us phased through the floor.

We wound up in the rec room when the phasing was over. Bobby, John, Evan, Marrow, and Pietro were all there, with Mom, Dad, and Logan arriving soon after. There was a special report on TV. And its purpose was very unsettling.

“A recent outbreak of the Legacy Virus has begun to wash over the mutant community. Mutant communities worldwide have been suffering casualties, and have been seen dropping like flies. Some sources say that this outbreak is one of the most horrible cases of genocide in the world. Other officials, however, are calling this the best thing that could ever have happened to homo sapiens,” reporter Trish Tilby said as the screen switched to an interview with Senator Kelly, who was up for presidential election this year.

“It’s about time that the mutant menace was wiped clean from our streets! Everywhere you turn, you can’t trust that you won’t be murdered or beaten by some crazed mutant overlord trying to take over the world. It’s about time that the mutants were removed from this earth. I guess this is Mother Nature’s way of correcting her mistake,” the senator said, venom in his voice.

“Fuckin’ bullshit!” Evan shouted, the bone spikes on his arms protruding further.

“Evan!” Marrow, his girlfriend, said as she patted his arm. Evan looked at her and warmed to her, his spikes returning to their original level.

“Sorry, babe. It’s just so frustrating! We mutants are being killed off at random by Sinister’s little virus that he decided to make, and the humans are having a fuckin’ field day!”

“Not all humans feel that way,” I commented, taking a seat next to him on the couch. “I mean, look at Ms. Tilby.”

Evan returned his attention to the screen as she wrapped up her broadcast. “For those who feel the same as the senator about mutants, the news of the Legacy outbreak is a miracle. But it is a bitter torment for other ‘ordinary’ humans, especially for the British team of heroes known as Excalibur. The team was a government headed team that disbanded a few days ago, due to the death of one of their younger members. The screen changed to a tombstone, with a picture of a young 17 year old girl on one half of the screen. “Young Illyana Rasputin, known as Magik, was one of the younger members of the team. The Virus claimed her life this past Friday. A funeral was held for her yesterday morning.”

The screen changed again, with Patricia Tilby’s face on the screen again. “While many may urge the deaths of all mutants, one should also consider the young children at risk, too. Trish Tilby, Channel 9 news.”

With that, Peter, who had just walked in, turned off the television set. He looked at the rest of us gathered there, and the proceeded to walk out. His boyfriend, John Allerdyce, followed him out, and Kitty, too, sad expressions on all three of their faces.

“This sucks,” I said.

“You got no idea, darlin’,” Logan replied. “Illyana was Peter’s little sister. The only remaining family that he had. With her gone, he’s pretty much by himself in the world.”

“That’s so sad. Though for a time, I kinda knew how he felt,” I replied. “All his family gone. If it weren’t for me finding Storm and Bishop, I’d still feel that way, especially with Kevin gone now, too.”

“Don’t worry, kid. Give Peter a little time to heal. You and him can probably work out your problems together,” Logan said. I nodded in reply.

With everyone in so much of a buzz about the outbreak of Legacy and what it would mean for us, Xavier cancelled classes for the rest of the day, though Bobby and I still had detention. That night I did a little bit of slaying, and hurried back home. I cuddled up with my bear of a boyfriend and the two of us tried to sleep. Logan held me close to him, warmly. But I could not sleep. And I could sense that he was awake, too.

“I’m scared, Logan,” I said to him.

“Me, too kid,” he replied. This caught me by surprise and I looked at him.

“You’re scared?” I asked. “And actually able to admit something of that magnitude?”

“Yes. I love you. And that love has allowed me to open up like never before. You calm me. You complete me. I feel like I can share almost anything with you. Like last night.”

“You mean when I got to top you?”

“Yes. I haven’t let anyone do that to me in a very long time.”

“Wait, I though you were a completely straight person before you met me.”

“That’s an area I haven’t been completely honest about. I’m not exactly sure if it’s true, but I have memories. . .stored in my mind about past loves. I’m sure if they’re really true or not, but I have memories of sleeping with other guys. The last time it happened. . .it wasn’t very pleasant.”

“Were you raped?” I asked, propping my head up on one hand so that I could look at Logan in the eyes.

“I’m not exactly sure,” Logan admitted.

“One of those fleeting memories, right?” Logan nodded in reply. “I tell you what. If and when I get my telepathy back to full gear, we’re gonna go through your mind and determine which memories are actually your memories, and which memories are implants. Then we’ll find where your history really lies. Okay?”

“The problem is that I’m not exactly sure I want to know. I mean, what if the memories are too painful, the one’s that really exist?”

“You never know until you see them for yourself,” I replied.

“True, true. Well, when the time comes, we’ll see. But for now, let’s take it one step at a time,” he answered, kissing me on the lips as he said that. I returned the kiss, and then he spooned up behind me once more and we fell asleep like that.


“What has gotten into you?” Jean demanded of her husband when they got to their bedroom, and stripped off their clothes for bed. “Picking fights with students? Bishop told me that you had Bobby in tears while he was in detention this afternoon.

“I honestly don’t know,” Scott answered truthfully, “It’s like I’m unable to control my levels of anger anymore.”

“Maybe we need to run some tests in the morning. Find out from Hank and Cerebro if there is anything wrong with you that resulted from the blast that Apocalypse hit you with.”

“You’re right,” Scott said, getting into bed. His wife, Jean, got in too as Scott closed his eyes tightly and traded his visor for a pair of sleeping goggles with the same ruby quartz lenses as his visor.

“I know I am,” Jean replied, snuggling up to her husband. Upon touching him, a feeling of sexual excitement washed over her entire being. “Damn, you sure are horny,” Jean said, recognizing it as Scott’s arousal in regards to her touch.

“For you, always,” Scott replied with a sly smile as he kissed his wife. Their tongues began to play, and Scott slipped his wife’s silk gown off her body and began to message her breasts while he kissed her. The two spend the next hour doing their own love dance, almost waking several of their neighbors in the house.

Scott finally pulled his hard cock, dripping with semen out of his wife’s pussy, after releasing his third load, and went to the bathroom to clean up. With as many times as he had done this, Scott was surprised that Jean still hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. Scott looked in the mirror and almost shouted out–for a split second, he thought that instead of seeing himself. . .he was looking at Apocalypse!

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