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This story follows the life of a young mutant I made up, Joshua Monroe. Before you read this series, be sure you have read Adventures of a Real Dark Night in the boy-bands section of this archive, about chapter 7-13. The character was introduced in that story.

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This chapter is the first (after long last!) of my new series, Senior Year of a Young Mutant. Joshua Munroe will experience a lot over the remainder of his last year in high school. Joshua’s defeat of Apocalypse in Tales of a Young Mutant occurred in late October of 2001. This picks up in November of the same year.

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Senior Year of a Young Mutant

Chapter 2: A Heated Betrayal

The next morning Logan and I awoke, and the two of us took a shower together, soaping each others bodies and kissing one another. Then, after re-cleaning ourselves after having some “shower fun”, the two of us got ready and parted ways, Logan going to his PE teaching, and myself going to my own classes.

I had half expected Mrs. Summers to be mad at me when our psychology class started. In fact, the whole time the class went on, all I could think about was the fight between myself and Scott–Mr. Summers the day before, and what Cyclops had said to me about Wolverine. I know that Wolvie meant what he had said, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about it.

To my surprise, however, she seemed to be in a good mood. I began to worry, though, when during class she telepathically called me to her desk after class.

“Hi, Mrs. Summers,” I said nervously as I approached her desk.

“Please, Joshua, we’re teammates. You can call me Jean.”

“Huh?” I said dumbfounded. “But. . . you’re not mad at me?”

“Not in the least,” she replied, “In fact, I’m kinda upset that Xavier didn’t punish Scott further. I love my husband dearly, Joshua, but I don’t agree at all with the way he acted yesterday. And I also don’t agree with how he reacted to you. . .I mean, using his optic beams on you when he’s perfectly capable of defending himself otherwise. And I also don’t like the things that he told you.”

“Oh. So you know about the comments?”

“Honey, I had to spend a lot of the class time shielding everyone else’s minds from the thoughts that you kept putting out, so even if Scott hadn’t told me this morning what he had said, I still would have known.”

“So. . .did you and Logan ever. . .?”

“We never did anything of real worth, Joshua. Logan became attracted to me soon after he joined the X-men and I became somewhat attracted to his ruggedness. He flirted excessively, and even kissed me once. But that was all. It is in my highest belief that Logan is greatly in love with you. You have done something that even I’ve never done–you’ve gotten him to open himself up almost completely. He shows real affection, and actually laughs, and smiles real smiles. You are the best thing that has ever happened to him.”

“Thank you,” I said in reply, really at a loss for words.

“Hold on to that,” Jean answered.

“I will,” I answered. Suddenly, I felt a large feeling of anger, which I knew was not coming from myself. I looked at Jean, whose previous smile turned to a frown as she felt the same thing that I felt.

“Someone seems to be a tad upset,” Jean remarked, rising from her chair.

“Shall we go and find out who?” I asked, “I’ve got lunch right now.”

“Yes, I think we shall,” she replied as she followed the feelings, me right behind her. We didn’t need to be telepaths when we got in the hallway to know what was happening, though. Words spoke louder than any emotions.

“She was my sister, dammit!” I heard Peter Rasputin’s voice yell in his heavy Russian accent. “She was the last of my family! She was all that I have left! And you want me to just move on?!”

“I’m not saying ‘just move on’!” replied John’s more American voice. “I’m saying that you need to try to cope with this! You can’t just mope around all day in mourning! You’re still here! We need you here! You’ve got friends, and school, and you have me!”

“I just want to be left alone dammit!”

“I’m not going to leave you alone! You’re my boyfriend, and the last thing that I have left! I know what it’s like to not have a family, too!”

“You never really knew your family, John! I knew and loved my family, and now it’s gone! And my little sister, my beloved little Illyana, is now dead because of some stupid virus!”

“But you’re still here. You’re still alive–“

“And I wish I weren’t. I wish I could have taken her place.”

“No you don’t mean that! You can’t mean-“

“Don’t tell me what I don’t mean! Everything that I ever loved has left me and–“

“But I’m still here! And I’m still with you!”

“And you’re not helping me!”

“Helping you what? I’m not helping you to depress yourself? Well get over it, Peter, because that’s not my job. My job is to help you feel better. I cannot stand by you and watch you depress yourself to death. I cannot stand by and watch you want to die.”

“I don’t want to feel better. I want to be alone.”

“What are you saying? Peter, what are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that this is over. I’d rather end it now, rather than later when you’re dead also.”

“Peter, you can’t mean–“

“I do. It’s over.”

Jean and I were standing at the door while they were talking. We heard the approaching footsteps and quickly moved away as Peter came to the door, opened it, and, barely acknowledging us, walked away. And that’s when the crying started. Jean and I looked into the room and saw John, hands holding his face, crying. We also began to notice something else–with his increased sadness, John’s clothes and bed sheets began to catch on fire. John’s powers were growing due to his emotions–he was able to create fire, rather than needing a pre-existent flame.

“Josh, I’m going to get Kitty and Kurt and see if they can calm Peter, maybe make him see things more clearly. In the meantime, I need you to calm John,” Jean said to me as she turned and walked off, not leaving me any time to agree or disagree.

“Okay,” I replied in vain to Jean’s retreating back, then entered the room. I had to put a forcefield around myself to protect me from the intense heat.

“John? John?!” I shouted out, trying to get him to hear me, to at least realize what he was doing. At this point, the rest of the bed began to catch fire, also.

I had to reach him, and quickly, before his powers threatened to burn down the entire mansion. <John!> I shouted telepathically, hitting him simultaneously with a weak psychic bolt. That seemed to get his attention, and as he looked around himself, he became surprised that the room was catching fire. Then, as he realized that it was his fault, he began to concentrate on lowering the temperature, thus putting out the flames.

“I’m sorry, Josh. I. . .didn’t mean to. . .”

“It’s okay, John. I’m used to the powers out of control thing.”

“That’s never happened before. I just. . .well. . .”


“Yeah,” he replied, wiping his tear-streaked face. “I mean, I just want him to feel better. I know how he felt about Illyana, but I wanted him to realize that he’s still got a lot left to live for.”

“You don’t think he’s suicidal, do you?” I asked him.

“I don’t think he’d be that nuts,” answered John, “but I worry about him. But I suppose now I have no just cause for worry anymore. Considering we’re not together anymore. It makes me upset, but at the same time so mad.” Upon saying this, his fist caught on fire, and he had to concentrate to make it go out.

I knew that in his current state, John might be a little dangerous, and needed a way to vent. Then, a thought occurred to me. “John, you’re a little tense right now, and need a way to vent your frustrations.”

“Josh, if you’re about to ask me to have sex with you, I’m not going there. I’m not going to be with someone just to help me get over someone else.”

“That’s. . .not what I was going to ask you at all. Remember, full-time feral boyfriend with foot-long adamantium claws?”

“Oh right. My bad.”

“I’m flattered that you would think about me that way, though.”

“I’m not saying that I thought about you that way, I just thought. . .”

“You are saying that you thought about me that way, just by saying what you said.”

“I am not, I’m simply saying–“

“--Anyway,” I cut in, before we carried this discussion on all night, “it probably won’t be safe for you to be just displaying your powers all around the place. How about you come on patrol with me tonight? I could use your help in roasting some vampires.”

“Well. . .actually, that’s not a bad idea. Are you sure you don’t mind me tagging along?”

“Not at all.”

“Alright! Wait, shouldn’t you get permission from Xavier?”

“You’re right,” I replied, then sent Xavier a telepathic message, seeing if this would violate my detention. Xavier agreed that it would be a somewhat healthy way for John to work out his frustrations.

<Be careful, though. We don’t need anything too dramatic drawing more unwanted attention to the mansion than there needs to be,> he said.

<I got ya, Professor,> I replied, then said to John, <Well, suit up, we’re goin’ slayin’!>

Pyro and I suited up, with Pyro adopting a new uniform–It was all black rubberry-spandex material, with red seams and red metallic breastplate, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and boots, with a red leather belt bearing an orange X-symbol on the buckle. The material was very durable, and resistant to heat. The costume had no gloves so that he could focus his powers through his hands.

I wore my same newer uniform and the two of us set out on patrol. I used the rooftops to travel, with me using my telekinesis to get above, while Pyro traveled by ground, sticking to the shadows.

It was during our travels that I came across a young woman being pursed by a gang of vampires. The group of about 7 male vampires had surrounded her in a darkened alley. I let Pyro know the situation, and he quickly made it to the location.

“Hey, fang faces!” Pyro shouted out, “Let the girl go! She’s got no interest in you!”

“Well we got interest in her!” replied a vampire that wore a leather biker’s jacket and had a long ponytail, who I figured must have been the leader of this vampire faction. “This little pussy bitch is going to be our next gang member. A groupie!”

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” replied Pyro, his hand lighting on fire.

“Ooh! He’s going to torch us!” the leader said laughing. “You and what army kid?”

“This one,” I replied, leaping from the building I was perched on. I cast the mental image into their minds that I was surrounded by the flaming form of the Phoenix.

“The Fabled One!” one of the vamps shouted out.

“Kill them!” ordered the leader. Two vampires approached Pyro, but were instantly incinerated by two fireballs that he formed in his hand and launched at them. Two more vampires approached me, but I jumped and spun around, kicking both in the face. I then pulled out two wooden stakes and staked a third vamp as he approached me. I looked over to Pyro to check on him, and he had already succeeded in toasting another vampire. Then the leader rushed toward him.

“Pyro!” I shouted. My distraction allowed one of the remaining two vamps to get behind me and grab me, restraining my arms. But I needn’t worry–John torched him, too, before he could even get close.

Seeing this caused the other vamps to falter, and the one holding me to loosen his grip. I used that to my advantage to elbow him in the stomach, then backhandedly punch him in the face. I then pulled out a metallic bird and threw it at the other vampire, who had begun to run away. The bird missed, but Pyro’s next fireball didn’t. The vampire behind me grabbed me again, and tried to slam me into a wall of the alley, but I kicked backward from the wall hard and fell with the vampire cushioning my fall. I then rolled off of him, allowing Pyro to burn him.

With all the vampires dead, the girl safe, the two of us went to check on her. But it didn’t go as we would have thought.

“Get the fuck away from me, you freaks! You gene freaks are bringing this whole world to hell!” She shouted out as she ran past us and out the alley.

“Some fuckin’ sense of gratitude!” John yelled after her.

“Leave it be, John,” I said, grabbing his shoulder. “By the way, you did pretty damn good. I only dusted one vamp to your six.”

“Thanks, I guess,” he replied, still looking distraught.

“What’s the matter?” I asked him.

“Just stuff.”

“Is this about Peter?”

“No, it’s about more than Peter. It’s about our whole current situation. I mean, I really wasn’t all that gung-ho about attending the Xavier Institute, or about joining the X-men, or anything like that, but I thought that it would give me a sense of belonging, a sense of family. But the more I go there, the more it seems like it’s all for nothin’.”

“What do you mean? John, going to that school is the only way for us to get educated comfortably without getting called losers, freaks, and ‘gene jokes’. We save the world on an almost daily--”

“Saving the world becomes more esteemed only when you’re either government manufactured, government sanctioned, or not a mutant, Josh. These people will probably never know how you took down one of the most ruthless mutants in the world, and they won’t be grateful, and they won’t care because they don’t give a shit about us mutants. We’re scum. The dirt underneath everyone else’s shoes. Same with us being gay. We don’t count. I thought I could endure them, or ignore them, especially with Piotr’s help. He’s the only one that I really cared for. And the only one that really seemed to care about me. And now I’ve lost him.”

“You have a staff of teachers to help you, and you’re part of a team, a family--”

“I don’t have a mom among you, or a dad like you do, Josh!” Pyro shouted, turning to look at me, his eyes glowing orange with flame. “I can’t live like this anymore. I’m tired of playing goody-two-shoes, while baseline homo-sapiens run amok! I can’t do this anymore, Josh.”

“What are you saying, John?”

“He’s saying that he’s leaving the school and he’s coming with us,” replied a female voice behind him. I looked past Pyro to see a blue-skinned woman, dressed in white leather pants, tube top, and knee-high boots. I knew of her, though I had never met her in person. Until now.

“Mystique,” I said, venom in my voice.

“Yes, with a small entourage,” she replied. I noticed that with her were three more notorious member of the Brotherhood of Mutants–Toad, Sabretooth, and Avalanche.

“John,” I said, turning him to look me in the eyes, “why?”

“I can’t do it anymore, Josh. I can’t live like some scum. I wanna be someone important. And I can actually do that with them.”

“But you can get that with Xavier, too!” I replied.

“No, I can’t,” he replied, pulling away from me and walking over to the others. “I’m leaving the school. And I’m going with the Brotherhood.”

“No. You can’t. I won’t let you,” I said, beginning to let out a telepathic cry for help to the school.

“Then we’ll just have to make you,” replied Toad.

“No! You guys said you weren’t going to hurt anyone!” protested John.

“As much as I’d like to, after that Canada incident, we won’t. We’ll just tousle him a little,” replied Sabretooth.

“It’ll take much more than a tousle,” I replied.

An evil toothy smile came across his lips, as he said, “Oh yeah, that’s right. You’re durable like me and the runt. Let’s find out how durable!” And with that, Toad and Sabretooth leapt at me.

It took some strain, but I managed to grab both of them with my telekinesis, restraining them. Considering that my powers were not at all what they used to be, however, I began to develop a serious migraine. I had to drop them to stop myself from blacking out.

“You may get your chance on a different day, fellas, but right now the kid seems out of it,” remarked Avalanche as he rose his foot and stomped on the ground. I tried to leap out of the way, but my head was still hurting and I couldn’t seem to get my body to do anything I wanted it too. I was helpless as the ground shook, and a hole formed beneath me. I fell into the sewer below, in about a half-inch high of water, and part of the falling rubble hit me in the head. I couldn’t move, and I felt myself begin to black out.

I heard a loud plop and scuffling, and then Sabretooth was right above my head. I figured he had leapt down next to me. “Here’s something to remember us by, kid,” he said with a smirk. And then one of the nastiest, dirtiest, raunchiest. . .most erotic things happened. He leaned over and kissed me, forcing his tongue (which I had thought would taste of blood, but apparently Sabretooth had a very good sense of hygiene because his breath tasted minty fresh) into my mouth and made me kiss him. I was helpless to resist, and grateful for him leaving me to return to the others and leaving me in the sewer, yet at the same time missing the roughness and powerfulness of his kiss. He had just possessed me with his mouth, and it was so. . .ugh! Stop thinking about him like that!

While I tried not to black out, Pyro appeared over the hole in the ground. “Tell the others I’m sorry,” he said as he pulled the X off his belt and tossed into the hole–and, lucky me, it hit me in my head.

Those damn buckles are heavy! was my last thought before I finally lost consciousness.

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