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Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get the next part of this story up, but college life has been so nuts for the past almost YEAR, and I’ve been busy with that and work constantly. So, now that I finally have the time to write, without further adieu, here goes:

Senior Year of a Young Mutant

Chapter 3: Generation X

My vision was quite hazy as I began to come to, and I tried to remember where I was, and what had happened. The throbbing pain in my forehead quickly reminded me of what had transpired between myself, Pyro, and the Brotherhood, and the smells which assaulted my sensitive nose reminded me that I was in the sewer system. Somehow, though, I was dry and felt for the most part comfortable.

“Good, the kid’s finally coming around,” I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes and saw Callisto and my mom. I must have been discovered by either Callisto or a member of her band of under-dwelling mutants, the Morlocks.

“How long have I been out?” I asked.

“We found you about 3 hours ago,” she replied, “so maybe not much more than that?”

I nodded in reply and sat up, stretching, relieving the tension in my body.

“Joshua, did the Brotherhood take John?” Mom asked me, looking at me intently.

“No, more like John went with them,” I replied while cracking my neck.

“What? Doesn’t that kid know how dangerous those people are? What kinds of things they do to people? They’ll be expecting him to kill innocent human beings!” Mom shouted, outraged.

“Yeah, but I do see his reason for leaving. We’ve been hunted, some of us killed by outlandish means, and now there’s even a virus that is targeting mutants only?” I replied

“It’s kinda why most of us remain down here. I understand Marrow and Evan’s reasons for joining Xavier, but it would get aggravating to bust our mutant asses to save their lives and our reward is genocide.” Callisto added.

Mom seemed to be in thought for a while, then said, “I do understand. But at the same time, we need to try and find him. We need to bring him back to the side of good and justice before it’s too late.”

“Which means that we need to go back home and tell Xavier. He’ll probably be just as pissed.”

“Yes, but not as much as Piotr.”

“I doubt it Mom. The way he was yelling at John earlier, I don’t think he’ll be as caring.”


“What the fuck do you mean ‘he’s gone?’”

“I’m sorry, we got attacked by the Brotherhood, and–”

“And you left him to be kidnapped by him?”

“He didn’t get kidnapped! He ran off with them on his own free will!”

“Goddamn, you’re supposed to be the Fabled One and you couldn’t protect him?”

“I’m sorry, Peter, they ambushed us, and from how things went down, it seems like he was going to leave anyway!” Piotr “Peter” Rasputin, the tall muscle boy known as Colossus, and I were standing on the basketball court, where I was trying to calm him down and tell him about what happened with Pyro. He was much more pissed than I thought he’d be, but now he began to calm. After my last comment, he seemed to sadden. “I’m sure it’s not you’re fault, or anyone’s fault that he left. John’s probably got some of his own issues that he’s been dealing with –.”

“Yeah, and I haven’t helped much with how I acted toward him before,” Peter answered, looking at the ground, kicking loose pebbles around.

“Well maybe you’ll get a chance to rectify that. Some time to talk to him, make him see reason.”

“Maybe,” Peter said, walking away from me, heading into the mansion.

I began to feel really bad for him. I know how it was to be without the one you loved, especially after Logan’s disappearance and my family– no, no need to dwell on that, I tell myself before following Piotr inside. Before I could make it in the door, however, I half jumped out of my skin when a brown-haired senior girl suddenly pulled herself up from the ground in front of me.

“Kitty! What the hell!! I thought I told you to stop doing that!!”

“Yeah, yeah, quit complaining and get used to it. So how did Peter take it?”

SLAM! Kitty and I both shuddered at the sound of Peter slamming the door after him with excessive force.

“That bad, huh?”

“Yeah, that bad,” I replied.

“I’m worried about him. He’s really into John. I can’t believe he ran off like that. What was he thinking?”

“I don’t agree with him, but I can understand why he did it. We try and try our best to do what we can, fighting off aliens, evil mutants, and any other sort of supernatural villian , same as the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Excalibur, or any other super hero, and we get ridiculed, ostracized, and sometimes even lose team members because of it.”

“Hmm,” Kitty mused quietly, obviously musing over what I had just said. “But still, the hope that we instill in some, those who respond positively when we perform heroic acts, that should still push us forward, make us continue to do more and help more people, keep us from going to their side.”

“It does that for you and me, but Pyro probably got fed up.”

“Still, I think we should try and track him down.”

“Hold that thought,” I told Kitty as I felt the familiar sensation of another mind connecting with my own. <Yes Professor?>

<I need to speak with you in person in my office, in regards to Pyro and your outing earlier tonight.>

<Understood. I’ll be there shortly,> I replied. “We’ll have to continue this later. Prof wants to see me in his office.”

“Okay. Lemme know what’s up,” she said, before going intangible again, walking through the nearest wall.

I grumbled, thinking to myself that she could have at least taken me with her, but dismissed the thought and entered the old-fashioned way through the front door. I headed to Professor Xavier’s office and took a seat.

“You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Yes Joshua. Of course, I know about what transpired tonight, and about John running away to the Brotherhood.”

“Yes sir, and I take full respon-“

“Josh, honestly, there’s no need for that,” Xavier said surprising me. “I didn’t call you here to scold you. I understand that you did everything that you could in the situation presented to you. I hope that you can instead rectify the situation. I was letting you know that I finally have determined this year’s Student Team.”

“Student Team?” I asked, not quite sure of what Xavier meant.

“Yes, Student Team, which I have dubbed each year as Generation X. Ever since the school began to grow in size, I saw the need and the opportunity for students to form a younger team that may perform simpler missions. Rather than have any potential X-man join the team at their first possibility, I see the need to begin training teams at the junior stage. While some of the tasks may be dangerous, this has worked in the past and many of the team members have either stayed together or spawned off their own teams.”

“Awesome. How does this work?”

“I have already chosen this year’s team. I will be appointing you as Team Captain. Your job is to train and manage your team and make sure that your team will be able to effectively complete field missions, as well as to select a second-in-command for your team. You and your team are scheduled for your first training session tomorrow afternoon, to see how well you work together.”

“Awesome! This is a huge honor! Thank you Professor Xavier!”

“You’re welcome,” he replied as I began to walk out the door. I stopped, then turned back to him again. “You’re not just giving me the leader spot because of me being the Fabled One, are you?”

“No, I’m not. You are the most qualified out of the members of your team.”

“Oh, okay. And while we’re on the subject, can I get a nickname? The Chosen Ones get to be Slayers, and He With the Angelic Face is Angel. How about a Hunter to counter Slayer?”

“Actually, those type of nicknames come from the demon world, not the human world. They’ve already given you a nickname. They’ve dubbed you the Destroyer.”

“Hmm. Joshua the Demon Destroyer. Has a nice ring to it,” I mused aloud.

“Okay, Destroyer, you’d better get off to bed now. You’ve an interesting day ahead of you tomorrow.”

“Yes sir,” I replied, heading off to my room. I was pleasantly surprised to see my boyfriend, Logan, lay naked, stroking his colossal cock.

“Well damn, you couldn’t just wait for me?” I asked with a grin.

“You were taking too damn long,” he replied, returning the grin. “Besides, what’s shooting off one when there’s sure to be 3, 4, or 5 to follow?”

“True,” I replied as I stripped off my clothing. I pulled up a chair and sat across the room from Logan, directly in his line of sight. Logan looked surprised, but a sexy grin came over his face. “You not gonna join me?”

“You started that one alone, you can finish it alone. Besides, sometimes I like to watch.”

Logan smiled, his big paws stroking along his amazingly muscular body, tweaking his large nipples, which in turn only made his already enormous cock twitch, spitting out large amounts of precum. One hand continued to tweak his nipples while the other went down and began to stroke his cock, getting that huge beast slippery with his precum. I watched as he lifted his pre-coated thumb up to his mouth and licked the liquid off, sucking on it sexily, moaning.

While one hand kept massaging and stroking along his body, the other hand began to slowly stroke his cock, getting it wet with pre, sliding up and down.

I began to echo Logan, my own erection rock hard and spouting precum all over the chair I sat in. I licked some up, then coated two fingers and while I watched Logan, I placed them up my hole, moaning loudly as I fingered myself and stroked my cock while Logan watched me.

Logan began moaning louder, obviously turned on, wishing that his own cock was in my hole rather than my fingers, and began to stroke himself harder, faster, while I did the same, quickly bringing himself to the brink. We both began to moan and bellow, as I blasted my seed all over the floor, the chair, and my hand, Logan all over his sexy furry body.

I got up and licked every drop of his cum off his body, savoring the taste, saving some in my mouth to share with him. We kissed, swapping spit and cum. Logan sat up while we kissed, which caused me to moan lightly because this caused his large cock to completely fill my hole.

Logan commenced fucking me crazily, with us making love well into the early morning hours, with us falling asleep, joined perfectly, bodies so close they appeared to be melded together, his still hard cock still in my hole.


The next day arrived, and after classes were over there was a break of about an hour before the team would assemble in the Danger Room. I headed there immediately after classes, to change into my uniform, and to look over some Danger Room programs. It was in the locker room that I noticed that there was a new uniform in my locker. It was black with a white stripe down the center of the uniform, accompanied by a belt with an X-buckle, and a gold bird emblem on the chest. My Phoenix Blade was in the locker, too.

A note was next to the new uniform:

Hey Joshua:

            Sorry about what happened before in class. I was hoping to try and make it up to you, and figured that this would be a good way to start. It matches with the other uniforms for the rest of the team. Hope you like it.



Wow, that was sweet of him, I thought to myself. I then remembered not the times when we had arguments, but back to the time that Scott had massaged my back. And what that had led to.

I shook my head violently, clearing it of those thoughts as I changed into the new uniform, made of the spandex-like body armor material.

I proceeded from the locker room, leaving the Blade, and went to the observation tower of the Danger Room, where I perused the programs, looking for something good to train with. I heard the whooshing open of the door, and turned around, seeing the team leader of the main squad of X-Men, Scott Summers.

“Wow. I was hoping you’d be early, but I wasn’t expecting you to be here earlier than me,” he said as he walked in.

“I wasn’t expecting you here at all. Mr. Summers,” I replied, less than nice, “but yet here you are.”

“Oh. So you’re still mad about that incident a few days ago, with the arguing and yelling–“

“And getting hit by your optic beam? Yeah, a tad,” I replied.

“I’m sorry about that, I’ve been meaning to apologize for that for a while now. I don’t know what came over me that day. I want to remain your friend, Josh. Starting with you calling me Scott again,” he said, walking toward me, holding out his hand.

“Okay...Scott,” I replied, holding out my hand, shaking his, pulling back after a few moments of excess contact. “For starters, you can help me pick out an appropriate training program for the first day.”

“Not a problem,” he replied with a smile. He walked over next to me, scrolling down the computer screen, looking at the different training programs. “Aha! Here we go. Program 69.”

My crotch begins to tighten, and I focus on the program. “A maze?”

“Yes. This particular one focuses on teamwork. A game of power-tag you could play. The other kids try and tag you, while avoiding being tagged themselves. The winning team, you or them, is the one that works best. Either you win by tagging all of them, or they win if someone can tag you.”

“Cool. Isn’t that a little unfair?”

“You not confident that you can win?” Scott said.

“No, I’m quite confident in my abilities,” I replied.

“Good. I’ll then leave you to it. Have fun with 69.” Scott said, walking out the room, grin on his face. I shook my head of thoughts of 69 with Scott, and focused on the getting ready for the training and setting voice commands. As I finished, I noticed the other team members begin to file in.

I descended the stairs and entered the main area of the Danger Room, looking over my new teammates. I noticed that all of our uniforms were black with some color of stripe and some with a special symbol. Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver, had a bright green stripe down the center and a lightning bolt on the chest. Kitty Pride, Shadowcat, had a violet stripe down the center. Peter Rasputin, Colossus, wore a black costume that covered his torso, crotch, and thighs, with a gold stripe down the center. His posture, however, drooped over, made it obvious that he was still upset about John. Alex Summers, Havok, stood next to his boyfriend, Pietro, holding hands. He wore a full bodysuit with a dark blue stripe down the center and a design on the chest with circles within circles in black. Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler, had a red stripe down the center, but had a collar cut out so that the red part looked like a vest. Lorna Dane, Polaris, had a costume with a green stripe down the center, almost matching her green hair. And Bobby Drake, Iceman...was late.

“Okay, It’s time to begin, but unfortunately, our last team member is late,” I said, checking my watch.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, the Iceman has cometh!” Everyone turned to the door to see Bobby make an entrance on an ice slide, coming to an end right next to Peter, who wasn’t all that impressed. In fact, most of the others, save Lorna, Kurt, and Kitty, had cross faces. “What?” he said in surprise.

“We’ve got a training session to start, and you’re late, that’s what!” shouted Alex in frustration.

“Hey, a guy’s gotta make an entrance!” Bobby said, frowning.

“Hmm, let’s see, the rest of us guys did make an entrance. On time. By just walking in the door like a normal...mutant.”

“You know what, Summers, why don’t you stop being an uptight prick, like your brother, and lighten up?”

“Guys!” I shouted, trying to interject.

“You should be the last one talking about my brother’s prick with that ice stunt you pulled. You need to grow up!” Alex yelled.

“You’re just mad ‘cause you didn’t get chosen for the team leader spot! Guess you can’t match up to your older brother after all!” replied Bobby.

“Shut up!” Alex said, as circles of his energy began to form around his hands.

“Make me!” retorted Bobby, forming ice armor around himself.

“That’s enough!!” I yelled, finally catching both of their attentions. “You two both need to chill out. We are teammates! We do not need infighting!”

“Yeah well he started it,” Alex said.

“I don’t give a damn who started it!! You both should be bigger than this!” I replied, looking at both of them. Bobby had a somewhat hurt look, but the looks he received from the rest of the team, who seemed to agree, made him actually agree too.

“You’re right. I’m sorry,” he said.

“Me too,” said Alex.

“Good. Now, we’re gonna start the training exercise. The program is a mirror maze, with glass panel mirrors. It is specially programmed in a freeze-tag fashion. The goal is teamwork. You as a team must be able to have one of your team members tag me. You can use your powers, but you still must physically tag me, skin to skin. If one of you can tag me, then your team wins. If however, I am able to tag all of you, then you win. You should have the advantage, considering that if one of your own teammates tags you after you have been frozen, you will be unfrozen.”

“Dude this is gonna be so easy!” Bobby said, grinning.

“We’ll see,” I replied. “Computer, activate Program...69.”

The program kicked in, with laughter from the entire team. A mirror maze erected itself from the floor, effectively splitting up the team. It reached to a somewhat limited ceiling, which prevented flying over mirrors. I was in a completely different area of the maze from anyone else. I walked along the maze, using my telepathy to hone in on the others. One mental signal seemed to be approaching me rapidly. I turned in the direction of the signal, hearing a loud crashing sound that seemed to be getting closer and closer. I quickly moved to the side, as I realized what it was, and Colossus came crashing through the glass pane next to me. He turned to me, still armored up, and swing a fist at me. I sidestepped, dodged the next one, and blocked a third with a telekinetic shield. As he tried to punch me again, I did a forward flip over his head, landing with my hands on his head, before finishing the flip, landing on my feet. I turned and watched as a blue aura surrounded Colossus, effectively trapping him so that he couldn’t move.

“One down,” I said, moving on into the maze.

I continued down another hallway, scanning with my telepathy. I could feel another mental presence, but the disadvantage of it was that it kept disappearing and reappearing, making it hard to trace it. I knew it had to be Nightcrawler. He must have found someway to know where he was porting to in the maze, for I knew that he wouldn’t just randomly teleport, for fear of only going halfway and winding up inside of a mirror.

I smelled for him, the odor of brimstone and sulfur invading my nostrils. At just the last second, I stepped to my right, reaching behind me, my hand connecting with the blue fur of Kurt’s face.

“Damnit!” I heard before I turned around and witnessed Nightcrawler being frozen in mid air.

“Too slow!” I replied. Before his hand was frozen, my elf-like friend gave me a dirty guesture. I returned with a raspberry, turning around and moving on. I barely walked three steps, though, before I heard a bamfing sound. I turned to find him gone.

“Shit!” I said aloud, quickly using my telepathy again, looking for Kurt. I quickly did a front flip, narrowly avoiding Kurt, and erected a telekinetic barrier in front of me, blocking Kitty before she could touch me.

“Nice try, but no cigar,” I said, before hitting her with a psy-bolt. This kept her off-balance, so she couldn’t phase and I touched her. I then turned and held my hand out, right where Kurt was about to teleport to, and touched him, freezing him in place.

“Well, that makes three,” I said, continuing on, leaving my friends frozen.

I moved on into the maze, getting closer and closer to the core. Suddenly, I get slammed into a mirror by an unseen force. I look up and see Polaris, holding her hand toward me, a magnetic wave emanating from her. “Looks like you lose,” she said, walking forward.

“Not quite,” I replied, pushing back against her magnetic field with my telekinesis, our powers meeting in the center. As we concentrated harder, her powers made a green aura, while mine began to form a golden one. Something seemed wrong about this. I couldn’t focus off of Polaris to tell, though, I couldn’t possibly use my telepathy. We were about even in strength like this, but she began to overcome me. Then I heard it. Whatever it was, it was fast.

At the last possible second, I dodged to my right, and was rewarded by hearing a loud shout. I looked back as Polaris’s magnetic field slammed the speedy Quicksilver against a mirror. While Lorna was surprised I quickly hit her with a psi-bolt, then another, not allowing her to concentrate enough on a magnetic field. But as I neared her, she grabbed my arm, using my momentum from me running to flip me onto my back. I quickly adapted to the knowledge that she was using judo against me and was grateful that she hadn’t touched my face or hands, as they were the only things that wasn’t covered by clothing. I rolled to the side as she reached down in an attempt to touch me, and swung my legs out, sweep kicking her, causing her to fall to her back. We flipped to our feet at the same time, and I hit her with a psychic bolt, which she tried to shake off and retaliated with a magnetic field. I was faster this time, though, and was able to project a telekinetic blast stronger than her field, breaking through and knocking her to the floor. I quickly walked up to her and tagged her before she could orient herself, then tagged Quicksilver before he could come to.

I continued up the hallway and was shocked by what I next saw. Havok and Iceman had gotten into it again, only this time they were using their powers against each other.

“That does it! I’ve had it with your shit!” Havok yelled, releasing a sonic blast against Iceman, who blocked with an ice shield.

“Up yours, asshole!” Iceman retorted as he countered with a beam of ice, intending to freeze Havok.

This was getting old way to fast. I used my telekinesis to slam both of them into each other, flying forward as I did. I then tagged each of them, while they were both still dazed. After this, the training program ended, with the computer saluting me as the victor. At this point I didn’t care, considering everything that had just happened.

Before I could say anything to the other students, I heard Xavier speaking into my mind. <Yes sir?>

<An issue has come up. The older teams have already gone out on missions, and there is a matter that needs to be addressed almost immediately. I hate to ask this, but I need your team to run a stakeout this evening. I’ve gotten work from Callisto that there is movement among members of the Brotherhood.>

<So, you want us to follow them around a bit?>

<Yes. There is a very good chance that you will be able to follow one of them back to their hideout so that the older teams can engage them.>

<Understood. Just so I’m clear, this is a stake-out and information gathering mission only. No engaging the enemy at all?>

<That is correct. Engaging the Brotherhood will jeopardize our chances of localizing on a location for them, and I haven’t been able to track them with Cerebro, which means that they have found a way to completely avoid telepathy. Be on your guard at all times, and only engage them if you absolutely have to.>

<Understood. I’ll let my team know.> I replied as Xavier ended our psi-link. As I refocused on the others, I could tell that they knew about the psionic conversation.

“So? What’s the sitch?” asked Kitty.

“We’ve got a stakeout tonight,” I replied. “There’s rumors that the Brotherhood is on the move, and because the X-men are all already on missions, it’s up to Generation X to do a stakeout. So tonight, we’re gonna head into the city, disguised, so that we can look out for the Brotherhood.”

“We got any hits on them, like with telepathy?”

“I’m afraid we can’t get any telepathic hits. Xavier tried using Cerebro, but he hasn’t been able to track anyone on the team. Our job is going to be to determine who’s on the team, as well as to see if we can find their base of operations. This is a no-engagement mission. No confronting anyone with them, just tracking. Understood.” Everyone nodded. “Good, I want everyone ready for departure in an hour. Except Iceman and Havok,” I said looking at each of their shocked faces in turn. “The two of you will be staying behind.”

“Awe come on man? You can’t be serious!” Bobby shouted in a pleading tone.

“It’s your damn fault,” cried Havok, looking at Bobby angrily.

“Me?!” Bobby replied, about to face off with each other.

“Enough!” I shouted, this testosterone already serving to work my nerves again. “This is exactly the reason why the both of you are staying here. I cannot afford the two of you botching a mission because you’re playing a game of ‘my horse is bigger than yours’. The BOTH of you are staying put because the BOTH of you cannot be mature enough to settle your differences like adults.” After saying this, I addressed the other team members. “Let’s get set guys, we head out in an hour.” The other six of us headed out of the Danger Room, hearing the once again arguing Iceman and Havok behind us.

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