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Senior Year of a Young Mutant

Chapter Four: First Outing

Because it was cold out, it made it even more easy for my team to conceal their uniforms. Each of us wore some sort of sweater or turtleneck over our tops and some jeans over the bottoms, easily fitting over the spandex. I made sure to bring the collapsible Cerebro headband, just in case I needed it to amplify my powers. (God, I wish I still had Phoenix-enhanced powers!)

We took the X-Van, being sure to turn on all necessary cloaking devices in our uniforms as well as in the van and making sure to have it in Civilian Mode, not showing any X-logos or any weaponry. This way, we would make sure that we wouldn't have any run-ins with mutant hunters while we searched for Brotherhood members.

I drove the van, Pio-wait, we're on mission assignment-Colossus sat next to me, Shadowcat and Polaris sat on the second row, Quicksilver and Nightcrawler on the last row. Each of the other rows seemed to be in deep conversation, and by the emotions and lustful feelings I was reading from Quicksilver and Havok, they were talking about bedroom matters with Warren and Hank.. Shadowcat and Polaris I also tried to tune out as they were discussing girl matters. Colossus and I sat for the first half of the ride in silence.

I couldn't stand us being the only two people in the van not talking, so finally I said something. "So, what are you planning on doing after graduation, Peter?"

"Um...I haven't really decided yet to be honest," he replied in his thick Russian accent. "I honestly want to make the senior team of X-men. I want to be able to help others like us. It's like the only thing that matters now."

"Yeah, I know, that's kinda why ALL of us are on the team. But what do YOU, you personally, want to do?"

"Well...I dream of being a famous artist. I love to draw, and to paint. I want to have my work so well know, that it hangs in art galleries, museums. But that'll never happen. Mutant hating groups like the Friends of Humanity will see to that. I thought that John would be there to share my dream."

"Don't lose hope, Pio-"

"Please, we are friends. Call me Pete."

"Okay...Pete. Don't lose hope. We'll be able to get John back. Don't sweat it."

"You sure?"

"Positive. But the first step is going to be to follow these Brotherhood losers and see if we can find their base. So that means we don't engage anyone. Including John."

"Understood. I hope they haven't made him do anything evil."

"You know John, he's a bit of a prankster, but I don't think he's that hotheaded."

A few minutes later, we arrived at Bayville's shopping mall, which seemed a likely place to begin searching for any younger Brotherhood members, including John. After all, Magneto was running Genosha now, and Xavier had his funding, but we didn't know who was leading the Brotherhood now, nor where they would be hiding out or who was even on the team. We had to assume that they would be stealing for what they needed. Our best bet was John. We could find him and tail him and he'd lead us to the others.

"Alright, everyone, we're going to split into teams. Quicksilver, I want you and Nightcrawler to search the bottom floor of the mall. Colossus and I will search the second, and Shadowcat and Polaris will search the top floor. I want you guys to make sure that you blend in, do not engage anyone else unless it becomes necessary. I'm establishing a secure mind-link between the six of us. Anyone see anyone suspicious, especially if you can recognize a member of the Brotherhood, let the rest of us know, so that we may be able to assist. Any questions?" Everyone shook their head no. "Good. Generation X, let's get to work."

After this was said, we entered the mall and split off into our groups. I made sure to augment my hair to look plain black and cut it short so as to look more normal, and I turned Polaris's hair brown for the same reason. Nightcrawler wore a watch which, after he pressed a certain button on it, projected a holographic illusion around him, making him look like a normal, Caucasian, pale-smooth-skinned version of himself. On the second floor, Colossus and I pretended to window shop, looking through different stores and such for merchandise, while actually looking for members of the Brotherhood.

<I don't see anything suspicious yet. Do you?> Colossus asked.

<No, and I've been trying to read thought patterns of people who may be up to no good, and I've come up with nothing. I guess telepathy is out as far as searching for them.>

<We should keep looking, maybe...Holy shit!>

<What?> I said, preparing to go on defensive if necessary. It was then that I saw what caught Peter's attention. <Holy shit is right!> He had noticed a billboard for a new torn-style clothing line at Pac Sun. The advertisement featured a very sexy male model, well-built, in cut-offs that showed off very sexy legs and thighs, as well as a blue tank top which looked like it had short sleeves which were torn off and the clothing that would have been covering the abs was torn off too. The shirt had white writing reading: "YOU WANT SOME? COME GET IT."

<I don't know about you, but I want some,> Pete said, licking his lips.

<I wouldn't mind either. Damn he's hot. But we can't stand here all day, as much as we would like to. So let's keep looking.>

Pete and I kept looking around for any sign of Brotherhood members, but we weren't having any luck, and neither were any of the others on my squad.

<What now, Josh?> asked Peter.

<We need to get out of here. Maybe they don't have too many younger mutants on their team. In fact, John may be the only one they've recruited. We need to try and find somewhere that the older members of the team would be more likely to go.> Just then we heard it, a loud explosion within the mall. I ran toward the sound of it, Peter only steps behind me, both of us having to push past frightened bystanders who were trying to flee the scene. We were not happy with what we saw.

Standing in front of a scorched Zales store was John Allerdyce, clad in Pyro costume, with a large sack of jewels. We knew we weren't supposed to engage, but we couldn't let him hurt anyone, or let him get away with stealing.

<Guys, the explosion is coming from the Zales on the second floor. Pyro just robbed it. Colossus and I are going to try and stop him from getting away.>

<You need assistance?> asked Kitty through the link.

<Not yet. Stand by.>

Colossus moved forward to try and talk to John. "John, please see reason. There's still a chance that we can salvage this. Please, come home," pleaded Colossus.

"That place isn't home for me anymore!" yelled Pyro, "And I've since moved on! You guys think that you're making a difference? We saved the world not too long ago, and we'll never get any gratitude from it! There's a virus out there that's killing us off one by one, and the humans are laughing their asses off! And who the hell do you think you are?! We can salvage this? We're over, remember?!"

My turn. I stepped in front of a sulking Colossus, who hung his head in surrender to John's statements. "John, there's no way that siding with the Brotherhood will make things better!All fighting alongside the Brotherhood will get you is incarcerated along with the others, not to mention adding you to the already long list of reasons why the humans fear us and feel that they can't trust us. You've got to come with us, John, now, before it's too late."

"It's already too late. And my name's not John, it's Pyro!" he shouted, before blasting at us with fire from his hands. It wasn't a very strong blast though, I was able to block it with my telekinesis. However, I couldn't see through his flames, and John took advantage of his distraction by leaping over the railing of the walkway, using his fire power to slow his descent.

<Generation X, Pyro is attempting to flee! He just lowered himself to the ground floor, near the DippinDots stand.>

<We see him! Nightcrawler, no!> I heard from Quicksilver.

"They need us!" I shouted to Colossus, who nodded, leaping over the railing. I followed, slowing our descent with telekinesis, and then began using my telekinesis on a molecular level, ripping apart the molecules of our outer clothing, causing myself and Colossus to be in uniform. Colossus turned into his armored form as soon as I set him down, while I kept myself airborne. Looking up, I could see Polaris descending from the third floor, and looking ahead of me, I saw Shadowcat stepping out of a wall behind Pyro. I went to check on Nightcrawler, who lay unconscious on the floor, apparently being knocked out by a heat blast from Pyro. He would be okay. I pulled the headband out of my pocket and put it on, channeling my telepathy through it, heightening my powers, and began `encouraging' the other people in the mall to exit as quickly as possible, and to avoid pushing each other around. It was taking a lot of strain, encouraging so many minds at once (the headband's good, but it's nowhere near as powerful as the stationary one at home), but at least they weren't resisting.

After all that effort, my mind was taxed, and I had developed a nice migraine. I knew now that we'd probably need backup. I pulled off the headband, putting it away in a pocket, and then attempted to call for help from the mansion, almost succeeded in putting on my communication goggles, when I heard a crashing sound behind me. I turned around and before I had a chance to scream, I was on the floor, pinned under Sabretooth, who had crashed through and leapt from a store window. He restrained both my hands with one of his own huge hands while the other smashed my communication goggles to pieces.

"You miss me?" He asked mockingly, a devilish grin spreading across his face.

"Go to hell!" I retorted, concentrating as much as I could to form a telepathic blast. Sabretooth shouted in pain, but recovered quickly I, however, had strained myself greatly from ushering out the other people and the psi-blast took even more effort, and left me in worse condition than before.

"That hurt. Now I'm gonna have to kill you," he shouted, reaching for my throat–and was surprised when his hand went straight through , and his body rested on the mall floor rather than on top of me. Shadowcat phased me just in time. Then the two of us watched as Sabretooth was flung away from us with excessive force.

I stood up, Polaris landed next to us as we became tangible again. "Thanks, Polaris."

"Any time. Sabretooth has just as much metal running through his body as does Wolverine, so it made it extra easy."

We watched as Sabretooth stood again, ready to pounce.

"You think you can take him?" I asked Lorna.


I looked over to see Quicksilver trying to reason with Pyro, while avoiding fireballs directed at him. "Kitty, go and help Quicksilver. Polaris will be able to detain Sabretooth." Kitty nodded and floated in ghost-form over to the others.

Sabretooth attempted a leap at us, but Polaris caught him and suspended him in mid-air with her powers. Luckily, the pain in my head was subsiding, and my mind was clearing. Unfortunately, I began to sense that something was amiss, a gut feeling that something was really wrong.

And of course, my gut feelings tend to be right. I began to feel the ground tremble beneath my feet. Polaris and I both felt to the ground as the tremors knocked us off-balance. This also caused Polaris to lose her hold on Sabretooth, who immediately leapt at us. Polaris created a magnetic forcefield, blocking Sabretooth's attack. I quickly, scanned the area for the person responsible. I saw him then, a rather attractive man, dressed in a silver and gray costume. Seeing the seismic waves generating from his body, I realized that he was the culprit. I recognized him from the Cerebro Files on villains that the X-men have fought before–Avalanche.

I looked for my teammates, and saw that Pyro, Shadowcat, and Quicksilver were still stale-mated. I saw that Colossus had just succeeded in knocking out another foe who must have come from nowhere, a rather nasty looking mutant, with greenish skin, an extra-long tongue, and...eww, even through the forcefield I could smell his foul odor. He must have been Toad.

<Colossus! Take out Avalanche!> I sent through a telepathic link.

Colossus, spotting Avalanche, nodded at me, and, spotting the head of a destroyed mannequin on the ground, picked it up and tossed it at high speed at Avalanche, who, not even knowing about my telepathic command, was hit head on by the speeding head. I watched in glee as his body did a back-flip and he fell unconscious. Colossus winked at me before turning and heading toward Pyro.

"Aargh!" I looked up at Polaris, who was clutching her head as she struggled to maintain her forcefield. Sabretooth had begun slamming his fists on her force field, the adamantium-strength of Sabretooth become harder and harder to handle. With one last punch, Polaris fell unconscious, the effort of maintaining the field becoming too much. With her out cold, her shield fell, leaving us at Sabretooth's mercy. However, by now I had finally recovered. Sabretooth reached for Polaris, but I caught his hand, then punched him in the face. Then...

"Owwww!!" I shouted in pain. I had forgotten that ALL of his bones were laced with adamantium, including his jaw.

"Mmm. That felt kinda good. Let's go again," he said, cracking his neck, swinging a punch at me. I blocked his punch, being sure this time around to surround myself in a thin telekinetic shield, to protect my body from the force of his adamantium-enhanced strength. I blocked several punches and kicks from him, then countered with a punch to the gut, then face. I then spun around and kicked, aiming for his face, but instead he caught my foot, then swung me, slamming me hard into the ground. My shield took most of the damage, but this caused me to lose concentration. I tried to get up, but couldn't move as Sabretooth's foot, barely pressing onto me, held so much weigh on my chest that I almost couldn't breathe.

Sabretooth bent over, the nails on his right hand extending somewhat into hideous sharp bone claws, a few inches long, that looked like they could do some damage.

"Scream for me boy!" said Sabretooth as he raised his clawed hand, ready to go in for the kill.

Before he could kill me, though, he was lifted off of me by Colossus, grabbing Sabretooth in a strangle-hold. Sabretooth struggled, but Colossus seemed to be too strong for him.

"Thanks. My turn," I said. I concentrated my telepathy through my hand, forming a psionic claw from my right fist, which I jammed through Sabretooth's forehead. Sabretooth wriggled around a while in Colossus's hands, then fell unconscious.

Colossus let Sabretooth fall to the floor, and the two of us focused on helping our other teammates. Pyro, seeing his comrades fallen, formed a large wall of fire around Quicksilver and Shadowcat, and another around myself and Colossus, no doubt about to try and escape. Suddenly, though, we heard a grunt, followed by the fires around us dying out. We saw an unconscious Pryo and a now fully-conscious Nightcrawler standing over him. He must have seen what had happened and teleported in front of Pyro, using the element of surprise to knock him out some how.

"Nice one, Nightcrawler," I said. With his powers generated by himself and not by an outside source now, knocking John unconscious must have cause the fires to go out as well.

"Thanks. Now to get back to the mansion," Kurt replied. It was then that we heard the sirens.

"Holy shit! Cops!" shrieked Shadowcat.

Think! Think! You've got to come up with a plan, I began badgering myself. Then the idea hit me. "We've got to get out of here quickly. Kurt, I need you to teleport Polaris and Pyro to the X-van, as they are still unconscious. The rest of us are gonna leave out the front and meet you there.


"How are we gonna manage that?" asked Quicksilver. "By the time we get to the door, the police will already be here!"


"For you that won't be a problem. You can streak past them so fast that they'll never see you in the first place. However, to make it easier on us, I plan on using my telepathy to keep the guard's minds on loop. They'll think that they're looking at the same scene of the front of the mall, when in reality, we'll be walking out and around them."

"You sure that'll work?" asked Kitty.

"Yeah, it will," I replied, putting on my headband again. "Let's go."

Kurt nodded and stood near Polaris and disappeared with her, then reappeared a second later next to Pyro, then disappeared with him in another puff of smoke, the scent of brimstone strong in the air.

I put on the headband once more and the rest of us headed for the front entrance. As we left, I looked behind me, noticing that both Avalanche and Sabretooth were gone. They must have run off, realizing that they had lost and decided to flee while the fleeing was good. I returned my attention to the others, and as we reached the front door, I scanned the front of the mall. I locked onto the minds of the policemen, as well as the civilians, firemen, and paramedics (someone definitely called 911), and created the illusion in their minds that the scene they were looking at was the same scene of the mall they saw then (doors half -broken and off the hinges due to running scared bystanders, mall devoid of people. We quickly ran past the horde of civilians who still stood around the mall, no doubt to witness the cops take down the `evil mutant scum', and headed for the X-van.

As we neared, though, we could all tell something was wrong. The doors were wide open and Lorna lay on the back seat, just beginning to awaken again, Kurt and Pyro both gone.

"Polaris! What happened to Kurt?"

"I...I don't know...the last thing I remember, I was shielding you from Sabretooth, and then...I must have blacked out. How'd I get out here?"

I filled Polaris in on the other Brotherhood members and them escaping.

"Sabretooth must have helped Pyro escape," said Kitty.

"I don't think so. I think Pyro did this himself, taking Kurt with him."

"What? You think that he'd be that evil? I can't believe he'd do that!" Colossus said, regarding me with a face mixed with disbelief, as well as anger that I'd even suggest something so vile.

"Well I can. I'll explain on the way home, though, we need to get going, and now." Everyone at least seemed to agree with that, and we all got in, pretty much the same way that we rode to the mall, except that this time Nightcrawler's seat was empty. As we got out of viewing range of the mall, I lowered the loop I had on the officers' minds, allowing me to fully concentrate on driving. Colossus asked me again on what I had said about Pyro.

"I don't think that he is evil, just misled. After all, I didn't smell any burnt flesh to indicate that Pyro had burnt Kurt to death. I think it's possible that for some reason, Pyro was supposed to capture Nightcrawler."

"But why?" asked Colossus.

"I don't know. I'll have to ask the Professor when we get back to the mansion. But as for now, we have to assume that Kurt is alive as well as Pyro. I definitely don't think that John is capable of murder."

Colossus nodded at that and the ride back to the mansion was quiet after that.

"Splendid job, everyone," Mystique said to her gathered team of mutants, who were living in a small manor on the opposite side of Westchester County, which Raven Darkholme, the shapeshifter known as Mystique, had bought legally to avoid any added attention. While Sabretooth, Avalanche, Toad and Pyro had succeeded in the minor scheme, collecting Nightcrawler, Post, a brawny mutant with the ability to turn his body parts into lethal weapons, and Mastermind, a telepath who could also alter reality, were able to steal a great deal of money from nearby banks. After all, it made the most sense to attack the banks at night, as quickly as possible, while they were the least guarded. After a brief debriefing, Mystique dismissed her team.

John arrived at the room selected for him by Mystique, and just after the room was unlocked, he was grabbed from behind by two very strong arms, one grabbing his rapidly hardening cock through his uniform pants and the other tweaking his left nipple, further exciting the already sensitive piercing. A long moist tongue licked at his ear, as the owner whispered huskily, "Can we come in?" Pyro moaned loudly, and simply opened the door. Sabretooth used his claws to cut open both the pants and shirt of the boys uniform, his hard cock flopping out, and his chest exposed, with five very shallow scratches across his chest from Sabretooth. As they entered the room, Sabretooth sat on the bed pulling Pyro to him as a third party, Avalanche, locked the door behind him, then sat on a chair in the bedroom, quickly undressing himself, as apparently he liked to watch.

John moaned as Victor Creed, Sabretooth, began to lap at the scratches he caused, tasting the blood. Then pulling Pyro down to straddle his lap, Sabretooth kissed Pyro, who tasted the thick wet organ, Creed's tongue, eagerly, also tasting small remnants of his own blood. John had become wilder since leaving Xavier's geek squad, and had on his first night with the Brotherhood sucked off both Sabretooth and Avalanche, and felt Creed's cock up his hole as well.

John moaned out as Creed threw him down on the bed, ripping his pants to smithereens, leaving John clothes in tatters as he ate out John's tight hole, which he humped up toward Sabretooth like a slut, a bitch in heat, desperate for his hot young hole to be fucked.

"Yeah work his hole, Creed," said Avalanche as he watched, stroking his own reasonably sized cock. Avalanche may have had only 8 inches to Creed's 10, but he was equally as thick. John had enjoyed sucking on that sizeable cock the night before, as much as he had enjoyed Creed's or Pet—

No, not thinking about him, John thought, desperately craving the attention of the men with him now. "Come on, Lance, let me suck you...OH FUCK YES!" John shouted, as Sabretooth replace his tongue with almost a foot of long, hot, thick man meat.

Lance Alvers, Avalanche, quickly obliged, positioning himself at Pyro's mouth, and thrusting in, rapidly, in and out, in time with Sabretooth's fucking of John's ass. Watching Sabretooth fuck always made him horny as hell, and he blew his first load of the night into John's hungry mouth.

John moaned as Creed kept hitting his prostate repeatedly and shot his cum all over the bed, not even touching his young 7 inch cock. Sabretooth then shot his first load into Pyro, coating his asswalls with hot sperm. Sabretooth continued to fuck until his cum was finished, then looked at Lance. Avalanche knew what Creed wanted and lay down next to John on the bed. As Creed pulled his long cock out of Pyro, John locked lips with Avalanche, sharing his own cum with him. Alvers moaned loudly as his hole was filled with hot cock and as he tasted his own hot cum. Then, while Sabretooth fucked Avalanche, Pyro sat himself on Lance's cock, fucking himself on his fat tool. Sabretooth leaned in and started to lick Pyro's ear, tweaking his pierced nipples and fucking furiously into Alvers's ass. Alvers moaned and began shooting cum again into Pyro's ass, pulling him off to pull Pyro's cock to his opening mouth and, still cumming all over Sabretooth's furry chest and abs, began sucking on Pyro's young meat.

This put Pyro's ass in the air again and Sabretooth leaned over, still fucking Avalanche, to fuck his tongue into Pyro's sloppy hole, tasting his and Lance's cum. The excitement at being worked over so well by both studs caused Pyro to cream again into Lance's mouth. John slumped down next to Lance, kissing him, tasting his cum on from Lance's mouth, and Lance moaned into John's mouth as Sabretooth shot his second load into Lance's ass. Both younger men (well, Lance was in his early thirties, but was FAR younger than Creed) kissed and moaned as Sabretooth pulled his still shooting cock out of Lance's ass, blasting the rest of his load all over both of them. Creed leaned over and began to lap up all his hot slimy cum off the two men and, watching the two of them begin to play with each other, putting on a show for him, Creed jerked himself to hardness again, this time thrusting his cock between the two kissing youths as he shot his cream a third time.

Sated, at least temporarily, Creed settled down between the two as sloppy kissed filled with lust and cum were traded around, sloppy holes were played with, and sloppy cocks were stroked and toyed with. John and Lance may have been sated, but Victor Creed, ever horny, commenced fucking the men again in their sleep. Finally sated at about 4 in the morning, Creed fell asleep, both boys (to him anyways) cradled in his arms, each with a hand holding his still-erect dick in their sleep.


Mystique walked up to the young blue-skinned mutant as he finally began to come to. "Good, so you are awake," she said.

"Wh...where are I? Mystique? Why am I here?" asked Kurt.

"To serve a great purpose. You are going to save your family."

"My family, I don't understand."

"You are going to save your mother."


"That's right. Kurt...I am your mother. And you are going to save me and your adoptive sister as well."

"What are you talking about?"

"I have three children in all. You are the youngest, and after you, I adopted Rogue. The eldest of my children."

"I still don't understand..."

"Let me explain. As a shapeshifting mutant, in order to get on in life, I had to pose as other people. At one time, I posed as a wealthy heiress, and married a far wealthier man. He was handsome, and, I must say, good in bed. When I got pregnant with you, I thought everything would be well, he would have an heir. But you were born different, and both you and I were regarded as demons. I had to get rid of you."

"Get rid of me? Why?"

"Because you were inconvenient!! I had no intent of being a mother, and I definitely didn't need you ruining my chances of having a normal life! So I got rid of you. I tossed you into a river nearby where I lived, hoping that it would kill you. Apparently I was unsuccessful."

Kurt looked down at the floor, the pain of hearing all this bringing him to tears. "So why have you brought me ear? After all this time?"

"Because of your brother, Graydon Creed."

"Graydon C...the leader of the F. O. H.?!"

"Graydon was my first child, who I had by Sabretooth. Before I learned that he was bisexual, same as me, and that he was rough in bed. Graydon was the only one of you born normal, and upon discovering that his father was a mutant, Graydon, ashamed of his lineage, vowed to wipe out mutant existence and created the Friends of Humanity. He recently discovered that I was his mother. Being the son of mutant parents is killing him inside, and as a result, he wants us both dead. He unfortunately has resources beyond our own, and pull enough that he could have us murdered."

"So, why kidnap me?" Kurt asked, sobbing.

"Because, while I can look like anyone I want, and Victor can look like a normal human as well, and so can Rogue, you cannot look normal at all. Graydon wishes me to turn you over to him, for experimentation and extermination. That way, the rest of us will be safe."

"And you agreed to that?!" Kurt said, looking at Mystique, shock evident on his face.

"Yes I did. Don't worry, I have no intention on having you killed. I only agreed to this so that I can get close enough to his headquarters. The whole thing may be a trap, but by killing Graydon, then I can end the F.O.H.'s killing of innocent mutants."

Kurt through tears, managed to say, "So you'll kill your own son? And use another as bait to do so?"

"I don't care about having children!"

"No...you just care about yourself!" Kurt shouted. "And what of Rogue? You just used her like you used us, right?"

"She had her uses," replied Mystique. "She and I had bonded more closely than I could have ever hoped with the two of you. Such is how things go for a mother and her daughter."

"You...Evil...Bitch," Kurt grumbled.

"I've been called worse," Mystique replied, walking out the door, locking it behind her. Kurt cried, trying to get out of his restraints, and with the neural inhibitor attached to the base of his neck, he couldn't use his mutant ability to teleport. Kurt, thinking over the things he had just learned, cried himself to sleep.


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