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Senior Year of a Young Mutant

Chapter 7: Night Out, Part Two: Heatin' Up

Bobby and Lorna danced together, laughing happily, though Lorna was mostly watching Bobby dance. After getting dinner at a diner that Bobby knew well, where Bobby also knew the bartender was okay with mutants, the two hit a club called simply "Pop". Using the tech he had access to Hank's lab easily (Bobby tried not to think so much on the other naughty things he did with Hank in that lab), Bobby had created two special id cards, one for himself, and one for Lorna, that showed their birthdates to be three years earlier, making them each 21 instead of 17, very accurate fake ids. Not that they looked younger, the way they were dressed. Bobby looked like a college frat boy, dressed in his ice blue long-sleeved dress shirt and jeans, and Lorna wore a slinky spaghetti-strapped dress. She decided to keep her hair green, and if anyone asked, she had decided to dye it that way. Lorna had convinced Bobby not to drink (not that he needed convincing, the drinks were freakin' expensive!) and the two went to the dance floor. Lorna sang along with the "Pop" by N'sync, and Bobby danced and sang too, though he imitated the movies from the video associated with the song.

Lorna giggled in delight when the instrumental part of the song came up, where the dance break in the video occurs and Bobby, along with 6 other young men, stepped to the center of the dance floor, and the crowd watched, cheering, as the 7 of them performed the dance break perfectly. Lorna cheered as well and went back to dancing with Bobby, swaying to the beat.

A slower song began to play, and Lorna reluctantly moved closer to Bobby, closing her arms around his neck.

Bobby responded by locking his arms around her back, gently swaying with her to the music.

"This...is nice," Lorna said softly, her head in Bobby's chest.

"Yeah," he answered, no joke this time, just admitting that this felt, well, great. He enjoyed his time with Hank, but this was different. He didn't have to try and be more mature for his age constantly, they were the same age. And Lorna actually came from his own hometown. Granted, she was still upset from learning the truth about her parents. But Bobby would help her through it.

"Feels warm in here," Lorna said.

"Yeah it does," Bobby said, pulling back a little, looking at Lorna, smiling.

"Don't go getting any ideas, Mr. Drake," Lorna said with a smile of her own.

"Wouldn't dream of it," he replied, leaning in and the two kissed, a simple, soft, gentle kiss. They pulled backó

"AAAAACCCHHHOOOO!" Lorna sneezed, quickly bringing her hand to her noze.

Bobby handed her a napkin. "Bless you," he said.


"You feelin' okay?"

"Yeah, it's just my allergies," she admitted. "Maybe from the heat?"

"Yeah, I guess so," he replied as another fast song started. He leaned in to kiss her again, but she pulled back, and began to scratch her arms. "You sure you okay? I mean, we can take it slower if you're nervous."

"No, it's not you, Bobby. I don't get it. My allergies aren't usually this bad." She looked closer and saw that she was beginning to break out. "What the hell?"

"Are you allergic to something?" asked Bobby. "We did have popcorn at the theater. They may have used peanut oil?"

"No, no food allergies, except paprika," she answered.

"Hmm. Maybe it was in your food at the restaurant?" Bobby said before licking his lips, trying to think of anything else that could be causing this.

"What?" Lorna asked, looking at Bobby's face. He seemed to freeze.

Bobby looked at Lorna, staring hard before leaning in again and kissing her again, this time snaking out his tongue, licking along her lips.

"Bobby!!" Lorna said, pulling back. "Now is not the time!"

"Lorna! You taste like paprika, among other spices!" Bobby said. He also began to flap his shirt, trying to cool his body. It was definitely getting warmer.

Lorna began to stare at fear at Bobby. "You don't think...?"

Bobby nodded in reply. "Someone is trying to cook us," he said.

"We gotta get out of here," Lorna said, looking for an exit. But she noticed that the crowd was pretty thick. It'd take forever to get out. And no one else seemed to notice. They were dancing so heavily, they probably assumed, as they were probably supposed to, that they were hot because of their dancing, or a busted AC.

"Who would do this?" Lorna asked Bobby in fear.

"There must be a demon in here," Bobby answered. Making sure that no one was paying attention, he made platform of ice to his shoes, so he could see above the crowd. He watched as one of the bouncers exited the entrance/exit of the club. The other locked the door behind him.

"This is bad," he said to Lorna. "The bouncers must be some sort of demons. I think the entire staff must be."

"I need to call Joshua." Bobby pulled out his cell phone, repeatedly try dialing. No signal.

"Now what?" she asked in fear.

Bobby looked scared too, and then an idea came to him. "We need to think."


Pete, Alex, and I pulled into a parking spot near "Pop", one of the newest 21 and up clubs in New York, which had only been open for 3 months. But as we pulled up, we noticed that the line of people who waited outside the club were walking off, headed back to the lot.

"Full up, my ass," said one man as he and his girlfriend walked toward their cars.

Pete turned around, looking at the man's backside. "Not a bad idea," he mumbled.

"Pete!" exclaimed Alex in mock shock.

"What?" Pete replied, a mischievous smirk on his face. He then looked to me, just that quickly in serious mode. "So, now what do we do?"

"I'll see if I can mentally persuade the bouncer to let us in. If it's Moe, I know he will." I explained to them that Moe was a very attractive black bouncer, who had a thing for younger boys. He knew I was only 18, but he always let me in because he thought I was hot. The others, who were all straight, I always had to persuade mentally. Moe, however, also knew about vampires, because he lost his ex-boyfriend to one, and when I told him I was a vampire hunter (I didn't tell him the full details), he let me in regularly.

When we arrived at the door, however, I realized that this was a completely different bouncer; I had never seen him before. He was about 6'5, though, very muscular, a build that came from bodybuilding, not regular sports. He was a very imposing figure, one that I didn't want to have to use force on if I didn't have to.

"Evening, Jeff?" I began, getting the man's name from the nametag on his shirt, rather than using my powers. "I see Moe and Charlie have the night off." My goal was to make casual conversation, trying to hint that I knew the other bouncers.

He wasn't biting. "Yeah they do. Sorry, but we're full up for the night. No admittance," he replied sternly, arms crossed, eyes even.

"Really? I've never seen you guys turn away customers. I'll just have to tell the rest of my friends that this place has gone to Sucksville." I said before turning to leave.

"Yeah, yeah," he replied, and then added, "We don't take underage here anyway."

"Any other ideas?" Pete whispered as he and Alex followed behind me.

"None at the ready," I replied.

<JOSHUA!!> I let out a small cry as a sharp pain ripped through my skull.

<Not so damn loud, Bobby!> I replied to the mental shout. <Wait a minute, Bobby, I can sense you, and you're close.>

<Where are you?>

<Outside of "Pop." I'm here with Pete and Alex. We were trying to get in to see if there were any hostiles, but the bouncer won't let us in.>

<He's a demon, same as the rest of the staff is! Josh, they've must have used the vent system...they've filtered spices, paprika and the like, through the vent system! And they're slowly heating the place up! No one's noticing because they're dancing, but Josh, they're slow roasting us!! I've been doing my best to gently lower the temperature in response to the heat, so hopefully they don't realize it's me.>

<Oh my God! Okay, keep up what you're doing. We're coming in.>

<Hurry! Lorna's allergic to paprika and it's seeping into her skin. It's killing her faster than anyone else in here!!>

<Don't worry, we're on our way in.> I quickly filled in Pete and Alex, and the three of us turned back, walking deliberately for the club.

"Didn't you punks hear what I said? No teenagers!" said Jeff.

"We were willing to adhere. Until we heard about the little cookout you were having," said Alex.

The guard was shocked to hear that he was found out. I used his surprise to get the jump on him, pulling a sai from the back of my jacket and stabbing him in the heart. Luckily he was one of the no-mess demons, who simply wailed in agony and burned to nothingness.

I wrenched the door open with my telekinesis and was met by another bouncer, who swung a fist at me. I caught it, pushed it down with my free hand, and then grabbed him by the throat, slamming him against the wall. Another bouncer prepared to attack me from behind, but was stopped in his tracks as I threw the sai I still held in my hand, and hit my mark, the demon's chest. The people in the club, seeing that demon go up in flame, began to freak out and began to run for the exit. I used my telepathy to organize them so that they wouldn't get hurt, which, since there were only a couple hundred people, it was much easier than the thousand or so from the mall. I then returned my attention to the demon I held. Using my telepathy, I gleaned the location of the real bouncers for the night, Moe and Charlie, and then stabbed him through the chest with my other sai, killing him.

I then reunited with Lorna and Bobby, who were helping get the people out the building. "Lorna, help get these people to safety and then call the Professor. With his telepathy and Cerebro, he can monitor the health of the others and send Hank to help you." Lorna nodded, and left out, still with a bad case of hives.

With my peripheral vision, I could see the deejay, who held a ball of flame in his hand. Apparently he was too busy with his music to notice the screaming and exiting patrons. But when he did, he was pissed. As he released it, I caught it with my telekinesis and threw it back at him. But instead of vanquishing him, he absorbed it.

He tried blasting at us twice more, but I caught both fireballs and tossed them to the side. Bobby armored himself with ice, and blasted two shards of ice at the demon, but the demon put a wall of flame up that melted it.

With his visibility blocked by the flame, I picked up a cue from a nearby pool table, which Bobby encased in ice, and I threw it telekinetically at the demon. It melted the ice, but the cue, hot like butter now, caught on fire and landed in the demon's chest. It screamed and wailed as it became consumed with flame and disintegrated.

Bobby, Alex, Pete, and I headed for the manager's office, after killing the demon deejay. I bust down the door to the office with my powers, and saw Charlie and Moe tied to a post hanging over heated coals. They both began moaning and mumbling, seeing us at the door. The demon who had them tied there, apparently the leader of the group, turned to look at us.

"Well, if it isn't the Fabled One?" said the red-skinned demon, who dressed like an Elvis impersonator.

"Well, at least when I kill you, your bad fashion sense will go with you," I replied, unleashing a telekinetic blast.

Only he countered with a blast of fire from his hands. I couldn't hold his fire for long.

I didn't have to. Bobby used his ice powers, forcing the demon to fire a beam of fire from each of his hands at both of us.

Preoccupied, he wasn't able to counter when Alex unleashed his own blast, which hit him square in the chest. Meanwhile, Pete freed the two captive bouncers and ushered them out.

Bobby followed up Alex's stun blast with his own ice burst, then formed an ice spike, which I controlled with my telekinesis and stabbed the demon through the heart. He roared out in pain as his entire body began to burn, and then shattered into nothingness.

"Good job, guys," I said to my teammates and friends.

"All in a day's work, I suppose," replied Alex.

"Easy for you to say, I was on a date. Oh my God, Lorna!" Bobby ran back up to check on her, and Alex and I followed him outside.

We saw the X-van, with Hank inside, checking her vitals. I noticed the band-aid on her arm before Bobby did. Hank must have given her an injection, one which seemed to counterbalance the paprika in her system, because now Lorna looked fine.

"Hi guys," Lorna said weakly.

"Hi baby," Bobby replied, then looked at Hank questioningly.

"She'll be fine, Robert," Hank replied, a little pain in his voice.

"You don't have to call me that," he replied, realizing the hurt in Hank's voice.

"Yes, I do," Hank answered, then added, "Besides, we don't have time for this right now. The Professor needs us all back at the institute, ASAP. Where's Piotr?"

We didn't have to answer, as Pete came running to meet us. "What happened?" asked Alex.

"I had to fight Moe and Charlie to get them to keep their hands off me. They wouldn't stop feeling me up," admitted Pete, blushing.

"C'mon, dude, we gotta get home. Prof. X needs us," I told him. He nodded and followed me and Alex to Mom's car. Bobby rode in the back of the van with Lorna.


"Oh my God!" Lorna said as she watched the screen. "How could they?"

"The situation is getting desperate," replied the Professor.

"But how do they plan to make things better this way?" asked Kurt.

"It forces them to work faster to make a cure for everyone," I answered. We were in the infirmary, where Lorna was still recuperating, watching a news report about the recent crash of a cruise liner into New York Harbor. The entire liner was dead, some by murder, but others due to a new threat. Someone working with Mystique and Magneto had found a way to reverse-engineer the legacy virus, but not for a cure. They had found a way to make it target baseline humans, making them as vulnerable as us. And it was airborne.

"So what do we do now?" asked Cyclops to the Professor.

"Moira McTaggert is working on a cure, has been for a while. She's close, but it will take some time to perfect it, she says. For now, all we can do is wait," he replied in that weary tone again.

I sighed and walked out, unable to take anymore depressing news at this point. I needed to clear my head, which was usually taken care of by a nice hot bath or shower. I left the media room and headed to my room, collecting a towel and some clothes to change in to, my mind all over the place. First Pyro turns to the dark side, and now this? The legacy virus was bad enough for mutants, but now it would affect baseline humans as well?

I tried shaking the thoughts of this from my head, and tried using my shower, but alas, the hot water was gone. Logan must have used it and taken all the hot water...again. I grabbed my stuff and headed to the elevator, entering my code in the keypad to take me down to the subbasement. Surely I could get some hot water in the team shower area.

I entered the team shower, turned on one of the heads, and got under the steamy water. I began to lather myself with soap, letting the warm water wash away all thoughts of my duties as leader of Generation X, as well as being the Destroyer.

While I washed, I felt the heat of another as a hot, hairy chest pressed up against my back, lips pressed to my shoulders, wet, warm hairy arms wrapped themselves around my waist, and a slippery wet cock pressed into my back.

"Baby...mmmm...been wanting this for a while," I heard Logan's gruff voice say.

"It's only been since this morning," I replied, pressing back into his embrace, allowing his hands to roam freely, running the soapy lather all over my front.

"Mmmmm...feels so nice..." he muttered, soaping his hands all over my front, nibbling my ear, one hand twisting one of my nipples, the other stroking my hard dick, while his own hardon pressed at my hole.

"Mmmmm yeah baby, lift me up," I said. He complied, grabbing my waist with one arm, lifting me off the floor. I braced myself with my hands on the wall, as I felt that large thick cock press into my hole, with one slow thrust filling me to the brim.

Logan began fucking me, slow, easy, but quickly began thrusting harder, and as he fucked me, I felt complete, renewed. I moaned in ecstasy as he fucked me, in and out, each new thrust better than the last, and I yielded totally to the feelings he poured into me, feelings not so much of the love we shared, though, but pure lust and desire. He wanted me, completely, and he would have me.

I moved back to meet his thrusts eagerly, no longer did he need to hold me up, his cock did that by itself. He felt and pawed all over my body, like a bull in heat.

"Mmmmm yeahhh...been wanting to fuck this boipussy for a long time." Now that line threw me. There were a few times that Logan and I talked dirty when we made love, but we drew the line at some choice words. Suddenly, I began to feel a change. Logan's cock thickened in me, but got a couple inches shorter. His body began to feel a little less hairy as well. But I didn't mind much, I could have been going crazy. Logan was making me so hot and horny that I didn't care what was happening. I just surrendered to the sensations. My mind was on overload.

"Josh?! What the fuck?!!" I heard the voice, turned to the sound...and saw Logan?!!

Still clothed in his uniform?!! His face turned quickly from shock to anger.

I looked behind me, and I'm sure my eyes must have bugged out, near popping out of my head. "Scott? What the hell?!!! Let me go!!" How the hell? I know I was with Logan, how...could he shape-shift? I tried using my telekinesis to push him away, but I couldn't...in fact, I kept pressing backward, fucking myself on his thick tool.

"Yeah baby fuck on that cock," Scott said, still fucking my ass. I kept trying to get away, but I couldn't. And I couldn't use my telepathy or my telekinesis...my powers were cut off!! I tried to push away from him, but that only made me fuck back on his cock harder, and it just kept feeling good. As much as emotionally I wanted to stop, because Logan was my lover, not Scott, I couldn't. It felt too good. I had to keep going. My mind kept saying no, but my body said yes. "Logan...!" I cried out, my plea for help being cut off by a particularly hard thrust from Scott, who hit my prostate, making me moan, precum oozing onto the floor from my cock.

Logan leapt at us, claws outstretched...and what happened next shocked both me and Logan. I expected Scott to blast him backward with an optic blast...instead, as Scott raised his hand; Logan was pelted backward with an unseen force, similar to telekinesis, which held him pinned securely to the wall.

My powers were still turned off, I couldn't do anything. Try as I might, I couldn't access any of my powers...were they all turned off? I couldn't do anything!! Only bask in the feelings provided by the cock of the man fucking me, getting more and more excited by the second. Tears welled in my eyes, both because of the amazing feelings centered around my hole and prostate, and in hatred and anger at the man who was raping me, making me like this...but how was Scott doing this? How was I being completely controlled by him, forced to enjoy such an amazing mind-blowing fuck?

"SUMMERS!! I'LL KILL YOU! I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!!!" Logan shouted, and then was silent. I looked at him, pleading, trying not to show the pleasure I was feeling in my face, failing miserably, licking my lips, hungering for Scott's cock.

Logan looked back at me, pain evident in his eyes, words spewing out his mouth. "How could you? How could you do this to me?" The words were mouthed, but no sound came out. Did he think I was pinning him there? Did he think I was enjoying this? But the worst part was that I was.

Then Logan's eyes widened further, and the look of anger returned again. I followed his gaze to Scott, the asshole raping me...and I gasped, beginning to feel extremely cold.

Scott gazed back at me, tossing his visor to the floor. But no optic beam came out, though his eyes glowed red. But ancient markings covered his skin, markings that I had seen once before. His usually bronze-colored skin was pale and tinted almost a soft blue. And his grin, almost maniacal, looked more menacing with the changing of his lips/

"No!!! NOOOOO!!!" I screamed, trying desperately to move, but unable to stop, my body on fire, needing the sex I was receiving too much to care that the man fucking me was not Logan, or even Scott. En Sabah Nur. Apocalypse. All this time. That was the reason he was acting awkward. Scott's body had been taken over by Apocalypse. My mind flashed back to the incident at the Savage Land...oh my god! The blue blast that hit Scott wasn't meant to kill him!! Apocalypse transferred his essence into Scott!!

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" he shouted in reply, slamming harder into me, his transformation into his true form becoming complete, and his wet, naked blue body slamming against me as his cock grew longer and harder again, thicker than even Logan's, with an extra inch. "Never had it like this before, have you Fabled One?! AWW YES!!!"

I kept trying to fight free of him, but I couldn't. I couldn't escape, and soon my cries and shouts were cut off, my screams silenced, same as Logan's, due to Apocalypse's psionic influence. That's why I couldn't use my powers. That's why no matter how much I wanted this to stop, I wanted him to continue fucking me. I even wanted what happened next.

"VICTORY! AWWW YEAHH!!" he shouted, reaching in front of me to stroke my raging hard on. I couldn't hold back anymore and I shouted out, silently, my cum pouring out like a stream in front of me, splattering against the wall. Apocalypse climaxed as well, I felt the sticky mess of his load as he moaned and bellowed, emptying himself inside of me.

"That...was amazing," Apocalypse whispered in my ear. I turned around again to face him, but he was no longer there. Vanished, must have teleported away.

I looked to see my true lover, Logan, whose body slumped to the ground after the hold on him was released. He looked at me, and I crumbled. Anger, shame, confusion, hate, pain, waves of negative emotion emanated from him to me. He rose from where he sat, uniform wet, and walked out.

"Logan?!" I cried out. I needed him. I couldn't form the words. What could I say? I was just raped in front of him. And I enjoyed it.

"We're done," he said, sobs creeping into his voice, before he turned his back on me and walked out.

I collapsed on the floor, broken. I couldn't control the tears that flowed from my eyes. I had been used, humiliated in front of the man I loved, lost the man I loved because of a man I thought was dead, should be dead. My body shook and convulsed, the tears and sobs unending. I lost my pride. My dignity. My love. My will to live. In a matter of minutes, Apocalypse had rendered me powerless. Helpless. Broken.


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