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Senior Year of a Young Mutant

Chapter 8: Resurface

Monday morning I rolled out of bed, my alarm going off, and went to my dresser, colleting my clothes for the morning, then went up the hall to the communal shower and restroom for my floor. I couldn’t use the one in Logan’s room; I no longer roomed with him, as I now roomed with Bobby and Evan again. I had received glares of disdain and disgust from both of them ever since the incident. It had gotten to the point where I could no longer look at either of them in the face again or anyone else for that matter.

Looking in the mirror, I could see the bags under my eyes, which still hadn’t healed yet from my miserable night’s sleep. I had at least gotten a full three hours this time before I was assaulted by the demons, unrelenting nightmares of an unrelenting monster who raped me in front of my one true love, my dashing prince. Only my prince was Logan, and my monster was Apocalypse.

I tried not to think of the question that kept surging to the forefront of my mind, whether or not it truly was rape if a person enjoyed it. But I was forced to enjoy it as well. Or was I?

I didn’t let myself become engrossed in these questions. I washed myself in the shower, pushing the memories of what happened out of my mind, trying not to cry in front of the other showering, staring students, who weren’t comparing body type or muscle, but probably heard some rumor of what happened.

I quickly dried myself and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. I saw Logan seated with the rest of the adults and teaching staff. Scott, of course, was no where to be seen. As I walked in the cafeteria, however, all noise diminished to nothing, and then the whispers started. I knew for sure now that the rumors had started. One telepathic student or senses-enhanced student heard their fractured version of what happened from someone else, and the whole school knew their own sordid version of what happened.

What hurt most was the faces of the people I knew. I saw my team, seated together, and their faces were a mixture of confusion, sadness, hatred, anger, some sympathy from Pete, Lorna, and Kitty. The same from the adult table, maybe a few faces of understanding, but of pity. My mother looked away from me. My own mother couldn’t stand the sight of me. My father had a look of pure hatred on his face.

Jean also shared a look of disgust and pain, same as did Logan. I noticed them seated together, which for some reason caused me to become angrier.

I concluded that I could not stay here, I turned to walk out. That’s when I felt a plateful of hot, steaming grits hit my backside, in my hair, on my neck, dripping down my back.

“Fucking asshole!” I heard a student shout behind me.

“Loser!” I heard another shout.



Fuckin’ the enemy!”

More and more food items collided with my back. Shouts in protest rose from the teachers’ table, but I could hear in their voices it was out of duty rather than pity for me.

I turned around and saw another look of pure hatred coming from Bobby, as he himself, despite protests from Lorna, tossed a plate of grits my way, hitting me in the face.

I was beyond angry now. I had been violated, shamed, forced into betraying my lover, and now everyone was punishing me for it?!! Even my best friend, my first true friend here since I arrived?!! I was pissed.

I didn’t even realize I had thought it, but I didn’t care. I stretched out my hand and lifted Bobby into the air by the throat effortlessly with my telekinesis. He began gasping for breath. Other students looked on in horror.

“How…dareYOU?!” I shouted at him, not realizing the change in my voice. Not caring either. I craved the look of pure fear on his face, drank it in, delighted myself in that emotion emanating from him. I decided to make that emotion even stronger. I was left naked and ashamed by Apocalypse. Now he’d feel the same.

I pulled at his clothes with my telekinesis, stripping him naked, while also pull some small parts of the skin from different parts of his body, causing him to shout in pain. Pain, didn’t realize that such a sensation could make me feel so…excited. Again! I pulled, causing another shout, louder this time! Exhilarating!!

Students screamed and yelled as they ran, exiting the cafeteria. I laughed, the fear like a drug which I inhaled and exhaled, a new high!!

“Stop this at once!” I heard as Jean flew toward me.

The bitch who was taking my man! “He was right!! He was right about you!” I shouted, dropping Bobby, ensnaring her in my grip. She put up a nice struggle, too, fighting against me with her own telekinesis, but I had her. A nice scream as I pulled some skin from her body, small particles from her arms, some from her legs. Enough to be excruciating, yet no where near enough to be life-threatening. Delicious torture!!

“That’s enough!” from the Professor as he tried to attack me with a psychic bolt, but I thrust him backward, colliding his chair into a wall.

“Son! Stop this!” shouted my mother as she rode on a self-made wind into the air.

“‘Son’? You call me ‘son’ now? No mother would discard her son like you have wretch!” and with that, I hit her with a telekinetic blast, she careened into a wall.

I drank in the emotions, the fear, the anger of the X-men as they attacked me. And then I felt it. The pain…bleeding…dying.

I looked to the source…such an irresistible, tasty emotion, from…oh God, no!!!

Mother!” I shouted, flying over to her, releasing Jean. I landed next to her, instantly calling forth my forgotten healing power, sealing her wounds, internal bleeding from hitting the wall so hard. She looked up at me, gratitude, mixed with fear, mixed with pain on her face. I could easily see through her eyes at that point could see myself….elongated black hair, my eyes glowed red, my clothes changed, my body surrounded by telekinetic flames, and…a dark red bodysuit…a Dark Phoenix costume?!

“No!” I said, backing away from her. I looked around, the wreckage I caused, Bobby unconscious... “Oh my God no! NO!!!”

<“How does the dark side feel?> I heard a voice in my head. Apocalypse.

“Get out!! Get out of my head!!!” I shouted. “Get out of my head!!” I heard his laughter, manically, unyielding. I lowered to the ground as I was forced to recall mentally what occurred in the shower, as Apocalypse somehow forced me to remember every single detail. I curled into a ball, crying again. Then, somehow, I cried myself to sleep.


When I awoke, I was felt…better…comfortable, but restricted. I raised my head to look around me, found I could only lift so far. I was strapped down to a medical bed. I looked to my right, and in the bed next to me, still either unconscious or asleep, lay Bobby. The areas of skin that I had pulled off seemed to have grown back. I looked to the left, found Professor Xavier next to me. His hands were pressed against his temples. To others his would have seemed like a stressed gesture, but I knew him better. He was using his telepathy on me.

“What are you doing?” I demanded of him.

“Easy Joshua. I’m trying to keep you subdued. The Phoenix Force residing within you, which was dormant all this time, has reemerged. You almost hurt your best friend, your closest teacher—“

“Oh, so I guess you’re gonna just take their side?” I said, becoming angry once again. I couldn’t believe that with all the pain Apocalypse has put me through, they were treating me like the bad guy.

“I’m not taking sides—.”

“Yes you are! After what I went through—.”

“—you put yourself in that situation.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“You need to take responsibility for what you have done, don’t play the victim here,” said a new voice. I looked to the doorway to see Jean. “If you had stayed away from my husband, then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”

I was hurt. Did she think that I wanted to sleep with Apocalypse? With Cyclops? Did the Professor think that too? Oh my God, is that what everyone thinks? Do they all think I’m that cheap?

<Yes they do,> that voice, in my head again.

“Shut up!” I shouted aloud. “Stay out of my mind!”

“Joshua, relax. I’m just trying to help you,” said Xavier, apparently thinking that I was talking to him.

<They all think that you were my willing little sex toy,> Apocalypse said, <Which you did become. Was it as good for you as it was for me? Don’t go denying it.>

“Stay out of my mind!” I shouted, and in my anger, my power surged, and in my attempt to get Apocalypse out of my head, I hit the Professor with a psychic bolt, one strong enough to knock him out of my mind. At the same time my telekinesis activated, sending the Professor flying backward into a wall, Jean into the closed door. She stood again, ready to attack me. Couldn’t they hear me? Hear Apocalypse? Didn’t they know I was in danger here?

<Red’s pissed off isn’t she? She’ll have to get over it. Shame, she wasn’t as good as you were.>

“Leave me alone!” I shouted, the medical equipment reading my vitals flashing sparks, flickering. I wanted to clutch my head, force him out of my thoughts, but I was still restrained.

<Touch yourself. Feel that hole. Remember our time together,> he said into my head as I was flooded once again by thoughts of him using me, making me enjoy it.

“NO! No!!” I began moaning, both because I was scared, and because my cock was getting rock hard again.

<Leave him alone!> I heard shouted in my mind.

<You don’t exist! Be silent mortal!> Apocalypse’s voice shouted in reply. Someone was fighting him for me. But not the Professor, nor Jean. Scott?

Jean at that moment looked at me with a very awkward glance. I could tell that she felt him, felt Scott’s presence at that moment through her psychic rapport with him.

<Jean!! It’s Apocalypse!! Help him!! I…can’t….fight him…for long!! AAAARGGH!!>

<Scott!!  Scott?!> Jean called, trying to connect to Scott through my mind.

<He’s gone. And you X-men are next!!> Apocalypse replied, and then, using me as a conduit, he passed a psionic blast through me, attacking Jean. Jean expected this though, and blocked with a mental shield.

My head was throbbing at this point, from the pain that I felt. My skull felt like it had been ripped open. I was in tears again. He was using me. The sadness I felt, however, quickly faded. I would not let it happen again. He would never use me the way he did again, ever!!

“Get…out…ofmy…HEAD!!” I shouted, summoning power from the Phoenix Force living within me, then concentrating on the mental link established between the two of us by him. I was satisfied with a mental shout of agony from Apocalypse before he retreated from my mind.

I just as quickly eased myself out of Phoenix mode, and then unapplied the straps holding me down with my telekinesis. My arms free, I massaged my head, just as Professor Xavier regained consciousness.

“He’ll probably be back,” Jean said. “Most people have to wait a while before a psionic rapport develops. But I think that Apocalypse forced one upon you.”

“Is there any way to stop him?” I asked.

“Possibly. We would have to cut off any telepathic communication to your mind. But the only way to successfully do that is to cut off your telepathy completely. Nothing going out, but nothing coming in either,” replied the Professor.

“Okay, do it.”

“Are you sure about this?” asked Jean, actually showing some concern. Whatever differences she had with me at the time, she wasn’t so pleased with cutting me off mentally. Being totally honest, I wasn’t so thrilled either. It meant crippling one of my greatest assets when in dangerous situations. I wouldn’t be able to read the mind of my enemy, or to hurt him mentally. I was screwed against bruisers like Juggernaut.

“I’m sure. Until he’s officially stopped, Apocalypse will be in my mind, in my dreams, taunting me, torturing me, driving me crazy,” I replied.

“So that’s what we’ll do. But first, there’s something else that must be done,” said the Professor. “Joshua, with your permission, I would like to see what happened, for real, not the rumors being passed around by everyone.”

I nodded, scooting my legs up, holding my knees, rocking, not wanting to revisit the moment again.

“Jean, if you’ll accompany me, as I think that this concerns you as well.” Jean looked at the Professor as if he was insane, but then nodded.

The three of us focused together, exiting our bodies in astral form, and then entering my mind.

I enjoyed this version of entering the mind best. I could sit back, not watch as they entered my memories of what happened. I could still hear everything, though. I still heard the slapping of flesh, the conversation that occurred, every thrust of Apocalypse into my hole.

I was glad when it was over, and we returned to consciousness, immediately followed by Xavier and Jean blocking off all access to my mind, in and out. What I wasn’t expecting, however, were the faces of revelation. Xavier seemed satisfied with what he learned. Jean held both hands over her mouth, tears pouring from her eyes.

“Oh my God!! I’m sorry!! I’m so sorry!!” she said, shaking with sobs.

“What she means to say, Joshua, is that none of us were aware that you believed you were…being intimate with Logan, when it was really Apocalypse. That you were actually being forced to enjoy what happened between you two,” Xavier said.

“What have I done?” Jean said, looking toward the door. I didn’t have to guess.

“You slept with him? With Logan?” I asked matter-of-factly.

Hesitation. “Yes. He told me what happened. He told your mother and father. But he assumed that you cheated on him. That you were enjoying what happened between you and Apocalypse, of your own volition. He thought that you intentionally cheated on him with Cyclops!”

Realization hit me. The reason everyone was so mad at me. The students who started the rumors overheard Logan’s conversations with my parents and Jean. He started this? How could he believe the lies? And then the first thing he does is move to Jean?! He could have just asked me!!

“I don’t blame you, Jean,” I replied to her. “It hurts some, but you were just a victim in this. You were hurt by what he told you as well, probably angry at both me and Scott. I’m upset with Logan. It’s his fault that everyone hates me.”

“He was hurt in this too, Joshua,” the Professor reminded me.

“He assumed that you were cheating on him, because that’s what he saw. What Apocalypse probably wanted him to see,” Jean said. “You need to talk to him. At least explain what really happened.

I nodded hesitantly. Maybe there was a chance that we could patch things up.

It was at that moment that I heard a mild groan from the bed next to me. Bobby awoke, looked around, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw me. I jumped too, expecting him to shoot ice shards at me. I could have killed him in the cafeteria!

“Easy Bobby, Josh isn’t going to hurt you,” Jean said.

“Dude, I’m sorry man! I shouldn’t have…just don’t kill me!!” we both said at the exact same time.

After a time, Bobby, catching his breath, said, “Man, I apologize. I shouldn’t have been in with those guys. I’m supposed to be your friend and like a dumb ass I follow the herd.”

“I forgive you, Bobby, considering you were misled just like everyone else,” I replied.

“Misled? About what?” I heard at the door. We looked over to see Lorna, Pete, and the rest of the team, with gifts. Lorna gave a very angered look at me. I didn’t blame her. After all, I did torture her boyfriend. Pete, the one who spoke, gave a sympathetic look to both of us. The others shared Lorna’s face.

“C’mon in everyone. I think you all need to hear this, as it pertains to each of you,” the Professor answered.

Everyone came in, standing around Bobby’s bed. But when Xavier told them the truth (which he did for me so that they’d believe me), they all seemed shocked, and way more sympathetic. Kitty and Pete both sat on my bed, Kitty suffocating me, hugging my neck.

“I’m so sorry!! We acted toward you like total losers!”

“I’ll forgive…you…if…you just…let…me…go,” I somehow managed to say. Kitty saw my face turning blue, and then released me, an apologetic look on her face.

“It’s okay. I understand now why you all did what you did.”

“What’s the happy reunion for?” I heard coming from the entryway. I saw Logan there, arms crossed.

Logan, we need to talk—.” I began.

“What’s there to talk about? You want to screw around with other men behind my back?”

“That’s not true!!” I replied. “I thought that you were the one who came into the shower with me! I thought I was making love with you!!” I instantly became embarrassed after saying this, considering everyone else who was present gave me an awkward look. I would have preferred having this discussion in private, but Logan wasn’t making that an option.

“So, now you lyin’ so that I can get back with you, bub?”

“He’s not lying,” said the Professor.

“Bullshit!! He’s prolly been wantin Scott since the time he felt him up while I was at that Weapon X facility in Canada!” Logan growled.

“Logan, the Professor and I both went into Josh’s mind,” Jean said. “Apocalypse had taken over Scott’s body. He probably used some of Scott’s desires that he once had, and he went after Josh. Josh assumed it was you because he took on your form. He probably felt your presence when you approached. Most likely, he deliberately changed into Scott so that you’d react the way you did. And using his powers, he forced Josh to be unable to do anything to stop him. He made Josh enjoy the whole thing.”

“That can’t be! He’s psychic, just like you and Chuck! He’s even got a Phoenix!!”

“Josh only re-manifested the Phoenix this morning due to the emotional stress being pumped into him by everyone taunting him,” Jean said, looking at each of my teammates, who all looked down to the floor in shame, especially Bobby. “He didn’t have that help during Apocalypse’s game. Apocalypse attacked him again today, and without a little added help, we wouldn’t have realized that he was doing so. Scott was…is…still there inside Apocalypse. He fought him off…it was him fighting through to get to me that allowed me to see the truth of what was happening.”

“That son of a bitch. He used my appearance to do all this! Oh Josh, and then I blew up on you! Baby, I’m so sorry!” Logan said, coming over to me.

“Don’t. Don’t touch me. Don’t call me that ever again.” I said before he could get next to the bed.

“What? Baby, I realize what happened, what that bastard did—.”

“And you fell for it? Logan, you could have asked me what happened.  After all that we’ve been through, you should have known that I loved you. I fought against Scott the last time Logan, I fought him off me the first time he came after me. I tried fighting him off this time, but rather than ask me the truth, you spread lies about what happened. And then when I told you the truth, just now, it took Jean and the Professor telling you for you to believe me.”


“Don’t call me that! No more pet names, no more attempts to express affection to me!!”

“Baby, don’t let this happen! I made a mistake I’m sorry!”

“I’m sure you are. But I suppose Apocalypse showed me the truth about you. How much of a betrayer you could be.   The thing that hurts the most is that instead of asking me the truth, you just drop me like a bad habit, then go sleep with Jean? I was dying inside the entire time, plagued with nightmares, and when I needed your comfort the most, you abandoned me. And with that assumption, you didn’t even ask me why? Never gave me a chance to explain. I won’t do it, Logan. I won’t be in a relationship where there’s no trust, because you’ve shown clearly that you don’t trust me and I assuredly can’t trust you. As you said before, it’s over.”

“Baby, you can’t mean…”

“I do. Get out.”


“Get out!” I shouted, hitting him with a telekinetic blast that knocked him out of the room. Logan stood, looking at me, a look of pure pain, but I didn’t care anymore. It killed me to learn that he would ruin me on an assumption. I still loved him. But I wouldn’t let my heart be stamped on like that again. I wouldn’t feel helpless again. Not by Apocalypse, and certainly not by Logan.


After leaving the infirmary later, Bobby and I walked back to our room, where we found Evan, Mom, and Dad waiting for us. Bobby decided to remain outside and give us some privacy, feeling that this was a family affair.

“Joshua, please,” Mom said, “I’ve hard all the crazy things that have been said. And with what happened in the cafeteria…I realized then…”

“Mom, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was just so mad and….”

“Let me finish, son. You were right. All the things I had heard and my first thought was ‘how could you.’ But you were right. My first thought should have been you, my son. I’m sorry that I waited until now, but, Joshua…are they right? Did you cheat on Logan with Scott? Was that how this all started?”

I was overwhelmed at that point, seeing her face, and I didn’t need telepathy anymore to see that she was seriously worried, searching for some hope that the rumors were lies. My dad also looked at me with the same expression. I broke down into tears. They did care. They did love me.

Mom came up to me, albeit it tentatively, and hugged me. While she held me, I explained the truth of what happened, how Apocalypse had used the appearance of Logan to get to me in the shower, and how he used his abilities to fool Logan. I broke down again when I finished, and my mother rocked me. Evan came over and hugged me also, but Dad walked out.

When I had calmed down again, Mom said, “Now that we know the truth, we can talk to Logan and get him to see reason, get you two back together again. Though Apocalypse toyed with him, I’m sure that he will see reason and comfort you.”

“Mom, I broke up with Logan,” I replied.

“What? But Joshua, you love each other. Surely you won’t just--”

Logan made it pretty clear that he can’t trust me. I already told him the truth. He wouldn’t believe me, and it took Prof. Xavier and Jean both having my back for him to believe the truth. He can’t trust or believe his own boyfriend, apparently, and I can’t trust him either.”

“What do you mean Josh?” asked Evan.

Logan slept with Jean, didn’t he?” asked Storm. I could tell that she was getting angry, becoming obvious with the growing storm clouds outside.

“Mom, calm down please?” I said, the clouds getting almost black.

“Yeah, Auntie O?” agreed Evan.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly as she concentrated and the clouds faded away.

“It’s okay, really,” I replied with a small smile. “Don’t be mad at Jean. I don’t blame her for what happened. I’m mad at Logan.”

“As I am also. But I still think I should have a talk with Jean.”

“Okay. But you guys are like sisters. Remember that.”

“Sisters fight sometimes, too. Remember that.”

Okayyyyy….awkward…anyway, where did Uncle Lucas go?” asked Evan, referring to my dad, Lucas Bishop.

“Joshua!” I shrieked and levitated four feet off the ground, looking below me to see Kitty’s head poking through the floor.

“What the hell do you want?” I asked, catching my breath.

“Sorry to scare you, but you didn’t answer when I called you telepathically.”

“My telepathy has been cut off,” I replied. “To keep Apocalypse out.”

“I see,” Kitty replied, knowingly, and then added, “Well in any case, you need to come to the Danger Room now!” She then used her powers on me, phasing me through the floor, brining me to the Danger Room.

“Oh my God,” I said, looking at the scene.

I wasn’t sure of Dad’s feelings on what had happened, whether or not he believed me, until now.

The Danger Room was where Logan’s P.E. class was (for us P.E. was training to use our powers in defensive and combat manner). Logan, however, was at the moment imbedded in a crater in one of the walls, his chest smoking. This was due to a high powered energy blast that came from Dad, who’s hands were still smoking from the residual energy. The students were all cowering in a corner, some very scared, some cheering, trying to prompt a fight. My presence, however, still scared most, if not all of them, so they hurriedly were quiet.

Logan began to get up again, and Dad began to charge another blast.

“Dad no!” I said, running up to him, forcibly lowering his hands. Logan looked at me, trying to get some sense of whether or not I was helping him. This was when I added, “He’s not worth it.” Logan looked down, dejected. “C’mon Dad, let’s go.”

“Okay, son, okay,” he said, walking with me, then, turning back, said to Logan, “Stay the hell away from my son.”

Logan looked up, nodded, and the two of us walked out.

“You didn’t have to do that,” I said.

“I know. But I wanted to,” he replied, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“I know. Thanks.”

“That’s what fathers are for. Wait, hold on a sec, he said, before temporarily zoning out. I knew this meant he was talking to someone telepathically. I didn’t think I’d have this much of a problem with it, but I did, being kept out of every mental conversation.

“What’s wrong Dad?” I asked when he ‘came to’ again.

“The Professor needs all present X-men and Generation X members in the War Room immediately,” he replied, and the two of us ran to meet our leader.


Is this truly the end of Joshua and Logan’s relationship? What is the urgent matter that has called the two teams together? Find out next time!

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