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Senior Year of a Young Mutant

Chapter 9: Shock of the Century

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room (maybe because he was new, or maybe because I was gay) was the man standing next to Professor Xavier. A tall man, of about 6'5, he had silver hair, which suggested he was possibly higher in years. I couldn't tell for sure, though, because his manner and the way he held himself suggested otherwise. He was very muscular, and his face was very charming, with steel blue eyes, square jaw, and full lips. He was very attractive, and looked like he could be in his early thirties. Was he a new recruit? No, couldn't have been brand new, due to his uniform. All new members of a senior team get a basic black and gold costume until they prove themselves worthy of an alternate costume. His costume was a skin-tight blue spandex top, short sleeved, with red X's on the shoulders, surrounded in yellow circles, and a golden collar around his neck with a red X on the center. I looked closer...his collar had Cyclops' gold visor molded into it.

"Well look who the cat dragged in," Dad said under his breath with a smirk.

"Who is he?" I asked.

"Nathan Christopher Summers. Cable."

"Wow. Is he like a uncle or something of Scott's?"

"Actually, he's Scott's son, Jean's stepson," he replied.

"Very funny," I replied, giggling.

"Who's kidding, I'm serious," he replied. I checked his face. He was serious! "From Scott's first marriage to Madelyne Pryor, Jean's clone."

"Whoa," I said. I missed everything interesting about my teachers! "So how is he older?"

"You see his arm?" I nodded, noticing for the first time that his left arm was completely metallic. "He was infected with a virus when he was a baby that would have slowly killed him, except he was sent to the future to learn to use his powers to control and stop the virus when his powers manifested. Cable came to the present several times to prevent other catastrophic events from occurring. He's now currently stuck here after his last jump." When we surveyed the table, there were many of the team members present. Seated around the table, beginning at the Professor's right, were Wolverine, Beast, Angel, Nightcrawler (the two of them were holding hands under the table), Rogue, Emma, Iceman, Polaris, Havok, Colossus, Quicksilver, and Storm. There were two open seats next to the Professor between he and Storm, and me and Dad took those. Unfortunately, this meant I was sitting right across from Logan.

Everyone seemed to be chattering among themselves, and the Professor looked a little annoyed. I surveyed the table, and understood why—Phoenix and Psylocke were both still missing.

"Those girls, I swear," Emma mumbled. "Always giggling and chit-chatting with one another."

"You're just upset because Betsy's a better telepath than you, and Jean can beat you blindfolded as well," replied Rogue.

Before Emma could come up with a good reply, Phoenix and Psylocke entered, both had a sheepish look on their faces. They had obviously been training in the danger room when they were called, and were still in their uniforms, Betsy in her blue ninja-bathing suit costume, and Jean in her green and gold Phoenix uniform.

The two of them took the empty seats next to Logan, with Betsy sitting next to Logan, Jean distancing herself from Logan. I noticed that when she actually looked up and saw Cable that she was surprised, but in a good way.

"You're late," Xavier said. "Did something happen in the danger room?"

"Um...we had a problem," replied Psylocke.

"Somehow, while we were sparring...we transferred powers," added Jean.

"What do you mean?" asked Hank, intrigued.

"I mean that somehow all of my telekinetic power has been transferred to Betsy, and her telepathy has been transferred to me," Jean replied.

"Transferal of psionic abilities. A new development in the course of our mutant evolution. Fascinating," Hank said, expressing his infatuation with science aloud.

I noticed out the corner of my eye Bobby shifting nervously after he said that. I had to ask him about that later.

Focusing back on the power swapping issue, I asked, "So who's going to help me when I need to develop my telekinesis?"

"Excuse me, but I did have telekinesis before this happened," Betsy said, who appeared mildly offended. "I just wasn't as good or adept in the least as Jean, and I adapted more to using my telepathy, much the same as Jean adapted more to her telekinesis. I'm sure that I can help you. In fact, the three of us may be able to help each other."

"You three will have much more experience and time to do that," the Professor said. "Because of the things that have been happening, and with the observed field experience that all of you have been getting, and with the growing problems of the Legacy Virus, as well as the other enemies, effective immediately, I have no choice but to give the Generation X members official X-men status. I know it's much to ask, but with the growing world concerns, I need you junior members to begin joining forces with the older teams. We're also going to get some added help. Hank's friend, Cecelia Reyes, will be assisting us. Not only is she a very skilled doctor, but she is also a mutant capable of manifesting a strong defensive forcefield. Also coming with her is Neal Shaara, an alumnus of the school, who will be returning as an X-man. Neal has the power to harness strong pyrokinetic energies."

"Wait, does this mean we get to create our own cool individual costumes again?!" asked Kitty.

"What's wrong with the ones we have now?" I asked. I remember that I had my original blue and black costume, but when I changed codenames to Firebird, it was necessary that I changed uniform. I had only changed since then twice. I definitely wasn't going to count the two times that I transformed in Phoenix Force costumes, once to White and once to Red. But most of the other members, especially Rogue, seemed to rotate through uniforms like they were on a runway. "Seriously, we go through uniforms like—"

"—Remy goes through women?" said Rogue.

"That is also something I need to address. I know it may be against the moods of some of you, but these times are dangerous. The mansion is as much a home for Remy as it is for any of you. Joshua, since you know the area, I will be sending you to find and retrieve Remy. Though he still has been resisting any attempts at psionic contact, I have located him, he is in New Orleans."

"Why are we going after him? We don't need him!" protested Rogue.

"Because we very well may need him in the times to come. While I realize that you and he may have differences in opinion, he is still needed here at the institute, and he will be coming back if he can be convinced to come back."

"I think I can do it," I replied. I had thought for the longest that he had been wronged, and mistreated, and now more than ever I knew what it meant to be mistreated and looked down upon without knowing the whole story.

I heard a grunt come from Logan. "Is there a problem?" I asked him, annoyed.

He looked up at me, "No problem, only that he's betrayed the team once before and I no longer trust him. I guess it's just a habit I have, mistrust," he replied cockily. "Besides, he has a habit of getting in trouble when he's alone."

"All the more reason to bring him back where he can be watched. As I recall, you used to be quite the wild card yourself. And if there's trouble, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself."

Logan looked ready to interject, but Dad stopped him. "Josh said he could handle it. It ain't your business anymore beyond that. Let it go."

"Okay, awkward," said the newcomer, Cable. I had to suppress my own Bobby-like shudder at hearing his deep baritone voice.

"What brings you here, anyway, Cable?" asked Rogue. "You get that team of yours, X-Force, killed?"

"X-Force disbanded," Cable replied. "Besides having a betrayer in our number, we also lost a member to the Legacy Virus. The other team members decided rather than to put a stop to it, however, to grieve and break up the team. Not that I blame them, but I'd much rather be working toward a way to stop the virus, or at least stop more people from dying because of it. And besides...I made a promise."

I wondered what he was talking about, and was even more intrigued when I glanced out the corner of my eye and saw Jean nod in reply.

"What kind of promise would make you work with the X-men, bub?" asked Logan.

"It wasn't so much of a promise, really, more of a joke between him and Cyclops," Jean answered, with a sad smile. "The last time that Cable worked with us, Scott had offered him a permanent spot on the team, Cable laughingly replied that he would when Scott keeled over and died." Jean began to tear up slightly after saying this.

"In any case, I agree Cable," interjected the Professor in response to Cable's previous reasons. "This is why I'm trying to get as many of our team members as possible to return to the mansion. We need all the help we can get. Joshua, you'll be leaving in an hour's time to New Orleans. You have completed your flight simulation, correct?"

"Yes sir," I replied. "Before...before the incident, Scott actually gave me clearance to use the Mini X-jets."

"Then it's settled. In an hour, you will fly to New Orleans and search for Gambit. While you are engaged in that endeavor, I will be working with the others on formulating a plan in response to the growing problems of the Legacy Virus and the election problems. Graydon Creed's assassination by Mystique hasn't gone unnoticed, and it has bolstered amazing support for another mutant antagonist, Senator David Kelly."

"I thought he was on our side!" I replied in shock. Kelly was one of the congressmen who argued our case when the Friends of Humanity destroyed the X-mansions. He actually is the reason why Xavier didn't have to pay anything this time to rebuild.

"Yes, well it seems that Kelly has been playing us for quite some time," the Professor replied. "His campaign was actually funded by members of the FOH, though he won't openly admit to it. There may be some chance of changing his mind, however. But before we make a full plan of attack, I would like to have all of our assets on hand. So, with that, you are dismissed, my X-men. Please get some rest, for I fear you will need it."

"Hey! What about the uniforms!" Kitty asked, obviously not about to let anyone forget about them.

"Yes, Kitty, you all can make your own individual uniforms," sighed Xavier. "Now if there's nothing else, everyone is dismissed."


We all stood to leave, and I made sure to catch up with Bobby before Lorna made it to him.


"So man, what was up with what happened in there?" I asked.


"With what?"


"Don't play dumb with me, Robert Drake," I said, knowing how much he hated being called Robert.


"RRRRRR...alright, but no one else knows about this, or I'll kill you!"


"Of course," I replied now very intrigued.

"Well...it still works. Whenever Hank says fascinating...for some reason it gets me hard. It always has. His intellect and stuff...it's just such a turn on," he replied blushing slightly.


At hearing this, for some reason I found it kind of funny, and I began to laugh.


"Hey! You promised!!"


"Yeah, not to tell anyone, but you never said anything about laughing."


"Yeah, yeah, well I'll remember this when Logan starts to make comments that still get your engines going."


"Like that'll ever happen," I replied, not wanting to think about Logan at all.


At that point Lorna came up. "Are you trying to take my man?"


"No indeed," I replied, with a grin at Bobby.


"We'll talk about this more when you get back," he said.


"Oh I bet." I replied.


"Talk about what?!" demanded Lorna. We both laughed about it and I walked off, heading for my room to get ready.

The flight to New Orleans went off with no event, my landing perfect. I cloaked the Mini X-Jet on the roof of an abandoned building, one which I knew no one would encounter the jet on, yet it would also be sturdy enough to hold it and safe from demolition. Scanning with my eyes for any passersby, I levitated myself to the ground, and began to look for a phone booth. It was night time, and I knew well enough not to draw attention to myself. I wasn't afraid of anyone who may attack me, I could control my telekinesis with great skill, and could fight like no one's business, so anyone who would dare attack me was in for a rude awakening. I carried myself as such, not looking weak, but not too bold. Didn't want any muggers attacking me.

I found a 24-hour gas station, and went to the phone booth. I picked up the phone book inside, flipped through the pages, looking for the motels, some place that was less expensive, easier to hide or...

I had to laugh at myself mentally. I was looking for Remy LeBeau, not Logan. Simply thinking of Logan, I lost my focus. He had hurt me, more than any fight with any demon or vampire ever could. But I still cared for him, and I missed him. I still loved him.

I pushed the thought of him out of my mind, and looked for the more expensive hotels, and found a few listed that I thought Remy might be staying in. I doubted that he fully intended to live in one place. Too much going on right now, and Remy didn't seem like the type to stay on the straight and narrow for long if what everyone else said was true.

I looked and looked, and found what I was looking for, the Hilton near the French Quarter. If there was anywhere that I would find Remy, it would be near his favorite place in New Orleans.

Making sure first that no one was looking, I flew using telekinesis to the Hilton, landed in between some parked cars in the parking garage, and then made my way to the entrance.

I arrived at the concierge's desk. "Good evening sir, and welcome to the Hilton. How may I assist you?" he asked, an attractive man maybe four or five years older than me, blond, blue eyes.

"Yes, I have a friend who I heard was back in town, maybe you know of him? Remy LeBeau? Tall, lanky man, with dark red hair?"

"Yes I know the gentleman you speak of. With the eerie eyes. Very attractive," he replied, and then cleared his throat, realizing he'd spoken too much.

"It's okay. We're all gay here," I said with a smile. "Could you tell me his room? He's really a dear friend of mine."

"Well I wonder how many dear friends he has, dude. Seriously, you need to turn him loose," replied the man.

"What do you mean?"

"He checked in with another young man, a few years older than you maybe. Mocha skin. I love black guys," he replied, with a wink.

I nodded in understanding, my smile faltering some. So Remy had already moved on past Rogue, which posed the question, who was he seeing?

I realized that the concierge did assume that I was Remy's boyfriend, or one of, so I continued to play the part. "Now I really need to see him."

"Well...it's against policy, but I think I can work around it. I know I'd be getting him to do some talking if I were you." He went to the computer, and I waited a few seconds while he typed in the name and retrieved an extra room key, and handed it to me. "Here you go."


"Let me know how things turn out," he said, and I nodded heading to the room.

I stood at the door, unsure of what to do. I mean, Gambit was needed for the team. At the same time, it wasn't really my business, or anyone else at the mansion's business for that matter, if Remy was seeing someone else. But he was needed. And I was curious.

Hesitantly, I swiped the keycard in the door, pulled, opened the door, walked in...

...and was shocked into complete motionlessness and silence. Remy was seated on the bed, shirtless, passionately kissing another shirtless man who fit the concierge's accurate description, no more than 4 years older than me, mocha colored skin.

The two broke their kiss when they noticed the sound of the door opening. "Sucre bleu! What the hell—oh shit," Remy said, in surprise of someone entering, and then recognizing his intruder.

My shock increased when the mocha-skinned man looked at me, shock which seemed echoed on his face.

It was impossible!!! It couldn't be possible!!! But I was staring right at him!!!

Kevin...my brother...alive?!!


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