Chapter 10: The Sword

Logan and I began running and as we ran, I became more interested in the sword. What was wrong with the sword? Why did he keep avoiding telling me what happened?

"Logan? Please tell me about the sword." I urged.

"Kid, I don't want to tell you this. You might change the way you think of me."

"Wolverine, I won't change the way I think of you. Now, what is the matter?" I asked him.

"Well, I told you how I was able to escape after the operation, right?"

"Right." I answer.

"Well, afterwards all I could think of was killing and death. I became a mercenary, a killer for hire. I killed a lot of people deemed important, and some that weren't. I was at one point hired to assassinate the president of Japan.

"The emperor had a bodyguard named Yamato Kidashi I tried to kill him to get to the emporer. But he was far more skilled in fighting, especially with the Phoenix Blade."

"That's the name of the sword, right?"

"Right. After defeating me, the emperor requested me to be beheaded, as no normal stabbings could kill me, and hanging me he figured wouldn't work either. Yamato would not kill me however. He told the emperor he understood that I had some unresolved issues. He offered to teach me the Japanese martial arts adn the code of the samurai.

"At first I planned to simply learn these techniques and then finish my job. But time passed and I made a good friend in Yamato. Yamato and I went on missions together to stop any invaders that there were. One time an army attacked Japan, led by the emperor`s brother. It was huge. We fought bravely, and eventually it was just Yamato, me, and the emperor's brother. Yamato tried to take him on alone, but was stabbed in the chest. Before he died, he passed on to me the Phoenix Blade. He was my best friend, and he died in my arms.

"I used the blade to kill the emperor's brother. Or tried to. He broke the Phoenix Blade in half, his being somehow a lot stonger than it, and I had less experience. So I used my claws. After that I did a lot of training until Xavier recruited me."

"So the sword. . .has bad memories for you?"


"Logan, is that why you felt upset about us becoming friends? That you think I'll be killed because of it?"


"Logan, I'm not going to stop being your friend. You are my friend, you are slowly becoming my best friend, and no matter what happens, I'm gonna stand by you. Even if it means life or death."

"Kid, thanks." he replies. I almost think I see a tear in his eyes.

Bleep! Bleep! Our watches go off, and we realize it's time to go to the danger room.

While we suit up, I can't help but think about Logan. I've noticed there are very few people he is actually close to, and I'm lucky enough to be one of them. I consider what to get him for Christmas now, as I remember it is very nearby.

Logan still seems to be lonely. I want to be there for him, but I don't know how, except to be his best friend. Which doesn't seems to be getting me anywhere. He still seems lonely and dismal. I wish I could help. I'll think on it later, though. We have to get to the Danger room.

Yes, I know this one was shorter than most, but the real purpose was just to test Joshua's friendship with Logan. And Christmas is soon to come!

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