Chapter 11: The Danger Room, Revisited

Today only Jean and Logan are with me in the Danger Room, again. Logan goes up into the control room, while Jean teaches me the starred item on my schedule, psychokinetic transformation.

"It's quite simple. Psychokinetic transformation involves using your telekinetic energy and thinking of your apparel. It lets you mentally change your clothes. Simply concentrate on an outfit, and you'll change into it."

I test this by concentrating on what I was wearing before I changed into my gym clothes earlier. It was weird. I could feel my clothes change from head to toe. I was back in my outfit.

"Great. Now concentrate on your uniform."

I did so and was back in my uniform.

"Cool!" I remark.

"Now that that's done, let's start you in today's training. Firstly, we'll see how much you can lift." The room went from it's normal state to an exact replica of the exercise room, only with just weights.

We started out testing my control on smaller ones, then my lifting ability on larger ones. When I finally got to a point where I was not able to lift more, the weight was 1500 pds! Ten times my weight!

Jean then gave me a little review of flight, blasting, and shielding. In the last 15 minutes, Cyclops entered. I hadn't seen or talked to Scott since that night that I returned from me and Logan's encounter.

Jean told us that sometimes in the danger room we participate in education games. We were about to play laser tag, with stun beams only. The thing of it is we're only using our powers. Only telekinesis allowed for telekinetics and Scott of course was using optic blasts.

Logan set up the program. Phoenix, Cyclops, and I stood in opposite corners of the room. Soon the rooms turn from weights to plain to a giant maze.

"Go!" Logan shouts. I'm off to go through the maze, making sure to watch all sides of me. Through many turns, I get a perfect shot to sneak Cyclops. I sense danger to my immediate right. I leap left and narrowly avoid being clipped by a stun beam. I run through hallway after hallway in an attempt to escape Phoenix. I sense danger straight ahead. I use a reflective T.K.-shield to return Scott's stun optic blast. Scott is out. Now it's just me and Jean. I finally encounter her stationary in the center of the maze. Now I've got her. But I don't sense any danger.

"Ow!" I yell. I got hit from behind with a tk-bolt. I got hit from behind with a T.K. bolt. The program ends.

"But you were in front of me!" I say.

"I made a copy of myself." Jean says.

"But you said telepathy only!"

"It wasn't an illusion. Not exactly. It was temporary telekinetic duplication. You won't learn that until your powers develop more."

All of our watches go off. "It's 12:00." Scott says, stating the obvious. "X-men, to the dining hall!"

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