Chapter 12: Lunch

In the Dining hall, today's special is pizza from Pizza hut, and everyone gets a 3-slice serving. I scan my card in one of the coke machines and get a Dr. Pepper. I spot my group (Kurt, Kitty, Bobby, Evan, Jubilee) and sit between Evan and Bobby. The group is discussing the point-slope and slope-intercept formulas of an equation, for an Algebra test. Kitty and Bobby are the main arguers. Both, however, are wrong.

"But slope intercept is y-y1=m(x-x1)." says Kitty.

"No," says Bobby, "slope intercept is (y2-y1)/(x2-X1), the rise/run."

"You're both wrong." I say. "Kitty, you said the point slope formula, and Bobby, you named the slope formula. The formula for slop intercept is y=mx+b.

"Oh." said Bobby and Kitty. For the rest of lunch, the gang and I chit-chatted about this and that. I didn't fully pay attention because my eyes kept wandering to the teacher's table, where Logan was sitting.

Out of nowhere Jubilee blurted, "He's got it bad."

"Who's got what bad?"

"You have it bad for Wolvie."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do!" taunted Jubilee. "You're in love with him."


"You are!"

"No, I'm not!"

"You know, I think Wolverine likes you, too."

"No! Really?"

"Yes, really!:


I started thinking on it again. I didn't want to believe it only because I knew that if it weren't true, my feelings would be hurt.

"Leave the poor boy alone." says Jean, who walks by on her way to the teacher's table. "He just doesn't want to get his hopes up and it turns out not to be true."

"Thanks." I say. She seems to be able to vocalize my thoughts whenever I can't. Yet, she is telepath, so it's not a surprise.

"Of course, he shouldn't have anything to worry about. I think Logan really does have feelings for him." she says, talking more to the others than me.

"Yeah right!" I exclaim. "Logan is not in the least interested in me."

"You'd be surprised." Jean said, "the first time I met him, when I left the X-men for the first time, he was cold as ice. Then, sometime later he wound up attracted to me."

"That doesn't mean he could be attracted to me."

"I think you shouldn't rule it out completely though." said Jean.

"Rule out what completely?" asked Scott, who came over and put his arms around her. It was kinda cute. Yet, it kinda wasn't. Like it wasn't completely loving, like it was more so routine.

"Josh shouldn't rule out Logan being in love with him." blurted Jubilee.

At herding this, Scott's arms dropped a little more off of Jean's shoulders. "Well, it may be possible, but I wouldn't get my hopes up in case it weren't true."

And what was that supposed to mean? When I said it, it was one thing, but the way he said it, it meant something entirely different. I look at my watch. It's 12:52 p.m.

Bobby invites me to come play arcade games in the rec room with him and the others.

"Sure." I reply.

"Good. The machines operate on the cards so make sure you get yours from the Professor."

"Got it." I say, showing emphasis by pulling out the card.

"So, shall we play?" asks Kurt.

"Yes we shall." says Kitty. We all get up and head towards the arcade.

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