Chapter 13--Sunday Evening

All I did for my hour of freetime was simply play games with Kitty, Kurt, Bobby, Jubes, and Evan. It was pretty fun. I didn't see Logan at all, until he came in to retrieve me for gymnastics.

Xavier was able to pull up that I had taken gymnastics in the 6th grade through the 8th grade, and have since in private classes. All we really did was some review and some new techniques. Logan explained that this was simply so I could be more flexible and have easier times in battle.

Three o'clock arrived. Jean pulled Logan and I into the danger room to continue with my powers. Today we were concentratine fully on telepathy. Firstm we tested thought rerading. Using the danger room, I was able to realize my ability to read thought was in a 1/2 mile radius. My ability to influence thoughts was within a 1/4 mile radius. However, I could only influence 5 minds at a time, and that's for normal people.

Next we did my psychic shields. Basically I was able to install very string psychic shields, and Jean said I could take very powerful psychic bolts. Then we examined my own psi-bolts. According to Phoenix, I have great control and have great strength, enough as of now to put someone in a coma or to telepathically knock out a crowd.

For Mind clouding, I learned that I could cloud up to three minds at a time, unless using the other technique, illusions, that could affect everyone simultaneously.

Now that my psychic training was done, Jean left me with Logan for martial arts training. We trained for two hours, and I was getting very good. Logan said that I must watch a lot of action shows, which is very true.

We leave thirty minutes early to get ready for dinner, then Logan stops me before we get to the elevator.

"Joshua, professor says your training for an X-man should be complete by Christmas. We're supposed to go to Canada on Christmas Eve while the rest of the school goes on a field trip to the New York school to visit the original school."

"Cool. So, I'll be a full fledged X-man?"

"Not quite. That happens when you graduate."

A funny question came to mind.

"Logan? For our hour of free-time, do you think you can get Scott to let us go riding again? Last time was fun."

"Sure kid. I'll ask ol' `one eye." Logan replies.

I went to the dining hall, where my little group waved, and I waved back. Logan and I went to the teacher's tables and asked Scott if it was okay. Scott reluctantly agreed, so Logan and I got ready to ride.

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