Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 14 - P3: Bar Fight

With my body becoming more and more toned, I decided tonight that I'd show if off some. I wore a skin-tight almost see through turtleneck that my brother had bought me (In case I found an occasion to use it) and some relaxed fit black jeans, with a pair of black boot, and a black leather jacket.

When I opened the door, Logan was once again already there. This was too weird. He was wearing exactly the same things as me. It looked way better on him though.

"You ready kid?" Logan asked me.

"Yeah." I say after a few seconds of gazing at him. He looked so hot!

We got our helmets and rode into town, this time to a dance club, called P3.

"Um, isn't this one of those 21 and up clubs?" I asked.

"No, it's a 16 and up place. You just can't drink if you're not old enough."

We go up to the security man, who lets us both in. There were a variety of couples there. Some straight, some gay, some singles were dancing with both sexes. It was just a mixture of every type of person, and all ages above sixteen. Everyone was just having a good time.

We went to the bartender to order food and drinks. The bartender was very attractive. A man of 25, about 6 foot 1, and had to have worked out often. He looked to weigh about 200 lbs, but he was very toned. He had piercing green eyes, bark brown, long hair in a ponytail. He was almost as good look ing as Logan.

"Good evening. I'm Phillip. What can I get you?"

"A special (1-1/2 pound Steak w/fried potatoes) and a beer. Best draft ya got."

"And you?" He says looking at me. His thougths are almost sexier than his voice. A cute kid. I wonder if he's here with that man. I might be able to win him over.

"I-um-uh-a 1/2 lb cheeseburger and fried potatoes. With a Dr. Pepper."

"Okay. It'll be about 10 minutes. Sit at table six." he says, then walks off. I have a strange feeling about him, a supernatural one.

Logan and I sat and talked as we waited for our food. About 15 minutes later, the waiter arrived with the food. I was astonished. He must have been only 19 or 20, But he looked a lot like Phillip, except that he was an inch or so shorter, and not as heavily built, and had brown eyes instead of green ones. However, he did share the same charm as Phillip.

"Hi. I'm Patrick. Call me if you two boys need anything else." he says with a smile as he hands us our food. He turns around and my eyes lock onto his butt.

I look back at Logan. He seemed to be upset for a second.

"What?" I ask.

"I don't like them."

"You don't know them."


"So how do you know if you should like them or not?"

"I just do."

We were interrupted by Logan's cell phone I continued eating as he took the call. The food was very good, and filling. He hung up a little angry.

"We need to go. One-eye and Stormy are worried about you." as if one cue, the manager walked up with the check.

"Good evening. I'm Perry Hollingsworth, the manager."

This was too weird. He, Patrick, and Phillip must all be related. Perry looked about 23, and in between Patrick and Phillip build and weight wise. He had brown eyes, and was just as good looking as the other. My eyes also caught hold of his crotch which was somewhat bulging.

"Thank you for visiting 'P3". Please do come again." he says, then walks away. He, Phillip, and Patrick go into the kitchen area. Logan lays down the money for the bill and we get up to leave.

"You're not going anywhere!" said a voice behind us. Logan and I turn to see 8 men behind us. They all looked pretty normal, but that changed in about 3 seconds. Four of them took on their true, vampiric form. Three of the others pulled out swords. The last one I guessed was a sorcerer.

Most of the people had cleared out as soon as the change happened. Logan pulled me along and we tried to go out the back, but the sorcerer teleported in front of me and grabbed Logan by the neck easily (which is scary considering the adamantium surgically graphed into his skeleton) and threw him out the back door, causing him to land on his head, and knocking him out.

The sorcerer made sure everyone else was out and then locked the door. It was just me, 4 vampires, 1 sorcerer, and 3 demons. I was way in over my head. The sorcerer turned to me and began to advance towards me. I was focusing a TK blast. I thought he could not see this, since Jean said that mental energy was invisible to most people.

"You really think you can sneak me with that TK bolt? We can all see you charging up." he says.

I stop charging the bolt, as my element of surprise was nonexistent. "What do you wnat with me?" I inquire.

"Our master, Lord Sinister, requests an audience of you."

"Tell him I decline."

"We'll just have to take you by force then." He remarks, then forms a ball of fire in his hand. Before he can throw it, he is slung into a wall by an invisible force.

"No one's taking anyone anywhere!" shouts a voice. All eyes turn towards the source, Phillip. He, Patrick, and Perry are all standing in front of the door in a fighting stance.

The sorcerer swiftly teleports behind me, grabbing me by the back of the neck, choking me.

"I don't think so, charmed ones. You see, I am taking this kid or killing him. So I suggest you move."

Reluctantly, Phillip, Patrick, and Perry move out of the doorway.

"I'm not going anywhere with you." I tell him.

"Really? What are you going to do about it?"

"This!" I reply, hitting him with a strong psi-bolt. It affects him, making him drop me. The three demons close in around me. I boost off my hands, kicking at the same time, and I catch one of the demons in the face. I turn right side up and, still in the air, I kick the other two. When I land, the sorcerer grabs me and throws me into a wall. The sorcerer was grabbed from behind by Phillip, who flipped him onto his back.

The demons cam up to me while I was on the floor. One tried to blast me with a blue flaming orb. I caught it mentally, then threw it back. The demon wailed in agony as it dissipated. I concluded that the demons' weakness is a taste of their own medicine. The two leftovers swung their swords at me. I jumped into the air, their swords clanging. I kicked both demons in the face, adding tk energy to it to give the kicks an extra 'kick'. The demons went flying, and landed in a way that they were impaled on their own swords.

Two of the vampires went after Perry, and the other two went after Patrick. One of the two after Perry grabbed him and threw him into a wall. The other one leapt at him. Perry threw his hands up in a manner that caused the vampires to fall apart into nothingness!

Patrick held his own well against his two vampires. After blocking a kick rom one of them, he caught the foot, lifted himself into the air, and kicked the vampire in the face. The other vampire pulled out a sword. Before he could even swing in an attempt to kill Patrick, Patrick flipped backwards into the air, landing behind the bar counter.

The vampires ran towards him, and as he lifted himself into the air, Perry did a hand motion that allowed him to 'freeze' the vampires. Patrick kicked one in the face, and staked the other when he landed. When the one he kicked stood, he staked him where he stood.

Phillip had the upperhand with the sorcerer. He was able to block his blows, and managed to deflect his blasts by throwing them. Tehn the sorcerer flipped forward and tried to kick Phillip. Phillip jumped over the foot, then levitated himself higher, and kicked the sorcerer in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground.The sorceror stood on his feet again (which looked really weird, he didn't flip up or bend his knees, or use his hands, he just was back on his feet.), and had a knife, ready to kill Phillip, who was facing the other way. I leapt intoaction, jumping to and running on the wall. I leapt and spun into a kick to the sorcerer's head. He staggered, but quickly recovered. Phillip and I both jumpeed into the air, kicking with our right/left feet, respectively. The sorcerer caught both of our feet, so we used out leftover feet to kick him in the face. He dropped us. We landed backwards on our hands, then boosted forward and kicked the sorcerer in the chest. The combined force sent the sorcerer flying into a wall.

I held my hand up, charging a tk-bolt, then asked Phillip, <Do you know how to make TK bolts?> As In an answer, he raised his hand and focused a blast, too. We let the blasts fly and both blasts connected full force. The sorcerer wailed in agony as he burned into nothing. Phillip, Patirck, and Perry all turned to me, and I introduced myself to them. The re-introduced themselves to me.

"You're good. For a kid." Phillip commented.

"I know. But you're better." I reply. "Are you guys mutants?"

"No. Wizards. We, the Hollingsworth brother, are wizards known as the charmed ones."

From nowhere, a bluw/white column of light descended from above and from it materialized a blonde, blue eyed 20 year old, very attractive, with a slim toned body. He reminded me a little of Bobby.

"Perry! I've been looking all over for you!" He says.

"Sorry. Were you worried about me, Michael?"

"I always worry about you."

"Who is that?" I asked.

"This is Michael. Our White-lighter." answers Phillip. "A White lighter is like the guardian angel of a wizard. Michael is also Perry's lover."


"So, kid you need a ride home?" asks Patrick.

Just then Logan burst into the bar, slicing through the back door.

"No, my ride is her." I reply.

'What happened?" asks Logan.

"Stuff." I answer. "Let's roll, before I get attacked by an indestructible mutant, too." I joke. Logan has a very serious expression on his face.

"That can happen. Let's go kid."

Logan and I say goodbye to the three charmed brothers and hop onto his motorcycle, and zoom off into the night.


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