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Tales of a Young Mutant


Chapter 16: First Time(s)


Months came and went and Christmas finally came. School was school. Taking classes, doing homework, etc. Everyone was falling in love, too. Kurt was waiting to go to Angel, Bobby and Hank finally hit it off, and everyone was excited. I had a lot of training in that time period, too. A lot of Danger Room training. I was blasting away at demons and sorcerers, slaying vampires, and just tackling run-of-the-mill mutants. Pretty easy stuff.

One thing that stood out in that period of time was that my mom, being my mom of course, knew when my real birthday was. I got thrown a big surprise party (which was a big surprise since I didn't even know when my real birthday was, and neither did the adoption agency that I was adopted from.) I had a lot of fun on that day, except for the occasional rude glare from either Remy or Scott. I also noticed that Scott and Jean had become more and more distanced from each other by the day. This really wouldn't play out well for me, as I heard around school that for the longest time Logan had been attracted to Jean, and was just waiting for a time when she was away from Scott to be with her. I hoped that the situation would never occur. I felt that day like everything I really needed was right there. I didn't have my brother there, but that would probably happen in due time.

Also, as a birthday present, Professor Xavier gave me a miniature Cerebro headband. It was a head band that matched the black of my uniform, with a triangle on it. The triangle was the miniature Cerebro device. It had far less the range of big Cerebro, but it still had a pretty good range.

Eventually the Christmas holidays rolled around and I knew that Logan and I would have to go into the mountains. I was looking forward to this time alone. A chance to get out of the mansion, and to use my powers in the outside world again. By now I had a good handle on all of my mutant powers. (Empathy, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Psionic Claws, and Self/Exo-Regeneration/Healing Factor. (Healing others and myself) I knew that after accidentally cutting off one of my own hands that this included limb loss, since it grew back. However, I wasn't quite ready to test the theory of "Rising from the ashes" yet.)

Logan and I packed one suitcase and waved the rest of the students good-bye. Logan called a cab and we took our things downstairs so that they would be ready for the cab. (Yes, I know this is a little wordy, but hey, I'm excited here!) With a quick kiss, the two of us entered the cab.

As soon as we pulled off, I felt something wrong. I didn't quite know what, but I knew something was wrong. I could feel the cabby glaring at us in the rear view mirror. I thought he might be a vampire. I looked into the mirror. No reflection.

<Logan, the guy is a vampire. >

<I know. > He replied. He slowly and quietly removed a stake from the sleeve of his jacket pocket. <When I say now, get control of the wheel. Use my knowledge of driving to maneuver us to the airport. >

<Logan, how do I know that your knowledge of driving is good knowledge? The only thing I've seen you drive is a motorcycle. > I reply.

<You're just going to have to trust me. > he replied.

Trusting Logan was something I was good at. I focused into his mind for knowledge of driving. He actually could drive very well.

<Now! > He yelled. I got control of the steering wheel with my mind as Logan drove the stake through the back of the seat to stake the vampire cabby. I "drove" us to the airport parking lot. We got out, and I used a claw to pop the trunk of the car. The cabby was there, with a bite on his neck. He wasn't dead yet. I placed a hand over the wound and concentrated. A golden aura emanated from my hand and the energy from the aura seeped into the wound, curing the man of the bite, and restoring to him his lost blood. The next step was easy enough. I simply wiped the man's memory of being bitten and sent him on his way. Logan and I went into the airport and through security, etc. I was able to shut off the security system telekinetically so that Logan could pass through undetected. We boarded our flight and simply rested until we got to Canada.

Logan picked up the rental truck he reserved and the two of us drove up a country path through the wilderness until we got to a certain grove of trees. Logan parked the truck amongst the trees, and the two of us went on foot to our destination, in leather, warm uniforms. For half of the day, we sparred, Logan getting me used to the conditions. I learned more on first aid, and I learned ways to make fire and hunt, etc, with and without the use of my powers.

Eventually, the two of us got completely pooped. Logan said the two of us should rough it. In this weather? I thought. Logan went back to the truck and brought back a sleeping bag. That's right, one sleeping bag. The two of us snuggled into it, and Logan and I fell asleep.

I once again sensed something was wrong. I felt it. I knew it. I could even . . . smell it?! I opened my eyes, and so did Logan. We looked into each other's blue eyes, and we knew we were right in sensing danger. He and I stood, and we searched blindly for a sign of life. I scanned mentally, but what ever it was must have some sort of blocking implants. I finally detected it, but it was too late. A wild man, with long blonde hair, amber eyes, and a muscular build, which I knew was aided by an adamantium covered skeleton, swooped down from above and landed between Logan and I. Sabretooth. He lifted Logan by the neck, and, with a swipe of his hand, hit me and sent me flying backwards into a tree. I waited for the pain to subside and to heal.

Logan and Sabretooth fought it out. Eventually, Sabretooth got the upper hand and pinned Logan to the ground.

"Now I'm going to kill you, ya little runt!" said Sabretooth, "And then, I'll move on and kill your little friend." He raised his hand to put an end to Logan's life.

"No!" I yelled. I got so scared and angry that I accidentally used all of my powers at once. I hit Sabretooth with a TK-bolt, a high-voltage lightning bolt, a deadly dosage of fear, turmoil, agony, and sadness, and a hard psi-shot. Sabretooth screamed in agony (duh!!) and fell to the ground. I don't know what happened after that because I blacked out.

I awoke in a warm cabin, in a bed. I looked about me, and I noticed Logan on my left. He looked really worried about me.

"Joshua, kid, are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay." I answer.

"Kid, you scared me back there." he said.

"I'm sorry." I reply. Logan gets in the bed next to me and pulls me into his arms, and traps my lips in a hot, passionate, loving kiss. I return the kiss. His tongue pushes past my lips, and I eagerly suck on his hot, wet tongue.

Logan stokes the sides of my face with his hands, then gives me a look as if to say "we can wait if you're not ready."

<The only thing stopping me before was one-eye. Now make love to me, please Logan?>

He smiles and kisses my lips lightly, then I sit up as he unzips and removes my jacket. He pushes the jacket off my shoulders, and rubs my arms. As he kisses me. His massaging hands rub my clothed chest, then slide to my abs. He lifts the shirt out of my pants and over my head, then begins to rub my skin, feeling my muscles, tweaking and twisting my nipples. I run my hands along his completely clothed body, and I unzip and remove his jacket. I rub his chest through his shirt material and I pull his shirt over his head, then go back to kissing him.

Logan removed my pants, sliding his hands down the sides of my body, slowly tracing around my muscles. He then played with the elastic band around my briefs. He looked into my eyes. I saw the passion and love in his eyes. And he made sure that I felt it with my power, too. All of a sudden, Logan ripped my briefs with his bare hands, exposing my hard cock. He gently kissed and licked my hardness, then moved back up to me and began to kiss me passionately on the lips. I felt his hot, hairy upper-body against my smooth upper-body. I could feel the heat of our bodies. The passion, lust and love. I motion for Logan to turn over onto his back, then lick and kiss his nipples, and suck, and softly bite them. When they both become their hardest, I move further down with my tongue, kissing and sucking my way down to his navel, tickling it with my tongue, sucking the skin around it. I try to get the zipper down for his pants, but it's stuck. No matter what I try , I can't get it down. I feel the heat coming from his crotch and it compels me to resort to my powers. I use the technique Jean taught me and imagine Logan nude. It works, and I am rewarded with seeing Logan's hard member.

I can't believe it! When I caught him naked all those times he must have been soft, because what I was looking at now had to have been at least a foot long, and thick! It was so thick that when I place my hand around it, my fingers didn't touch. I licked my lips and kissed and licked the head of his colossal manhood, taking in my first taste of cock ever. I enjoyed the salty taste and opened my mouth wide as I tried to take in the head of his cock. After a few seconds, I succeeded, and began to try and go down on his cock. I only got in about four inches before I began to gag on his huge cock. Logan pulled me off of him, and I was afraid I had done something wrong.

"Kid, go slower, so you can actually live, and breathe through your nose." he suggested to me. I looked at his tool again, and tried again, following his suggestions. I found that it worked, and I was able to get six inches in. I went slowly down until I was finally able to get the whole 12 inch monster into my throat.

I slowly went back up until I had only the head in my mouth, then went back down to the base. In response I got a moan from Logan. I smiled and went back to work on his cock, and began to work up a steady rhythm. Logan began to moan more, and lightly hold on to my head. I could tell he was restraining himself from openly fucking my face.

When I came up to the head, Logan reached down and grabbed me by the waist. With his head still in my mouth, he turned me in a 69 position and began to feast on my hardened member. I moaned on his hardness and began to work my hips into his mouth. Somehow as our bodies became linked, a link was created in our minds, a like of emotion and love. A link that bonded the two of us even closer together.

When the two of us were pretty close we pulled out of each other's mouths and Logan turned me around by grabbing my hips again, and then rolled over so that I was underneath him. His mouth and tongue instantly linked with mine in another passionate kiss. Our hard cocks, slippery with saliva, began to rub together as Logan humped his hips back and forth, which caused us to moan in each other's mouths. I began to hump my hips upward to be in time with him, and together we released our loads between our bellies, our semen binding us together even more. Logan rolled onto his back, taking me along with him, and I was on top. I lay limply on top of him, the two of us panting, waiting for the afterglow to pass. I looked into his blue eyes. "I love you, Wolvie." I said.

"I love you too, kid." he replied. We kissed again. I felt our cocks harden in between us. My, that didn't take long, I thought. It must have something to do with our healing factors. Logan and I began to softly, passionately kiss again, Logan caressing my skin. I had to ask him.

"Logan, I want you to make love to me completely. I want you inside of me." I told him.

"Are you sure?" he asked me.

"Very sure. Please?"

"Okay. There's a jar of lube in our suitcase." said Logan, holding me close to him. I knew he wasn't getting up, and he wasn't letting me up, so I mentally unzipped the side pocket of the suitcase and levitated the lube toward me.

Logan took the lube and coated his large middle finger with some of the lube, then pushed his lubed finger into my asshole, slowly, until the whole finger was deep in my virgin hole. It hurt, but I relaxed and the pain passed and was replaced by a sweet feeling of pleasure. Logan and I kissed passionately while he added a second finger to the first. He continued to stretch my hole as much as he could, getting me prepared for his tool. Still kissing me and finger fucking me, Logan rolled us over to where I was underneath him. When he was satisfied, Logan coated his large cock with the lube, and looked down at me, making sure I wanted this.

<Please, Logan. Please?>

Logan smiled at me, then he slowly pushed the head of his cock into my hole. It hurt, a lot in fact. But I was determined to take my lover's cock in all the way. He began to pull away, but I held him to me. <Don't stop!> I urged. He paused, unsure, but then he began once more to slowly insert his cock. It still hurt, and it still hurt when he had the full foot of hard, fat cock inside of me. He waited until my hole relaxed enough for him to continue. Logan kept sending his love into me, calming me, soothing me. He kissed me, and the pain inside of me was reduced to a low sting. Slowly Logan began to pull out of me and then thrust back into me, adding an inch to each of the thrusts, until he was able to fuck me deeply, with the whole thing going out until just the head was in, then plunging the whole thing in again. His mouth and mine were fastened to each other, as we passionately kissed, His cock inside me driving me closer and closer to orgasm, as his stomach added friction to my cock. Logan sent his love into me as I sent mine into him, our love and lust freely passing into one another. Logan's thrusts became more and more brutal, and I matched each fierce thrust by shoving my ass into it. After what seemed like hours, Logan and I felt our own and each other's orgasms building. Logan and I became more and more primal, his primal instincts becoming mine. Logan bit into my neck, marking me as his own. The bleeding stopped, but the scar didn't disappear, and I knew it would remain forever. Logan and I reached orgasm, he spewing into my hole, me shooting all over our stomachs and chests, and Logan growled into a roar, a signal to all the wilderness that the two of us were bonded together. As we came down from above with our orgasms, Logan purred into my ear.

<I love you kid.>

<I love you too, Wolvie.>


Meanwhile, In New York:


Kurt Wagner waited until he was sure his roommate, Pietro Maximoff, was sound asleep, then got dressed in just a mesh thong. He had been waiting for this moment for an entire year.


Warren Worthington III waited impatiently for the arrival of his lover, pacing the room, fluttering the wings that landed him the codename Angel. A name which suited him, as he was gorgeous, and perfect in body, which was currently perfectly nude.

--BAMF!- Kurt appeared behind Warren and ran his blue three-fingered hands across his chest, kissing his back.

"I missed you so much." He said.

"I missed you, too."

Warren turned Kurt around and began to kiss him, a kiss that started a long night of love-making.


Bobby sighed in relief. He had barely been able to avoid Scott in the hallways while he was on his way to Hank's bedroom. Finally Bobby made it to his lover's bedroom. He opened the door to see the bed covered in rose petals and the room smelled of roses also. He inhaled the scent deeply, and walked into the room. He was gripped tightly from behind by his furry lover, Hank.

"Hank! It's beautiful!" said Bobby.

"Well, I aim to please." Hank replied in his sophisticated/gruff voice. He kissed Bobby up and down his back, then swiftly picked him up and laid him in the bed. The two passionately kissed, ready to make love. . .again.


John leapt at Piotr, turning in midair to try and roundhouse-kick him in the face. Piotr caught his foot, then grabbed him under the arms, and pinned him in a position with him laying flat on top of John.

"Looks like I vin." He said in his deep German accent, the same accent that got John hard every time he heard him speak.

"You always "vin."" said John, mocking the accent that Piotr knew turned on John.

"And now to claim my prize." Piotr said. He kissed John and moved on to sucking his ear.

I'm going to get him. One day, I'm gonna be the top. John thought.

I hope he wins eventually. I wanna be the bottom without letting him win once. At least once. thought Piotr.


Logan and I lay in bed sleeping peacefully. We made love over and over and over and. . .well, you get the picture. It's hard to be satisfied with our healing powers.

I lay contently in Logan's arms, sleeping soundly. I was so wrapped up in my feelings of love for Logan that I didn't sense the oncoming danger. I heard the door being kicked down. Logan and I became alert, but it was too little too late. The men blasted away at us with machine guns. I feel limp and energy-less on the floor. I felt like I was going to die. I was surrounded in a pool of blood. I was conscious long enough to hear and see Logan be taken away. I heard the words "General Wraith" and "Mutant X." , "Leave the faggot puke to die. He's harmless now." Then, I couldn't stay awake anymore, and I slipped into unconsciousness.


So, how'd you like this one? Finally a chapter with sex in it. There were so many things that tried to interfere with this chapter till it took me for-EVER! to finish it. But it's here now. Keep a look-out for the next chapter. And expect to see some familiar face from other stories. Until then, sayonara!