Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 2-The Meeting

We pulled up to this large mansion. It was unbelievable, large and very beautiful. There was a sign at the gate that said Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. The gate automatically opened.

They must be expecting us. thought Lena. We left the car at the gate and walked to the front door. Lena knocked and a couple of seconds later a tall, very handsome man, answered the door. He had brownish-red hair, and a semi-muscular build. He for some reason wore bright red shades.

"Mr. Summers, this is Joshua. He is here to meet Professor Xavier." Lena said to the man.

"Thank you, Ms. Bennett. Xavier likes to meet potential students alone, so if you would please return later?"

"Of course." said Ms. Bennett as she walked away, back to her car. Mr. Summers closed the door, then turned his attention back to me.

"Okay kid, follow me." I nervously followed him down several hallways, as he lead me towards what would have to be Professor Xavier's office. I wondered if they'd even keep me here if they found out that I was, well, gay.

We entered the office. It was your everyday typical office, with degrees, etc, around, and some shelves of books, and a desk. At the desk sat a bald man, who I estimated must have been at least in his fifties.

<53 to be exact.> a voice rang in my head. I almost stumbled and fell. It was one thing just hearing other people's thoughts , but he was projecting his thoughts into my head.

He's a telepath too? I thought.

<Yes. I'm actually considered one of the world's most powerful actually.> he answered.

"Whoa, this is way weird." I say aloud.

"Yeah, and you could be taught to do the same think, kid." a female voice says. I turn my head and there's a beautiful lady with long red hair and green eyes.

"Joshua, this is my first student here at the mansion, Jean Grey. She is also telepathic and telekinetic like you. You were escorted in by Mr. Scott Summers here." he said, gesturing towards Scott.

I could barely look at him. He was so attractive. And I didn't want my gaze to give away that I was--"

<Gay?> Xavier's mental voice asks. <Child we do not discriminate here, we only serve to educate and to provide safety.>

"Young Joshua," he said out loud, "Let me show you around the school."

He came from behind the desk and I noticed that he was in some sort of hover-chair. He and I walked (well he hovered, I walked) around the campus as he explained more about the school.

"Joshua, the world is becoming a scary place for mutants. People who do not understand us fear us and seek to put us out of existence. Here at the Xavier School, young mutants are able to learn and co-exist in an environment where they needn't fear what each other may say or think about their abilities. We also teach those who are able to control their abilities how to control them and develop them. And some of our finest students are able to become what they have affectionately called the X-men."

"X-men?" I said.

"Yes. Students of mine who use their powers to aid mankind. I believe you have what it takes to join them."


"Seriously. I think you actually have more powers than you have already demonstrated. I can have you fully tested for powers, but you'll have to enroll as a student."

"Sure." I couldn't wait. This would probably be the best place I could ever be. But there was one more thing I wanted to ask.

"Professor Xavier. I know this is kinda selfish, but I know my adoptive parents are dead, but I've heard nothing about my brother. Do you think you could find him, that is if he's still alive?"


"And, could you help me find my parents? My real ones, if they're still alive that is?"

"Of course. I'll do everything in my power to help you."

"Thanks Professor Xavier." I say.

"No problem. so I'll lead you to your dorm room, get your files from your last school, get you fully enrolled, and send you on home to pack, and spend one more evening with your family before Mr. Summers returns to pick you up."


The ride back to the house was a little weird. I wondered how Scott was able to drive with those ruby red glasses, but i dismissed the thought. We pretty much drove on in silence, me every now and then turning from the window to look at him. He was just so attractive.

At the house, I had dinner with the family, then packed up my clothes to go. When Scott returned to pick me up, Kara gave me a goodbye hug. "I'll miss you. Do well at that school, now, hear?"

"I will ." I answered. Roger shook my hand. So did Peter, but I really wish he wouldn't have. I felt anger and hatred when he shook my hand. It surged throughout my body, practically burning me. And his thoughts served to further hurt me.

Good riddance. The damn lowlife. A gay black mutant. Who could also pass for Hispanic. Just what the world needs. Wish they wouldn't have put the filthy trash here in the first place. Glad to see the shithead go. That vampire should have just waited for him and killed him off too. Fuck that Batman. He's probably gay too. Only way I can see him protecting gay people so much. He should be ridding the world of them. Should have let them vampire paramedics suck him dry.

I immediately pulled my hand away from his when his grip started to tighten and I got in the car next to Scott, who had already put the luggage into the trunk of his car. I shut the door. I waved, particularly to Kara and Roger, and tried to do what Xavier did and urged Scott mentally to drive off. He did. This trip actually had conversation.

"What happened back there kid?" Scott asked as we drove back towards the Mansion. "You practically tore your hand away from that Peter guy when he shook your hand."

"Scott, I have to tell you something."

"Sure, what is it?"

"I'm gay."

"Is that all?"

"You don't have a problem with it?" I asked, bewildered

"No, no problem here at all." Scott said. "Is that what this is about?"

"Kind of. When I shook his hand, I felt his anger. He was very prejudiced about a whole lot of things. I felt it through his touch. It disturbed me greatly, and then his thoughts were about how I was black, but could pass for Hispanic, and gay, and a mutant, and how I was an abomination, and that Batman should have just let me die."

"Well you don't have to worry about him anymore."

"But what about the other students?"

"Joshua, I won't lie to you. You are the first gay student ever enrolled here, as far as I know of. But the kids here are real friendly, and may actually take pretty well to you. And besides, there are a few kids that may actually be hiding their sexualities anyway. And I guess I can tell you something too."


"I'm not perfectly straight either. I am bisexual. And I do find you pretty cute. For a 16 year old."

"Really?" I say. "But you won't go after me?"

"Listen kid, Xavier's got a little rule about kids and teachers having relationships, and besides, I'm already permanently taken."

" Jean, right?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, Jean." He said. "Sorry if I got your hopes up--"

"Oh no, it's okay. Actually, if you are actually bi, who knows? There may be more bi guys here at the school."


"Scott? One more thing." I say as we pull up to the mansion. "Why do you always wear those glasses? I know there must be some particular reason."

"It's my mutant power. I can emit optic blast of sever energy that I cannot control, so I need the glasses to block the power. They have ruby quartz lenses, which is the only thing able to block out the power."

"Aw, that would suck." I say.

"You're telling me." Scott escorted me to my room. "Tomorrow is Saturday. No classes. Xavier is calling up a friend of his from the New York establishment of the school, Hank McCoy. He will be here tomorrow to give you a full examination for your powers. He may look a little scary, but he is really nice, and down to earth.

He led me into the door room, and introduced me to my roommates. "This is Bobby Drake." He said, indicating a man with brown hair and green eyes. "and the other boy is Evan Daniels." he said pointing to a black boy with bleached hair and brown eyes. Both were kinda cute, Bobby more so than Evan. The room was slightly cooler now than it was earlier. "Now Bobby, no cooler tricks. Or ice practical jokes. And raise the temperature some so that Joshua can be more comfortable." The temperature was about 65 degrees.

"Yes sir." said Bobby, as he warmed the room up a little.

"I have to warn you, Bobby sometimes uses his powers for practical jokes, so be careful when around him." Scott says to me.

"Aww, Scott, I wouldn't bother a fly." says Bobby.

"Unless it were dead." added Evan.

"Goodnight you three." Scott said. <Don't worry. The two of them can be very fun to hang around and really friendly.> Scott said, thinking loudly enough where I could hear it.

"Goodnight." the three of us said, as he closed the door.

"So," said Bobby, "welcome to the dorm."

"More commonly known as the icebox." added Evan.


For the next half hour, we discussed the normal stuff, music likes, what bands we like, video games, and, you know, normal stuff. I learned that Bobby can harness his ice power to make long-lasting ice. And that Evan could make a stegosaur-like armor on his body, and make spikes pop out of his body. They asked me what my powers were. I told them what I knew, that I was telepathic and telekinetic. I also told them that Xavier thought I possessed even more powers than what I had already shown. I told them I could also sense other's feelings, which Bobby told me was called empathy. Then we started talking about some of our pasts. I learned a lot about them. I did tell them about me being gay, and they didn't care at all. They even asked me if I found them attractive. I told them yes, and then they started modeling to see who was more attractive. I lied and told them both I found them equally attractive, then told Bobby mentally that I found him more attractive than Evan.

I told them about how Batman had saved me when my adoptive parents were killed. Evan thought it was weird that my parents had the same last name as his aunt, Orroro. We mused over the possibility that maybe he and I were actually cousins and that Orroro was actually my mother. I thought I'd ask Professor Xavier about that in the morning. We were all pretty tired, so we said our goodnights and went to sleep.

The dream comes to me again. The same as the first time. This time, however, at the end the vampire figure mocks me. I am so angry in the dream. I scream and yell at the vampire, saying I'll kill him and stuff. And some way, some how, these claws pop out of my knuckles, they're made of energy, and I'm slashing around, trying to kill the vampire image. And then I hear someone say "Enough man!" and I'm really cold, frozen almost. I think I'm dying, when suddenly I wake up.

I see Evan and Bobby, who looks different now. His body is all iced up. I see this from some type of glass confinement, no I'm in ice. I look down and notice that The claws are still there. I feel really cold. Bobby releases me from the ice.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Dude, you were roaring and slashing around and you almost killed us with those claws of yours. You're eyes were glowing and stuff was flying all around the room." I looked down at my hands and claws. I concentrated on making them disappear and they did.

"And you cut yourself on your leg by accident." he says, indicating my leg. we all looked at my leg and all of a sudden the gash in my leg closed up all on its own."

"I really need to talked to that McCoy guy." I say. I leave the room and walk down the hall. I hear a loud screaming, shouting , roaring sound. It's coming from one of the rooms up the hall. I run to the room to check on whoever's in trouble. I try to open the door, but it's locked. I focus my telekinetic power on the doorknob, but I can't get it open. I will my claws to pop out and they do.

I slice the door apart and see the room totally destroyed. There's this guy, who looks to be in his thirties, really hairy, shirtless, muscular and in good shape, not much taller than me, with these metal claws slashing around the room. Now I can imagine what I looked like. I try to snap him out of it, but he notices me and runs at me. He stabs me in the stomach. I gasp at the pain. He seems to snap out of it. He notices me and his face turns to worry. He retracts his claws as mine do too. I fall into his arms. He is about to scream for help, but he notices my bleeding stopping. I stand up as my wound completely heals.

"Your wound? It healed." he says, stating the obvious.

"Yeah, I guess it did." I answer.

His worry and relief turns to anger. "Why are you out of your room?"

"I couldn't sleep. I can't be in there. In my room. Not without endangering my roommates."

"What are you talking about?"

"I had a nightmare."

"You trashed your room too?"


"What's your name kid?"


"Mine's Logan."


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