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Joshua Munroe has joined and trained with the X-men, the mutant adventurer/superhero team, and discovered his many mental powers, the strengths of each, and his healing ability. He has encountered demons and sorcerers who want to destroy him because he is 'the chosen one'. Luckily he could confide in his lover, Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine. That was, until he was carted off by Mutant X. Where is Logan? What is the Chosen One? And who is 'the Master?'

Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 20: Fatherly Love

"There's a dark evil coming? That's kind of vague." I said.

"Mystical things tend to be vague. At least as far as prophesies go. When a prophecy is made, they tend to happen much, much sooner than the actual event. Sometimes thousands of years. Given that the prophet may not know of certain advances in technology, the prophecy is vague." Eric replied. I began to wonder if there was a prophecy about me.

'But what could it be?" Lance asked.

"I'm not sure. But I may go talk to Batgirl." Eric responded.

'Can I come?" I asked. I needed something to help me clear my head and forget about my. . .domestic problems. Plus, Batgirl could probably help me, since her watcher could tell me about what a "Chosen One" is. The phone rand and Lance went to answer it.

"I don't think it would be a good Idea for you to come, Joshua." Eric replied.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Um, guys." Lance interrupted. We turned to him. "It's Orroro. She wants to know if Joshua is here."

"Talk to her." Eric urged.

"Okay." I went to the phone. "Hello?"

"Joshua? Honey, thank the Goddess you're okay!"

"Yeah, Mom, I'm okay."

"I was so worried about you! Here I am, thinking that a sentinel destroyed you, or some demon got a hold of you, or- - -"

"I'm okay, Mom. Don't sweat it."

"I've tried talking to your dad. I don't see why he can't accept. I think it's best you stay tonight at Eric's, even thought the Professor wants you here."

"I'd rather stay here. I don't wnat to face my dad right now."

"Okay. Let me talk to Eric."

I walked over to Eric and Lance. "The Professor wants me back home. But I don't want to go home right now. I'm not ready to face my dad."

"Would you like to stay with us tonight?" asked Eric.

"Could I, lease?"

"Sure." Eric replied. Lance nodded in agreement.

"Yes! Oh, Mom wants to talk to you."

Eric took the phone from me. Lance and I talked some.

"Well, looks like you're stayin' over, bud."

"Yeah. Although, before now I never thought I'd ever meet any of the members of N'SYNC in person, let alone sleep in the same house with my favorite." I realized what I had said and began to blush.

"Well, it's every one's dream never realized." said Lance in a fake cocky tone. I laughed at his joke. Then Eric returned.

"You an stay. I'm going to take you home tomorrow morning and I'll try to talk to your dad."

"Good luck." I replied sarcastically.

"Why don't you have a shower and get ready for bed?"

"I. . .uh. . .don't have any pajamas." I said. I usually slept in only underwear, but under the circumstances, some things had to be changed.

"Are you wearing boxers?" he asked.

"Uh. . .yeah?" I said.

"Then just wear them. I'll find a robe for you to wear over the top."

"What if you don't?" I said, not wanting to be caught popping boners from loking at them.

"Joshua, We're all guys here." That's what I'm worried about, I thought.

"Okay. . .where that was going would not have worked. (Ya think?!)We've seen penises before. . .not that we're going to try to see yours (As if that's what I'm woried about, hello, horny teen here!). But you don't have to worry about us gawking or anything."

"Um. . .okay." I went upstairs to the guest bedroom. I thought about me looking at them, then dismissed the thought remembered Logan. I touched the mark on my neck. How are you, Love? I wondered.

I took off my shirt and then I sat on the bed, hands at my side. One hand touched something sticky, that felt familiar. And smelled familiar.

"What is this?" I shouted.

"What's wrong?" said Eric. He and Lance were at the door.

"There's a bunch of wet, sticky stuff on the sheets! What is it?"

"I'll change the sheets. Go on into the bathroom and shower."

I left to the bathroom, the whole time wondering what the sticky stuff was. I showered and reflected on the past few days- -Fighting, Logan's disappearance, and my dad disowning me.

I tried to think of only happy times. I then thought of the happiest moment of my life. When Logan made love to me for the first time. And all the times after that.

After making a mess in the shower, I hurried and finished washing, then turned off the shower and dried off. A bathrobe hung there. I put it on. With my heightened senses, I smelled Justin Timberlake, who I had also smelled on Lance. I covered myself with he robe, then went down to join Eric and Lance on the patio. They looked so cute there, holding hands, looking at the night sky. It made me miss Logan so much. Then I decided to brig up the robe.

"This smells like Justin." I remarked.

"That's because Justin stayed here the other night and wore it." replied Eric.

"Did he sleep in that bed?"

"Yeah." Lance said.

"Do you know what that stuff was in the. . .oh. . .never mind." I said. I realized that it was Justin's cum in the sheets. "That's nasty." I said after a pause.

"What's nasty?" asked Eric.

"I figured out what that stuff was in the bed. Did he do anything on this robe?"


"Good. Justin may be cute, nut I don't want any of his juices on me."

We laughed, and then I sat in a chair next to Eric. The three of us looked up at the sky.

"It's a beautiful night." i said.

"Yep. Sure is." Eric replied.

My mind wandered to thinking about Logan in captivity. He may still be in Mutant X. He hated talking about his life there. Were they torturing him? Was he okay? Did he escape?

"I wonder where Logan is." I thought aloud.

'I'm sure wherever he is he's safe." said Eric.

"I hope so."

Eric put his other hand on mine. I took it into my hand. "I know so. I've known him a little longer than you. I know he's a survivor. He's tough and capable of protecting himself. I'm sure he's fine."

Eric's calm state helped me calm. I felt so calm in fact that I fell asleep. A little while later, I felt a feeling of fatherly love pass through me. I was being carried up the staris to bed by Eric. He laid me down and tucked me in.

"Good night, Joshy." he said, kissing me on the forehead.

"Good night, dad." I replied. I know he wasn't my real dad, but he treated me like I was his son. After that, I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of breakfast. I went to see Lance and Eric.

"We have that reception to go to tonight." Lance said to Eric.

"Oh, that's right."

"What reception?" I asked.

"For Prince William and Prince Harry." Lance answered.

"Cool!" I said in glee. Those two were so cute! "Is it just for whoever is inivited?"

"Afraid so."


We ate breakfast, and Eric loaded the dishwasher. Lance made sure that I had taken a shower. I came down again and he helped me get fixed up for my return home. He was seeming mom-ish to me. I swear I never looked any cuter before he fixed me up though.

After we were ready, I said bye to Lance. He gave me a hug, and then Eric and I rode to the chapel. I didn't know if I even wanted to be there.

"It will be okay." Eric assured me. He gave my hands a tight squeeze and we got out the car and went to the door.

Mom was there. She gave me a big hug, and then told me to go inside. On the way to my room, I passed Remy, his demon eyes glaring at me.

"Couldn't you have stayed with your fag friends? I'm sure the three of you could come up with more orgies." he siad.

"Leave. . .me. . .alone!" I said, continuing past him, controlling my urge to curse him out.

"So, you've corrupted Logan, too. Bet it just bums to that Mutant X got to him. Aw well. Dat's one less fag on da team to worry about."

"Gambit! Leave me alone!"

"Why? Fag boy!"

My anger was mounting. I revealed my claws. Gambit pulled two cards and charged them.

"I said leave me alone!"

"What makes you tink I care you fucking queer?!"

"That's enough, both of you!" shouted a voice. Remy and I turned to see Scott, glaring at the both of us, suited up in his form-fitting leather uniform. Remy uncharged the cards, and left to go elsewhere.

I looked at Scott. He shook his head hard as if clearing a bad thought and turned and walked away. I went up to my room and sat at my window. I took and released a deep breath. I reflected over current events.

Some time later, I heard a knock at the door. I looked to see my dad. He came in and sat necxt to me and hugged me close, catching me totally off guard.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I didn't mean it. I hope you can forgive me. I should have let you explain or something, but i just went off the deep end."

"It's okay dad. I forgive you."

He looked at me. . "You look like your mother." he said, noting my blue eyes. I blushed a little and then Bishop-dad-hugged me agian. It reminded me of Eric, and of-Logan.

"We'll find him." Dad insisted. "My little boy won't be a moper forever. Besides, I need to discuss some things with him."

"Dad!" I siad, knowing that he was headed to that overprotective-father role.

"I wanns make sure things are okay. I mean, he is kinda old for you."

"But dad-."

"And him and you having sex? I have enough to worry about without STDs."

"Dad, um-."

"You haven't had sex with him already have you?"

"NO! Yes, a little bit." A lot a bit. I silently thought.

"Did you use condoms?"

"We didn't need them! Healing factors, remember?"

"I guess your old man missed the young innocent years, huih?"

"It's not your fault."

"I still feel like it is."

"I know what you mean."

We smiled a somewhat sad smile. Then we looked at our watches. It was after 7 at night.

"I'm hungry. You wanna get something to eat?" asked Dad.

"Sure. Just father/son?"




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