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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 22: Resolutions, Continuations and Answers

I walk along in this very beautiful forest, with lush green plants, sweet-smelling exotic flowers, and the air is so clean and clear. Am I in paradise? I wonder to myself.

At the end of the flower/plant lined path there is a bed, somehow constructed of only lush flowers and plants. I walk to it, drawn by its beauty and splendor. As I near it, smooth, warm arms envelop me from behind, warm sweet breath talking into my ear.

"You like?"

"I love." is my reply. For the first time I note my apparent nudity, made all the more apparent by the hard erection pushing into my back. I can feel the heat it emanates and I lean into the embrace of the smooth-skinned man behind me. I turn around and look into his blue eyes. Gorgeous dark blue eyes. Blue eyes that promise a bright future. Blue eyes that hold mine as a long, hard, thick erection enters my needy hole. I feel so loved, so wanted, so...

This is wrong!!!! The shade of eyes, the texture of the skin, the height.. the reddish brown hair?!!

"NO!!" I yell as he grabs me, ensuring I can't let go, worry overcoming his facial features. He falls forward, ensuring he lands with me beneath him. Suddenly, vines launch themselves from the `bed' beneath me and restrain my hands and feet. Scott pounds himself mercilessly inside me as I am forced to take it. And as wrong as I know this is, I find myself enjoying this, my erect member leaking all over my stomach.

"NO!!" I yell loudly. I try to employ telekinesis to free myself again, like I had done in the room, but as hard as I strain, I can't seem to use my powers at all. I can't conjure any elements, I can't utilize my empathic abilities either. "NO!!!" I yell. Even as Scott orgasms inside of me, I can't seem to wake up, I can't so anything about it.

I wake up gasping for breath, sweating, clawing for anything that can help me sustain my breathing. Usually you can't remember anything but traces of what happens in your dreams. I remembered everything that just happened. Vividly. >From the smells of the flowers to the rough feeling on my ass to the heat of Scott's semen as it fired into my hole. All I could think about for a few seconds was the feelings. Then the shock wore off and I thought of what was done. I felt... violated. Like I had been raped. Then I realized what had happened. Using a dream, Scott had mentally raped me!!

I hastily threw on a robe and tore out of my room down the hallway, not particularly caring that I made a slight chill with every step. When I made it to Scott's door, I unlocked the door telekinetically, and beheld the sight of Cyclops with a half-hard, completely semen-covered cock, naked on his bed.

I locked the door after myself and, nearing his bed, I made my claws, barely touching his throat. Feeling the heat that they emanated, Scott's goggled eyes opened, fear overcoming his features as he noticed his predicament.

"If you so much and move one atom of a muscle, other than that of your mouth, I swear to God I'll chop your head off." I said, anger evident in my voice.

"What are you talking about?" he said, not understanding what was going on.

"That little dream you had? It traveled so far as to link with my brain. It had the effect of mentally raping me!" I replied, getting slightly closer with my claw.

"I'm sorry!" He replied, "It was only a fantasy of mine! I didn't mean to interfere with your own thoughts."

"Well it did. I'd much appreciate it if I stayed out of your fantasies." I coldly retorted, then headed for the door.


I halted then turned to the owner of the voice. "What?" I almost growled.

"Please don't hate me. I'm sorry. You're in love with Logan and I have to respect that. But don't hate me. Please don't hate me."

"I don't hate you Scott. I only like you as a friend, though. And I would appreciate it if you didn't breach that and mistake it for something else. You've already almost mentally raped me. What if something like that was to happen in real life? Think of what would happen if the situation were reversed."

"I see your point. Once again I'm sorry." I nodded and turned again to the door. "And Josh?"


"One last question." he said, hesitating.

I answered the question before it was asked. "The next person to experience Scott Summers will be very happy with the results." I could feel the nervous smile as I exited the room.

On my return back to the room, I ran into Pietro.

"Go on." I said, urging him to go to Scott.

"No. I can't.. She loves him too much." I knew he meant Dr. Grey.

"I see."

"I'll find someone else to give my love to." he said, then zipped on at super-speed to his room.

I headed on to my own room. My thoughts centered on the mental intrusion I just endured. Then I thought it over. Due to my mutant powers, perhaps I was only able to feel the dream because Scott was thinking of me. Scott probably was having, to him at least, an innocent fantasy. The same thing could probably happened with me by accident, too. Come to think of it, I remembered the time I had caused a huge ruckus when Logan and I were working out, and I got so horny, my powers expressed it on everyone in the school. All over Lo--

My thoughts now centered on my missing Logan. Where was he? I couldn't help it. A seventh sense of mine kept telling me that Logan was in extreme danger. I had reached the door of my room when my legs buckled and my body fell to the ground, my body was racked with pain, and my eyes clouded as I was sent to another place:

I was in a laboratory. I tried to move my arms to get a feel for the surroundings, but shackles restrained them. I couldn't move my feet, or any part of my body. I was being held perfectly still. I couldn't get out my claws. I saw the doctors and scientists approach me, and could barely make out what they were saying.

"General Wraith will be pleased with our experiments." one said.

"I agree. Weapon X is almost completely back to regular schedule. Now for one more memory enhancement."

"No!" My mind screams, as the scientists near, ready to inject. Only, I don't hear my own mental voice. It's completely different. Gruffer. . . familiar. It could only be---

"AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!" I yell aloud. I thrash around wildly, trying to get a grip on reality. My vision goes completely pitch black, and when it comes back again, I am in the middle of the doorway to my room, Scott worriedly looking down at me, Jean next to him, just as concerned as he is. Mother trying to push past them to get to me, Dad right behind her. More of the students and faculty approach me as they notice the commotion.

"Josh?" Cyclops says as his hand extends to help me up.

My mind searches for something to say, but all I can think about is Logan in his endangered state. Thought and action become one as I leap up and run toward the area the Blackbird is being kept in, my robe becoming a black leather uniform with a large blue X on the chest, and an X on each glove and boot. Scott, Jean, Mom, Dad, Bobby, Remy, and Rogue follow, and as I enter the Blackbird, I find myself suspended in midair, and no matter how hard I try, I am unable to move a single inch. I am turned to face the others. The rosy eyes of Jean explain my predicament.

"Let me down now!" I shout. I am in no mood right now to be stopped.

"No! Not until you tell us what's wrong." replied Jean.

"Joshua, please, please! Tell us what's wrong!" Mother pleaded.

"If we don't hurry, Logan will be lost forever. Mutant X has captured him and is trying to transform him into an ultimate killing machine. They've already suppressed his memories after leaving there the first time and implanted their own. We've got to get there now and free him, before it is too late!"

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Scott says after a brief pause. "Let's go! We've prolonged this long enough!" Jean released me and we all entered the jet, the hatch closed and we sped off into the night, the others entering the back area of the ship to dress into their own uniforms, save Jean who transformed her nightgown into her uniform.

Cyclops quickly devised an attack plan for us to rescue Logan as our cloaked ship neared the base. He and Phoenix would easily take out the guards surrounding the building. Storm and Bishop would ensure that no harm came to any of us on the upper levels of the building. Mother looked relieved that she would be on the upper levels of the building rather than the lower levels, which was understandable due to her being claustrophobic. Gambit and Rouge would assist me in breaching the underground levels, due to his thieving skills and their combined strengths, leaving me to rescue Logan when I made it that far. When finally I had secured him, we'd work our way backwards, and go back to the jet.

"Aww man, so I get to stay here?" moaned Iceman.

"Yes, you do. We need someone to watch over the ship, to monitor us, and to protect it at all costs. We'll never know if anyone tries to destroy our escape vessel, but you will." replied Scott.

"Got ya, fearless leader." Iceman said, realizing the importance of his mission.

"Everyone be on the alert. We've got no idea what kinds of mercenaries and soldiers they have...be it mutant or human." Everyone nodded their agreement, then Phoenix established a telepathic link between us so that we could communicate without being intercepted. Then we set out.

The alarm sounded as we neared the building, but we were not fazed. I lifted all of us into the air except Phoenix and Cyclops, who began to knock out the guards as they approached us. It seemed like a couple hundred or so. As we neared the entrance to the base, and more guards began to pour out, I even the score that much more, concentrating on all of the guns that the men had and dismantling them, then I flew straight for the door, my shield acting as a battering ram, knocking anyone else in the way out of the way.


As Psyche entered the building, Cyclops and Phoenix did what they did best, working as a team to easily disperse the guards, Cyclops making wide range, low intensity blasts to fell as many at a time, Phoenix flinging guards into other guards, executing psi-bolts to cut them down mentally, or, when they got close enough, using a psi-shield and expanding it around Cyclops and herself to fall many more of them. And one thought kept her going. I'm not going to let them get to him. I must keep him safe. I love him.

Cyclops kept on rapid firing at the advancing guards, but gradually they seemed to be dwindling down, until at last all the guards were down. He smiled to himself, they had done it. He looked at Jean, sweat covering her forehead, a smile on her face, too. Then she walked over to him and, surprising himself and her, enveloped him in her arms. And he returned the hug. They looked into each other's eyes (well eyes to a visor) and began to kiss- - - Then Phoenix pushed away form Cyclops telekinetically a split second before the laser landed between them. The two looked up into the glowing red eyes of a Sentinel.


Storm and Bishop looked all around them at the results of their endeavors. Everything had went as scheduled, after Psyche eliminated their weapons and dropped them off, the couple instantly got to work, Storm's winds punishing them brutally, Bishop's stun beams plowing them down. Whenever Bishop ran out of energy, a swift lightning bolt from Storm recharged him, and whenever they were in too crowded a space, the nearest soldiers received expertly executed martial-arts attacks that knocked them out.

Things went perfectly. Until they heard the explosion from outside. Storm and Bishop went to a window to see Phoenix and Cyclops battling two Sentinels.

"Bishop, you wait here and see that Psyche is returned to us all right. I'm going to help Phoenix and. Cyclops." Storm said as she jumped out the window and flew out, not waiting for a response.

"Be careful. My love." replied Bishop to himself.

"I'd be worried about myself if I were you." a sinister, gruff voice said behind him. Bishop turned, half-expecting to see Wolverine, but instead was met face-to-face by Sabretooth.


Gambit and Rogue fought off their opponents, with well-placed kicks and punches, staff bashes and wild tk-throws. Psyche had left them to it, them letting him get that much closer to fulfilling his objective.

Gambit and Rogue fought on, completely stopping their opposition, until they noticed a figure enter the next sealed off hallway of the base behind Psyche - - and they had no way to follow, she had sealed the door behind herself.


I entered the hallway that was the final stretch between the laboratory Wolverine was being held in and the rest of the base. I broke into a run, nearing the door, and just as I made it there I felt the most excruciating pain---adamantium entering my back in the form of claws and slinging me back the way I came up the hallway.

I stood up as the wounds healed themselves, totally unprepared for what I saw before me. I'll give her this, she was gorgeous. About 5'5, with Asian features, and steel-blue eyes. Her longish black hair reached to the middle of her back and was tied into a ponytail. She wore a black skin tight leather uniform that hugged her curves almost suggestively and revealed some cleavage.

"Sorry, but that door's of limits." she said as she took a fighter's pose. I then watched as her elegantly painted nails lengthened with her fingers to form foot-long adamantium claws.

"Aww shit." I groaned. She leapt from her spot on the floor at me. I leapt into the air and flipped over her to land on the ground. I turned, psi-claws formed to block a constant flurry of claw attacks from her. At one point I thrusted forward with my claws, piercing her chest. I was afraid at first, as blood spilled over my fist, but became more afraid as her hand enveloped into a fist around my own and she raised herself and kicked off my chest, sending me flying into the far wall door and herself off my claws.

"What's your beef with Logan anyway?" I said meaning the whole Mutant X program.

"I dont' care what they want. All I care for is what I want. I want him to pay!" She shouted in response. "For the death of my father! If you choose to defend him, then you are my enemy as well!" She shouted as she flew toward me. I jumped up and, as she neared me, I kicked out, adding tk emphasis to send her down to the floor. No sooner had she landed than she leapt back up and dug the claws from both hands into my stomach and chest. I groaned with the intrusion, and, using all the effort I could muster, pushed out at me surroundings, sending her into the door I entered. She shakily stood again.

"No!! I will not yield! Deathstrike. . . will. . . prevail!!"

"Prevail this!!" I shouted as I released an all-out psionic assault on her, knocking her out, doing God knows how much damage.

I turned my attention on the door in front of me and using telekinesis, forced it open. What I saw as I entered almost made me vomit.

The doctors and scientist that I had seen before were all dead, in all manner of dismembered body parts and internal organ arrangements. Blood was everywhere. My only summation of this was that Logan had indeed gotten free.

It was then that I noticed the low growl behind me. I turned to see him, crouched in a corner of the lab. He was noticeably taller, and his hair longer, and also naked, and covered in blood, some fresher than the rest, as I could see and smell, but undoubtedly it was blood, caused by him, starting to stain his unsheathed adamantium claws.

"Logan?" He looked up at me, growled ferociously and leapt at me, claws first!!!

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