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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 23: Taming the Savage Wolverine

At the last possible second, I threw myself to the ground, grabbing his wrists, and kicked into his chest, sending him flying over my head into one of the consoles. I flipped to my feet, turned to look at him, ready for a fight, but not wanting one.

"Logan? It's okay. It's me! Joshua! Please try and remember!" I pleaded. Logan had a small look of recognition before he leapt at me again, this time almost beheading me. I dodged his attacks, which were becoming harder to read and anticipate, ducking left and right, until on one swipe he scraped my arm, his adamantine claws able to breach even the protected armor of my bodysuit. He made to stab me but I grabbed his arm, then added tk force to a kick to his face. He staggered, then came forward swinging again. I summoned my own psi-claws and parried, always on the defensive, constantly pleading with him to remember me and to snap out of whatever trance he was in.


The tentacles barely missed Phoenix as she flew in loops, trying to distract the Sentinels while she scanned for weak points on them, trying to find a breach that she could channel her powers through to maybe destroy it from the inside. Meanwhile Storm and Cyclops were doing the best they could to try and destroy the Sentinels, concentrating their powers on different part of their bodies, but try as they might, the two couldn't land a decent blow on the metallic menaces.

A realization came over Storm, which she reported to the others. Jean, you're going to have to find that weak spot, and soon, because these things are both made out of adamantium.

Hearing the urging of Storm, Phoenix flew faster, trying to cover more ground, scanning desperately for a breach.

Iceman! We need your help! Iceman! Cyclops telesent.


Sorry boss-man, but I got my hands full. replied Iceman as he struggled to hold his shield. A mile away, where the Blackbird had been kept, escaping troops had discovered the Blackbird, and called in the disturbance to Wraith, who sent the hidden sentinels in and told the men to use whatever resources they had to eliminate the Blackbird. The soldiers had been laying a barrage of weapon attacks, trying to get past the ice ever since. And Iceman's mind was reaching its limit.


"Unnghh!!" Bishop groaned as he made impact with the wall again. For the past 10 minutes, he tried to fight Sabretooth. He had run out of energy given to him by Storm, and was forced to use hand to hand combat against Sabretooth. Unfortunately, Sabretooth's healing factor was making that an even harder battle.

Bishop swung another right hook, followed by a left, both of which were caught by Sabretooth. Bishop jumped, pulled his legs up, and kicked out with both feet, breaking Sabretooth's nose again for the second time so far, and, as he back-flipped, kicked him in the throat. Sabretooth backed away, then ran forward, spinning into a kick aimed for Bishop's gut. Bishop caught the foot, then tried his own side kick, which was caught by Sabretooth. Both mutants threw the other's foot down, then tried a front kick, feet connecting. Sabretooth pushed forward as did Bishop, both men trying to gain leverage. Then Bishop jumped up, grabbed a overhanging pipe, and side-kicked with his other foot, causing Sabretooth to spin and fall to the ground. Bishop dropped into a fighter's pose, waiting for his opponent's next move. He knew that he would soon tire out, and prayed that Joshua please hurry.


Remy had tried every lock-picking technique he could think of on the door, as Rogue had also tried to punch the door in so many times that her fists, invulnerable as they may be, began to feel the pain. Rogue then tried another plan. The brushed her face against Remy, only for a brief moment to pick up his powers, and then, removing her gloves, the two placed their hands on the door, charging it with kinetic energy. Sure enough, the door did not explode. However, it was knocked off its hinges. They two began to move forward until the slim female stepped out of the doorway.

"Gambit. Rogue. I guess I lucked out better with a two for one." Gambit and Rogue mad to defend against Deathstrike, but she was too fast. She leapt at them and, spiraling in mid-air, kicked the two in the face, hooked her feet onto their shoulders, bent forward to grab their feet, and then flipped forward to land on her feet. This had the effect, however, of landing both Rogue and Remy on their backs hard.. Then, to finish it off, she gracefully fell backward, arms to the sides, landing heavy blows to their chests. Remy felt like someone dropped a barbell onto his chest and passed out from the pain Rouge, however, knew that if they both fell, she would surely kill them. Rogue slung Deathstrike away from herself, and flipped to her feet.

Hurry up, Joshua! she pleaded.


Wolverine made to claw me again, by I caught his fist. He then grabbed me with the same hand, instead, and slung me across the room. I expected this to happen and used it to my advantage. I maneuvered myself so that my feet would make contact to the wall, then, as I connected, I kicked off of it and thrust myself at Logan, adding extra force to throw me at super-speed and adding a tk-barrier to surround me and act as a battering ram of force. It was all I could do to stop saying "Psycho Crusher!" as I flew.*

Just as I hoped, my barrier hit Logan at battering-ram force, send him to the wall. However, he copy-catted me, leaping from it to lodge his claws firmly in my stomach, a devilish grin clouding his features. I looked up into his eyes as his face changed somewhat. I entered his mind. Logan was having a deja-vu of the first time we met!

<Yes Logan!> I urged, <Remember! Remember all the stuff that happened! The mall! P3!> I removed my glove to show him the ring. <Remember this!!> Logan looked from me to the ring, and sheathed his claws, then held his hands to his head, an animalistic roar resounding from deep within his throat.

I knelt next to him and re-entered his mind. I could see what he felt like he was going through. A variety of scientists who where telling him his life's story, reading it to him from charts. But it was all lies. He could see The other X-men, they were there, too, but they were trapped inside some sort of cage at the farthest end of his mind. He was trying to reach them.
Slashing wildly, trying to destroy the fake memories. Soldiers were surrounding him, informing him on past missions. He gutted them, decapitated them. But they were getting closer. They were winning.

I flew psionically next to him and began to aid him, using my telekinesis to snap necks, decimate, remove internal organs, anything it would take for the scientist, doctors, and soldiers to be destroyed.

I then noticed a new presence. Phoenix was flying around gathering different people and objects. When she was finished, she held them all inside a huge psi bubble, which I noticed the doctors and scientist began to approach. I realized that Jean was sheltering Logan's real memories and protecting them form being harmed. That being done I concentrated with all my might, sending out combined waves of telekinesis and lightning to all my and Logan's surroundings, shorting out all of the fake accumulated memories, allowing Phoenix to be able to release the real ones.

I slowly exited Logan's mind, exhausted to say the least.

"Josh? Kid? You okay?" It took me a few seconds to open my eyes, and when I did I smiled at what I saw. Logan's concerned, natural blue eyes and longish black hair. Longish? Since when did Logan's hair grow that long? Getting help from him to stand me up, I finally looked him over completely. The first thing I took in was that at his new height, I actually had to look up to see his eyes. The hairiness was yet the same. I noticed He looked just muscular and buff as before. One thing that had changed . . . the long cock swinging in front of him that was 6 inches long without even being hard, and thicker!

Logan caught my stare, then smirked evilly. "There will be plenty of time for that later. Right now we need to get the hell outta here!"

"Right." I said, snapping out of my trance. I grabbed an unused lab coat from one of the walls, one with the least blood on it. I then conjured up a concentrated rain to rinse all the blood off of Logan. Then I transformed the lab-coat into a uniform for Logan and reluctantly clothed him in it.

Then the two of us ran out to meet the others.

The first thing we heard were Rogue's anguished cries and Deathstrike's evil laughter. Upon entering the room, Logan unsheathed his claws, ready for battle.

<No time!> I told him, <If we don't hurry, there won't be a Blackbird to escape with. Bobby's at the end of his rope, and Phoenix, Cyclops, and Storm need help against the sentinels.>

Logan surprised me, however, by aiming the claws and firing them at Deathstrike, so that the embedded her in the wall.

"She's gonna get out, but at least it'll buy us some time." he said, then Rogue picked up Gambit and lead us out.

Upon reaching the upper levels, we saw Dad struggling to fend off Sabretooth. I quickly conjured a large lightning strike to hit Dad. It obviously pained him at first, but it quickly faded as he unleashed a large plasma blast that sent Sabretooth flying through several walls and hallways, until he finally was imbedded in one.

"Good one dad." I said as I moved over to him, pulling him to the window.

"Thanks. Same to you. Only next time, try not to put as MUCH shock into it." he replied. Gambit slowly awoke, surprised to see Rogue carrying him.

"Aw cher, Gambit ain't know you care." he said in his Cajun accent.

"Aww, shut it." She said as she leapt out the same window Storm had. I follow, Bishop and Wolverine in telekinetic tow.

As we descended, we could see that the three X-men were having the worst time trying to stop the Sentinels. Finally, Logan unsheathed a new set of claws. He quickly explained that now the claws had taken on the effect of being able to shoot out of his skin completely and were able to regenerate. And since it was an even stronger form of adamantium it could possibly breach the new Sentinels.

To test it, he shot them out at the Sentinels. Three claws imbedded in both Sentinels. This done, both Phoenix and I set to work, using our powers to widen the holes so that they could be destroyed.

The Sentinels seemed to realize this, because they began to started closing and healing themselves. Phoenix and I now had to struggle to keep the holes open, Storm concentrating on freezing them so that the holes wouldn't close.

Cyclops and Bishop used this to their advantage, Cyclops hitting Bishop with a high-intensity optic beam and then the two together blasted away at both Sentinels, aiming for the open holes, Wolverine blasting more hyper-adamantium claws at both Sentinels to make them have too many wound to heal them on. Storm was now able to focus electricity into the cracks and, with so much energy flowing through it, the Sentinels finally exploded.

We, however, did not celebrate, not just yet. Instead, Phoenix carried Cyclops, Storm carried Bishop, I carried Wolverine, and Rogue carried Gambit straight to the Blackbird.

It happened in all of 20 seconds. Wolverine's adamantine strength, Rogue's super strength, Gambit's pole staff, my telepathy, Dad's stun lasers, Jean's telekinesis, Mom's weather powers, and Cyclops's optic beams took out all the left-over troops. Which was just as well, because Iceman's ice shield was now turning more and more transparent and quickly melting. It seemed as though he was trying still to make it resurface.

<It's okay.> Phoenix said, <It's us.>

The shield finally fell and disappeared, and we entered the sub-zero ship, Cyclops instantly turning on the heater, and after a 2 minute defrost, the Blackbird began its return ship home.

Bobby took his leave into the back of the ship and fell asleep, completely exhausted. Jean fell asleep next to Cyclops. Mother lay her head on Dad's lap and dozed off. And Logan and I held each other tightly as the two of us went off to dreamland.

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