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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 24: Questions Posed

An hour or so had passed since we returned to the hideout, each and every one of us ready to hop into bed. Scott had needed to carry Jean, as she was completely exhausted from using her powers so much. Stretching her telepathy to include all of our minds, while using her telekinesis to fly AND try to breach solid adamantium Sentinels, AND fly Scott to the Blackbird, AND in the fight against the soldiers, was obviously very taxing.

Bishop was carrying Mother, who was also exhausted from employing her weather control powers as much as she had. Dad wasn't doing to well himself, as he had taken the force of several lightning bolts, Optic blasts, and the merciless beatings of Sabretooth.

Rogue and Remy carried each other, Remy constantly flirting with an annoyed, yet turned on Rogue.

And as for me, well, I was being carried by my own Knight in shining adamantium. Being in Logan's tight embrace was very comfortable. And I needed it too. I had such a headache from using so much power. Hey, you would too if you had dismantle thousands of guns, fight off an insane psycho bitch whose abilities rivaled your adamantium-skeleton laced, automatically healing boyfriend (then had to fight HIM, too, and undo the damage done to his mind), had to struggle to not let AUTO-HEALING SENTINELS MADE OF ADAMANTIUM! heal themselves, and fly yourself and a HEAVY boyfriend to another fight against soldiers. My mind couldn't take much more.

So it was also not needed, yet completely unavoidable, when the first sight we were greeted to when we entered the hideout was our wheelchair-bound mentor.

"Would you all care to explain WHY you rushed out without at LEAST giving me a SMALL amount of notification?" Professor Xavier said in a slightly agitated voice.

Scott immediately spoke up. "Sorry, professor, but we needed to rescue Logan! In fact, if we hadn't made it when we did, Logan might be completely turned by now and on the side of the enemy!"

"Yes, which is why I'm glad you did." All of us who were awake looked at Xavier with surprise. We expected to return to see him angry that we rushed out. But to see him totally proud? "I simply wished to congratulate you on the success of your mission. I was overlooking it telepathically, and I must say I've never been prouder of my team." And with that, Xavier's chair hovered into the air again and went off toward his room.


Now, slightly enthused by Xavier's congratulation, we all ambled on to our rooms, headed for a nice long night of sleep. Or so I thought. My mind would not clear enough to let me just sleep. I kept reflecting back to all the things that Logan had told me in so many conversations about his life, his past. But there were still pieces missing. Like where did Deathstrike fit in with all of this? I had to know. I needed to ask him.

No sooner than Logan and I lay together in our bed than I lay it on him.


:"Yes, hon?"

"Who is she? What is the whole thing with her and your past? She seemed pretty perturbed that I was there to free you."

Logan reluctantly sat up in the bed and looked toward me. "I can't tell you. But I can show you."

At first I was confused about what he meant, then realized that he wanted me to enter his mind. I slowly let my mind connect with his, my mental presence inside of his mind.

It seemed like I was now in some sort of a white void, with my lover standing beside me, the two of us still clothed in our X uniforms. He smiled, took hold of my hand, then the world around us changed, and we were in a past village of Tokyo.

Logan and I were still clothed in our uniforms. I took a look around our new surroundings. I noticed the comfortable-looking bed mat that lay on the tile floor, the lodging we were in having sliding glass-tiled doors that made the walls of the place. Seated in the middle of the little cottage was a robe clothed, less weathered looking version of Logan, seated Indian-style, obviously in meditation. Logan's well toned, bulky, hairy muscles relaxed completely, his features looking completely calm and reserved, a way I haven't seen Logan in a long time.

I looked up at my version of Logan, who was staring in a concentrated manner at the doorway. I followed his gazed as the smallest of the interconnecting screens slid open to the right and a slim female figure entered. The seated Logan seemed to come out of a trance as he seemed to remember something. He turned to the new presence that he sensed, probably smelling her familiarity. The beautiful Japanese woman ran to him and hugged him tightly, Logan returning it just as tightly. It was then that I finally got a good look at her face, and her pale-blue eyes.

"It's Deathstrike!! But she likes you there."

"Joshua, Deathstrike, Yuriko Oyama as she used to be known, and I used to be in love, a long time ago. We were both in training at the same time to become a samurai."

"And slowly you guys fell in love?"

"Essentially, yes. Then she discovered my past. . .and got angry. She discovered that I was involved in the project that got her father, a famous scientist, killed. That, in fact, I killed her father."

"But what proof does she have?"

"When she suspected that it was me, she challenged me to a fight." As he said this, the world around us warped into a void of the whole spectrum of colors, then faded back into the regular world. The scene was of a battlefield. Logan and Yuriko were in samurai armor and were attacking one another viciously, swords clanging, until Logan's sword broke. Then he was forced to unsheathe his claws. A look of realization came across Deathstrike's face, and, angered, the cruel words came.

"I knew it was you! You killed him! You killed my father!!! Now I will kill you!!!" she yelled as she revealed her own surprise to him. Her claws elongated for the first time seen to Logan, as she began to use her skills against Logan, dead-set on killing him.

"But how does she know that it was you?" I repeated. The world warped to a cold gray around us as we were brought back to the laboratory that I freed Logan from not hours ago. Only the machinery was nowhere near as sophisticated as the equipment there in the present day, giving away that this was from the past. And it was a very scary sight beheld here. Different bodies this time were all dead, lying about in all manners of gory death One sight though was enhanced. One beheaded male corpse seemed to have an orange aura around him. I walked over to the corpse and glanced at the nametag on the scientist's lab coat, which read Dr. Kenji Oyama.

"After that, she hated me ever since." Logan said as I stood up from looking at the body. "I've never been able to forgive myself, and she's never forgiven me. After she discovered his death, she investigated the site and discovered that the murderer was their experiment with adamantium grafted onto their bones. She then sought out help and had the same thing done to herself. She has been one of my major enemies ever since. There is no getting through to her. She will not stop until she kills me."

As he stated this, I realized that this was the end of the story, and slowly, I withdrew myself from his mind. My vision faded from the gray, dreary interior of the lab in his mind to the wooden decor of our bedroom in our hideout. After the effect was completed, Logan moved to get out of the bed.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I can't do this anymore." he replied, moving to put on his clothes.

"Do what?"

"I can't endanger you anymore!!" he said, trying to dress, though finding it difficult. It would have to be difficult, as I was using my telekinesis, my gift that allows me to manipulate matter by will of thought, to keep his clothes away from him. I then grabbed him around the waist from behind.

"You're not going to endanger me!! Hell, if anyone is going to endanger anyone, it's going to be me, with all the vampires that seem to want me dead!!! I love you Logan, and I'm not going to let you leave me just because you think you'll get me killed!!" I said, while sending the fullness of my emotions, the love that I had for him, through the telepathic link that we seemed to forever have established.

Logan reluctantly stopped struggling, and turned to look at me. "You mean that? You do love me?"

"More than anything. I really do love you." I said as I moved around to the front of him, sitting myself in front of him on his lap, our naked bodies touching.

"And I love you too." He replied softly, a small smile curving his lips as he pulled me head to his, his hands holding the sides of my face, my arms instinctively folding around the back of his neck. We stayed like that about five minutes until he lay back on the bed, me on top of my hairy lover, and we just kissed and held each other like that, until slowly the two of us fell asleep.



I could feel the invading sunlight shine onto my face. I opened my eyes and looked around. I must say I was pleased. No more barely-held-together ceilings of an old run-down chapel. Now I could see the established workmanship of a carpenter who was the best in the state of California's work, his accomplishment a perfect X inside of a perfect circle. Three weeks had passed with Logan being back. And although we hadn't made love since his return, we had the best conversations ever. We talked about everything good and bad, from his past army exploits and adventures with the X-men, to my past life and past families. Also after those three weeks, with construction round the clock, the Los Angeles school and the New York school had been rebuilt. The Orlando school was also underway. Logan and I were at the 2nd establishment in Los Angeles, in bed, cuddled together as usual. Danger Room sessions and regular instruction would not begin again for another week, so we had this last one to ourselves. The only other students there were Pietro, Bobby, John, Alex, Remy, Marie, and Louis. Which meant, essentially, that Logan had been left in charge. Mom, Dad, and Hank were in New York, while Xavier, Phoenix, and Cyclops were in Orlando.

I stood, pulled on a robe, and headed toward the bathroom, showered, then went to the kitchen. On the way I passed something that made me smile. Pietro Maximoff and Alex Summers were seated comfortably on the sofa in the living room, arms around each other's waists, and lips pressed softly together. Bobby was there also, on one of the X-Comms, a cell phone connected to a private network for the Xavier students' usage. I could tell that Hank was on the other line. I dared not hone in with my heightened sense of hearing, as I was afraid that with the two lovebirds separated by a whole continent almost, they were probably having phone sex. Pietro was here also, writing what looked like a letter to his boyfriend Piotr. I kept looking, but I saw no sign of Louis.

I reached out with my mind, searching for Louis's. He seemed to be outside. I went outside and saw him busying himself with his powers, practicing. Eager I could see.

The night passed on, with me cooking breakfast and lunch for all of us, which they enjoyed. The more the day passed, the more I thought about what would lay in the future. I thought about the others that I met while being here in LA, Phillip, Perry, and Patrick. The Charmed Ones. Wizards that were destined to fight against the forces of evil. I looked in the telephone book for the number and, sure enough, saw their number and gave them a ring. Maybe they could tell me about the whole Fabled One thing.

"Hello?" Perry's voice said.

"Hi, Perry? This is Joshua. I need to talk to you and the guys tonight."

"Can you meet us at P3?"

"Of course. About 8?"

"Good. See you then."

I hung up the phone and went to Logan, after getting dressed in black jeans and boots, a white tank, and a black leather jacket, to tell him of my plans.

"Okay, but before you go, take this." He went to a drawer and pulled out a wooden stake. "Be careful."

"I will." I replied. I slipped the stake into the inside of my right boot. Then I gave him a long long kiss.

He was the first to pull away. "You know, if you don't hurry on out of here, I'm going to have to peel those clothes off of you and punish you."

"That can wait till later." I smiled, then headed too the garage. Restoration of the school also covered the cost of replacing the vehicles that Xavier owned, including Logan's motorcycle. Not wanting to make too much of a fuss, I instead hopped into Mom's sedan. She gave me the keys already. I started the ignition, raised the garage door with the remote in her car, then I drove out.

It took about 20 minutes with the traffic to arrive, and I was still about 10 minutes early. I got past the security guard and entered the building, after receiving the no-drinking stamp on my hand. I began scanning the minds around me, searching for the three brothers. Then I spotted Phillip, who waved at me. The oldest of the three brothers, he was gifted with telekinesis also, though his only extended to moving objects and created telekinetic blasts.

As I made my way over to him, something else quickly caught my attention. A sudden feeling overcame me. Such passion. . .I didn't know how to describe it. All I knew was that my cock was hard as hell and my mind was focused on sex.

I turned my head toward the source of the feelings. My eyes landed on a gorgeous 16 year old boy. with perfect light blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a slim muscular build on his 6'0 body. He was wearing a black tank that clung to his muscled chest, and black leather pants that hung loosely from his small, trim waist. He looked so hot. Nothing was on my mind at that moment except him. I walked through the crowd towards him as he left through one of the side exits of the building. I felt myself uncontrollably drawn to his presence.

I exited the same door as he. . .and found myself suspended in midair by the strong hand that held me by the throat in a dark side alley.

"Good job Cupid." came the voice I instantly realized was Zeus. I looked on as the boy's clothes changed from all black to all white, with gold trimmings.

"I aim to please." he replied.

"What's with the whole gods thing?" I said, "Do you guys work for Sinister or something?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, we do." replied Zeus, " We are known as the Olympians. Mutants hired by Sinister to, basically, kill you."

"That's comforting." I said, struggling to get free.

Suddenly, from nowhere, a column of fire spurted from the ground, and when it extinguished, a man stood in its place. He had ruggedly handsome good looks, though he seemed to be covered in a light sheen of sweat. He wore a green vest and green leather pants, with green leather boots. He was more muscular than Cupid was, and had long black hair, done in braids, and green eyes. His skin was a defined tan.

"Haphaestus, what are you doing here?" asked Zeus.

"Sinister said let us do the dirty work. He wants to see you immediately."

I sensed a feeling of apprehension from Zeus as he let go of my throat. I heard the sound of lightning crackle and turned around to see him gone.

I turned back to the others. "Well," said Haphaestus, "looks like we have him all to ourselves. Hey Cupid, could you do that thing you do and trap him again? He'd make a nice fuck before we kill the little whore."

"Not today boys." said a new voice. We all looked up as from the shadows emerged Phillip, Perry, and Patrick. Each was clothed in black tank tops and black leather pants, with black boots.

"Josh, get out of here now!" the voice, now apparently Phillip's, shouted. I nodded and concentrated my telekinetic powers on myself, causing me to levitate up to the roof. My sense of danger was heightened as Haphaestus materialized on the roof from another column of fire.

"Nice trick." I said.

"That was just the kiddy show. Here's the main event." I watched as he raised his leg and kicked a pipe lying on the ground. The force caused it to hop into the air. He caught it and my eyes almost bugged out at what he did.

I watched as the pipe warped itself into all manners of shape until it settled itself into the shape of a sword, with a golden hilt. "Besides wielding the power of pyrokinesis and pyrokinetic transport, the ability to control and teleport by fire, I can also alter the molecules of any object, morphing it into any weapon of the same size that I see fit." he said as he showed me. "And they work well, too." With that he charged at me with the sword pointed at me. At the last second I jumped into the air, spun and kicked him in the face. He staggered backwards, but was only slightly winded then came at me again. slashing wildly. I dodged left and right, then ran for a box laying on the roof. As he neared me, I kicked off the box and levitated myself straight into the air, causing him to crash into it. I forced my telekinesis down on myself, causing me to land hard onto his back. I slammed his head into the box for extra emphasis.

Suddenly Haphaestus' hand grabbed the back of my shirt and threw me off him. I landed with a thud at the opposite side of the roof. I barely had time to avoid a downward swipe from his sword, but I quickly rolled to my right. When the sword came down, I put my left foot on his hand, then used my telekinesis to raise myself and kick him with my right foot, causing him to drop the sword.

"Okay, that does it!" He shouted as he blasted ball of fire after ball of fire at me. I pushed out at the area in front of me and created a telekinetic barrier to stop him. Unfortunately the small orbs were of great mass, causing great strain for me to stop him. I threw up my hands as well as I channel more telekinetic power out at the barrier. My forehead began sweating with both the concentration I had to endure to keep up the shield and the heat of the fire orbs. The more I concentrated, the less distance I was able to block between myself and the fire, my shield getting closer and closer to me.


"This is rich." joked Patrick. "He follows after Josh and leaves up to fight the teenager."

"I'm a lot more formidable than you think." smirked Cupid. His brow furred while he talked. "You see, I not only have the power to read and influence the pheromones of other, I can also do this." A light golden aura glowed around his forehead and then localized in the center. From that glowing aura, an arrow-shaped burst of energy burst forth at the three brothers.

Each yelled out as they dodge the arrow. They watched as it impacted with a trash can, which flew all the way out into the street, spilling trash everywhere.

"Okay, that's it." said Phillip, making a slapping motion with his hand. This had the effect of sending Cupid flying up and backward in the air, but he used the telekinetic push to his advantage and flipped in midair, landing on his feet.

"Eat psi-arrows!" he shouted as he blasted three arrows at the brothers.

"Not tonight!" exclaimed Perry. Perry, the middle brother, had the power of temporal stasis- - stopping time." He made a halting motion with both hands, causing the arrows to halt. Then he utilized the other power he had, spontaneous combustion, to destroy them one by one.

"Enough games." said Patrick. Using his active power, levitation, he leapt forward at Cupid, feet forward, and utilized his power to propel himself forward, kicking Cupid in the chest. With the force and speed of impact, Cupid, flew backward into the back wall of the alley.


I struggled with all my might. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take the full force of the blasts.

No! I told myself, You can do this! You MUST do this!! I pulled all that I could from inside of me, propelling every bit of energy I had into this shield. Then, as I searched myself for power, something seemed to be calling me. Something was burning inside of me a need to attack. Like a bird of prey, rising from captivity. My vision became clouded a reddish orange as I embraced that fire which seemed to burn inside of me and used it to my advantage. A look of fear overcame Haphaestus's features as he backed back away, still throwing balls of energy at me.

But I didn't feel them. It was as if my shield was adamantium strong. In fact, I pushed out with more energy, sending the shield surging toward Haphaestus, destroying his fire balls and slamming him into a wall.

It was then that I forced the power that just exerted itself from my body back inside myself, lest it may overwhelm me. That was something like I had never felt before. I definitely needed to consult the brothers now.

"I'm outta here!" Haphaestus said as he rose to his feet. With a column of fire, he disappeared from my sight.

What made him so damn scared so fast? I wondered. I looked down to the alley below and saw Cupid, Patrick, Perry, and Phillip looking up at me. I then saw Haphaestus appear next to Cupid, and tell him something. In a flash of fire and a golden flash of light, the two Olympians disappeared.

I concentrated on myself and used my telekinetic powers to levitate myself down to ground level.

"What the hell happened up there?" said Patrick.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We saw you up there. We were going to come rescue you, when we saw you edging toward the roof. It looked like you were getting pushed off the roof. Then you started glowing all red. Then you looked like you caught on fire. Then the fire turned into a giant bird!"

I was slightly confused. I had a giant flaming bird around me? As I pondered this, a while column of light appeared in front of me and turned into. . .

"Michael? What's wrong." Michael had a very worried look on his face.

"No time to explain. All four of you, stand close to me." Not arguing, the four of us crowded around the blonde young white-lighter and felt the all-too familiar pulling feeling as we teleported away.


As Cupid rematerialized in his room the Shadow Land fortress, where Lord Sinister resided, he wondered what the hell was going on. It was becoming more and more obvious that the Fabled One was coming into his powers, if only by the way he had bested Haphaestus. But that didn't explain why he could hear from three floors beneath him what sounded like an angry mob.

Cupid teleported himself downstairs and was met with a uncomforting sight.

The Olympians and all of the vampiric and demonic and mutant followers of Sinister were gathered around the stage where Zeus stood chained, ready to be executed over an anvil.

And the person holding the axe was someone he more than expected to be. Standing at 6'4, with 240 lbs of sculpted hairy muscle, covered by a black leather vest and tight leather pants, with longish black hair and a black beard and mustache was none other than the incredibly gorgeous, and incredibly evil ARES!!!!!


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