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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 25: Answers Given

Cupid had thought this may happen, ever since that day.

Most people assumed that all of Sinister's minions were his creations, or that they were vampires. And it was true, most of them were. But not all of them.

Sinister knew that the vampires were, true, very strong and very durable. But, aside from super strength and training, they had nothing much to offer him. That's why he knew that he needed skilled warriors with various powers to help him. And that's when it came to him. The Olympians.

Sinister was a master of genetics, being a scientist himself. He found individuals with powers close to that of the Olympians from Greek mythology and used science to bring their powers to their maximum potential.

Cupid remembered being the last of the team recruited. Before then, he went by the name of Taran Wilkins. He had led an awful life. Raised by an abusive father, angry that Taran's cheating mother left, the man was a muscular hairy brute, ready to pounce on anyone at a moment's temper. So many nights Taran had remembered being beaten in his father's drunken rage. And this went on for a long time.

His mutant powers didn't help either. Taran had been blessed. . .and cursed. . .with the empathy, the ability to read and feel the emotions of others, an automatic healing factor. and the power to read and influence the pheromones of others. And had the problem of being gay.

As many young gays do, Taran was unfortunately attracted to the muscle and masculinity of his father. And had the problem that all young teens have of being constantly horny. But he didn't realize the effect that this would have on his father. Until the night that he returned home, feeling more buzzed than ever from being at a bar for 4 hours. And felt superbly horny as soon as he walked in the door. And practically ripped the clothes off of and raped the boy.

Taran was forced to provide "sexual relief" for his father from 14 to 15, and hated every second of it. In fact, his hatred grew and grew until one day he struggled back. He remembered his father's surprise when he was thrown back into a wall by a strong beam of energy that suddenly hit him from his son. He remembered the way that his father attacked him with a knife, not allowing mutant scum to invade his territory. He remembered the pleasure his father felt when he stabbed the boy's leg, and watched as the wound healed itself, just like the boy's tender smooth ass would heal after each brutal fucking. And he remembered the way that when his father attacked again, he grabbed his arm and forced the knife back to its owner's heart.

He remembered the way he fled, running for dear life. He remembered the way that he starved for a week, until a telepathic mutant found him and introduced him to the XXX Orphanage--the place where young mutants were turned into whores for men. And he remembered vividly when Sinister's vampires attacked and killed every last mutant boy there- - except for him.

Taran remembered becoming Cupid- -being trained to use his powers for evil. He remembered how his powers were amped to the point that, if he wanted, he could sear someone's head off with his psi-arrows, and any man would fall to his knees and worship him. Which was something he never enjoyed--every time he used this skill, it was to feed Sinister's minions, luring the unfortunate, gorgeous men to their dooms, letting the vampires suck them dry.

This power also gave him the title of Sinister`s--and only Sinister's--bitch. This he enjoyed least of all. Being empathic, Cupid long desired the affections of another man--the love and joy of being truly intimate. Not the unfeeling lust of a cold-skinned demon who carelessly, relentlessly fucked "his possession." What made it even more unsettling was that, although Sinister could alter his own molecules at will, allowing most weapons and forms of energy to pass through him, and allow him to morph his body into anything he chose, he would only fuck Cupid as his true form, with the once-in-a-while exception of enlarging his cock every now and then, increasing the pleasure for himself--and the pain for Cupid.

This was why he felt drawn to Zeus. Out of all the other Olympians, Zeus was the most emotional. As one of Sinister's most trusted, he was second in command of the Olympians. He also was the most attractive to Cupid. True, his own blonde hair, blue eyes and muscles on the 19 year old, who had the appearance of a 16 year old, would be enough to be enough to send anyone into a state of arousal. But with his beefy muscular 6'2 body and silver hair, Zeus wasn't without notice either. And the way his pant fit him. . .Cupid couldn't help wondering what was kept behind that crotch. And he constantly wished that this man, whom he respected like a father. a true father, would deliver him from this evil.

Cupid also vividly remembered overhearing the conversation that would give him a hope of escape. One night, Cupid overheard Zeus talking with Professor Charles Xavier, the owner of a school for mutants, about his mission, and exchanging information on Sinister's plans. It became apparent that he was a spy. . .and a good one, too, to escape Athena's telepathy.

Unfortunately, Ares had overheard this same conversation. And was hell-bent on revealing the spy.

Cupid listened as Ares told the crowd and the throne-seated Sinister how he witnessed Zeus tip off the Charmed Ones on Joshua's ambush. As he said this, Sinister's eye caught his. He made the unmistakable motion of pointing to his side. Cupid obediently teleported to his side. Cupid now realized that the only way for Zeus to be saved, and his only ray of hope not be extinguished, was that he help him. So he did the only thing he could think of. He simultaneously formed a psi-arrow and, using the power given him by Sinister, teleported himself between Ares and Zeus, then destroyed the shackles and mutant power inhibitor around his neck. Surprised, yet not showing it, Zeus quickly grabbed Cupid and teleported him away, before the area they stood in was pelted by all sorts of elemental attacks from various Gods.

"ARES!! Find them!! And KILL THEM!" shouted an enraged Sinister.

"Absolutely." he replied, and with a blackish-gray flash of light, disappeared from sight.

Zeus knew that they were now in more danger than ever. and so was the Fabled One.

Zeus knew the prophecy. He learned it from Xavier. When Zeus---Cole Alexander Thomas---was recruited by Xavier, he was taught the most expert fighting styles and to control his powers to their fullest. But instead of being trained as an X-man, he was trained to become a spy. He and a young girl named Tessa had trained together. Tessa had been later assigned to infiltrate the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, of which Sinister was currently the Black King of the New York Branch. Zeus was assigned to Sinister's Olympians.

The battle for survival had been hard, convincing Sinister that he was a loyal servant, while halting many of his plans by alerting the proper anti-Sinister group to stop him. The battle was hard. He also had the mental struggle between himself and Athena, the wise telepathic Olympian.

He also had to keep the struggle of his gayness being a secret, as he had been given as a gift a young brunette mutant, given the name Hera. She was also telepathic and super-strong. And highly jealous. He had not had sex with her every since the coupling. At least not with her. He had fucked around with several of the young vampires in Sinister's charge. Never to do so again, due to being disintegrated by Hera.

The one thing he wanted to be in was a loving relationship. And he knew who he wanted to do it with--Sinister's bitch, Cupid. Zeus could tell by the young boy's beautiful blue eyes that the boy hated every single minute of the tortuous rapings of Sinister. But he never expected the boy to save his life.

The two were now in an old motel, in hiding from the Olympians, both putting their mental walls up to their maximum.

"Why did you do that?" demanded Zeus, "Now they're going to come after me AND you!! Before now, you had the advantage of being Sinister's. . ."

"What makes you think that I ENJOYED being SINISTER'S LITTLE BITCH?!!" Cupid shouted.

Zeus calmed down a little, then began, "I didn't mean that, I just--"

"Well, I just couldn't watch you get killed, could I?"

"But kid, now we're both in danger!!"

"Well, I'd rather both of us be in danger than you getting killed. I know that what I did was rash, but it was the only way to save you."

"Kid, but why? You could have let me die and stay safe."

"And never get free? You were my only shot at escaping him. I hated every minute of being there. I've been hurt too many times to count Zeus. I needed to get away from there. And I wasn't letting them take away the only positive thing that I have ever had in my entire life!!!"

Surprised at this, Zeus looked at him again, "What do you mean?"

"I mean. . .I'm tired of being raped and used, Zeus. My father raped me for my whole childhood. I got raped and used at XXX-Orphanage. I got raped by Sinister over and over. I'm tired of being raped!!" Cupid shouted, going to tears.

Zeus warmed at this. He pulled the younger man into his arms, the boy crying into his shoulder.

"What DO you want, Taran."

Taran looked up into Zeus' eyes. "I want to be LOVED."

"What if I love you then?" Zeus replied, leaning for a kiss, pressing wet pink lips against wet pink lips, meeting for the first time in a kiss- -a kiss of true love, the first one that each of them ever had.

After 10 minutes, Cupid finally broke the kiss. "I would like that. A lot. I love you too." he replied, a smile finally gracing his lips.

Zeus smiled, too, then pulled the boy into another loving kiss, only this time accompanied by a fierce hug, the kiss full of tongue and masculinity. The two grabbed the back of the other's head, never wanting to let go, never wanting this moment to end. But it had to.

Cupid pulled back. "We can't yet. I want to so bad, but we can't. We must find the Fabled One."

Zeus reluctantly nodded. I know where the Charmed Ones live. He is most likely in their custody. C'mon, lets go." Still tightly clutching each other, with a flash of electricity, the two disappeared.

"Perfect." smiled Ares as he stepped out from the trees on the lawn nearby.

"Hey, you!!" Ares grumbled to himself, turning to the speaker, the security guard for the motel.

"Yes?" he said in an agitated voice.

"You're not supposed to be here!! Get out!!"

An evil smirk graced his lips as he walked toward the guard. The guard began backing away in fear, due to the fact that the guy he intended to simply get rid of was in no way afraid of him, and he had his gun out pointing at him!!!

"Stay back!! I'm warning you!" the guard said as he undid the safety.

"Or you'll what? Shoot me?" he said as he cornered the guard at the wall. With a super-fast movement, he grabbed the guard's gun and snapped the stainless-steel weapon in two. Then he grabbed him by the throat, raising him up by one hand. Then he tossed him away from him. While on most people the effort he used would only succeeded in moving a football a footstep away, the guard flew 50 yards at high speed into his police car, head-first through the windshield. He was dead with the impact.

Now back to business. thought Ares as he picked up the teleport trail of the two and followed it, disappearing in a flash of blue light.

"Okay, now that we're finally settled in here, and not getting attacked by anyone, would someone please tell me what a `Fabled One' is?" I asked. Michael, the blond white-lighter in his early twenties, had teleported us all to the home of the Charmed Ones, Perry, Patrick, and Phillip.

"No idea." admitted Phillip, the oldest of the three.

"What?! So you guys have all these dealings in witchcraft and sorcery and fighting demons and stuff, and none of you can tell me what the hell I'm supposed to be?"

"You're supposed to be the ultimate fighting machine, destined to rid the earth of evil." replied Michael. Stunned, all four of us turned to him, waiting for him to continue.

Michael began pacing as he talked. "There's a prophecy. `One will walk the earth who, at birth, will be given life by an ancient spirit, will possess traits of the highest man, and will receive strength of the Chosen. This child will be known as the Fabled One, the destined to destroy all evil on the face of the earth."

"Okay, so what does that have to do with me? I don't even know what that means."

"Frankly, neither do I, nor do the Elders."


"The leaders of the White Lighters, the Powers that Be."

"Oh. So no one knows what that means?"

"We do." Surprised at the new voice, we watched as electricity sparkled in the center of the room, and from it materialized Zeus and Cupid. All of us stood at ready, prepared for an impending fight.

"Wait!! We're not here to fight!!" shouted Cupid. "Please, hear us out!!"

"Why should we?!" demanded Phillip.

"Because we're here to help." replied Zeus. "You all know me as Zeus. But I'm not on the side of Sinister. I am Cole Alexander Thomas. A spy of Xavier's."

"You know Xavier?!" I said, unconvinced.

<Yes, he does.> All of us jumped visibly when we saw a large floating head appear in the middle of the room. <Sorry to alarm. I had to bring my astral presence here to stop the confusion. I trained Cole here as a spy, to keep up with Sinister's exploits, and try to stop them if he could. In some areas I succeeded, and in others--> he said, looking at Cupid, <I failed.>

"So what is it that you're doing here?" I said, now convinced.

<I'll let you tell them, Cole. I have other matters to attend to.> replied Xavier as his psychic image disappeared.

"Well, essentially I was assigned to make sure that Sinister never harmed you" Cole said.

"By beating me to a pulp and strangling me?" I asked, referring to the night we first met and earlier in the evening.

"I had to. Sinister had planned to send Ares after you. If it would not have been me, you would be dead now."

"Who is Ares?"

"Only the most vile, brutish villain of all of the Olympians." replied Cupid. "He had super strength, the like you've never seen, and super durability too. He can also find a way to turn any object into a weapon."

"Like Haphaestus?" I asked.

"No, Haphaestus morphs objects into weapons, which takes longer than simply figuring a way to kill you with something." replied Zeus.

"Okay, so....can you guys finally explain the prophecy that I just got told."

"You may not remember this, but Sinister does, and he's already told us. When you were a baby, you were sent into a river by Sinister. He figured you were the Fabled, and therefore he intended to kill you."

"I remember that."

"What you may not remember is that when you were saved. Sinister actually started the prophecy himself, by trying to kill you. The Phoenix Force was intending to birth at the time, as it does every now and then. And it decided to do so in you. By doing this, she save your life and jump started your powers."

"So that explains the fire bird thing." said Phillip.

"Precisely." said Cupid. "And the second part is scientific. Until the recent past, humans have been regarded as the highest beings. That is until mutants were discovered."

"So I'm part of the highest man." I concluded. "But what's the Chosen thing?"

"The Chosen One is another prophecy term. It relates to slayers."

"But I don't have the strength of a slayer!" I said. "I don't fulfill the prophecy!"

"A slayer only passes on her powers when she dies. Which happens usually every two years or less." replied Zeus.

"You`ll never know when that happens, thought, because you`ll be long dead." A gruff voice said. We all looked to the owner of the voice. A tall, tanned man in all black leather, with long black hair and a black beard and mustache.

"Ares." growled Zeus/Cole.

"What do you want?" demanded Phillip.

"Lord Sinister commanded me to kill you all. Killing two birds with one stone- -getting rid of the Power of Three and the Fabled One and his protectors at the same time." smiled Ares.

"Not happening." said Perry. He performed his hand motion designed to blow up things. Ares glowed, but swiftly returned to his normal form.

"Your powers have no effect on me." laughed Ares.

"How about mine?" I shouted as I made a slapping motion with my hand, send along with it telekinetic energy. The force caused Ares to fly backward into a wall. He stepped out of the gash that his body had made, completely unscathed.

"I guess not." he said with a smirk. He looked down, spotting a splinter of wood lying around. He smiled and picked it up. "You really need to watch out for sharp objects." said Ares. He took the splinter and threw it at me. Remembering what Cupid and Zeus had told me, I ducked. The splinter impacted with a mirror behind me, so hard that it broke.

"Kyahhh!!!" yelled Patrick. He used his levitation power to carry himself to Ares and kick him in the face.

"Oww." Ares faked as he grabbed the still levitating Patrick and threw him into a wall. Patrick was instantly knocked unconscious.

"Phillip!!" shouted Perry.

"Perry!! Freeze him!!" shouted Patrick.

"Right!." Perry performed his hand motion, and after the whooshing effect- - -nothing had happened!

"Nice try. But no cigar." Ares smirked as he revealed a knife from a pocket in his vest and threw it.

"Oh no you don't!!!" I shouted as I grabbed the knife telekinetically. But with the strength and speed of it, I couldn't slow it!!

"Ahh!" Perry shouted, throwing his hands again. The knife stopped, barely piercing his skin.

"Yaaah!!" shouted Phillip as he threw the knife at a faster speed back to its owner. And everyone acted surprised when Ares caught it.

"You obviously don't get it. I am going to KILL you. Whether you like it or not."

"We won't let you!!" shouted Zeus as he powered a lightning bolt and surged it at Ares. Cupid also chipped in, sending his strongest psi arrows. I helped too, playing around with the hailstone thing Mom did with Juggernaut. But all Ares did was block all the attacks. Apparently the psionic energy Cupid used was having no effect on his mind at all!! He was an even better match than Juggernaut!!!

"I tire of this." he said, batting three of my large hailstones back at us. One hit each of us, knocking us all to the ground.

"Now to stop this." he smiled, throwing the knife he still had in his hand. And it hit its mark.

"PHILLIP!!!!!!!" screamed Perry, running over to his fallen brother. As if sensing this happening, Patrick suddenly regained consciousness. But too late.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!" shouted Patrick, running over to the two. I reached out with my mind to try and connect with Phillip. But he was quickly slipping away.

Michael quickly ran over to the three and removed the weapon. He then proceeded to try his healing powers.

"It's not working!!! I can't heal him!!!" shouted Michael.

"That's because that knife was made from pure Dark Steel. One of few weapons that can kill White Lighters. It's strike is also fabled to be un-healable by White-Lighters. I guess it is." laughed Ares. "You all are already weakened, and Sinister calls to me. He's mentally congratulating me. So now, I bid you all adieu." and with a blue shine of light, Ares was gone.

"NOOO!! Don't die, Phillip!!" pleaded Perry.

"He ain't dyin'! Not on my watch!" I shouted, running over to the others. I concentrated on my healing energies. I noticed an orange glow emanate from my fingers as I tried to healing the wound, while also stretching out my mind, trying to pull Phillip back to the land of the living.

As I struggled and struggled, that inner being began to re-emerge again. I called upon it, the Phoenix inside of me, begging it to help me again, pulling it to me to assist. And as it came to me, I felt the healing succeeding.

Then, as I connected to Phillip's mind, some sort of dark force grabbed Phillip's essence and pulled it away from me. I howled and screamed, trying to finish my work. I fought the force with all my might. Then a particularly loud scream hit my mind. It was as if an invisible force slammed into my body, with such force that I was sent flying away from Phillip, crashing into a wall.

We all looked on as the dark cloudy image surrounded Phillip. We all realized that it could only be Death personified. And we watched as it disappeared, with a grayish version of Phillip next to it.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" shouted Perry, tears wracking his body.

We all crowded around the lifeless body of Phillip. Tears overflowed from the brothers, bringing on the tears from the others of us. There was nothing we could do. The room was filled to the brim with a feeling of sorrow.

After police had arrived and taken Phillip away, the rest of us talked about it.

"Ares is going to go down." Perry muttered.

"But how are we going to stop him, Perry?" asked Patrick, "Without Phillip, the power of three is inexistent."

"We'll find a way." assured Michael.

"This is all my fault." I blurted, finally expressing my feelings of guilt. If they hadn't been protecting me, this never would have happened.

"Don't say that!" Perry exclaimed, "Don't ever htink that. We're all supposed to fight against evil. At one time or another, each of us is going to die. Let's just all hope it's a long time after we kill Ares."

"Hear, hear." agreed Cupid. He and Zeus stood near me.

"We're going to leave you guys to yourselves, to grieve. Are you sure you're going to be okay?" asked Zeus.

"We'll be fine." said Patrick.

"Okay. We'll call you guys tomorrow." replied Zeus. Then we teleported away.

So that's the end of this chapter. We know the destiny of the Fabled One. And The Charmed Ones have now lost their oldest brother, and the power of three is broke. What will happen next?? Stay tuned for more Tales of a Young Mutant.

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