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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 26-- Charmed Again

The sun was shining brightly. The air smelled pretty, full of the aroma of flowers and sweet grass. Birds chirped happily. The day seemed to be perfect for a picnic in the park.

It mocked how we all felt. I was seated in a wooden pew, Logan to my left, my mother and father to my right. Each of us were dressed in black suits. Seated in the pew in front of me were Cole and Taran, each in their own black suits. Seated next to them were Patrick and Perry, in their own black suits.

Perched before the altar of the church was a beautiful, if you were simply admiring craftsmanship, black cherry coffin. Inside this coffin was the eldest of the three brothers. Dead. Two weeks had passed since the death of Phillip. Today was his funeral.

I could read the thoughts of all of us. All of us felt guilty, that this was our fault. I noticed Michael was seated next to Perry, giving words of comfort, while not actually providing love through touches. I realized that the minister probably would not have responded well to the touching that two gay lovers would have inside God's sacred house.

Sometimes it burned me up inside that people could be so bigoted against other people. News reports a couple days after Phillip's death showed that while the schools had been rebuilt, progress on the Orlando school would be halted, due to the FOH there getting backing by the government and different religious officials to be reinstated, that they had a right to `be rid of the diseased gene-freaks'. All sorts of names were coming about. `Muties', `Gene-Jokes', and other such names. While anti-mutant battles had decreased in L.A. and in New York, they had increased in other states. Some of these people were trying to develop, by experimenting on mutants, devices that could possibly contain the X-gene, causing a mutant's powers to become inactive.

Just yesterday, they began requesting in areas of Ohio and Texas for different mutants to come for treatment. How can you treat someone for something that they were born with?

My thoughts went to Eric. I remember in one of our past conversations that he had lived in Ohio at one time. Was he okay?


The day seemed to drag on forever as we left the church and witnessed the burial. I left the side of my parents and ly lover, who were there for me thankfully in my time of need. I was glad that I had them and was able to count my blessings.

I went over to the brothers and we began talking with Zeus and Cupid, who had both agreed to join the X-men.

"I want that bastard dead!" Perry said, and I knew that he was referring to Ares.

"We're going to get him. Don't worry." I said, similar feelings on my mind. I wasn't going to let Ares kill anymore people because of me.

As we talked, I looked up and noticed the Hollingsworths' father, Michael come up. He talked with the boys for a little bit, who were both upset with him. It seemed that he wasn't always there for them, and it seemed that Perry was quite vocal, saying that now he showed up when a tragedy occurred.

"You think you can just push your way back into our lives? After what you did to us? Walking out on us? And after what you did to Mom? We still remember how you cheated on her with another woman!"

Their father was silent for a bit. It seemed that nothing he could do would allow them to forgive him, and he turned and walked away. I was about to talk to Perry about it. Maybe in this instance a younger mind's wisdom would help.

Before I could say anything, though, I noticed the guy who approached us.. I gave the boy a small look over. He had nice features, was about 5'10, 18 or 19 had dark brown hair wavy hair, shoulder length but in a ponytail, and light brown eyes. His body, although slim and pale, as though he never went out into the sun much, was quite defined, as shown through the well-fitting suit he wore. He reminded me a lot of the brothers.

"Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt." The others turned to him, giving him their attention.

"Yes, may I help you?" asked Perry.

"My name is Pierce Fielding. I. . .wanted to offer my condolences for your loss."

"Thanks for the sentiment." replied Perry.

"How did you know Phillip?" inquired Patrick.

"I had been a constant visitor of the club you guys own, P3. I remember that he used to wait on my almost every time I went." he replied. "It was as if I felt some sort of connection to him." I thought about this a little. It was kind of weird that the guy would come to a funeral for a guy that waited on him. I began to get a little suspicious.

"So, I wanted to tell you guys that I was sorry. I was reminded of the death of my adoptive parents a year ago, (face briefly showing grief) and I. . .guess I just. . .wanted to say I know kinda. . .what you're going through. And if there's any way I can help you guys, well.. ." he pulled out a business card for a downtown social services company. Perry read it over. "I work there, and, while I'm not a social worker, I'm in school for training. They have psychologists who may be able to help you, if you need it, and I work there on Mondays and Fridays, and on weekends to help out."


"Thanks. We'll let you know." said Perry, trying to be nice, but the pain of losing his brother was evident on his face. I knew what that felt like. I had no idea where my adoptive brother was and I had already lost my adoptive parents. Losing you family was very hard. I was lucky that I was reunited with my biological family, but still. . .it just wasn't the same. Pierce shook hands with me, then with Perry, then with Patrick. I noticed something different there. Patrick suddenly squeezed Pierce's hand hard and it seemed like he zoned out. This effect lasted about 3 seconds, but it seemed like longer to Patrick.

Finally, he let go of Pierce's hand. "Oww, are you sure you're okay?" said Pierce.

"Yeah. I'm okay." he said. Pierce nodded at each of us and then turned and left.

"But you won't be." Patrick muttered under his breath.

"What did you see?" Perry asked.

"See?" I said, puzzled.

"Joshua, Patrick's levitation is only a newer active power. His innate charmed power is that of premonition." he replied, then we both gave attention to Patrick.

"I saw Ares." he said. "He attacked Pierce on the roof of P3 at night."

"Did you get any time?" Perry asked.

"No. Except that I could see the full moon."

"The full moon is tonight!" I said. "Ares is gonna try and kill Pierce!"

"But why?" asked Perry.

"We'll find out tonight." replied Patrick. He then looked to me. "I know you're anxious to get back to New York, Joshua, to reunite with your family and start school, but can you see if you can stay for a day or two? Perry's likely not to be able to leave P3 unattended again, being the manager. I'll need your help to rescue Pierce.

"Alright." I replied. "I'll check with the others first." I left their side to talk with my mother, father, and Logan, who were if-y at first, then agreed to stay here for a little longer, making the arrangements with Professor Xavier, who had agreed. He said I had to be back in two days, as school was about to resume.

I relayed this information to the brothers and, satisfied, we separated. Mom, Dad, and Logan returned to the Los Angeles establishment of the Institute, while Zeus, Cupid, Michael, Patrick, Perry and I headed over to their house to prepare for tonight.

First Patrick explained in detail what he saw. Pierce was on the roof. He had just come out onto the roof, a look of agitation on his face. Then Ares appeared and Pierce looked up in surprise at him. Ares then formed a ball of energy in his palm and threw it at Pierce. Pierce cowered and. . .

"That was it. I didn't see exactly how he died, but I know that if we don't stop him, Ares is going to kill Pierce."

"We've got to make a plan of attack." said Perry.

"Patrick was the planner." mumbled Patrick. I could see a tear forming in his eye. I felt that it had to be me to keep everyone on task. If we brooded now, we'd never save Pierce.

"A stakeout!" I suggested. Everyone looked to me curiously.

"What do you mean, a stakeout?" asked Zeus.

"We can standby in a hidden spot and watch for Ares to show his face. Then when he appears, we ambush him. Perry will have to run the club, but I can catch the energy blast and destroy it or throw it away or something with my telekinesis, or even shield Pierce."

"That's not a bad idea." said Cupid. "And we can standby."

"No, this one is going to have to be all Josh and Patrick." replied Zeus. We all looked at him questioningly.

"What I mean is, Ares already could track down Olympians with his powers, hence he followed us here the first time. He must have known we were at the hotel, too." he said to Cupid. "So us being on a nearby rooftop waiting for him could either make him leave, or make him attack us instead. And since he eliminated Phillip, Sinister was highly likely to reward Ares with extra powers, hence the energy blasts."

"So when do we meet?" I asked.

"I don't open P3 until 8 PM. I suggest that the two of you find a nearby place to wait." said Perry. "Be there at 8, keeping a watchful eye out for Pierce."

"Right." we replied at the same time.

"I'll be managing the club. Since you're a telepath, Josh, I'll relay to you by thought when I see Pierce heading for the roof. Michael can stand in for you, Patrick, as a waiter, and look out for Ares."

When everyone was well aware of the plan, we checked the time. 3 p.m. We decided to go out for dinner. Afterwards, Zeus and Cupid teleported back to the Institute, waiting by telepathic call incase they were needed.



8 P.M. took forever to get there. Michael "orbed" Patrick and I to a nearby rooftop to watch and wait for anything suspicious. Patrick apparently looked saddened. I knew that he was feeling low over his brother's death.

"I know how you feel." I said, sitting down next to him. "I felt the same way when my adoptive parents were killed. But you can't let it rule you. I know you have to grieve, I had to also. But not now."

"I can't help it." He replied. "I'm so angry right now."

"So channel that anger at its source, where it belongs. The person who killed Phillip."

That seemed to please Patrick, who nodded and looked again at the rooftop of P3. I got a signal 10 minutes later from Perry.

<He just broke up with his now-ex-girlfriend. He looks pretty steamed. He's on his way up the stairs.>

<Thanks.> I replied, and notified Patrick. We got ready for battle. Half a minute later, Pierce came out onto the roof, tears beginning to flow, probably from her reaction to their breakup. About 10 seconds later, Ares appeared on the roof. Pierce looked up at the sudden invader, fear in his teary eyes as a blue energy bolt appeared in his hand and he threw it.

I reached out with my telekinesis to try and catch it, but it was flying too fast. I couldn't stop it!! And just as it neared Pierce, cowered at the wall- - -He glowed blue and white and disappeared in sparkles of the same colors, and the blast hit the wall behind him.

"He- - -He- - he just orbed!!!" choked out Patrick. We then watched as he re-appeared in the same position. Ares looked prepared to try again.

`No you don't.' I thought as I balled my hand into a fist. I channeled a strong amount of telekinesis and thrust it at Ares in a punch. I saw the results of my effort as Ares went flying to the side of the roof. Both Patrick and I levitated ourselves to the roof of P3. Pierce looked back and forth from the two of us to Ares, confused.

Ares stood and glared at us, looking infuriated.

"Well, I see you've been given some adjustments. Sinister's doing, no doubt." I said.

"Yes, the better to kill you with, my dear." he practically growled as he formed three energy bolts and threw them at us. This time I was prepared, blocking them with a telekinetic barrier. This was almost like blocking Haphaestus's fireballs, and I developed a small headache.

"Mmm, I think the boy likes it." smiled Ares as he formed another blast.

"Michael!!" shouted Patrick. Two seconds later Michael orbed onto the roof, right next to Pierce.

"Way ahead of you." he said as he and Pierce orbed away.

The two of us turned back to Ares. "Well, it looks like it's just you and us now, Ares." said Patrick.

Suddenly the door coming to the roof from the stairs opened again and Perry came out, running over to us. He looked excitedly at us. <Josh, see if you can hold Ares still for a few seconds!> I noticed the Ziploc bag and the knife in his hands.

I gave it my best, utilizing air currents to carry him off the ground, then focusing my telekinesis around Ares so that he was stuck in mid air. Ares began struggling against my hold as soon as I got him off the ground.

"You'd better hurry up, Perry, I can't hold him up much longer!" I shouted. Perry quickly ran forward and cut a lock of hair from the top of Ares's head. Then he dropped it in a vial that had some sort of green liquid inside it. The substance inside smoked furiously, then turned black. Michael reappeared on the roof just as Ares broke free of my hold on him.

"Time to go!" shouted Perry as he grabbed one of Michael's arms. Patrick grabbed the other arm and I held on to Patrick. A strange lifting feeling came over me, then a falling feeling as the four of us disappeared from on the roof of P3 and into the Hollingsworth living room, where Pierce was seated on the couch. As soon as we arrived, Perry smashed the vial he had onto the floor.

"Okay, would someone please tell me what is going on?" asked Pierce.

"Yes, that is a good question." said Perry, with a questioning look on his face. "How is it that you are able to orb? There's no way that you could be a white lighter."

"He could be a mutant." I suggested.

"No, orbing is a form of teleportation that only white-lighters are supposed to be able to use." replied Patrick.

"Wait, what the hell is a white lighter?" asked Pierce.

A knock on the door interrupted the already confused living room. Perry answered the door to be greeted by his father.

"What the hell do you want?" asked Perry in an agitate voice.

"Despite your feelings about me, I would like to share something that I found with you and your brother." his father replied, his voice showing the hurt in how his son responded to him.

The two came into the living room with us. I went up to him to try to reason with him. " Why do you have to be so mean towards him? He's your father for crying out loud."

"Because he abandoned us!!" replied Perry in anger. "He left mom, especially when she needed him most. Our mother had been pregnant a couple years after Patrick was born, and he left when she gave birth to a stillborn child!"

"That's not the truth!!"

"Yes it is! Your grief caused you to run away!! Like a coward!!" Perry exclaimed.

"That's what I left you to think. . .what she wanted you to think. For everyone's safety, but that's not what happened. Your mother had an affair with me--"

"Liar!! Mother would never sleep with anyone else!! She loved you with all her heart!!!"

"No, that's not what happened. Your mother did love me, but she loved her white lighter more. She had an affair with her white lighter."

Everyone stood shocked at what was just said. When the situation seemed silent, Mr. Hollingsworth spoke again.

"Your mother and I had a good relationship, but a year or so after Patrick was born, we fought about having another child off and on, never in front of the three of you of course. But she slowly fell in love with her white lighter, who had always wanted to have children, but never had the chance. In fact I thought that it was I who had gotten her pregnant, and would have been happy if I was the child's father, but---"

"What the hell is a white lighter?" repeated Pierce.

"A white lighter is the guardian angel of a witch or wizard." I replied, now realizing the bomb that their father was dropping on them.

Mr. Hollingsworth then continued. "A week before the baby was born, she told me the truth. She also told me that dark wizards and sorcerers were after her and her child, saying that he'd be destined to do great things. So we all lied that the child was still born. She had the child put up for adoption, thinking that they'd stop looking once the child was separated.

"They did stop looking for the child because they had no idea where the child went. But that didn't stop them from going after the parents. The father survived, but--"

"So that's how mom died." sighed Patrick. Then realization struck his features also. "Oh my god!" he said looking at Pierce, who noticed the looks that Mr. Hollingsworth, myself and Patrick were giving him.

"I don't believe this!! Mom cheating?! It can't be true." shouted out Perry.

"But it is." said a soft, feminine voice. All eyes turned to the owner of the voice, as from nowhere a woman appeared. A golden aura shined around a middle-aged woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a gold dress that covered her shoulders and legs completely.

"Mother?" gasped both Perry and Patrick.

"Yes, it is me." she replied with a smile.

"But how---" started Patrick.

"The Elders decided that it was best that I come upon you to tell you of the truth. They allowed me to come in spirit form. It is true. I did cheat on your father. I'm sorry that I failed you all--"

"But why?" said Perry.

"Because, although I loved your father, I also was in love with my white-lighter of the time. I'm sorry.

"The elders sent me here for another reason, though." she said, looking to Pierce. "To offer encouragement to my other son and to welcome him into the family."

"Other son?" Pierce gasped.

"That's what I came to tell you guys." Mr. Hollingsworth interrupted. "The child had been adopted into the Fielding family."

"And before I gave him away," she said, then looked Pierce in his eyes. "I name YOU Pierce."

The three brothers were all shocked, as was I. Pierce was especially shocked.

"The main reason, though, that I am here is to reunite you three. Since Pierce is your brother, he has the power to complete the power of three."

"Whoa, what the hell?" said Pierce suddenly. "Would someone please tell me exactly what is going on." So for a whole hour, the brothers explained their accidental discovery of their powers as wizards and their destiny to fight against evil, as well as demonstrating their active powers.

"You, being the next brother in line, should have Phillip's power of telekinesis." said Patrick after they were finished.

"You mean moving things with my mind?" said Pierce.

"Yeah, essentially." replied Perry.

"Okay, this is way too weird. First I'm your brother, then I'm a wizard too? This is too unreal."

"Well, prove us wrong." stated Perry. He looked around the room, searching for something. Then he found it. "See that pen over their? It's relatively small. Move it."

Pierce looked at him like he was crazy.

"Lock onto it with your mind, then focus on it with your eyes and will it to come to you." instructed Patrick. He reminded me a lot of Xavier when he said that.

I noticed Phillip do a whatever look and then attempt to do as told. The pen did not budge at all.

"Try using your hands." I suggested. All eyes turned to me.

"What? I'm a telekinetic mutant, I know these things. Pierce, try channeling through your hands your powers and moving the pen." I replied.

Pierce reluctantly did as asked, moving his hand up and down, then side to side, then frantically.

"Well, what if--" started Perry.

"It's no use!" exclaimed Pierce. "I'm not like you guys! If I can't so much as move a stupid little pen---" he said, pointing at and emphasizing the word pen. All of us gasped at what happened next. As soon as Pierce said the word "pen", the pen vanished in an array of blue sparkles as it reappeared in the same blue sparkles in Pierce's hand.

"It works differently because he's half white lighter!!" exclaimed Patrick.

"Half breed." muttered Perry with a smile.

"So I am different?" said Pierce.

"It's not so bad once you get used to it." said Patrick.

From there on, the family introduced themselves and celebrated. I was glad to be a small part of it. Pierce was happy to now have found his real family and a real purpose in life. I was happy for him. It was about the same as I felt with my family.

I said my farewells when I left, checking to make sure that all would be well. It was then that I learned the purpose of the potion made by Perry. It was an evil dispelling charm that would not allow Ares to get into their house at all. their assured me that they would be fine and then I said my farewell.

Using my miniature Cerebro, I scanned the above skies for any minds. Finding none, I soared into the air and headed for the institute.

Once there, I was greeted by my mother.

"Welcome home, Joshua. I trust that everything went well?" she said in her African accent she picked up.

"Yes, it did. You remember that guy Pierce from the funeral? (Storm nodded her head.) Well, he happens to be the younger half-brother of Perry and Patrick."

"That's great news." said Mom. "Now I've got some news for you. We leave tomorrow for the New York branch of the school again. Tomorrow evening, Evan's mother and father would like to meet your, their nephew."

"That's great!! I'd love to meet them!"

"Excellent!" she said. I looked behind her and noticed a new presence. There was a kinda tall guy, with blonde hair and green eyes.

"Oh, allow me to introduce you. Joshua, this is Sean Cassidy, he will be the headmaster here at the Los Angeles school."

"Nice to meet ya, laddie." he said in a thick Scottish accent as he took my hand in a handshake.

"You too." I replied.

"Now, it's getting late. Off to bed with you." Mom said, urging me up the stairs to my room. A feeling of relief came over me. Although I had lost my adoptive family and a good friend, I had found my real family and a large surrogate family. Though some had a problem with who I was, I had no problem with being around them. I would just have to earn acceptance from some.

I opened the door to my room and was not expecting what I saw at all. The room smelled so sweet, as I a rose garden grew inside. Rose petals covered the bed. Incense was lit, adding to the romantic feel of the room.

I stepped into the room and was surprised, but delighted, by the hairy arms that wrapped themselves around me, the hairy chest that pressed against my neck and upper back, the chiseled abs that were against my lower back, and the long hard member that , in my lover's crouched position, nestled between my clothed thighs.

"Welcome back, hon." he said as his hands slipped my jacket off my shoulders, then lifted my skintight shirt over my own slim, muscular torso. Kisses graced my neck as his hands found the buttons on my jeans and unbuttoned them. I delighted in the slow teasing way that he was undressing me, causing me to rise to a seven inch erection. Alas, the slow, sensual teasing was a tad too slow for me. We hadn't had sex together in a long, long time, and I was way too horny for this to help me. I reached out with my mind, finding the seams of my boots and my jeans, a swell as my socks, and, with a sharp pull of my mind, ripped them apart, the remains of my clothes fall to the floor around me.

"Boy, we don't waste time, do we?" Logan asked with a smirk.

"We've wasted enough time as it is." I replied, turning around and locking lips with him. Our tongues fought between our mouths. Kissing Logan was always an experience. It varied just as his love making - gentle and caring to wild and predatorial. It was always good, though.

Logan and I fell together on the bed into a long make out session. Then Logan pulled out a bottle of Strawberry lotion and used it to lube my entrance. He began inserting his thick fingers while he kissed me, first one, then two, then three. I was grateful for this, as I knew that his thick, erect, newly 12 inch monster would be quite an `ass-full'. And considering my healing factor seemed to stretch to my anus, also, I think I really needed it.

When Logan seemed ready, he looked into my eyes as he lubed his thick love tool. I nodded my approval and he slowly, steadily pushed it into me. It felt excrutiating at first, but I urged him not to stop. He kissed me roughly, keeping his mouth locked to mine, so that any screams would be blocked out. About 10 minutes passed when finally the pain gave way to the pleasure to be released. Logan could see in my eyes this because he began to build up a slow and steady pace that spurred me on. I urged him on, repetitively calling his name, urging him to go faster and faster. Logan, complied, moving in earnest. He thrust and thrust and thrust me grabbing onto him for dear life.

Logan would even alternate long slow strokes, to short, slow strokes, to short fast rabbit hunches, to fast long-dicking. It was just, in a word, amazing.

This passed on for about an hour, until finally Logan and I climaxed at the same time, me releasing my semen all over our chests, and Logan deep inside of me.

That was only the first time that night. Through the rest of the night, Logan and I made love in every possible position, with us drinking each other's semen several times, me receiving amazing amounts of his man milk in my most secret of places. Finally, at about 4 a m we turned in and called it a morning.

To be continued next time.

Well, the charmed ones found their new youngest brother, and Logan and Josh made love again after so long. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter, when Xavier reveals some important information!!