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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 27: The Destiny Begins

I awoke to a familiar feeling at my anal backdoor--my horny lover, Logan, had pushed the head of his large member into my hole and was slowly pushing it in. I sighed as he did this.

"Mornin'. I ain't hurtin' you am I? You sore or anything?" he asked.

The truth was that my healing factor had done its work overnight and healed my hole again. And this situation was making me extremely horny and ready for a repeat performance of last night. "Goodness, no Logan, that feels good. It doesn't hurt."

He slowly continued in and then we both relaxed. I then looked up and noticed the time. It was 9:00 AM!!!

"Logan!!! " I said, hurrying off of his erect member.

"Aww, come on, man?!" he pleaded.

"The Blackbird arrives at 9:30!!! In 30 minutes!!"

"Aww, shit!!" he exclaimed as he hopped out of bed with me. The two of us ran to the shower room down the hall and quickly showered ourselves (of course, allowing each other very good looks at the other as we washed). Then we dried ourselves off and clothed ourselves, he in his X-Uniform, the one with the black leather pants and jacket, and me in a blue tee shirt and blue jeans, as I would be going to my aunt's house. With these preparations made, we proceeded out to the Blackbird.

We made it their five minutes late. Of course, Cyclops was there, in leader mode. He was dressed in his leather uniform as well. Phoenix was there, too. She was dressed in the same type of uniform, except that the leather had a dark green tint to it. The shirt to this uniform bore the symbol of a golden bird. Her long red hair hung past her shoulders.

Mother was there too, dressed in a headband that held back her silver hair, and a dark purple pair of slacks, with a black shirt. She still looked as regal and royal as ever. Dad was clothed in a pair of relaxed-fit jeans and a tee shirt. If only he wasn't my dad. I thought to myself. I quickly shook that thought out of my head.

Zeus and Cupid (Cole and Taran) were there to see us off. They would be staying in California, to aid the Charmed Ones, as well as fulfill duties. Zeus would be teaching P E and Cupid would be teaching tennis. I still couldn't believe that he was in his early twenties. I then turned my attention to Cyclops, who did not look happy.

"Hi, um. . .we're ready?" I said with a nervous chuckle.

"Intimacy is no reason for you two to be late." began Cyclops. "We were supposed to lift off two minutes ago. We had this trip planned--"

"Aww, save it One Eye. The more you talk and babble on, the later we become." grumbled Logan as he pushed past Cyclops into the plane. Cyclops--Scott Summers--gave a cold glare to Logan's back and followed him into the plane. Phoenix followed him in with Bishop.

I noticed the weird look mother was giving me.

"You could have at least told me that you and Logan were having sex." she said.

"I'm sorry. I thought Dad told you. He knows already." I said to her.

"He didn't. But I guess if he could handle it, then I can too." she replied.

"Thanks." I said. It was kinda weird talking to my mom about me and Logan having sex.

We entered the plane and took our seats, Cyclops and Storm at the controls, Phoenix behind Cyclops, Bishop behind Storm, and Logan and I behind them. The Blackbird took off and we headed for New York.

I could tell that on the way there, Logan was still extremely horny. <Don't worry.> I said to him with my telepathy. <I'll handle you when I get back from my aunt's house.>

He looked at me with a smirk. <What if I can't wait that long?> he asked

<You'll just have to.> I sent back. Then I thought it over a little more. <I can give you a little help though.> I got ready to send my telekinesis along his cock.

<Ahem.> a new presence said. I realized that it was Phoenix--Jean Grey-Summers --sending a message with her own telepathic powers.

<Aww, damn. It's no fun when someone else is peeking in.> I sighed.

<No fun for who.> said Logan with a smirk.

<You animal!> I sent back, feigning surprise.

<I know. You should, too, from last night.> he replied.

<Okay, I did just 'Ahem' a while ago, didn't I?> Jean asked.

Logan and I chuckled under our breath and then were quiet for the rest of the trip. The Blackbird made it to the Institute in about 5 hours. We arrived at the New York establishment of The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and disembarked. From there, I gave Logan a kiss goodbye as I headed toward the upper levels and the garage with Mom and Dad. When we arrived at the garage, we got in Mom's car and headed for Evan's house. It seemed as though when the school was bombed, Evan had went to his Mom's house, as they were worried for his safety.


It was a pretty fun day. I got to know Evan even better, and we shared stories about this and that. I also got to know my aunt and uncle, who had prepared a nice meal for us, which reminded me of home cooked food in Louisiana.

The passed quickly, with everyone reminiscing, well fed, and completely happy.

When Mom, Dad, and I were prepared to go, we saw Evan go upstairs. Then he brought down his suitcase, filled with his clothes, his duffel bag of other things, and his skateboard, but he was having trouble moving it all.

"Hey, cous', would you mind helping out a bit?" he pleaded.

"Sure, but what's all this for?" I asked.

"I'm coming back to the mansion!" he replied, "My powers are too unstable and they needed to be looked at. Mom says that I need to go back to Xavier's now more than ever." It was then that I noticed his eyebrows. They seemed to have constructed scales over them. They looked permanent.

I used my powers to lift his stuff down the stairs and out the door. Once outside we both used our hands to load his stuff into the trunk of Mom's car. Then we waved goodbye and drove back to the mansion.

When we arrived back at the mansion, Remy was the one who opened the door. He let us in, giving a look of disdain at me. I realized that he probably would never like me. I sighed and moved on toward my room. I got stopped when I saw a group of young people who all looked familiar, some of them good friends of mine, others simply new faces or people I rarely saw. They were in a small circle in the living room on the floor. They all seemed to be studying for the end of term. Xavier said that, with the big break we had, we would have to complete this term and move right into the next one in September.

Bobby Drake (Iceman), John Allerdyce (Pyro), Jubilation Lee (Jubilee), Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), Alex Summers (Havok), and Louis Davidson (who wanted to take the codename Element) were all familiar faces to me. However there were a couple newbies. There was a girl who had long hair, made peculiar by the green color. Next to her was a girl with short blonde hair. They were studying with Jubilee.

"Who are those two?" I asked my mom.

"They are two new students. The blonde girl is named Tabitha. Her mutant ability is to create plasma spheres that explode after a certain time after leaving her hands.

"The green haired girl's powers are very familiar. It was very important to Xavier to recruit her before she would be found by Magneto, for she has the potential to completely overpower him. Her name is Lorna Dane, and she and Magneto both share the power of control of magnetic fields."

"Oh, okay." I made to go over to them, but was stopped by an abrupt voice in my head. <Joshua, I need to see you immediately. Please make your way to the Meeting Room.>

Slightly shaken, I nodded in response and replied, <On my way.> I waved to my friends and the newer classmates and then made my way to the Meeting Room. I thought for sure that he would have to have some important reason for calling me from a reunion with my friends. I still wished that Kitty, Kurt and Piotr were back from Excalibur. Things were slightly different without them. And Eric. . .he had went with them to fight that demon in England and protect Princes William and Harry with the others. Was he okay. I wasn't yet aware that I would be finding out.

I walked into the doorway of the room, my being in the doorway keeping the automatic doors open. The walls lined with all sorts of computer equipment and security monitors. One of the monitors took most of the space of one wall, like a built-in big screen television. By the small after-buzz and the light heat emanating from it that only someone with enhanced senses like mine could hear and feel, it had just finished being used. I was able to judge that Xavier had just used it--probably as a sort of communication screen. And obviously he was quite troubled by whatever information he had received.

"Xavier?" I said. He didn't hear me, so I tried calling to him again. It didn't help, so I opted for telepathy. He seemed to come out of the trance he was in. I highly doubted that he even heard anything that I had said orally.

"Joshua, it`s you. Sorry, I didn`t hear you come in." he replied.

"Yeah, I could tell." I said in a sarcastic voice.

Xavier finally looked up at me and I could see in his eyes that something was very wrong. "Please, Joshua, come in."

I began to enter the room. The door started to close behind me, but quickly re-opened when Logan came behind me.

"There you are." he said. "What's up."

"It's nothing. Xavier just wanted to talk with me about something." I replied. "I should be out soon."

"Actually, Logan, you had better stay." Xavier said. "I may need your assistance."

"Sure." he replied and completely entered. The door shut behind him. Xavier got up and walked behind his desk. The spinal exoskeleton that allowed him to walk must have been repaired.

"I have some bad news. It's about the efforts being taken in England." he said.

"What is it?" Logan inquired, "They need more help than they thought?"

"No, no, not at all. They have completely dissolved their efforts their. It appears that the attack on the Princes has been abolished, but not without casualties. A young slayer named Christine, A K A Batgirl, died there, approximately two months ago."

"What?!" I said. I was upset that someone on the side of good was lost. But I also thought over the fact that this meant something else. There was a good chance that the three parts of the prophecy foretelling my coming to power were completed. But I wasn't prepared for what came next.

"Yes, it's true. Which means that Josh, you will be experiencing the effects of the Slayer's powers on you soon enough. And your role as the Fabled One will begin. And, as the watcher's council have determined, I will be your watcher."

This was a lot for me to be taking in. I now had Professor Xavier as a watcher and as a teacher? But he still wasn't finished.

"We will begin your extra training tomorrow. From the information given to me by Psylocke, the time of death of Christine would mean that you will be receiving your powers overnight.

"Wow." was all that I could manage. "But wait, doesn't this mean we have to tell Nightwing and Robin?"

"No, another slayer, Jessica, will be doing that. So you're free of that. But there's something else that I need to tell you." Xavier replied. He took a sigh, then began. "Christine, Jessica, and another slayer, Serena, were fighting the demon Macai on the rooftop of a building. They were not aware that nearby Batman, Eric McCoy as we know him, was fighting a mutant named Lord Marmaduke Fogg, who was after the royal crown.

"In the course of their fighting, Macai took his sword and killed Christine. He also took a small dagger and threw it at the building Eric was on. The dagger hit the sizeable tank of gas on top of the building, causing an explosion, taking both Fogg and Eric down. I'm sorry but Eric is dead."

"Wh--wh--what?!" I said. My legs gave way and Logan had to catch me from behind. I couldn't believe this. First my adoptive family, then Phillip, now Eric? He had been a good friend to me, almost like a father, and now he was dead? I didn't even try to stop the flow of tears.

Eventually I calmed down enough to ask Xavier why we were finding out so late, to rich he replied that the council did not want anyone to tell anyone, nor allow anyone to leave for two months.

For the rest of the evening after that I cried off and on. Logan did his best to cheer me up, but it didn't help much.

Before I went to bed, Xavier came to me again. "Josh, I must tell you something else important."

"Sure." I said with not too much enthusiasm.

"Your destiny coming to fruition has second problems, too. The Fabled One is not supposed to come into power until the coming of Apocalypse."

"Apocalypse?" I said in surprise.

"Yes, the ancient mutant En Sabah Nur. He is in fact the very first mutant ever, and is very, very powerful. You must be ready to face him in case that happens. That's why your training will begin tomorrow. One of your main jobs is going to be to prolong the growth of an army for him for as long as possible. I must train you in the art of fighting, so that you will be ready."

"I understand." I replied.



For an entire month, that's what I did. With school I also had to learn extra martial arts skills. I also learned how to use various weapons. I could handle a sword pretty well, and a staff even better. If needed, I could handle an ax, but those tended to be pretty heavy, so I hoped not to need one. My favorite weapon was the sais. The twin small pointed weapons were quite light, and quite effective. Using different training programs, I learn, both with and without mutant powers, how to kill various demons and several ways to kill vampires.

Xavier also allowed me to make a completely new uniform. He put in a program on the danger room that allowed me to make a uniform. I decided to base my codename on the Phoenix that I had inherited. But since Jean's codename was Phoenix, I opted for Firebird. The uniform I designed was made out of a material from an Alien race called the Shiar. It had the weight and feel of spandex, but the durability of adamantium. This uniform had a black long-sleeved top that fit my body exactly, allowing my defined body to show through. The gloves on the suit were black, with a red circled X on each fist, and came halfway up my forearm. The pants were black also, and so were the boots, which came halfway up my calves, and had red X buttons going up the front. On the sides of the boots were holsters that held two stakes apiece. This uniform also had a utility belt with a bird symbol as the buckle. Each compartment on the belt held either holy water, sharp metal birds, or garlic gas. On the sides of the belt held my favorite part of the uniform.

Hostered on the sides were what looked like simply two short rods. At a push of a button on the rods, however, the rods changed shape to form identical sais. And when connected, the ends could extend with another button press to form a quarterstaff or a sword. The defining feature on the costume, though, was the red bird emblem on the chest that had an X design in black over it that blended in with the rest of the suit. I had practiced in the new guise as soon as I got it, both in the danger room and out doors, though in the streets I wore a black and red mask that covered my eyes, altered my voice, and altered my hair so that it all looked silvery white using my telekinesis. Now I was ready. Firebird was here to defend New York from the forces of evil.

"This is your last chance, Ares." Sinister said. "After, this no more!! You kill The Fabled One now, or you are no longer an Olympian!" shouted Sinister.

A bumpy headed, golden eyed Ares stepped forward, fangs bared. "Don't worry. He will die this time!" He promised and disappeared. As soon as Ares vanished, a smirk came to Sinister's lips.

What is Sinister planning? The death of Joshua? Stay tuned for the next edition of Tales of a Young Mutant!!