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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 28: Revenge, Part One: Kidnapping

Patrick, Perry, and Pierce hurried through the woods. The Hollingsworth brothers had chased down a powerful wizard, one who was disobeying his coven by absorbing the magick from other wizards, like a leech, turning him into a demon, albeit a human-looking one.

As the trio ran on, Perry thought over the past month. Since the loss of their brother, Phillip, Perry felt utter grief. He wished that his brother would come back from the dead, wished that everything would be all right again. He kept reliving it over and over again in his nightmares.

The only thing that was making the healing process bearable was the newest Charmed One, Pierce. True, the boy was kinda young, and annoying at times (Once he made a potion wrong and instead of killing a demon, he accidentally switched bodies with it. The brothers had to find a way to switch them back so that they could destroy it.), but the kid still had a good heart. He was also becoming pretty good at controlling his powers, as now he could orb long distances, too.

Perry snapped out of his reverie though when he saw the wizard up ahead. Using his power of combustion, Perry caused a tree branch to fall in front of their demon, blocking his path.

He turned around, laughing. "Ha! Is that the best you three can do?" In his hand an athamae, a slender type of knife, materialized a split second before he threw it at Perry.

"Athamae!" shouted Pierce. The athamae disappeared in sparkles that reappeared in Pierce's hand. Pierce threw the sparkles at the demon, who dodge out the way before the sparkles rematerialized into the knife. He then summoned threw more knifes and threw all three at the brothers.

Perry waved his hands to freeze the knives in place. Pierce summoned the knives to him and then threw them at the demon. He ducked under one, sidestepped to avoid another, and leapt into the air to avoid the last.

Patrick followed him into the air, levitating up to deliver a kick in the demon's chest, knocking him off balance.

"Athamaes!" called Pierce, this time getting the four blades to hit their mark in the demon's chest in midair.

"Aaaarrrgghghhh!!" The demon wailed as it crashed to the ground and a green flame engulfed him, reducing him to nothing.

"All right! Excellent job, if I do say so myself." Pierce quipped.

"Okay, I set him up for you to hit. The way you were throwing you never would have hit him."

"Yeah, but I was the one who made him jump into the air."

"You wouldn't have gotten that chance without me because you'd be dead if I hadn't frozen the athamaes." retorted Perry. Although he half-listened, half-participated in the small quarrel, Perry felt that something was wrong here. Like vanquishing the demon was too easy.

"Guys, in all seriousness, maybe we should hurry up and go home." said Perry. Patrick and Pierce stopped their bickering and agreed.

"What's the rush?" a familiar voice asked. The three brothers turned around to find an amazingly muscled specimen, wearing all black leather- - -pants, boots, and vest, with a sword at his hip.

"Ares!" Patrick, Pierce, and Perry said simultaneously. Then Perry looked over at an awestruck Pierce. "Get us out of here!!!"

"Huh? Oh right!" he exclaimed, snapping out of the trance he was in staring at Ares' muscular body. he grasped hands with his two brothers and prepared to orb them to their home.

"Not so fast, half-blood!" Ares said as he threw a plasma bolt at Pierce. The bolt hit him in the chest before he could start the orb, sending him flying into a tree, knocking him unconscious.

"Pierce!" Perry yelled. Not wanting another brother dead, Perry attempted to "explode" Ares, but Ares' body simply glowed and then returned to normal.

"Weak." he said as he threw another plasma bolt at Perry, knocking him into his unconscious brother, making two down.

"Michael!!" Patrick shouted, hoping that his white-lighter would arrive soon to help his charges. He rushed forward at Ares, levitating into the air, spinning to gain momentum and add power to the kick he was to perform. However, Ares was ready and caught his foot just as he struck.

"Pathetic." He smirked as he took hold with both hands, spinning around multiple times before releasing, sending a screaming Patrick into the same tree as his brothers. He managed to maneuver himself so that he could kick off the tree and flip onto his feet. However as he spun around to confront Ares, he was already in front of him, hovering himself into the air, and as he rose, he spun and kicked out with his right foot, connecting with Patrick's face. Patrick spun around and fell on top of his brothers, unconscious.

"Don't touch them!" Ares heard behind him. He turned and saw the white-lighter of the three, Michael.

"I'd advise you to stay away." Ares replied pulling out an athamae made of black steel and infused with evil, one that belonged to a Dark Lighter. One of the few things that could kill a White Lighter.

"What do you want." Michael demanded as he backed away from Ares.

"Get this to the Fabled One." he replied, throwing an envelope at Michael's feet. "It's about time he and I had a rematch." with that said, Ares stood over the unconscious brothers and all four vanished in a gust of blue smoke.


Sunlight. Damn. It always seemed to spoil the best of dreams by waking you up. But who am I to complain? It was time for me to wake up anyway. I sat up and looked next to me in the bed. Logan. Still asleep. His muscular hairy frame, covered only from the waist down with a flimsy silk sheet, which was slightly wet at his groin area. The reason being the semen all over his erection. Some of which still leaked out of my hole. I smiled as I recounted in my head the night we shared. One which didn't happen very often. Over the last month, with me grieving, training, studying, and patrolling, and with Logan teaching and going on missions with the X-Men, we barely have had time for one another, aside from a morning kiss. That and one, the other, or both of us would be too beat up to be in the mood. In fact, in a whole month, we've made love three times. But I suppose we've made up for it. Healing factors are a blessing.

I got out of bed and headed for the communal showers. I thought for sure that I'd gotten up early enough to avoid all the student/teacher traffic. How wrong was I. There was one other person in the room---Remy LeBeau--Gambit.

I simply entered the farthest one away from Gambit in the 8 head shower and turned it on, ignoring his presence, withdrawing my thoughts to myself, avoiding any type of telepathic contact. I began washing myself, making sure that I was getting all of my parts extremely clean.

I was about 2 minutes into my shower when I felt the awkward feeling that someone was watching me. I knew there should have been no reason that Gambit was watching me, hell, he wasn't in any way gay. But the feeling was there. I decided turn to look at him. His usual glare at me was there, but now there seemed to be less disgust in it and more confusion.

Finally I turned completely around and looked at him. "Is there a problem?"

"I don't understand you." he said.

"What do you mean?" I replied.

"The cum drippin' out y'arse. I've seen the `new and improved' Logan comin' in to shower before. And I also know him as a person. He can be an okay guy at times, but he's gruff, and altogether an animal. He gotta be ballin' you like a sex-crazed teen. How can you willingly submit t' doin' sometin' like dat? To takin' dat kind' abuse?"

"Logan doesn't do to me anything that I don't want myself." I replied to him. "He's actually a pretty gentle guy in the bed, unless I ask him to be otherwise. Not everyone with an animalistic dark side is an evil, using, sadistic bastard, like Sabretooth, or that asshole Sinister." I replied. I realized that I seemed to strike a nerve somewhere because Gambit's gaze faltered.

"That's all I wanted to know." he said as he hurried out of the shower. I heard him getting dressed as I finished showering. When I finished, went to the door. Before I left the room, he called out to me.

"Hey, Josh."

"Yeah?" I replied.

"I just want to say that I'm. . .sorry about Eric. And for what it's worth. . .Logan's lucky to have you."

I was caught off guard by that and went to say something else, but Remy hurried past me out the door. I shook it off and went to my room to get ready for the day ahead


School continued being school, day after day of learning. But I really couldn't concentrate. I was thinking about what Remy said---what was with him? It seemed that when I mentioned Sinister he froze up.

But I didn't have very long to think about that. About ten minutes into my first class, Professor Xavier's voice rang through my head.

<Joshua, I need you to join me in the hangar immediately!!>

It sounded very urgent. I looked up at Mrs. Grey, my teacher, who nodded. It became obvious that he sent her a message as well. She nodded as I rose to leave for the hangar.

Don't worry, I'll take notes for you, bro. sent Bobby.

<Thanks.> I replied. With that, I left the room and headed for the elevators.

After descending to the basement floor and entering a voice verification code, I entered the underground hangar for the X-men's flying vehicles - - the X-Jet and the Blackbird.

"We'll be taking the X-Jet to Los Angeles." the Professor said as I entered.

"Why?" I asked, puzzled at to why he would call me out of class for a trip. I'd seen other X-men members called out of class to search for a recruit, but if they were in L. A., then their branch should handle it.

"Because I just got a transmission from Sean Cassidy, the headmaster there. And if what he said is true---"

"If what is true?"

"Then our friend---Eric McCoy--is alive and well."

I was surprised, and very taken aback. But I snapped out of it and began helping Xavier prepare the X-Jet for take-off. If what he said was true, then I would be truly happy. But this was something that I had to see for myself. An increasing sense of anxiety came over me--good and bad. Because as happy as I was to learn that Eric was still alive, a great sense of dread started to well up in me, as if there was something else that was very, very wrong.


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