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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 29: Revenge, Part Two: Reunion

The basketball court above opened up as the platform the X-Jet was on rose. We took off towards Los Angeles and made good time.

On the way my thoughts reflected over how Eric could possibly be alive when he was seen blown up on a building. He and I used to discuss just about everything when we talked- - -The school, fighting evil, relationships--I was able to tell him about Logan and me being together.

Now that my mind strayed to Logan, I began to reflect over the course of our relationship, and the trials that we've had to endure. I loved him, very much so. I looked at my finger at the ring he gave me, the first night we "went out". I loved him so much. . which made me all the more not want to tell him the truth. I still hadn't told anyone about the night that Scott tried to put the moves on me. And although he and Jean seemed to have patched things up, I don't think he told her, either. Maybe it is best that the whole thing stays a secret.

<Josh? Josh?> I heard in my head. I snapped back to attention when I looked back at Xavier.

"Sorry." I replied. "I just got a little---"

"Lost in thought?" he replied.

"Yes." I answered.

"It's okay. Perfectly understandable. At your age, so much is going on. You've got school, and your goings on with slaying. And your relationship with Logan."

"Yeah, Logan. I know I'm young, and I know that there's a huge gap between ages for us, but I still love him. Logan- - -makes me happy. He's the only thing that completely makes me happy- -sure, the school is there and I've found my real family --but the only person who makes me truly happy is Logan."

"I know and I understand that. I am also proud that you realize such a thing at a young age. You actually are a very grounded young man, who is aware of what's truly important."

"Aww, you just have to say that because you're my watcher." I reply.

"No, I'm saying that because you are a very good young man, intelligent smart- -handsome--" Professor Xavier's eyes lingered on me for a while before he snapped out of a trance, shaking his head back and forth. I wondered what was up with him.

"And so unlike me." he said.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Because I was a stupid man. When I was younger, when my visions of this- -dream, where mutants and humans could live together in peace, I focused on it and nothing else. Not even my family."

At this, I was surprised, as I had no idea at all that Professor Xavier had even had a family. Seeing my interest, he continued. "I was once married to a beautiful woman, Dr. Moira McTaggert. Moira was a doctor who had shared interest with me in helping mutants--she was one of few who would help terminally ill mutants. She and I married after a few years, and produced a son.

"Wow. So what happened?" I asked.

"My dream consumed me. I learned of other mutant children out there and dreamed of building a school. My then friend Eric Magnus Lensherr and I devised Cerebro. I left Moira and my son, Kevin, behind. I haven't spoken to either of them for a while. I wasn't a good father to him, or a good husband to Moira."

"That's rough."

"That's not all. While the two of us were in France, I met--and had an affair--with a woman named Gabrielle Haller. And left before I realized that I had a son.

"I've loved---and lost so many times more, just because I was so stupid and ignorant. But I see you and Logan together--and I see how happy you are. Logan smiles because of you. Not the smirk or grin that he used to give, but a true smile. He is happy. He loves you.---------And that's why- -you must tell him."

"Tell him what?" I asked.

"About what transpired between you and Scott. Logan deserves to know."

"I know. I just---need to find the right time to tell him."

"Just make sure that you don't wait too late." Xavier said as the X-Jet landed in its hangar in L. A.

As we entered the mansion I prepared myself, with my telepathy. It could possibly not be Eric, but a mutant shape shifter.

We entered the living area where Mr. Cassidy and Eric were. I could smell that it was actually him with my heightened sense, and sense it was truly him telepathically. Albeit his face was scarred, it was actually him. I was shocked, but relieved. So was Xavier.

"Hello, Professor." he said as he saw us.

"Eric, it good to see you are alive." he replied.

"It's good to be alive."

"I brought someone anxious to see you ever since he found out you were alive and well." Professor Xavier said as I came further inside where he could see me, then ran to him and gave him a hug. He was here, I was able to smell that it was him, and yet I was so surprised and doubtful. But when he hugged me, the same way he always did, like a father and his son, I knew it was him. My eyes began to water.

"I'm so sorry you went through this," he whispered as he held me tightly to him. "I'm so sorry."

"I'm glad to see you alive, Eric." I replied. We stood there for a while hugging, until finally we let go. Then Xavier began saying what he had to say. "We have more pressing matters to deal with, I assume, Eric." Then, he added with a smirk. " That is why you've come back from the dead."

"I would be happy to tell you about all that transpired in England, if that is what you mean." Eric replied.

The Professor smiled and the three of us were seated. Eric told us everything that had happened--the encounters with the Mad Hatter, meeting Lord Marmaduke Fogg, Macai and the explosion on the roof. He even told us how he had to overcome amnesia and an extreme power boost, as well as how he defeated both Macai and the Hatter.

"An interesting chain of events." said the Professor when Eric was finally done. "Tell me, is your power as strong as before?"

"No. After the second explosion, my mutant powers seemed to have reverted back to what they were before. It is like flexing a muscle. I can't hold it for too long."

"Would it be possible to study your DNA? I would like to understand the biological and scientific aspects of what happened."

"Of course, Professor."


"What is the pressing issue that you wanted to see me about, Eric?"

"I contacted Jessica when I arrived in L.A. and she let me borrow the tape that proves Batman killed Dr. Israel. After studying it, I discovered that it was Mystique who framed me."

"What can I do to help?" Professor X asked.

"I want to know where she is."

"Hmmm," Professor X said in thought. "Sean, is Cerebro active?"

"Of course, Professor. We keep Cerebro active all the time to detect new mutant signatures." he replied.

"I'm going to use it to locate Mystique for our friend."

Sean nodded. "Right this way."

We all rose and followed Xavier to the Cerebro chamber. On the way there, a thought occurred to me. <Professor? Shouldn't we tell Eric about the Apocalypse threat?>

<No, I'm afraid not just yet, Josh.> he replied without looking back.

<But why not?>

<Because Eric still has things in his life that he needs to get back in order. I'm not trying to pry into his thoughts, but he still has problems that he must work out back at home, with his love, Lance.>

<Oh, okay.> I hadn't thought about that before, and Xavier was right. Eric had enough to deal with without knowing about another great evil to stop.

Eric and I made small talk while the Professor was in the Cerebro chamber. He was only in for about half a minute when he emerged with a smile on his face.

"You are in luck. She is in a nearby town called Sunnydale. It will take a few hours to get there. You are welcome to use one of the Institutes vehicles if you like."

"Thanks, Professor. I have some things to clear up here, first, before I deal with Mystique. But I will deal with her."

"Of course."

Eric then turned to me. "It was good to see you. We will have to catch up some time." he gave me one more hug, then left. It kinda sucked that he was leaving already, before I could tell him about Logan, as well as before I could tell him what I learned about myself and my destiny.

After Eric left, the Professor told me that he needed to stay for the rest of the night to take care of some business, and that we would return tomorrow to the school. I replied that it was fine with me and with that we separated. I found one of the bathrooms and proceeded to take care of some of my own business.

After I finished washing my hands, I turned to exit the restroom.

"Joshua, I---"

"AHHH!!" I shouted out when I got surprised. After the initial shock of someone appearing from nowhere, I took time to examine the person. It wasn't a mutant at all, but it was Michael, white lighter to my friends, the Charmed Ones.

"Sorry to frighten you, but I was told to give this to you." he said handing me an envelope. He then told me how the three Charmed Ones had been kidnapped by Ares and how he left behind the envelope for me.

I opened the envelope and pulled out the letter, which had been written in what appeared to be blood.

To the Fabled One:

If you're reading this right now, then you apparently have received this letter and you know that the Charmed Ones are in my possession. If you value your precious friends' lives at all, then you will come to the address listed on this letter at midnight tonight. Make sure that you are completely alone, less you want your friends dead.



"Well?" asked Michael when I finished reading the letter.

"I've got to save them." I replied when I finished the letter. "Ares wants revenge on me and the brothers, very likely for getting him in trouble with Sinister."

"I'm going to help you." said Michael.

"No, you can't help me. No one can help me. I've got to do this alone. Ares wants me, he's going to get me."


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