Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 3: Logan and Orroro

"They are very opinionated let me tell you. Especially Logan and Remy."

Well no one I had met so far were very opinionated, but if he said especially Logan and Remy, then he probably said it from experience. I hadn't met Remy yet, but Logan seemed like the type of guy to be opinionated.

"Oh, well ok Logan, I guess I'll just leave you to go back to sleep before I really get on your bad side. See you later." I say as I walk away from the door, heading down the hall, away from his room. If what Eric says is true, which it most likely is, then I really don't want to actually get to know Logan, or want him to get to know me. No matter how ferociously sexy he is.

As I walk the grounds to keep myself awake, I consider the most obvious solution for this--I really need to ask Scott and Professor Xavier for my own room. More privacy. Plus I won't be slashing up my roommates by accident.

My wandering lead me to the school greenhouse, where I sniffed some of the beautiful flowers there. It was lush and green and absolutely beautiful. So peaceful. I wish the world was as peaceful and serene as the garden here. I wish no one was as close-minded as they were towards other people. There were still people who discriminated against other races. Blacks hating whites, whites hating blacks, Blacks hating Orientals, Orientals hating blacks, so much hating against all races. And then there were the people who hated mutants. Most of the mutants probably hate themselves too, but they can't change who they are. And the same goes for gay people. We can't change who we are either, although most people consider this a choice. we don't choose who we are attracted to and can't help it if that attraction is for someone of the same gender as we are.

I snap out of my thoughts as someone else enters the garden. I hide in one of the larger bushes. I peek out and see the person sit on one of the benches. In the moonlight I can make out their figure. It's Logan. His hairy skin shines in the moonlight. He looks so sexy. He seems at peace as he sits, possibly meditating. He gets up to leave, but stops and turns to my direction.

"You can stop hiding now, Josh."

I stand up from my hiding spot. "you knew it was me?"

"You can't hide your smell from someone with my heightened senses." he says.

"Oh. I didn't know you had heightened senses." I say.

"Well now you do." he answers. "Oh, I can also smell the bulge in pants and your arousal. You thinking of a cute girl or are ya happy t'see me?" He jokes.

I nervously chuckle, then head for the door.

"Oh, kid?" he calls to me.

"Yeah?" I answer.

"Watch out for Scott. He's patrolling, making sure everyone's in bed."

"Thanks. I'll be on the lookout." I say, then move on through the door. I walk further down the hall, continuing my exploration of the mansion, when I come across the garage. There are a variety of cool vehicles here. A motorcycle, looked to be a Harley, a sports car, some sort of van/SUV, and a bunch of bikes were parked there. I heard someone approaching. I hid in a dark corner, hoping that it was just Logan. Or another kid. Anyone but Scott. Maybe he'd understand what I was going through, though.

Well it wasn't Scott or Logan, or a student. It was a pretty black lady, with long, silvery white hair. She got the keys to the car from above the driver's side sun visor. I wondered who she was. I had never seen her before, and yet she seemed familiar, as if I had known her all my life.

As she started up the car, I hopped into the backseat of the car, hiding on the floor. I was careful not to make a sound, which was fairly easy since the car was a convertible.

She sped off into the night. Without moving much, I looked at my watch, which displayed the time 12:00. We eventually stopped, and by the time we stopped the woman had started crying for some reason. The whole ride she had been emitting feelings of sadness. I wanted to know what was wrong, so I quietly hopped out of the car after her.

We were at the Golden Gate Bridge. She had walked to the railing. She began crying more now.

"Excuse me, miss, but what seems to be the trouble?"

"She turned around, startled, as she heard my voice."

"Who--who are you?" she stammered.

"I'm Joshua, one of the students from the school." I answer.

"Oh." she answers. "I'm Orroro Munroe, one of the teachers." she says back. She walks towards me, then reaches out to shake my hand. I shake it, and a weird thing happens.

All of a sudden, I am standing on the bridge, but it's not now, it's 15 years ago. I see a younger version of Orroro on the bridge, Her with a handsome black man, who must be part Native American. He looks familiar to me, too. There are some of Xavier's X-men lying on the ground, unconscious. Orroro and the man are facing off against a man, who must be evil, with pale skin. He is very evil looking, with a costume like a vampire king, and fangs to match. He has a familiar looking baby in his hands.

"Sinister! You'll never get away with this!" the black/NA man yells.

"Give me back my son!" Orroro yells.

"Storm and Bishop, you want the boy?" he asks mockingly as he raises the boy high above his head. I can tell who it is now. I know from my baby pictures. That baby is--me!

"Then go get him!" he says as he throws the baby me into the water!

"No!" Orroro, Storm, yells as I am thrown into the water. She tries to use the wind to bring me back to her, but Sinister blasts her.

"Now I will never be destroyed and the prophecy of the young one destroying me will never come true." Sinister laughs, then presses a button on his belt and teleports away.

The vision ends and I am snapped back into the present. "So you've seen why I'm crying." says Orroro. "I searched for my son after that, but none of us could find him. I never learned what happened to him."

"He's right here." I say. "I'm back Mom!" I say, then tears of joy begin to fall. "I have dreamed often of the day I'd find my mom and now I have!"

Orroro pulls me into a strong hug, which seems to be quite strong but I don't care. "I found you at last!" she says.

"We found each other." I answer. We drive back to the mansion where she sends me back to my room until morning. I tell Bobby and Evan that I discovered that Orroro was my mother, and that Evan was my cousin. Evan said he was happy, too, that I had found my mom. Scott told us to go to bed, since we were being too loud, so the three of us went to sleep.



"Yes, Vertigo?"

"The child has been found. He is alive."

"Then kill him."

"He is with the X-men."

"Then we'll just have to lure him out."


What does sinister have planned for our hero? Will Joshua have the quality time he wants with his mom? And just what are Joshua's extraordinary powers? Stay tuned for the next `Tales of a Young Mutant'

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