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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 30: Revenge, Part Three: Assistance

"Well?" asked Michael when I finished reading the letter.

"I've got to save them." I replied when I finished the letter. "Ares wants revenge on me and the brothers, very likely for getting him in trouble with Sinister."

"I'm going to help you." said Michael.

"No, you can't help me. No one can help me. I've got to do this alone. Ares wants me, he's going to get me."

I exited the bathroom and headed for the nearest elevator, with the intent that I could get to the basement level of the school, into the X-jet and find my Firebird outfit. But when I made it downstairs, the X-Jet was already gone.

"Shit!" I exclaimed.

"Josh!" I turned around to see that Michael had followed me down here. "Look, I know you mean well in rushing in to save the brothers, but you cannot do this alone! We can get help, so that we can free the brothers before Ares notices, and give you aid so that you can stop him.

I thought it over and realized that Michael was right. In our last encounter, I saw how powerful Ares was, and in the time I've been away from L. A., he could only have gotten stronger. I nodded in agreement with Michael.

"You're going to need help. We could get Zeus and Cupid to go with you."

"Right." I said. I reached out with my mind for the two of them, but they were nowhere to be found.

"I can't sense them anywhere." I replied.

"Hmm." said Michael in thought. "You could perhaps use the Cerebro helmet."

"No way, man. I've never used the big one before, and it may be way too powerful for me."

"Don't you carry one with you usually." he asked.

"Yeah, but it's with my costume on the X-Jet." I replied, frustrated with myself for leaving everything on the plane. "I guess I'll just have to use the Cerebro chamber.

I exited the hangar with Michael in close proximity and we entered the Cerebro hallway. I wondered if I would even be able to gain access.

"I don't know how I'm going to be able to get in. You need a voice ID and retina scan from a student or faculty member who is cleared to use it."

"Maybe you are cleared to use it and you just don't know it yet." suggested Michael as the doors whoosed open for us. I entered the expansive chamber and Michael followed me. The doors shut behind us. I sat at the desk for the computer and clicked for mutant search. I put the helmet on, and it asked for the verification. I gave my name and it scanned my eye. Surprisingly enough it worked!

"Okay, I'm using it now. But do NOT move!"

It was one of the most amazing experiences ever! It seemed as though I could see everything, every mutant and human, on the planet.

I used it and searched for Zeus and Cupid. I found them on what apparently was some sort of vessel. I saw Professor Xavier and a few other X-men too. It was definitely the X-Jet.

I removed the helmet and turned off the machine, with Michael following me out the room. I was surprised. It took me little to no strain at all to use the machine. Were my powers THAT advanced?

"So?" inquired Michael.

"So, we can't get help from either Zeus or Cupid. They're already on a mission with Professor Xavier. And I don't know any of the X-men here in California, so I can't trust that they'll be entirely helpful."

We went to one of the elevators and ascended up to the ground level of the mansion.

"Wait!" exclaimed Michael. "I do know someone who can help! He may be a little moody, but I think he'll be able to help us nonetheless."


After receiving help from the headmaster, Mr. Cassidy, Michael and I drove off to the place he spoke of.

"It's a hotel that a guy I know uses, called the Hyperion." he said.

"So what's with this guy anyway? You say he's kinda a moody guy."

"I think brooding is the better word for it. His name is Angel. He's a vampire over 200 years old."

"Wait, how is a vampire supposed to help us?" I asked. "Isn't he what we're supposed to fight?"

"Not exactly. See, let me explain: Angel was turned a long time ago and became the vampire demon Angelus. A long time ago he killed a gypsy, and to spite him, her fellow gypsies laid on him a curse."

"What kind of curse?" I asked, now kinda interested.

"They returned to him his soul."

"Wow. Harsh." I said sarcastically.

"For a vampire, that is harsh. The thing is, the soul version of him, Angel, has to live with the grief that his body is still inhabited by a demon, Angelus. Hence, he still has immortality, the thirst for blood, etc."

"Oh. That would suck." I said thoughtfully. I now realized how that could be awful. "So, what has kept him alive?"

"The curse had a sort of light to its darkness. Essentially if he does enough good deeds, then he returns to human form and is a vampire no more. Or that's what prophecy states. They don't specify him, just a vampire with a soul, and he may not be the only one."

"Hmm. Sounds like a guy that keeps all to himself." I remarked.

"Yes, he seems that way, but he's really collected quite a fold of assistants."

"So you think they'll be able to help us?" I asked him.

"No, I know they will. At least I hope they will." he replied.

We pulled up on the property and I noticed how dreary the place looked--not necessarily old, just creepy. I parked the car and the two of us walked up to the front door and entered, since it was public domain.

As I opened the door, an acute pain shot into my brain, a pain which I recognized as a danger warning. I quickly grabbed Michael and threw the both of us to the ground as an object whizzed over our heads. I looked behind us to see a shuriken (throwing star) embedded in the door frame. I looked in front of us to see three demons, dressed in black ninja garb, complete with greaves, belt sash, and masks, which hid their green faces, but allowing their red eyes to show. Each of their two hands had nails resembling Sabretooth's claws, which I guessed were just as sharp as his.

Against one of these demons, which seemed a very adept sais user, a black guy who looked to be in his early to mid twenties and a white guy in his middle to late twenties fought, both with swords. Another demon, who used simply his bare hands, fought against another white male, who looked in his mid twenties, with blond hair. The last fought with a kitana against another white male, whose bumpy forehead and orange eyes proved he was a vampire.

I stood up and helped Michael up. It was then that I noticed the long-haired, brown-eyed girl in the corner, who seemed to be worried about a wounded girl with her, who had short-cut brown hair. Michael saw her and instantly orbed to her.

I looked over at the three demons and surmised that two normal, or normal looking that is, white guys and the black guy would be fine, but the vampire was having trouble. The kitana holder was definitely the leader and was closing in for the kill.

I made to advance forward, but the kitana-holder seemed to hear me. He swiftly back flipped away from Angel and landed behind me. I found my hands were restrained behind my back and the kitana at my throat.

"All right, all of you drop your weapons, or the boy gets it!" the demon yelled in a garbled voice. All of the human fighters looked over at the two of us. Aside from the two girls, this was the first time any of them noticed that there was anyone else here. Seeing an innocent in danger, they all laid down their weapons. The vampire laid his down as well, but when he looked up and saw me he seemed to show a look of recognition, same as all demons when they see me. The other two demons chuckled under their breath, but I could sense they would discover me, too.

"Good." the demon-leader holding me snarled. I could hear the smile on his lips, though I could not see it, as he whispered in my ear, "Any last words before you die?"

"Yeah." I replied. "That's my line!!" I sent a strong telepathic bolt to the demon's mind. The demon groaned in agony as his arm dropped and his hands held his aching head. I thrust my right elbow back and sent the demon hurtling into the Hyperion's front door with my super-strength. The demon stood and looked at me, furious.

"You know not who you are dealing with!" the demon shouted as he picked up his sword and rushed at me.

CLANG! In a blink of an eye, Angel had picked up his sword and blocked the coming attack. He seemed to have things in order, so I turned my attention to the other two demons. The blond male seemed to have his demon under control, which made me realize that there was more to the blond than there seemed. The two other guys, however, were catching hell. The demon still had its sai, but the two men were defenseless as the couldn't reach their weapons. I used my telekinesis to jam both of their weapons through the demons body. The demon groaned and yelled in surprise, then fell to the ground, twitching to its death. One down.

The two looked demons looked around, wondering how their friend had fallen. In that time of surprise, the blond man grabbed the bare-hands demon from behind, and with one arm around its chest and a hand across its face, the man broke the demon's neck. I looked over at the vampire, Angel, who was fighting the demon leader and succeeding. The demon however, surprised Angel by clanging swords with him, then sweep-kicking him. The demon raised his sword, ready to stab Angel.

I quickly snatched the sais of one of the fallen demons and thrust it into the demon's chest. The demon looked into my eyes and the recognition came over him.

"YOU!" he shouted.

"Yes, me." I replied as I lifted my other arm. I made to stab him through the top of his head with the other sai, but he grabbed my arm and flipped me onto my back. I threw the sai at him, but he back-flipped over it, landing on his feet. The sai embedded itself in a wall.

"Ha! You missed me, child. I guess even Fabled Ones make mistakes." It said, smirking.

"Well, I guess I'll have to rectify it." I replied. The demon put itself right by the door. I pulled his own shuriken out of the wall and used it to decapitate him, his corpse falling to the floor.


An hour later, I had fully explained the situation to the six of them. There was Angel, who in his human form was a very attractive vampire; Wesley, an ex watcher from England; Gunn, a demon-hunter; Cordelia, possessed by a demonic power of premonition; Fred, the genius girl, and Groo, the demon from another dimension, who was obsessed with Cordelia.

"So, you need us to help you stop a mutant who works for Sinister, who is most likely bringing you straight into a trap."

"Yes, I really need your help to stop him."

Gunn looked over the address on the note addressed to me. "Wait a minute, I know this place. It's an abandoned warehouse."

"The perfect set-up for an ambush." remarked Wesley. "And if he's the typical bad guy--"

"Then the whole set up is a ploy to bring you into an ambush." Angel replied.

"But why would he do that?": I asked. "He said that he wanted me there alone."

"Because he's a coward. He's gonna ambush you to weaken you, as well as see if you've learned anything new since the last time he fought you."

"Lucky for you, though," said Cordelia, "you're not going to be alone."

"We'll need to come up with a plan." mused Michael.

I looked at my watch. "And soon. It's now 10 pm. We need to act fast."


So, Josh has made a new friend with Angel Investigations. What will happen next? Stay tuned and find out. Also, within this storyline, I have 10 more chapters left. Then I'll start the new one. Stay tuned to see the conclusion of the Revenge miniseries. Remember, my email is redrealityranger03@yahoo.com.