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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 31: Revenge, Part Four: Defeat

I entered the warehouse at 12:00 sharp. I took a small amount of time to survey my surroundings. The place used to be a storage warehouse for a toy factory. There were all types of boxes here, with anything from Barbie dolls to My Buddy dolls in their abandoned boxes. I used my telepathic powers to scan for minds. However, I found no minds on the premises. I tried to extend my telekinesis and found it fully functional. Which meant something--or someone--was blocking my powers. Either Ares was adept at psionic shielding (which I doubted) or he had a psionic mutant or demon helping him.

<Has anything happened yet?> Cordelia shouted in my head.

<No, nothing yet, Cordelia. And you don't need to think so loudly!> I replied.

<Sorry. I've never communicated telepathically before.> Before I entered the warehouse, I took the precaution of establishing a telepathic link between myself and my comrades. No one could read the other's minds, but this way we could all talk to one another without getting caught.

<Have you made contact yet?> Angel asked.

<Negative. And I can't seem to reach any minds, either.>

<Okay, that means there's going to be an ambush. We're coming in.>

<No! Not yet! I'll give you guys a signal, but don't come in yet! Ares is going for the element of surprise, and I'd like to use it against him. Besides, we still have to make sure the brothers are alright.>

<All right. But keep us updated.>

<OK>. I replied as I continued through the warehouse. I came to an area where there was nothing but wide open space. I stepped forward, very unsure of what was going on, and that sixth sense of mine seemed to be screaming danger in all directions. I looked up and noticed a skylight in the warehouse's ceiling. I cautiously stepped into the center of its light.

"Ahh, at last. The prodigal child arrives." I turned around to see Ares, standing barely a foot away from me. I instinctively got into a defensive fighting stance.

"What have you done with the Three?" I demanded.

"Calm down, boy. Look over there." he said, pointing behind me. I turned and after somehow a spotlight was shone on them, the three brothers sat in three hard-backed wooden chairs. The were restrained by shackles around their wrists and ankles, with gags keeping their mouths closed. T tried breaching their minds, but I couldn't get in.

"As you can see, they've been a little detained." Ares smirked. "They get to watch as I kill you, then each of them. One by one."

While he boasted, I attempted to remove the shackles. However, I couldn't seem to catch hold of them. Whatever material they were made of, it was very malleable.

"What do you want?" I asked Ares finally.

"A fight. To the death. Your death. One on one." he said.

"Fine." I said, getting ready to punch him.

"Uh, uh, uhh." he said. "First thing's first. NO weapons." As he said this, a pale-skinned man of maybe 20 or 21 stepped into the light, a wicked grin on his features. He was dressed completely in black leather, with a long-sleeved leather tunic, and a pair of leather pants and boots.

"This is Stryfe." Ares said. "My cousin here is a trickster, with psionic powers, one of which being to "feel" objects on someone's person."

"But I don't have--" I began.

"Remove your jacket." Stryfe interjected.

"What?" I said, caught off guard.

"There's a knife in a holster covered by your jacket. You also have a wooden take in one sleeve, as well as a collapsible crossbow in the other. Also there's a dagger on your belt, and a stake hidden in each of your boots."

"Tick, tock." Ares grinned.

I knew this was extremely dangerous now, but I had no choice. I removed my jacket and my additional weapons. I also took an added precaution of securing my telepathic link, so that Stryfe couldn't access it.

"Good. Now that everything's set, the fun can begin." This being said, the spotlight was turned off, and a couple seconds later, fluorescent lights came on in the warehouse and I was faced with a somewhat expected, yet horrifying sight. I was surrounded by what must have been an army of, and I counted, 37 vampires.

"Generally, I would go for one on one, but my boss REALLY wants you dead. So I brought some friends along." Ares smirked. "Besides, I'm the bad guy. We lie from time to time."

"Guess I'm not all that good either." <NOW!> I sent to the others.

A very loud crash filled the room--the sound of breaking glass--as Angel and Gunn descended into the room from the ceiling using ropes, immediately killing two vampires with crossbow bolts. Groo and Wesley entered the same way as I did, taking down two more vampires with wooden stakes. Arrows fell from above, killing vampires five and six. I looked up to see Cordelia and Fred firing crossbows down below. I looked at Ares and Stryfe being surprised, and I noticed that I could feel the minds of those I couldn't. Before he could re-establish his mind clouds, I hit Stryfe with as strong a psionic bolt as I could without killing him. Stryfe took a direct hit and fell over.

After this, one of the vampires grabbed me from behind. I reared my head back to crush the vamp's nose, then elbowed him in the stomach. With my psi-claws, I beheaded the demon.

"No! I will not lose!" shouted Ares as he threw a plasma bolt at me. I dodged out the way just in time. Ares leapt forward at me, and I jumped into the air, spun, and kicked him in the chest. Ares grabbed my foot and threw me into a crate full of dolls.

I stood up, ready to combat Ares again, but Angel had engaged him in battle in vamped out mode. While he held him off, two vampires decided to engage me. I looked to either side of me and noticed stray pieces of wood around me from the crate. I mentally two pieces of wood into the hearts of the vampires. I used my telepathy to take a head count of how many were left. Of the original, only 20 remained.

I made sure to include the Charmed Ones in my telepathic link.

<Guys, is there anyway to get you out of those cuffs?> I asked.

<Yeah, they're magic proof on the inside, but not the outside.> Perry replied.

<I can perform a spell.> Wesley sent after he staked a vampire.

<Hurry!> Fred sent, <We've got incoming vampires up here!>

"Let the object of desire become but a dream as I cause the seen to be unseen!" Wesley shouted out. The shackles around the wrists of the Three disappeared in a flash of white sparkles.

Immediately the three went into action. Pierce took Perry's hand and orbed the two into the alcoves above. As two vampires approached the seats in attempt to restrain the brothers, Patrick leapt up and kicked both vampires in the face with a single spinning kick. Meanwhile, in the alcoves above, shrieks of agony were heard as four vampires spontaneously combusted, or wooden stakes materialized inside of their hearts.

Groo took down an additional 2 vampires with his demonic strength and staking skills. Wesley and Gunn dusted four more. Only 10 vamps and Ares left to go.

I got ready to engage Ares, but was surprised by a vampire who came at me with a baseball bat. I ducked narrowly avoiding a swing to the head. He swung again and I blocked with my right arm, countering with a left jab to his face. I then spun to add momentum to a right punch, then spun again, this time beheading the vamp with my psi claws.

Another vampire made to rush me. I leapt vertically into the air, back flipping so that when the demon got close enough, my feet connected with his face. I landed on my hands, which grabbed a stray crossbow bolt (one which used to be in a vampire's hear) and flipped onto my feet. When the vampire stood, I drove it through his heart, receiving a face full of dust.

"Aargh! I looked to the sound of the scream and saw Angel fly through the air, landing in a pile of toy animals. Following the line of projection, I saw Ares picking up a wooden stake on the ground. And I knew his skills with objects.

Reaching into myself, I channeled energy from the Phoenix force, allowing it to heighten my powers. I then threw a ball of telekinetic energy at Ares, which was remarkably a fiery orange. Ares got knocked backward 50 feet into a wall. Ares stood, apparently shaking off my TK bolt. He leapt from his position and flew at high speed directly at me. I jumped upward, spinning in a kick that connected with his face. Ares' body turned but mid-spin he kicked out with his foot, hitting me in my chest, sending me crashing to the ground.

I shook off the impact and flipped onto my feet again, ready for attack. Ares punched at me with his right fist. I caught it with my left hand and countered with a right hook. Ares spun with the impact, and followed through with a left hook. He then swung his clasped fists, punching me in my face, causing me to fly backward into a wall.

I tried to shake off the impact and stand again, but that punch had me too dazed. Ares had gotten even more physically strong since the last time I fought him. As I attempted to stand, a hand grabbed my by the neck, and I was lifted off the ground as it tightened its grip. I struggled to get free as Ares spoke.

"You don't get it, do you?" I watched as his face took on the look of a vampire. "I'm twice as strong as I was before. You have no chance of beating me."

"Yeah, that's where--you're wrong." I struggled to say. "Now you also have twice as many weaknesses, too." With a great try, I pushed out my powers from my body, forcing Ares to let go and sending him a few yards away. As he stood, I picked up a piece of wood from the ground and threw it into his heart.

"ARGH!" he yelled, a yell which quickly turned into fits of laughter. I was now confused. He should have been joining the dust on the floor.

"Nice try kid. But I've been turned by a combination of vampires, so that I can be immune to the weaknesses of both. Just like Sinister."

Just like Sinister? I thought. But although Sinister is the leader of vampires, Sinister isn't a vamp, he's a mutant. Scott, Jean, Logan, and the Professor told me so. His shape-shifting abilities are so advanced that he can allow projectiles to pass through him.

<I don't think this Sinister guy told him everything.> I heard Fred say. <Vampires that actually are turned & keep souls are immune to fire, the whole shebang. Vamps harmed by silver are immune to wooden stakes. Those harmed by wood are immune to silver. And the only vampire able to be immune to sunlight is a gargoyle-type, but those can only be controlled by high-powered demons.>

<And I can recognize a vampire bite from a mile away, smell where the blood's been drawn, and tell the type of vampire. He's been bitten by a silver-hater, a wood-hater, and a vamp retaining his soul, but not by a gargoyle.> Angel added.

<Luckily we've got just the thing for him.> Perry said.

Finally Ares arrived at the end of his little speech. "So now you die." he smirked.

"No, you do." I replied. I looked behind Ares and saw Pierce orb inside of a teddy bear crate with Angel, then orb out.

"We'll see." he said, sending a streamer of plasma energy. I blocked with a telekinetic shield.

"I'm too powerful for you! Prepare to die, boy!" Ares yelled.

"You first!" I replied. I had been saving up for this. I called on all the strength of the Phoenix I could and pushed back his wave of power quite easily. Ares got stunned by his own powers, and I lifted him into the air, hovering him beneath the skylight.

"Our foe's too strong, we cannot lie. Day please come forth so he can die." the Three chanted together. Within the next few seconds, the effects were made known. Sunlight came shining through the skylight, starting to burn Ares' skin.


"No, really?" I replied sarcastically..

"Arrgh!!!" he yelled as his body glowed with red heat and his body dissolved, first his skin, then all his tissue and organ, then last his bones.

"Ohh, gross." Cordelia said, "He couldn't just explode into dust like everyone else, could he?"

"Umm, could someone please put the sun back, now? I know that I don't breathe, but this box is still uncomfortable." Angel said within the teddy bear box.

"Oops. Sorry." said Perry, before pulling out a piece of paper that the Three looked over. "We thank you, Day, for your glorious light. Now, we beseech you, return to Night!" And with that said, the sky returned to normal.

When I was sure that the sky was normal, I removed the top of the box with my powers, allowing Angel to get out.

"Thanks." he said.

"No problem." I replied.


Back at the brothers' house, we all celebrated our victory. Ares was finally dead, and we could get back to a little normalcy. Well, if you could call killing lesser demons and vampires normal.

Well, they were the ones returning to normalcy. I had to return to the mansion and fret over Sinister. He wanted to get rid of Ares, that I was sure of. But I really had no idea of what was coming next.


That Saturday morning, the Professor and I returned to the home school in New York, with telepaths Psylocke and Emma Frost in tow. Xavier explained that they would be necessary in the fight to come.

Upon arrival again at the mansion, I said hello to my friends, and stopped at Bobby's room to get the notes I missed. I knocked once, and didn't get an answer. I noticed Bobby's key card was on the floor in the hallway. I used the keycard to enter. After all, technically it was my room too. I opened the door to see one of the hottest, and yet most forbidden sights ever. Bobby Drake's slim, smooth-skinned body lay sprawled across Henry McCoy's blue-furred, extremely muscled body. The two lovers lay asleep, with Henry's limp cock rest barely outside the entrance to Bobby's ass, if you could consider that `beastly' piece of meat limp. By the very erotic smell of Hank's cum that leaked out of Bobby's arse, you could tell that their coupling could only have ended some minutes ago. I felt the intense urge to walk up to the two and lick Hank's cock clean and to clean out Bobby's ass.

I concentrated hard to snap those sensuous thoughts out of my head, and to walk back out of the room. I could get my notes later.

I moved on up the hallway to Logan's room, hoping that no one would notice my erection. I slipped inside and shut the door. Once again I was transfixed, but this time it was a sight that I could participate in.

The room smelled like fresh smelling white rose petals, one of my favorite smells in the world, a smell which was coming from scented candles placed around the room, which were also the only light in the room. In the center of our bed, Logan's muscular hairy frame lay, with rose petals place strategically over his nipples, navel, and groin. He looked like he could have been one of the gods himself. I couldn't move, I was so surprised and excited at the same time.

"It's too much? I wanted to surprise you, and I thought you'd like it, but--"

"Damn." I said as I walked forward into the room. "I really need to take a picture of this moment. And I don't just mean mentally." In an effort to advance the process, I disassembled my clothes, so that I'd be nude.

"You've got to do that more often." Logan said in his gruff voice.

"Yeah, I can see Mom's expression when I suddenly disrobe in the middle of a mission." I joked, then climbed into the bed with Logan. I felt the emotional and sexual electricity between us as our mouths possessed each other. Logan's tongue insistently pressed into my mouth, as I sucked graciously on it. We loved each other, very much, but there was no telling when the next time we would get a chance to do something like this again was, so we were very lusty, too.

Logan moved into a Indian style sitting position as I crawled on top of him, sitting in his lap, my naked cock pressed against his. We still kissed, our hands playing in each other's hair. I broke the kiss and began kissing and licking all over his face, first licking all over his chin, then his cheeks, then his forehead, then his nose. There seemed to be some sort of irresistible flavor about his body as I licked, kissed, and sucked. Then I licked and sucked on his ears, eliciting a moan from Logan. I giggled and teased this spot some more.

I left his face and moved off his lap, licking along my lover's chest, in between his chiseled pecks, along his nipples. Logan loved it when I licked and bit on his nipples, so I teased and bit one while my hand would tease and pinch the other. Logan was moaning, almost growling on the bed as he lay down for me to continue.

I kissed and sucked my way down his abs, teasing his navel. The taste that was so interesting to me was becoming more and more pronounced the further I went down.

"What did you put on you that tastes so good?" I asked him.

"Strawberry flavored lotion." he replied. "I hoped you would like it." he said.

"Like is not the word." I replied with a grin and with that I started on his amazing manhood. Logan always lit up when I worked on his cock. With practice, I was now able to deep throat the whole thing. Not only that, but I also applied extra telekinetic stimulation that really made him feel good.

"Oh, yeah, Josh. Work it good. Oh Josh!" he kept repeating over and over. Then I noticed the tell-tale sign of his colossal cock swelling even larger right before he let loose.

"Oh, baby, I'm cumming!" he growled. I was barely able to swallow all the cum he was shooting into my mouth, as spurt after thick spurt coated my inside and my mouth as I withdrew enough to taste him. Some dribbled out of my mouth as he finished, but he quickly pulled me back up to his mouth so he could lap it up himself.

"My turn." he paused to say, right before immediately pulling me back to kiss me again. The night was definitely young.


"You disgrace me." Sinister said as he stood above Stryfe, who had just woken up to find a warehouse smelling of ashes, dust, and burnt skin.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Sinister--"

"You let your guard down, and the fabled one and his friends eradicated some of my best vampires." Sinister said.

"But the Fabled One---I didn't know there were more!"

"You should have been prepared for it! I will not tolerate failures!!" Sinister said. He spun and kicked out at Stryfe's face, a kick so strong that it snapped his neck like a twig.

"Well done, Fabled One. You may have won the battle. But I will win the war." Sinister growled before vanishing in a burst of blue fire.