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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 32: What Dreams May Come

This, I must say, has been so far one of the best days of my life. Logan and I had been in out room for just about the entire day, doing nothing but talking and making love.

After I redeemed his first orgasm, Logan had proceeded to do the same thing to me. Starting with giving my face a tongue bath, and locking lips with me in another never-ending kiss, Logan kissed down my chest and sucked on my nipples. While he did this, he teased my lips with his right middle finger, which slipped into my mouth as I moaned. I graciously sucked on the finger, which still smelled and tasted of strawberry lotion. Logan lightly nibbled on my nipples and removed his finger from my mouth, only to push it into my hole, beginning again the process of opening me up. One of the few downfalls to my healing factor was that my ass would completely heal, every time being a virgin-like experience. I couldn't complain, though, as Logan seemed to enjoy this part greatly, and I couldn't deny enjoying the whole experience.

As he moved down to my stomach, sucking along my chiseled abs, one finger became two. As he moved further still, taking my hard cock into his mouth, I felt three fingers pushing in and out of my hole. I moaned and writhed on the bed as he worked his magic. Logan's tongue was simply amazing on my cock, and he seemed to know exactly what to do with it. Every so often, he would pull off and lick at the slit of my manhood, catching small amounts of leaking precum. Then, Logan tortured me in one of the most pleasant ways. He began to deep-throat my 7 inches, then incredibly slowly pull back to the head, removing his mouth completely. Every time he did this, he looked directly into my eyes, as I saw the strand of semen and saliva that kept my dick connected with my lover's mouth.

Logan then smirks and winks as he goes back down onto my cock. I moan loudly, unable to speak words, but able to send my thoughts into his mind.

<Yes, oh yes, Logan, please! Oh yes, oh, so good! Oh, so good! Logan!>

<Yeah, baby, I'm gonna get you to shoot in my mouth. You ready?> he replied.

<Oh yes, Logan, oh yes! I'm ready. Unn! OOOOHHHHH!!> And with that, I lost control. My body bucked up and down off the bed as I let loose. Logan grabbed my hips and held me down, giving him the ability to such the last dregs from me.

I sat up and Logan and I locked lips again, this time sharing my own juices. Then came what I was waiting for. Logan's eyes were pleading for it. I nodded my approval. Logan kissed me again, laying me down flat on the bed as he did so, simultaneously pushing his colossal throbbing erection into me in one slow thrust. I cried out into his mouth, with Logan squeezing me tighter to him, projecting his love for me into my head. The feeling was overwhelming, and I lost myself again, my semen coating Logan's hair covered chest and abdomen.

Logan then proceeded to pull out his manhood slowly, then push back in all the way, teasing, but at the same time giving me exactly what I needed. But as I looked into his eyes again, I could tell that he was ready for more.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked me.

"More than ready," I replied.

With that erotic smile of his, Logan reclaimed my lips, then began to speed up his thrusts in and out of me. I began moaning uncontrollably into his mouth, while he held my legs and thrust in and out of my hole. The feeling was absolutely incredible! I struggled to hold on to anything that could support me, the bedposts, the sheets, anything, until finally I just held on to Logan, my hands stroking up and down his back.

"Oh yes, Logan, please! Oh, so good! Oh, I love you, Logan!" I said, sending my feelings through him.

"I love you too, bub!" he replied, doing the same. And, with that, Logan released his built up load inside of me, and endless stream of hot semen that I could feel heating my insides. At this, I also let loose again, spraying Logan's chest, his face, everything.

After a trip to the sink in the 1/2 bath in Logan's room, where we wiped up the remains of our love-making, Logan and I got back into the bed, with me resting my head on his chest, playing in the hairs that decorated his body.

"That was good." he said.

"Yes, it was." I replied.

"Oh, before I forget, this came in the mail for you." Logan said, reaching into a side drawer next to the bed. He pulled out an envelope, which I took and opened, removing its contents, and read it over.

"An invitation to Lance and Eric's wedding!" I said aloud.


"Wow. And with the term coming to close soon, I'll be able to go!" I said. "I can't believe it's August already."

"Yep. Almost a year of us being together." he said. "And your birthday is coming up in October, right?"

"Yeah. Of course, an early birthday--"

"Don't even try it, bub." Logan chuckled, "You'll get your present the day you're supposed to."

"Aww." I fake whined, before kissing him on the lips. Then something crossed my mind.



"I'm worried."

"About what?"

"This whole thing with Apocalypse and Sinister. I mean, it's been too quiet lately. There's been little to no vampire/demon activity recently when I've gone on patrol. It seems like the quiet before the storm."

"Don't worry about it. When the time comes, we'll be ready to stop those two assholes." he replied, then kissed me on the forehead.

"You're right." I sighed, then kissed him back.

"Now, would you rather get something to eat, or--"

"Actually, we can eat later. Right now, I want to sleep in the arms of my man." I replied.

"Sounds like a plan to me." he smiled, then kissed me again. And with that the two of us fell into sleep.


"It's time, Lord Sinister. The Fabled One and his lover are asleep." the man in purple robes said as he approached Sinister's throne.

"Excellent. Proceed with the plan, Morpheus." Sinister replied.

"Right away." The man in the robes, Morpheus, vanished in a gust of purple smoke.


We were in Canada again, I could tell. The snowy outdoors was my first clue. But the main hint was that Logan and i were in that cabin again, the one where we made love for the first time. Logan held me softly in his arms. The smell of burning wood in the fireplace, the heat radiating from Logan's body--it all felt so real.

Logan and I went here, often, in our dreams. It was the closest thing to being awake without actually being awake. Sometimes our dreams were more pleasing than our waking hours. It was nice and comfortable. The love, the warmth, the cold--huh?

I felt, from nowhere, a steely-cold presence around my ankles. I sat up and glanced down the bed and saw Sinister's evilly grinning face, white as the snow outside, his glowing red eyes staring into by blue ones.

Before I could react I was pulled from the bed, and was being dragged to the door of the cabin.

"Josh!" Logan screamed. He leapt from the bed to try and grab my hands, but missed just barely. I screamed for him as Sinister pulled me through the door of the cabin, which slammed shut behind us. I sat up to find the hands gone from my legs, and myself fully clothed. I looked all around me, scanning for him and surveying my surroundings, apparently the foyer of a house. I stood and turned around, seeing a cherry wood door in place of an log one. I opened it, hoping to return to the cabin, but instead came out to a street. A very familiar street. I turned back around and walked through to the living room, a feeling of intense dread coming over me.

This was a dream, a vision that I constantly tried to subdue & ignore; I was back in the living room of the house in Los Angeles--the house where my parents were killed. I was reliving the vision I had, the vision in which I saw my adoptive parents die!


Logan sprang up as soon as the door closed and opened it running through it, expecting to find Josh. Instead, the icy cold chill hit his naked body. The chill of the Canadian winter.

"JOSHUA!" Logan shouted into the night. "JOSHUA?!!"


Logan shot up in the bed with a gasp. He looked around him, trying to realize what happened. He looked next to him, seeing Josh soundly asleep. His breathing was steady. It was one of the worst dreams Logan had in a while. He looked at Josh closer and noticed that though he heard his breathing, his body was perfectly still. Like he was asleep, but...

"Josh? Joshua, wake up. Joshua? Josh, you need to wake up." Logan said, nudging Josh slightly, but to no avail. He tried slightly slapping him, but there was no response. Josh didn't react at all.

"Josh, darlin', you need to wake up. Josh?" Logan wasn't sure, he wasn't the most knowledgeable when it came to psionic powers. However, he began to realize that maybe that dream was more real than he thought.


"Wow. That was good." Scott said as he curled up behind Jean.

"Well, I aim to please." she replied, spooning herself in the curve of Scott's naked body.

<JEAN!! HELP!!!> Logan shouted. <JOSH IS IN TROUBLE!>

"Dear God!" Jean said, bolting up. When she had recovered from Logan's mental yell, she threw on some panties and pajamas,

"Jean? Where are you going, honey?" Scott asked, surprised at the urgency in her features.

"It's Josh. He's in trouble." she replied. Scott got up at this, and pulled on a pair of boxers and his own pajamas. He needed to go with her, as one of his team was in trouble.

He, of course, would never admit to her that he was still had feelings for the boy.


Once again I watched as Sinister's minions drained my parents of their blood. But I noticed something was wrong. This was the part where I usually woke up. But it seemed like I was still here, I was still asleep.

Sinister turned to look at me. With a smile, he tried to blast me. I rolled out of the way of the blast, and swung my hand backward, a telekinetic slap. Only the problem was my telekinesis didn't work. I did behind the couch as he blasted again. I tried to puck up the couch to throw it, but it seemed extremely heavy and I couldn't lift it with my arms. I didn't have my slayer strength either! The two vampires who drained my parents looked at me with toothy grins. Not ready to test my healing factor, I took off our the front door, running as fast as I possibly could.


"--and then when I opened the door, it was to the snow outside." Logan finished. He was in a pair of sweat pants, seated in the bed cradling Josh's body, wrapped in the bed sheet from the waist down. Surrounding the bed were Jean, Scott, Storm (who knew what happened when she ran into Jean, and interpreted her best friend's facial expression), Bishop (who did the same when he saw Storm), Professor Xavier, Hank, Evan, and Bobby. Hank, with Jean and Bobby's assistance, ran tests on Josh, finding everything perfectly normal.

"Well, you may be right about the dream, being symbolic, Logan." stated the Professor. "It's very possible that someone somehow invaded your minds and ripped Josh away while he was vulnerable."

"But Sinister ain't telepathic." Logan said, looking at the sleeping Josh.

"True, which means someone in his employ must be doing this." Jean said.

"So how does that help us get him awake?" asked Evan.

"Hmm. Let me try something." Professor Xavier said. He placed his hands to the sides of Josh's head, attempting to enter his mind. To everyone's surprise, Xavier started screaming in agony. Scott quickly grabbed the Professor and pulled him away.

"What happened?!" demanded Storm.

"Josh's mind." Xavier said after taking time to catch his breath. "I can't get in to it. There seems to be a very strong psychic all there, one that seems to be caused by him. I couldn't begin to breach it, and when I tried, he attacked me.

"But Josh wouldn't do that, would he?" Bobby asked, "He'd have to know that Xavier was trying to help him, right?"

"I don't think that he's constructing the wall himself." Xavier replied. "Whoever's got him is using his powers against him. And against us."

"Let me try, Professor." Jean said.

"No way, it's too risky!" Cyclops said. "If someone is using his powers against him, they'll be expecting another entry!"

"Scott's right." Xavier added, " I don't need you incapacitated, or absorbed into this."

"But I have vast experience in this! I've done things like this when other X-men's minds were--"

"No, Jean. It's too risky." everyone turned, surprised, to Storm.

"Storm, he's your son. And a member of the team. One of my students. I have to help him. Besides, I feel--connected to him somehow. On top of that, whoever has him doesn't have complete control over his abilities, lest we'd all probably be dead already." Jean sat on the bed, ready to enter Josh's mind, her decision made.

"Jean, be careful." said Scott. Jean nodded and entered the mind of her student.


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