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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 34: Discordant Melody

<What is wrong with you?> I asked Logan.

<I'm just nervous. It's been a long time since I've been to a wedding.>

<You look ready to pop your claws and slice something open. Calm down.>

<Excuse me, but you've been scanning back and forth for any disturbances, too.>

<And I haven't found any.>

<I'm just a little apprehensive. This reminds me of when Jean and Scott got married. The reception turned into a battle with Sinister.>

<Would you two calm down? There's nothing bad going to happen here. I've scanned all the minds here. No one here has any ill intentions.> Jean said.

<I used the Cerebro connection in the car to check the area, and there's no one headed here besides those already here. You two can afford to put your guard down. This is a somewhat secret ceremony, so we don't have to worry about bashers, either.> Xavier assured us.

It was the professor, Jean, Scott, Logan, Mom, and I from the school that had come to see Eric's wedding. We sat in the pews of the chapel that the two had chosen for their wedding. I found it very cool for the two of them that they would be getting married. I wondered about myself and Logan, and if we would ever walk down the aisle like Lance and Eric.

Light music began and we turned to the side to see the wedding procession begin. They came down the aisle in pairs, first being Joey and Chris, then JC and Justin. I reflected, and quickly brushed away the thought that I actually touched and smelt the lead singer of N*Sync's sperm. The next two I recognized only from Eric talking about them before. The girl was Jessica, a slayer, and the man was Brian, Mr. Freeze. Bringing up the rear was Stacy, Lance's sister, who carried the rings.

Then the music changed to the wedding march. Eric and Lance walked out, in matching tuxedos, as everyone stood. Arm in arm, they walked toward the altar. I could sense the nervousness from them both, but they were determined to do this. I smiled at the two of them as they made their way to the altar. When they made it there, the minister began.

"You may be seated," the minister said.

The sound of shuffling was heard and then stillness. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered together on this day at the invitation of Lance Bass and Eric McCoy to witness their union in holy matrimony. Their union is fraught with much controversy and difficulty but they have asked you here to support them in their declaration of love for one another.

"Lance, Eric, as I stand before you, a man ordained of God to bless such ceremonies, I have some words of advice for you. On this day, you two will become one in the eyes of God. Each will complement the other in life's journey, strengthening when one is weak, supporting when one is overwhelmed and caring when one needs looked after. Times will come when one will need the other greatly and that love you have for one another, the oneness you share will carry you. "As important as it is for a couple to be one and to share that one life, do not lose site of whom each of you is on your own. That is what made the other fall in love with you, your charms, your quirks, and your faults. Those individual qualities make you a unique person. Don't lose that.

"And now, for the exchange of vows. Lance."

"I, Lance, stand before you, Eric, and declare my love for you between God and man. I don't know where I would be without you. Ever since I met you, I've wanted to grab you and hug you and take care of you. You are the sweetest man I have ever met, the way you take care of me, the way you concern yourself with other people's problems. You are an inspiration to me and the kind of man I want to be. You've made my life happy and complete. And I don't want to live my life without you."

"The ring," the minister stated. Stacy stepped up between Lance and Eric with the pillow in her hand. Lance reached over and took the ring. As he spoke, he placed the ring delicately on Eric`s finger. "With this ring, I thee wed. I promise to love you, cherish you, and honor you until death us do part."

"Eric," the minister said, instructing Eric to say his vows.

"I, Eric, stand before you, Lance, and declare my love for you between God and man. I know exactly where I would be without you. I would be alone struggling to find my place in this world. You've filled my life with hope and love. I've experienced what it is like without you, and in that short amount of time, I was terrified. That is an experience I do not want to repeat ever again. You make me complete, Lance, and I don't want to lose you, ever."

"The ring," the minister directed. Stacy then gave the second ring to Eric, who then took Lance's hand placed the ring at his fingertip. "This ring represents my love for you. It is a circle with no beginning or ending. It will go on for all eternity as my love for you will go on for all eternity." he slipped the ring on Lance's finger and looked into his eyes. The two of them looked ready to cry, but I sensed the happiness emanating from the both of them. It was such a perfect moment, and the two of them deserved it.

"Then, by the power vested in me by God," the minister concluded, "I now pronounce you husband to one another." Lance then held Eric`s face and the two kissed. I whipped out my camera, almost simultaneously with Jean, and began snapping pictures. As more and more pictures were taken, "That's When I'll Stop Loving You" by N'Sync began to play.. The two then interlocked arms and kissed, then lined up to greet the guests as we exited. Lance's family went and congratulated , and hugged Eric, welcoming him into their family.

After they moved, I went up and grabbed Eric in a tight hug. "You got married, Eric!" I said.

"Isn't it wonderful?" he replied.

"It's fantastic! I'm so happy for you! I hope one day I get married!"

"I'm sure when you find the right one, it will happen." Logan came up right behind me and shook Eric's hand.

"Congratulations," he said.

"Thank you," Eric responded.

Scott and Jean came up. "That was such a beautiful ceremony," Jean commented. "Thanks for inviting us."

"Thanks for coming," Eric replied.


We went to the reception, and cheered as Eric and Lance entered. I snapped pictures like crazy. Food was then served to everyone, and then Jessica clanged her glass, asking for everyone's attention, indicating time for a toast.

"To Lance," Jessica began, "we dated, had lots of good times. You and I are best friends. Even when you came out to me, I didn't have any anger toward you. I knew, regardless of your sexual orientation, that I loved you and wanted you to be happy. And I've never see you as happy as you are when you are with Eric. I wish you this joy and happiness for all eternity.

"To Eric, you and I had an interesting friendship for the past year full of ups and downs. But one thing has remained constant; I never doubted your caring for Lance or his caring for you. I'm glad to call you friend, and I wish you love and happiness all the days of your life."

"Here here," was muttered throughout the hall. Glasses clinked and everyone drank.

"Now is time for the dancing!" someone shouted.

The song for the first dance was Madonna's "Crazy For You". Lance and Eric danced as the lights all over were dimmed, save one in the center of the dance floor.

After that song, another was played, and everyone began to dance. Logan took my hand and led me to the dance floor and we danced, too. We made our way over to Lance and Eric and danced near them. Then we cut in and I danced with Eric, while Lance danced with Logan.

"Congratulations, again." I said to Eric.

"Thanks again." he replied. "So, how have things been for you?"

"Okay, I've guess. Lost friends. Made new ones. I just met my first vampire with a soul, and killed one of Sinister's henchmen. And got trapped in a nightmare."

"All in the life of a super hero, unfortunately."

"Yeah, I guess. But Logan's been there for me through it all."

"Yeah, about that. . .why is it that he's taller?"

"Experiments from the Weapon X program."

"Oh. Are you two. . ."

"Are you two? Gosh, you are worse than Bishop sometimes." I replied with a smile.

"Well, I just want to make sure that the two of you are happy. I guess you are."

"Very happy. Logan makes all the things that are wrong in my life seem to go away for a while."

"That's good."

"Excuse me, but can we cut in again?" asked Logan and Lance. We wound up back with our own lovers again. Logan and I went to sit down, then, at the table we shared with the other X-men. After a time, Jessica came over to our table.

"Hi, Joshua?" she said.

"Yes, that's me."

"Hi, I'm Jessica. Can we talk for a moment?"

"Sure." I said.


"So what is it?" I said as we sat outside of the reception. She had wanted to go to the roof of the building to take in the night air.

"Nothing, just. . . this!" she said as she punched at my face. I ducked under her punch. She spun and prepared to punch me again. I caught her fist and punched her in the face. I didn't know what she was doing at all? Inviting me to the roof for a fight?

She spun with the force of my punch, then she jumped and spun at the same time, kicking out with her foot, belting me in the face. I staggered, but shook off the pain and prepared for her next attack. She kicked at me, and I caught her foot. She hopped with her other leg and backflipped, kicking me in the face in the process. I staggered backward, then caught my balance again. When she landed on her feet, she spun and kicked again. This time I caught her foot and pushed it away, knocking her off balance. I immediately ducked down and performed a sweep kick to knock her onto her back. She quickly flipped to her feet and tried to punch me. I caught her arm and bend my body forward, lifting one leg so that I kicked her in the face. Then I went to kick her in the chest. Apparently we had the same idea because both of us were knocked backward onto the roof floor. I flipped back onto my feet and got into a defensive stance. She stood, brushed herself off, and smiled.

"Wow. Not bad. Word around the demon world is your supposed to be one of the best."

"Wait a minute," I said in disbelief, "You brought me to the roof just to test me."

"Not just to test you, to see how you are coming along. You are, after all, part slayer."

"Okay, so you brought me here to test and. . .?" I said, leaving the sentence hanging.

"Well, I really want you to be ready. Something big. . .very big. . .is about to happen. I think this year's apocalypse attempt by the demon world is coming soon. I've been having visions. All the slayers have. Everyone's been attacked in some unorthodox ways, and besides these attacks, there's been little to no demon activity."

"I know what you mean. A mutant attacked me not too long ago in my sleep."

"We've all got to be careful. There's a big battle coming soon, for all of us. And if you're who everyone says you are, then you've got to be ready. You may be the person that saves this world."


"I'm worried about you." Logan said. We had arrived back home in the mansion after the wedding, and the two of us had just had another emotional love-making session.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because of this whole Fabled One thing. I even smell that there's a storm brewing."

"So why are you worried about me?"

"Because I also smell that you're going to be right in the middle of it. I'm. . ."

Logan couldn't say it. He didn't need to say it, at least not to me. Even if I wasn't empathic, or didn't have my heightened senses, I could detect his fear on his features. And I knew what he wanted to say.

"Logan, you are NOT going to lose me. Everything will work out for the best. You'll see. We are going to come out on top of the whole thing. You and me will probably be here together forever."

"Promise?" Logan asked.

"Promise." With that we kissed, and the two of us began to fall asleep.

My dreams that night were nice and blissful. Logan and I even made love in our sleep. The body heat from the two of us was helpful as always, even with the cold air outside. Logan's large member thrusting in and out of me was so wonderful.

It felt so amazing, and erotic. Especially when the place smelled like roses and flora of all sorts. Wait a minute, what types of flowers exist in this weather? Where'd the snow go?

I took a look at my surroundings. I was in the jungle again. Logan was still inside of me, but looked shocked. I noticed why, too. My hole was filled even more so than Logan's collosal cock. Because Scott's cock was there, too.

With a start, the two of us woke up. "What the hell was that?!" demanded Logan.

"I. . .Logan. . ."

"No, you tell me what the hell that dream was supposed to represent."

"Logan. . ."

"Did you cheat on me with Scott? Is that it?"

"No, NO! Never!"

"So what was that?"

"It was a fantasy that Scott had of me while you were stuck at the Weapon X camp."

"Oh, so while I was away you decided to play around with One-Eye?"

"No, it was nothing like that. . ."

"Is that what took you guys so long to get me? That you two were playing around?"

"Logan, NO!"

"So what happened?!" he demanded. He was obviously angry.

"Logan, it happened after a fight I had against Zeus before he returned to the X-men. . ." and I explained to him the whole thing, Scott's message, how he hit on me, the dream, etc.

"I'm sorry. I should have told you a long time ago, but I knew you would be mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you. I'm mad that you didn't tell me. And then you fantasize about it."

"I don't fantasize about it?"

"Then how did it come up in a dream?"

"I. . .I don't know." I said. Why the hell would I be thinking about that now, of all times?

"I forgive you. I know you wouldn't have ever cheated on me." Logan said after a long silence.


"Yeah. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to talk to Scott."


"I'm not going to beat him up. I'm just going to talk to him." Logan assured me. However, I still sensed that he wasn't being completely truthful.


Damnit! thought Discord. I thought that would have worked for sure! Oh well, I do have a backup plan.


I walked down the halls the next day, looking for Logan. He hadn't been in bed at all, and I needed to make sure before classes started that he wasn't going after Scott. It was the last day of school, and I wanted to make sure that before my finals I had located and diffused the `Logan Bomb'.

<Joshua, report to the danger room quickly, he's out of control!!> I heard Jean yell.

<Jean, what are you. . .Oh God, no!> I turned and ran back toward the danger room, to get to Logan before he killed Scott. I arrived at the elevators and quoted my secret password for the basement floor, then exited at the lower levels. I noticed lots of screaming as I got off, and several of the freshmen-to-become-sophmores ran past me. I hurried in the direction opposite which they were traveling.

I entered the danger room and was astonished to see what I was. Logan was at Scott's throat, claws outstretched, middle claw almost breaching his skin. Scott couldn't open his eyes, since he was visorless.

"Can't let me have one damn thing to m'self, huh, bub? First you go and get Jean, now you want my Josh?!" he reared back to impale Scott.

"What the matter? Can't stand that I saw him first?" Scott said as he opened his eyes, A fierce optic blast ejected from his eyes sending Logan away to the other side of the room and scorching his skin.

"Cyclops! Logan! What the hell--" I began.

"Joshua!" Cyclops said with a smile as he approached me. "There's my boy." He said, taking me into an embrace, and kissing me.

The shock wore off quickly, and I moved away from him and punched him, though not using my slayer strength to hurt him.

"Ow, baby. I could do better if you want me to."

"Get the HELL away from him." Logan said as he leapt at Scott, claws bared.

"Logan, no!!" I shouted as I used my telekinesis to bat him into a corner.

"That's right, Logan, no!!" Scott said as he turned to where Logan landed and opened his eyes.

"NO!" I shouted, grabbing Scott, and, this time using my slayer powers, threw him into another wall of the danger room. He hit it hard, falling unconscious.

I checked him to make sure that he'd be alright, then checked Logan's wounds. He would be okay, his healing factor would eventually fix him. However, I could sense that something else was amiss here.

I lifted the two of them telekinetically and carried them to the infirmary, where Jean was waiting.

"Oh my god. What happened?"

"The two of them were out of control!"

"This is too weird."

"What do you mean?"

"I would have joined you in the danger room, but I had to stop three fights in my first period class. Storm and Beast had similar problems. The last exams have to be rescheduled until tomorrow."

"I think this is another outside force." I said.

"Like another Olympian?" Jean asked.


"But which one?" I asked her.

"We'll have to call one of your friends in L.A. to find out." Jean replied.

"Right." I replied. I checked the time. It was about 8;30, which meant it was about 6:30 in LA. I would have to use Cerebro to call Taran.

<My thoughts exactly>. Jean replied. <I'll stay here and keep watch over these two.> I nodded to Jean and proceeded out of the infirmary and to the Cerebro chamber.

It took me about ten minutes to get everything set up properly and to connect with Cerebro. I focused from its world map view onto Los Angeles, then towards the school. I finally was able to isolate Taran from the rest of the minds there. I projected a psychic image of myself into his room.

<Taran? Taran?> I said. He groaned slightly, but other than that, nothing. He seemed tired. Blissfully tired. I then noticed that Cole was in the bed with him. And both appeared to be naked. It was kinda funny. The two of them reminded me of Cloud and Sephiroth from the game Final Fantasy VII.

I decided to try implementing my other powers through Cerebro. I used my telekinesis to slightly shake Taran.

"Huh, wha----Jo--!!"

<Shh!> I said, while covering his mouth with my psionic hand.

"What are you. . .how are you. . "he whispered.

<No time, I really need some help from you." I said.

"Dude, it's like. . .6:45. What's so damn important?"

"It's crazy at the school here. Everyone's going berserk! Logan and Scott just tried to kill each other, the students have been fighting. . .everything's falling into discord!"

"Wait, what did you just say?" Taran said, sitting up in the bed.

<Everything's falling into. . .>

". . .Discord. Give me about ten minutes." Taran said as he got up from the bed. I kinda blushed at seeing his nude body. He was kinda hot.

<I'll just leave now to let you get ready.> I said and pulled my psionic self back to my physical self.

I left the Cerebro chamber and, in front of my eyes, a column of white mist rose, with a white flash of light to accompany it, changing it into Taran, dressed in his X uniform, a fully white spandex costume, etched with black seams, including those that made the X on the chest.

"Hi, I was going to tell you that we thought it was an Olympian causing this." I said.

"It is. Discord."


"She's an empath, like me, but her powers are more trained in causing anger, hatred, and violence."

"Oh. So why is it that we can't find her on any of our psionic scanners?"

"Because she also has the ability to become invisible, both physically and psionically. If she doesn't want to be found, she usually doesn't get found."


"I can easily find her with my powers."

"Cool. But what about Logan and the others?"

"I'll have to break Discord's hold on them one by one, but with her still active, she'll still easily be able to recapture them in her powers."

I nodded and decided that I'd help Taran and transformed myself into my Firebird costume. The two of us ascended the elevator, and then exited on the ground floor, with me following Taran, since he could sense where Discord was.

Eventually, we came outside to the basketball court area. Cupid stopped and fired a psi-bolt. I heard a shuffle and heard a grunt.

"You can show yourself, Discord. I may not be able to see you, but I can sense you." said Taran.

"Cupid. Nice to finally see you again." I heard a female voice say. Then the woman, who I assumed was Discord, came into full view. It was a good thing that all the students were in class, because I knew a fight was about to start.

"My name is Taran." he replied.

"Ahh, whatever. I see that you decided to come and spoil my fun, as usual."

"Yeah, something like that." he replied. He then fired another psi-bolt. Discord dodged, then countered with her own black psi-bolt, which Taran dodged. I conjured a whirlwind to trap Discord in, which worked until she shot at me with a psi bolt. I was able to make a quick tk-shield to block it, but that broke my concentration on Discord, releasing her.

"Your tricks will not stop me, boy. You`ve put yourself out in the open, making my job easier." Discord said as she approached me. She had formed a scythe created out of dark psionic energy, which I guessed would be stronger than my telekinetic shields. I would have no defense. I noticed that Taran was charging a psionic arrow. It seemed pretty powerful, since it caused the area from his shoulders up to glow gold.

"And you brought yourself here, making my job easier." I said, then brought out some of the Phoenix energy and thrust it out in telekinesis at Discord, carrying her backward. Taran immediately let the arrow fly. The psionic blast connected with her right in her forehead. Discord shrieked and was silent.


"Well, it's official." Hank said as he finished his tests. "Discord is locked in both a physical and psionic coma."

"Well, that's another Olympian out of our hair for now." Logan said. He, Hank, Taran, and I were in the infirmary with Beast.

"True. Xavier will be in soon to put blocks on all her powers so that when she wakes up she won't be a threat to anyone." I said.

"I don't get it." said Taran. "Why is it that there's been little to no demon activity lately, yet there's been an overhaul of attacks on Josh?"

"Because they're getting ready." I replied. Everyone looked at me expectantly.

"It's true. The demons are either too afraid of the battle to come, or they're getting ready to participate. Sinister's been trying to get me out of the game, but he's failed every time."

"So when can we expect the next Olympian attack?" asked Logan. He tried to hold a solid composure, but I could sense that he was afraid for me. If I could, I knew Taran could. And I knew that Hank could smell it. No one commented on it.

"I don't think there will be one. SInister's tried countless times and failed to stop me. He's lost several demons, vamps, sorcerers, not to mention his Zeus, Cupid, Stryfe, Ares, and Discord. He'll probably leave the rest. . ." I left my sentence hanging for Taran.

"Haphaestus, Artemis, Hera, and Athena." he filled in.

". . .to fight in their last battle. Which is getting nearer and nearer. Sinister is going to try something big, he and Apocalypse. And I have a very good feeling that all of us will need to be ready. A war is coming. I can feel it."