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Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 41: The. . .End?

The battle outside the fortress quickly came to a close, with the warriors gathered from across the globe winning against the forces of darkness which they fought against. Using an assortment of mutant and demon abilities and weapons, the combined team of superheroes and champions began to diminish the ranks of Sinister's army of vampires.

Suddenly, however, all of those assembled began to feel the hairs on their bodies begin to stand on end. As a collective, all eyes turned to face the fortress. An extreme power source could be felt by every single demon, mutant, vampire, human, and mystic assembled.

A few had varying ideas of what it was that generated such a power surge, but Logan, the yellow-garbed mutant known as Wolverine, knew exactly what this surge meant. He had felt the same surges long ago, when an entity know as the Phoenix Force cloned Jean Grey's body and lived as her among the X-men while her true body remained dormant. He sensed the same cosmic smells when the Phoenix would ascend to a higher power to accomplish inhuman, almost impossible feats of telepathy and telekinesis (a sense that sometimes still came from Jean when she would use her powers now, making him wonder if Jean truly was separated from the Phoenix). And Logan knew that there could be only one place that this much power could be radiating from.

"JOSHUA!" Logan shouted as he ran toward the fortress. Any vampire dumb enough to try and stop him got quickly and brutally injured or killed, be it by dismemberment, or by a swift slice to the neck to decapitate them. Upon reaching the fortress doors, Logan quickly cut them down with his adamantium claws so he could get inside, while the others continued fighting.

"Wolverine!" Cyclops, crouched by his unconscious wife, shouted in surprise as Logan barged into the fortress. "What's going on? Why are you--"

"--We gotta get up to Josh now!" Wolverine just about growled as he cut off Cyclops.

"What's the rush?" Rogue asked, as she and the rest of their team surrounded Logan.

Suddenly, however, Phoenix snapped back to consciousness. "Oh god!" she said.

"Jean?! What's wrong?" Scott asked as he held her to him. Jean quickly pushed from his grip and stood on her feet.

"It's Joshua. We've got to get to him now! I can sense his sadness and anger. He's accelerated to Phoenix transformation!"

"So that's a bad thing why? I mean, he's going to be able to easily stop Little Mister Sinister, right?" asked Willow.

"At the rate that his anger level is rising, he'll succeed in becoming another Dark Phoenix, potentially with the ability to destroy the planet in his anger." Phoenix replied. "So no, it's not exactly a good thing."

"And we definitely don't need the Shi'ar empire on our case again," commented Cyclops.

"So we go in there and calm him down before he brings the place down," said Huntress, "and by the place I mean the earth!"

Everyone seemed to agree with this statement and, with Wolverine taking point, he, Cyclops, Phoenix, Huntress, Willow, Green Arrow, Rogue, Psylocke, and Storm proceeded through the secret passage way, with Gambit taking up the rear.

While his vast minions fought on in the outside of the hidden area that Sinister and his master were in, and having painted the symbols necessary on the floor around Nur, Sinister finally put on the finishing touches of the ink to his master's body. As Sinister began to back away, however, Apocalypse grabbed hold of his wrist tightly.

<I need full concentration on the task at hand, Sinister. Therefore I would appreciate it if you would keep your thoughts of exploration of my body to yourself,> Apocalypse told Sinister telepathically.

"M. . .My lord, I apologize, I. . .I only. . ."

"It's quite alright," Apocalypse replied to his assistant's stuttering. "For when I am the ruler of this earth and all the mutants within it, I shall be sure that you experience the favor and virility that only I can bestow." For emphasis, a blue orb of psionic energy form from Apocalypse's forehead, which he projected into Sinister's mind. Sinister recoiled as the vivid fantasy image provided by Apocalypse filled his brain.

Sinister could see an image of the future that En Sabah Nur planned to bring to the world. No beings existed, save mutants and animals, and they were either food in the case of the animals, loyal servants, slaves, his armies, his followers and citizens--or, well, dead.

But that's not where the main focus of Sinister's attention was. In the direct center of the whole world take over, a large, magnificent gold pyramid stood, where he knew was the palace of his master, Apocalypse. Within the palace ruled a powerful, strong leader, En Sabah Nur. With Sinister as his aid, the people either cowered and worshiped their emperor, or died at his hand.

This, still, was not what held Sinister's attention in the vision. It was what happened every night and every morning in the vision that held his attention. While Sinister and Apocalypse would constantly receive peace offerings from every colony in his control (peace offerings meaning concubines and servants, male and female, all of whom were his for anything they desired, including sex), the day began and ended with Sinister sharing Apocalypse's bed.

Sinister's focus lie there, with him laying in Apocalypse's king sized bed, awaiting his master's return from the end of his day, his pallid body clothed only in a skimpy, seductive blood red thong.

Apocalypse walked in, the body armor that he wore a golden, more regal version of his usual costume, more suited for a man that was the king of the world. Sinister loved and admired the way the armor fit perfectly on his master's body and accentuated his perfect musculature.

Apocalypse's armor suddenly vanished, possibly with a thought with the infinite power he had. Sinister was rewarded with the view of his master's blue skinned body completely nude. Sinister looked his master over from head to toe; his eyes looked from his master's awkward, but perfectly-shaped, face to his strong neck and broad shoulders. From his amazingly hot barreled chest, with nipples the size of American half-dollars, Sinister looked to Nur's perfectly sculpted 6 pack abs, which looked as though another set of ab muscles was ready to form. Sinister looked lower past his master trim waistline, to his muscled thighs and legs and perfectly formed large feet. Then Sinister looked back up at the greatest prize of them all.

Hanging below his master's navel and above his thighs was an unrivaled set of genitals; a pair of testes the size of lemons and a gargantuan cock that, while he was only semi hard, was as long and thick as a juice bottle, which would become slightly thicker and a whopping 13" when fully hard.

Apocalypse walked over to his eager slave, and began to almost devour Sinister's body with warm sucks and licks across his cold, pallid flesh. Sinister's dime sized nipples perked up as Apocalypse licked, nibbled, and sucked them into pointed peaks. Apocalypse sat himself on the bed, pulling Sinister into his lap as he continued his oral pursuit on Sinister's abdomen, tasting the muscles there, causing Sinister to moan pleasurably.

Nur moved down even further to Sinister's legs, then his feet, then back to Sinister's own thick erection. Sinister could tell that the only reason Apocalypse was doing any of these things to him was to make him hot enough to lose all his inhibitions--and it was working, too. Apocalypse first teased and licked at the head of Sinister's cock, then slowly took the whole organ down to the root. Sinister moaned as he was sucked expertly by a man who more than likely had seen the world and beyond in sexual encounters (After all, if they wouldn't fall prey to him while he was in his normal form, he could morph his body to look like anyone's lover or simply read their minds to see what form would turn them on the most). It only took about a few minutes before Sinister was spewing his load down Apocalypse's throat.

Apocalypse held Sinister's sperm in his mouth and then laid him on the bed and moved lower down his body and began to shove his tongue up Sinister's hole. Sinister moaned and reached down to open his hole as wide as possible while his master and emperor licked and slurped and sucked around his asshole, easily shoving his tongue up his often-used hole, depositing the sperm there to lubricate it.

Then Apocalypse moved up and positioned his own precum-leaking dick at Sinister's mouth. Sinister was surprised at how easily he was able to deep throat the entire thing in one quick push of Apocalypse's hips. Sinister sucked and licked voraciously along the length of Apocalypse's enormous fuck log, and was briefly disappointed when his mouth was robbed of the giant dick. His disappointment didn't last long, though, because Apocalypse then deftly shoved his leaking dick up Sinister's chute, and just as quickly began fucking Sinister increasingly hard.

Sinister didn't even mind in the least--instead, he was begging for more.

"Yes, Lord Nur, give me your dick! I need your cock to make me whole! Fuck your loyal servant with your cock! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Yes, that's it! Give me your dick!"

"That's right, slut, take my huge cock! You like enjoying your emperor's cock, don't you? That's right! Suck on it with those asslips of yours! Your Lord Apocalypse commands it!"

The dirty talk went back and forth between the two, until finally Sinister gave in first. Apocalypse's constant manipulation of his pleasure spot had Sinister gasping, begging, and screaming in pleasure, and, with no added stimulation on his dick, Sinister began to shoot all over himself and his emperor.

"Fuck yes! That's right, Sinister, shoot all over me! Shoot that fuckin' sperm! That's right, bitch, shoot! Aww, fuck, I'm shootin' too! Awww! Yeesss!!" Apocalypse groaned as he began to spray his load deep into his slave's bowels, thickly coating his asswalls with his thick cum.

And as the vision faded away, Sinister noticed that Apocalypse had not stopped thrusting into his ass, meaning that that was only the first fucking of the night.

The fantasy image only lasted a few seconds, but to Sinister it felt like a delicious eternity, and when his master's ritual was completed, he'd be sure to hop on his master's dick immediately.

Which was why it sickened him to hear that voice behind him. "You'd better have enjoyed that mind fuck because it's the only fucking that you're going to be getting." Sinister turned to see a sight that he hoped he'd never see. An African American young man walked down the stairs into their ritual chamber, where Apocalypse had mentally given him the best fuck in his life, mentally. The boy wore a whiter-than-white skin tight bodysuit, showing off the 18-year-old's perfect musculature, contrasting his short jet black hair. The costume was accompanied by golden elbow-length gloves and knee-high boots, as well as an orange glow which seemed to radiate from his skin and his usually blue eyes. The final accessories to his costume were a belt with an emblem of the fire bird that lived within him, as well as a matching gold scabbard and a sword that bore the same bird emblem as the belt, also identical to the one surrounded in blue on his chest.

He knew the boy's vast powers stretched from feral tracking abilities and self-healing factor, to physical abilities to heal others and heightened strength, agility, healing, and visions akin to slayers (God rest Christine), to psionic abilities like weather control (inherited from his mother Ororo, more commonly known as Storm), telekinesis, and telepathy. He knew the many names he'd gone by. Joshua Munroe. Psyche. Firebird. But the one that scared him most was the one he addressed him by.

"Fabled One," he said simply as the boy stepped onto the floor.

I descended the stairs into the ritual chamber, where I saw Sinister keeping watch as his master, Apocalypse, began a ritual that would bring an end to the lives of all non-mutants in the world. With my powers being elevated to the point that they were, I could sense the rest of the heroes that had been fighting outside the Savage Land fortress coming inside to meet me in a last battle against Apocalypse and Sinister. I could also see the mental image that Apocalypse had just projected into the mind of his evil henchman. A world where only mutants existed, and their only reason for existence was to serve their emperor, Apocalypse.

A world that I would make sure would never exist.

"Fabled One," Sinister said in surprise as my feet hit the stone floor of the chamber. "I'm surprised to see you here. Alive."

"Yes, well your servants have thus far made it very . . . challenging for me to get here," I replied. "But, as always, the servants tend to be much more challenging than their master.

Sinister's face turned into a snarl. "Insolent fool! You think to challenge the might of Sinister?!" he growled, while his hands glowed. Holding his hands up, palms facing me, a beam of blue plasma energy burst forth. The aura surrounding me, however, served not just to look imposing, but also as a reflective forcefield, which directed the plasma blast back at Sinister. Sinister's body zoomed backward toward his chanting master, where I hoped it would break his concentration. Instead, however, Sinister collided with some sort of forcefield, which seemed to be generated by the spell Sinister was doing. Sinister groaned in agony before sliding to the throne room floor.

"I'm insolent? I'm insolent?!" I replied, hearing my voice changing remarkably, but not caring in the least. "I'm the insolent fool?! When you, knowing the power that I would some day possess, decided that it would be fun to force me to kill my adoptive family?! But I guess I have you to thank for that, because if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have gotten this powerful in the first place. So here's your reward, Sinister! Destruction and death for eternity!" I said as I grabbed him with my telekinesis and hoisted his body into the air. I used my powers to poke and prod at every molecule in his immortal body. Every single cell of every organ, of every biological system I examined as I held him in my psionic grasp. I grabbed every single particle of Sinister's existence with just a thought. And I made sure that the tyrant could feel it, like I had to feel the pain and loss of killing every part of my past family.

"No, don't do this! You can't do this!" Sinister shouted in pain.

"Can. Am," I replied as I simultaneously pulled apart every particle of Sinister's body, which pretty much looked like I caused him to explode. I then used my telekinesis to filter the particles up the secret tunnel and funnel them into the outside air, sending them into the atmosphere, spreading his particles across galaxy. If I were actually thinking about it at the time, I would have thought it scary that I caused Sinister's body to explode and spread all his particles across the galaxy with just my mind in less than a minute. However, I couldn't care less now that Sinister would be gone for all eternity.

A sudden chill passed over Phoenix as she and her husband, Cyclops, walked into the passage way leading to Sinister's throne room.

"Guys, we need to get a move on," she said to her comrades.

"What is it Jean?" Scott asked. "You sense something."

Logan began to sniff of the air, and then felt a sense of relief. "Well, we know so far that Joshie isn't doing too badly for himself. I smell ground Sinister being filtered to the outside."

"That's what troubles me, Logan," Jean said looking to her friend. "Our plan the whole time was to hurry and save Josh, to be able to help him when he faced Apocalypse so he wouldn't have to fight alone."

"Right, that's why you put mind protection in all our heads so that he wouldn't know we were going to help him," Willow added.

"Yes, and that's because I thought that he wasn't capable of all of this," Jean replied.

"So now that we know that he is, we may not even have to face Apocalypse, right?" Huntress asked.

"Josh may be able to easily stop Apocalypse and save the world, no contest, no help, no nothing, right?" asked Rogue.

"Yeah, but considering my past experience with the Phoenix, if he's capable of doing things like destroying Sinister with but a thought, then he's capable of doing a lot worse."

"Well, we've got to see to it that all he does is stop Apocalypse," Logan said as he and the others continued up the tunnel, passing three piles of smoking ash as they went.

Blade hurried out of the tunnel, then noticed Charge and Eros in awkward states, about to be killed by Artemis and Hera.

Blade withdrew one of his silver boomerang blades and threw it at Artemis, cutting off the hand she had raised with the dagger.

While she wailed, Eros caught the hand and quickly stabbed her through the heart with the dagger it held. Artemis choked out her last few breaths, and then was silent.

Eros then hit Hera with a strong psionic arrow. The powerful telepath groaned, but did not fall. She, instead, turned on Eros, linking her mind with his.

"You dare to try and inflict pain on me, wretched boy? Suffer at my---uggh!!"

While Hera was shouting at Eros, Zeus stabbed her with her own sword, which she had dropped while she was in his mind. Hera, too, fell dead.

"Thanks for the assist, Blade!" Taran quipped. "If I weren't with Cole, I'd have to fuck you for that."

"Hey!" Cole shouted in protest, "I'm standing right here!"

"I'm just playing!" Taran replied, hugging Cole close to him.

"Please don't. I may have to take you up on that offer," Blade joked seductively.

At that moment, the three of them felt the massive power surge that went on in the throne room.

"Josh!" They all said simultaneously. Cole went for the throne doors.

"They won't budge! We can't get in!"

"Stand aside!" they heard, and looked back to see Wolverine running towards them. The three quickly got out of the way as Logan leapt at the door, claws outstretched . . . only to fall to the floor after the claws did nothing but make a small scratch.

"The adamantium in the door is too thick for that," stated Eros.

"Thank you, Mr.-State-the-Obvious," Logan growled as he got to his feet.

"Now you stand back!" Cyclops shouted as he and the others exited the tunnel. Cyclops opened his visor and let out a strong optic blast. . .that also barely made a scratch in the door.

"Oh for Christ's sake, let me!" exclaimed Phoenix in frustration. She approached the door and, using her telekinesis, was able to pick the lock.

"That'll work too," Cyclops said in awe.

"Men. Honestly," Jean said, looking at Wolverine and Cyclops as she mentally opened the throne room doors and entered the completely empty throne room.

As everyone else entered, Rogue stopped behind to talk to Gambit.

"You stay here," she said. "We don't need any lyin', betrayin' thieves in our group."

Gambit looked at the faces of the others and could tell that they agreed with her. "Fine. Gambit see `dis is d'end o' d' line f'ol gumbo." And with a saddened look on his face, Gambit turned away from the others, the throne room door closing behind him. Gambit began to proceed back through the tunnel that he had entered through, until he noticed movement down a hallway to his left.

Gambit knew he was pretty much off the team anyway, but still his curiosity peaked.

Looks like th' cajun done found hi'self a game o' follow d'leader. Gambit thought as he swiftly, quietly pursued who–or what–had gone down the hallway.

As soon as I had disposed of Sinister, I advanced on Apocalypse. "That bubble surrounding you won't keep me out."

Apocalypse ignored me and continued chanting for the portal to be opened to him, granting him power and dominion over the earth, converting those unlike him to be like him. I held up my hand and channeled my telekinesis through it, sending a strong telekinetic blast at Apocalypse. Unfortunately, the bubble still held and he still was able to keep chanting. Electricity started crackling around him, as well as in front of him, and a small pinprick of light appeared on the ground, a pinprick that began to form a portal that would mean the end of all baseline humans. I couldn't let that happen.

I pulled the sword from the scabbard on my back and ran toward the force field, channeling my phoenix-enhanced telekinesis through it. The blade, which looked like it was on fire, allowed me to see the protective bubble surrounding Apocalypse's half-naked form as I struck it. Another strike and the force field began to crack. Apocalypse's face showed surprise as his protection began to wane, and then his brow furrowed as he concentrated again on the ritual. Or so I thought. As he resumed his chanting, I swung again at the shield, but felt a sharp pain in my mind. Apocalypse had sent a strong mental blast into my mind. However, I quickly shook off the pain and went for the force field again.

Before I could strike again, however, the force field glowed a bright blue color, before expanding to completely fill the room, smashing me against the large computer screen on one wall, and if it weren't for my own force field, I would have been shocked to death. Apocalypse's shield disappeared completely then, causing me to fall on my face from the crater I had created in the wall.

I stood to get my bearings and was met by a sight that I had much rather not seen. Apocalypse was clothed, slightly now, but with a mystical armor of pure gold and gems that had come from the spell he had just done. His feet were clad in golden sandals, his blue torso only covered by a golden breastplate, accented with rubies, which covered his shoulders and looked glued on to his muscled chest and abs. It also looked as though all he wore over his crotch area was a leather-like golden thong, complimented by a loin-cloth like skirt-thing you'd see a Roman gladiator wear. He had golden gauntlets on his forearms, and a golden gladiator helmet. The symbols and markings that had been on his skin glowed a bright gold, as did his armor. I could see two Arabian scimitars sheathed on his back.

"Who's glowing now?" he asked with a smirk.

I was completely confused by this time, something which Apocalypse had picked up on.

"I know, you're wondering what happened with the force field, right?" Apocalypse asked. "The ritual isn't over yet. I had insisted all this time that Sinister have you killed. I've wanted your death for a long time, but Sinister wasn't able to succeed. But having you alive may prove to work just as well."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"The ritual requires blood to open the portal into the next dimension, the dimension that will grant me the power to destroy the wretched human race and rule the planet Earth. Only the blood of the Fabled One will work."

"And not killing me will still yield you the same result how?"

"By allowing you to take the place of Sinister at my side," he replied.

"Are you nuts?!"

"No, you'd be nuts not to accept," he replied, as my vision of the world faded and I was put in the same vision that he had given Sinister, being his trusted aide and his most frequent love interest. I was suddenly no longer clothed, but naked in the same bed as Sinister was before. And I felt something that was, admittedly, very pleasurable to me–Apocalypse was fucking me with his huge cock.

"Just. . .imagine. . ." he said in between thrusts, "All of this. . .the kingdom. . .the servants. . .and. . .this. . .huge. . .appendage. . .could be. . .yours. . .for. . .the taking."

"As. . .enticing. . .as. . .that. . .sounds, I'll. . .have. . .to. . . decline," I replied, as I broke the psionic link that Apocalypse had established between the two of us.

"You'd give all this up, with your powers and potential, for these lowly humans?!" Apocalypse shouted, angered.

"Yes, because those `lowly humans' really do matter! Just like the countless lives you ruined, including myself and my adoptive family mattered." I replied, then added, "And besides, I've had better."

Apocalypse's eyes glowed with anger, as he unsheathed both of the swords. "Then die!" he shouted as he ran toward me.

I unsheathed my own sword and met him, my one sword blocking both of his. He then made a horizontal swipe with the sword in his right hand, which I stepped backward to avoid, then made a vertical swipe with the one in his left hand, which I blocked with my own sword. I then quickly jumped into the air as he crossed his arms and then thrust them out in an attempt to cut me in half, performing a back-flip as I did so to kick him in the face so hard that the swords flew out of his hands and his body flew away from me. I then ran forward to engage him and try to put a quick end to this.

However, he quickly got to his feet and went I made a vertical slash with my sword, he blocked with his right gauntlet, then pushed me away, jumped, and spun, kicking me in the face, causing me to spin and fall to the floor. I quickly rose and saw him hold his hands up and the swords fly back into them. Apocalypse ran at me, and at the last moment began to spin in a circle on one foot, his body almost forming a tornado as he advanced upon me. I quickly formed a telekinetic dome around me, the flame-appearing force field protecting me as he repeated struck at me with his swords.

Apocalypse came to a stop, then sheathed one of the swords and reached his hand out to me. And suddenly, to my surprise, his hand stretched and grew to enormous proportions, large enough to wrap around and enclose me completely in his fist. A fist which began to squeeze tighter and tighter around my dome.

"You won't last much longer, child! I am Apocalypse! I will dominate you and all others in this world!"

"The hell you will!" I replied, expanding my dome massively wider with a burst of will, breaking free of Apocalypse.

"Those parlor tricks won't save you!" he said as he pulled out the other scimitar and put the ends of the hilts together. They locked together to form a long staff with curved blades at the ends.

Apocalypse and I fought on, him with his twirling of his staff, and me with my sword, alternating having the upper hand and the defensive, until it happened.

I charged up my sword with telekinesis, and prepared to stab Apocalypse straight through his armor and hopefully do massive damage to him. Instead, Apocalypse side-stepped me, and made a horizontal swipe at me. I cried out in pain as the blade cut through me like a hot knife through butter, making a deep gash in my chest and across my upper arms. He then stabbed me straight through the stomach. I groaned as my blood spilled, raining down onto his staff, spilling onto the floor.

"At last the final component of the ritual!" he shouted out, gripping one scimitar end of the staff and disconnecting it from the other, then said with a smirk, "Hang around, child. You wouldn't want to miss this." Then he flicked his wrist, and with his own power he caused my body to soar into a stone wall. I screamed out in pain as the scimitar stabbed through me into the wall, only the hilt visible outside my uniform. I felt extreme pain as my transformation into a higher self waned, and the aura surrounding me dissipated.

Apocalypse held the other scimitar in the air in the center of the markings on the floor and finished the incantation. This time a large portal slowly began to open on the opposite side of the wall.

"Yes!" he said in awe of the ominous portal, and then turned to look at me. "When that portal finally opens completely, all of the humans on the earth will be altered by its power. And I will be ruler of all!" he said, and began to laugh maniacally. And I was too exhausted and weak to do anything about it.

"That'll never happen, Apocalypse!" I heard. I barely managed to look to my left and see the arrival of a portion of the combined team of superheroes–Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, Eros, Charge, Green Falcon, Psylocke, Willow, Blade, and Huntress, with Wolverine in the lead. Cyclops began to fire a strong optic blast at Apocalypse. Wolverine, upon seeing me on the wall, immediately ran over to me and pulled the scimitar out of me. I fell into his arms.

"Joshie? What happened?" Logan said as he looked over my condition, including the new costume.

"I . . . failed," I replied. "Apocalypse has won. And you guys have gotten here too late to stop him."

"What do you. . .?"

"I don't need telepathy to know that you guys were hiding something from me all along," I replied, cutting him off. "I also know you didn't want to. But if you guys wanted in on the plan seriously, all you had to do was tell me. You didn't need to lie."

"I'm sorry," Logan said as he held me.

"I forgive you. Besides, it doesn't matter anymore. It's useless. Apocalypse has opened that portal. And because of that fact, none of us can stop him."

"Bullshit! There has to be a way darlin'!"

"How? How, when he's so powerful?"

"We're X-men, Joshie. Part of that job description means that we don't give up. We fight on, or we die tryin'."

I thought over his words as he lay me down to heal. Willow hurried over to us.

"You go on over and help the others. I'll stay here with him and protect him if necessary."

"Red, I can't ask you. . ."

"You're not asking me to. I'm telling you to go and help the others," she replied. Logan was notably angered that she was telling him what to do, but I could tell that he was in awe at Willow's courage. Logan nodded and then joined in the foray.

As my body tried to heal, I watched the battle. More like massacre. While no one on our side was getting killed, one by one each of the others was getting badly injured. Apocalypse had used his shape-shifting abilities to grow to the 9 foot height of the room we were in. Rogue tried flying at him and using her super strength, while Logan tried to get close enough to get a stab in. However, Apocalypse batted Rogue away like she was a fly, and Wolverine's claws did nothing but glance off of his skin. Jean tried blasting him with telekinesis, and Storm tried summoning lightning bolts, but it was of no use. Cyclops kept trying his optic beams, but Apocalypse constructed a forcefield, and angled it so that the beam hit Storm, knocking her out of the air. Then he grabbed Phoenix from her aerial position and flung her into her husband. Green Falcon began blasting Apocalypse with her power ring, but Apocalypse was too powerful to be affected by it. He then formed some sort of yellow plasma orb in his hand and flung it at her, knocking her out.

If I wasn't bleeding so profusely from my wounds, I'd be fine, and I'd be able to use my powers to help the others, but I needed time to heal–wait a minute!

"Willow?" I whispered, hoping she'd get the hint that I wanted this quiet, while I established a secure psychic shield around both of our thoughts. I couldn't use enough telepathy to talk because that would have taken away from my healing factor, but I didn't want Apocalypse to know what I was thinking.

"Yes?" she replied, whispering also.

"What do you know about rituals with blood?"

"Well. . ." she seemed uneasy about the subject.

"Willow, it's important!" I stressed.

"Well, when Buffy's sister, Dawn, was used as a key to open a hell dimension, blood of the same kind was required to close the portal again." I could tell there was a deeper story than that, but I knew she didn't want to go into it.

"So blood would be the only way to close a portal, like the one forming over there?" I said.

"Yes, but it would only serve to kill you!" she said.

"What choice do we have? I mean, he used a spell with my blood to open the portal, so--"

"Wait, there was a spell that he did?" she interjected.

"Yeah, a spell that he did after he cut me in order to open the portal."

"That makes a big difference!" she said excitedly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, in Dawn's case, her blood opened a portal--directly. There was a preceding ritual before she was cut, but after she was cut, the portal immediately opened. And since in this case there was a required spell, then technically your blood was only an ingredient in the spell!"

"So you mean . . . I didn't actually open the portal, Apocalypse did?"

"That's right!"

"So, Apocalypse stabbed me with his ritual weapon. If I can kill him with the same weapon. . ."

"It isn't the same weapon required. It'll be a different one. Like when Angel lost his soul, Buffy had to use a special weapon that was necessary to close the portal. So you'll need a special weapon, too."

"The Phoenix Blade!" I said.

"Most likely. Only problem is that Apocalypse is very powerful right now."

"True. Wait, you're a witch! Do you know a power-transfer spell?"

"Yes, but . . . wait, you want. . ."

". . . you to transfer some of his power into me, so that we can weaken him, and I can channel my power and that extra power into the sword, then stab him, closing the portal . . . and probably taking him inside it, too."

"Good plan and all, but that much energy, being transferred into you, and then out of you again. . .there's a good chance that you won't even survive the initial transfer, let alone forcing the energy out of you again. There's a very good chance that you could die, here. And there's no guarantee that this will work. And there are . . . many more variables--"

"As of right now, Willow, we don't have any options left," I replied, cutting off her babbling. "It's like Logan said. I'm an X-man. And we fight on until the job is done. And if it's necessary that I die trying, then damnit, I'm gonna die trying. I need you to do the transfer. Please?"

Willow looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded. "We're going to have to get closer to him."

I stood then, my wounds being fully healed, and used my telekinesis to carry myself to the battle between us and Apocalypse, sending a mental message to Jean as I did so. I envisioned a massive battering ram in my mind, one that looked like it could break through an adamantium wall 3 inches thick, and used that as a means of constructing a psionic blast to Apocalypse's mind, as Phoenix did the same. Our two psionic blasts had the desired effect of combining and hitting Apocalypse dead on, succeeding in breaking past his formidable mental defenses and causing him to revert back to his normal size.

Apocalypse looked angrily at the two of us. "Back for a rematch are we?" he asked before releasing two plasma blasts at us. I narrowly escaped the one directed at me, but Jean received the full effect and was smashed into a wall.

"Jean!" Scott yelled, running to his wife's side.

I quickly landed next to Apocalypse and summoned my Phoenix Blade to me with my mind. Apocalypse had a scimitar ready, however, and clanged swords with me. The two of us stood there, sword against sword, as Apocalypse spoke.

"Do you really hope to beat me? I can tell that I've already exhausted your power, child. You're running on empty, and barely able to sustain your mutant abilities. I, on the other hand, have limitless power not bound by genetics.

"I figured as much." I replied as Willow stepped up, seemingly from nowhere, to stand to the side of us.

"I think that's my cue," she said as she quickly placed one of each of her palms atop our heads. A strange blue energy coil instantly formed between me and Apocalypse, and I could feel that it was indeed working as I got stronger and stronger and Apocalypse became weaker and weaker while Willow siphoned his power into me.

"This . . . is . . . the part . . . that hurts," Willow remarked, and then suddenly the link between us exploded, causing all three of us to fly backward and into a wall, Apocalypse and I both losing our weapons.

I stood, slowly, to get my bearings as Willow did the same. I watched in horror, however, as Apocalypse stood, and, in a split second, ran (more like appeared) next to Willow, grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground.

"You little wretch! You dare to interfere with the power that is . . . that is . . . that is. . ." Apocalypse said, a confused look coming over his features.

"Apocalypse?" she finished for him, her lips turning into a smile as she muttered a spell. In her hand a crimson energy orb appeared, which she jammed into Apocalypse's chest, causing him to fly away from her.

The other assembled heroes ran forward to engage the weakened Apocalypse, but I stopped them with a mental command.

"Josh, what gives?" demanded Cyclops.

"The prophecy says I've got to finish this. Therefore, I'm going to be the one to do it," I replied, my voice changing again as my power level rose again. This time, however, I could see through everyone else's eyes as my body was seemingly consumed by white fire, which formed into the bird of fire commonly known as a phoenix raptor, my skin glowed, and my hair turned white again, lengthening to the middle of my back.

"Foolish child! You think that you can stop me?" Apocalypse said.

"I dunno, it looks to me like you've lost a lot of your color," I replied. His skin and the symbols on it had stopped glowing, and his armor was dimmer as well.

"I still have enough power to kill you! Besides, with the portal open, the world will still be mine soon enough."

"Not if I kill you before it happens."

"Bring it!" he shouted as he leapt from the floor in my direction.

"Consider it brought!" I replied as I did the same, condensing the Phoenix raptor to a white flame around myself. We met in the center of the room, barely missing each other with our fists. As we landed on the ground, Apocalypse tried to kick me in the stomach. I blocked his attack, then punched him in the chest with my right hand, then caught him with a left jab in the face. I ducked under his fist as he tried to punch me, then channeled some of my power into my fist and jumped straight up in the air, uppercutting him in the process. Apocalypse fell hard on the stone floor, right next to the sword he dropped after the power transfer.

"It ends now, Fabled One!" he shouted, picking up the sword and running at me.

As he ran at me, I pulled my sword to me with my mind as my phoenix raptor flared brightly. I then channeled all of the energy I could, from the Phoenix and the power Apocalypse had absorbed through the portal, into the sword. The whole weapon itself changed upon touching my hand, the hilt of the katana brightening to a full gold, the circular stones brightening into rubies, and the blade turning from a silvery color to a bright white. With a horizontal swing I cut straight through his scimitar, and I immediately followed through by stabbing the energized weapon straight though his mystical armor and through his body, straight through his heart.

"Urg. . .how can this be?" he gurgled as his mouth filled with blood.

"Because it is," I said simply. "You're right. It does end now. For you."

"No, not yet. I still have . . . one last trick up my sleeve." Suddenly, Apocalypse raised his hand as a blue energy swirled around it, what I supposed to be a large energy blast.

"NO!" I heard, and was shoved to the ground and out of the way by Cyclops, who was hit full force by the blast and slammed into the same computer screens that I was slammed into before.

"Scott!" I heard Jean yell and rush over to him.

I looked in fear at his fallen body, then to Apocalypse, who fell over dead, the Blade still in him, after his final failed attempt to kill me. I then looked at the portal, which seemed to have stopped growing.

"Josh! His body!" Willow reminded me.

I nodded at her and slowly stood back up. I found it very hard to stand, like a weight was pressing down on every part of me, and gravity had tripled. It took every ounce of my strength to pull the newly transformed Phoenix Blade from his body and hurl him into the portal. As soon as his corpse entered the portal, it quickly whooshed to a close.

And as soon as it closed, I fell to the floor, all the energy completely sapped from my body, my power, the phoenix raptor, the golden aura, my costume, everything but the sword faded. I tried to move, but I found that I could only move my lips and blink my eyes. I decided to wait until my body healed itself.

Only my body wasn't healing at all. It was like Willow had said. I had barely survived the initial implanting of the power into me. The expulsion of the power had been too much for my body to handle, and I had probably fried most of the nerves and cells–and quite possibly the X-gene–in my body.

"Joshie!" I heard Logan's gruff voice as he leaned over me and took me into his arms.

"Hey Wolvie." I replied softly, my voice normal again.

"Don't you do this to me, dammit! I can smell it on you! You're dyin'!"

"I can't help it Logan." I replied. "My body is wilting, like Mom's flowers must be doing at home without her presence." I barely was able to tilt my head and look to her. "I'm glad I was able to find you."

"I'm glad you did," she replied, tears forming in her blue eyes as they did mine.

"I love you. And tell dad, when you see him, that I love him."

"I will. And I love you too."

I then looked to the Green Falcon.

"If you see Blake on the other side, tell him that I miss him," she said, a couple tears falling down her face.

"I will." I then looked to Blade. "And hopefully, I'll see my other Mom and Dad when I get there, too." Blade smiled sadly and nodded knowingly.

I then looked to Huntress and Jean. Scott stood by her.

"You alright?" I asked him.

"I'm fine. Whatever it was that Apocalypse tried to pull didn't work," he replied.

I smiled and then said, "Take care of her. And you take care of him, too."

"I will." Jean replied.

"And Jessica, you take care of that horny-ass boyfriend of yours!"

"I will," Jessica replied, "in all senses of the phrase."

I then looked to Charge and Eros. "The same goes for each of the two of you."

"We will," they sadly said simultaneously, then, looking at each other, added, smiling, "and in all senses of the phrase."

I smiled and looked to Willow. "You were right."

"I hoped that I wasn't, though," she replied.

"I did too. But you were. And it was necessary. You are a very powerful woman. Without you, Apocalypse would still be here."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." I said. I then looked to Psylocke. "I hear you have the best fashion sense of anyone here, Betsy."

"You hear right," she replied, a sad smile forming on her lips.

"Please be sure that I'm dressed in the best for my funeral. I don't want anyone like Jubilee or Tabitha ruining it by coming up with some whack ass colors."

A sad laugh escaped her, and she replied, "Don't you worry. Nothing touches you but the best Armani and Gucci that money can buy."

I smiled and finally turned to Wolverine again. I knew like the rest of them knew. I had saved the world. But my life was coming to an end.

"I don't want you to go." He said.

"You don't have a choice. I want you to know something. I love you. And I will always love you. Now and forever."

"I love you too," he said, no sobbing, just tears falling from his beautiful blue eyes. Blue eyes that I would miss waking up to see. That I would miss conversing with. That I would miss. Period.

"Goodbye." I said, feeling the last of my life fading away.

"Goodbye, darlin'." he replied, leaning forward to plant a kiss on my lips. The final kiss before I died. And with our lips joined, my eyes, closed, I finally slipped away.

Logan looked at the beautiful, resting body of his lover. And he was angry. He looked upward toward the heavens as he let out an almost animalistic roar of agony. He held the lifeless body of Joshua in his arms close to his chest. Storm began convulsing in tears as she collapsed into the arms of Jean, her best friend. Jean held her close as she, too, began crying. Scott consoled his wife, his own visor becoming misty. Taran cried into Cole's arms as well. Green Arrow consoled Huntress, while Blade held Betsy.

It was a sad moment for all the gathered heroes. Losing a student. A comrade. A lover. A son. A friend. Everyone wanted to stay immobile and just cry away at the loss.

Finally, Cyclops decided that it was time to leave the place of evil behind. "Logan?" Cyclops said as he moved away from his wife and went up to his friend.

"What?!" Logan snapped, "Can't anyone have a moment to grieve?!"

"Logan, we need to go."


As if on cue, an alarm sounded. A computerized voice echoed throughout the fortress. "Fortress compromised! Fortress compromised! Self-destruction sequence initiated! Fortress will be destroyed in 30 seconds."

"Dammit!" cried Jean, "Sinister must have had a failsafe in case he and Apocalypse failed!"

"Thirty seconds!" Rogue shouted, trying to ignore the fact that Jean had just swore. "How the hell do we get out of here in thirty seconds?!"

Phoenix quickly tapped her fingers against her temples, obviously making a telepathic distress call. In no time, Pierce, Nightcrawler, and Michael all appeared in the chamber. Michael and Pierce orbed out four of the heroes each (including the dead Josh), And Nightcrawler almost made himself sick by teleporting out three. As soon as they arrived outside, far enough away from the fortress, the ominous building exploded.

"Whoo hoo!!" a loud cheer rang out. The others looked at the assembled warriors who, though ragged from battle, were pleased with everything. Phoenix had conveyed the message that Apocalypse had been stopped, and that it was over. The Fabled One had succeeded.

The cheering stopped, however, when everyone noticed Joshua's limp body in Logan's arms.

"Joshua!" shouted a voice from the crowd. Lucas Bishop, Joshua's father, ran forward and stopped short of running into Logan. "No . . . he's healing, right? He's not. . ?"

"Yes, he is," Storm answered sadly, then added, "He told me to tell you that he loves you."

"No, he can't . . . he can't . . . he. . ."Storm pulled Bishop into her arms as he released the tears that formed in his eyes onto her costume, and said, "I love him, too, `Ro."

"He can. He is. He knows." Storm looked over to her nephew, Evan, and saw him crying into the arms of his girlfriend, Marrow.

Everyone either cried or consoled someone who was crying, an overall feeling of sadness in the air.

And then, out of nowhere, Josh's body began to warm up. He got so hot, that Logan had no choice but to drop him on the ground. To everyone's surprise, Josh's body caught on fire, and right in front of their eyes burned to ashes. Then the ashes began to glow brightly, and then became too bright to see by the naked eye. Finally, when the brightness went away--

I was surprised, to say the least. One second I was slipping away into darkness, my life fading away, and the next . . . I was outside. Naked. On the ground. Surrounded by costumed heroes. Covered only by what must have been my birth father's trench coat. And very . . . very . . . alive!!

"Joshua!" my birth mother, Storm, shrieked. "He's alive! Thank the goddess, you're alive!"

I got to my feet, pulled the trench coat on and tied the strap, and was pulled into a tight hug by my mother, then by my father, Bishop. "Don't you ever do that to us again!" he shouted as he hugged me.

"I promise." I said, with a smile. I was confused. I should have been dead. But from the smell of fire about me, I could guess that I must have literally returned from the ashes. Before I could orient myself, I was pulled into another hug by my boyfriend, Logan.

"Cross your heart and hope to die?!" he said.

"Stick a needle in my eye," I replied with a smile. I then grabbed him behind the head and pulled him into a kiss–receiving much cheering and applause from all assembled.

I pulled away, and then looked at the fortress, which was destroyed. And thought of Kevin's body.

"There was a self-destruct sequence. We had no time to evacuate. The teleporters got us out. If there was anyone else in there--"

"I understand," I said. "My brother, Kevin. I'd had to kill him because he was mind controlled by Sinister." I found that I had to once again raise the spirits of the saddening crowd, and said to Logan, "We can hold a memorial service for him some time after we return and everyone goes home." I then addressed the crowd. "But for now we celebrate! Apocalypse is gone, and we have won!"

"Party at Xavier's!" Tabby, Jubilee, and Alison all shouted.

Everyone seemed to agree and we all got into the jets (after Pyro warmed them up from Iceman's shielding) and went home.

Much merriment was had that night and everyone retired to their rooms after much conversation, partying, and pranks (For example, Iceman had succeeded in `icing' everyone's backs, except Logan, who picked him up like a frisbee and tossed him into the pool outside. Beast retrieved him from the pool . . . and that was the last either of us saw of the two that night.).

After the party, Logan and I turned in and, like usual, made love all night long.

A week later, Logan, Evan and his parents, and Mom and Dad came with me to do a memorial service in L.A. for Kevin. Afterwards there was a repast, in which everyone commented on their sorrows of his loss.

That night, we returned to New York and Logan and I retired to our room and cuddled in our bed. "I'm glad that everything's finally over." Logan said.

"Me, too."

"And you sure you don't feel that Phoenix anymore?"

"It's like it's gone," I replied. "It feels like it died, too, when it brought me back from the dead. I still can use telepathy and telekinesis, but on a much smaller scale than before. I'm not even strong enough to use Cerebro any more. And for that matter, the heaviest object that I can lift is myself. And that's just barely. Also, I have my slayer strength and agility, but other than that, the only other powers that I have are the healing factor and psionic claws. I seem to be completely cut off from the elements. Speaking of being cut off, any word on Gambit?"

"As much as I would like to see the shrimp dead for puttin' together the Marauders, Jean did a scan for him right after you killed Apocalypse in the Savage Land and the fortress self-destructed. She found him alive, but he quickly kicked her out of his head. He wants to be left alone as much as we don't want him around.

"I feel sorry for him," I said. "Who knows what he went through under Sinister?"

"Well, we don't have to worry about it anymore. Sinister is gone, thanks to you, and the world is safe for a little while. And I'm sure the cajun is up to no good as usual."

"You're right." I replied. "Besides, I'd rather be thinking about you than whatever he's up to."

"Well, there's something of mine that is up right now," he said with a smirk as he lifted the covers to reveal his large manhood.

I smiled and kissed him. "You're insatiable."

"So are you," he replied.

"True," I stated and then kissed him again. It started as a slow, sensuous kiss on the lips, then grew as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. Logan began to suck on my tongue voraciously, then pulled out of the kiss.

"You said you still have your healing factor, right?"


"So you know that the two of us are not going to sleep for a very long time, right?"

"Xavier has given all of us time off for tomorrow, Logan. We don't have to stop for a long time."

"Good. Cause you know we're staying in this bed till lunch tomorrow?"

"Maybe dinner," I replied as I kissed him again.

After kissing him, I moved down his body, licking at his muscular chest and abs, lightly biting his flesh. Then I moved past his enormous manhood and to his legs, which I licked and sucked the same. I then pushed his legs up so that his knees would touch his chest, then began to lick and suck around his asshole.

"Aww man, baby, keep doing that," he purred as I sucked closer and closer to his hole. Finally I began to tease his hole with my tongue, licking just at the opening.

"Aww come on, man!" he pleaded. I then began to drill my tongue into my lover's hole, licking and sucking around inside his ass, which had a slightly raunchy, yet extremely manly flavor, mixed with the slight taste of soap from his shower. I kept fucking his hole with my tongue, swirling it around, letting him feel really hot.

I then let his legs drop and began licking along his huge hardon, getting it nice and wet. I took only the head into my lips and began sucking on it, teasing his slit. Logan moaned as some precum oozed out. I teased and tongue his head, and began to take more of the colossal member into my mouth, working him over really good. I also teased and stroked and worked over his hard hairy pecs and twisted his large nipples as I sucked on his salty, juicy, delicious cock.

I then used only one hand to massage and play with his hairy torso and used the other to poke into his asshole, wet from my saliva. I first inserted one of my fingers into his hot hole, eliciting a moan from my hirsute boyfriend. I poked and prodded around until I found his prostate.

"Aww, fuck yes!" he muttered as he thrust deeper into my mouth. I began to poke at his prostate repeatedly, really working him over good, while I sucked his cock down to the root and played with his body. I then inserted a second finger, scissoring my fingers, getting my lover really hot from the finger fucking I was giving him.

"Oh, Joshie, yeah! Give me those fingers, baby! Aw man!" If I thought he was getting loud then, I was really surprised when I added a third finger. Logan began to moan and growl, and curse, and sweat, and grunt uncontrollably.

"Aww, fuck yes! Joshie, you're so good to me. I love it baby. Oh yeah! Aww fuck! I'm cummin', baby! Aww baby! OH!"

And with that, Logan began to release his huge, thick, creamy load down my gullet, and I had to pull ¾ of his dick out of my mouth so that I could taste the creamy gift as it flowed down my throat. His sweet, salty cum tasted so good. When finally Logan stopped shooting (he took a full minute and a half of shooting ropes of sweet sperm), I moved up to his mouth, still playing with his dick and ass while I kissed him, sharing his cum with him.

"That was awesome," he said as he pulled back.

"Thank you."

"Now it's your turn," he replied as he began doing the same to me. As happy as I was doing all of this to him, it could never beat the pleasure that resulted when he reciprocated on me. Logan mouth went everywhere, sucking on my tongue, then licking along my jaw line and all over my face, licking my ears, then sucking on my nipples, which are real sensitive. Logan licked and sucked my small nips until they were small peaks on my muscled chest. He then licked and bit at every defined line of tone on my chest, then my abs. Logan licked and sucked along my legs and then my feet, licking and sucking on each of my toes, bringing another moan out of me.

Logan then licked back up to my crotch and then grabbed both of my feet in one hand, holding them in the air, my ass completely exposed. With me in such a helpless position, Logan licked along his other hand and began to stroke my 8 inch dick. I moaned as Logan gathered the precum that poured out and began to insert it into my hole, stretching me with one thick finger, then two (which could have been someone's dick in their own right). Logan then leaned over and sucked my whole cock into his mouth in one go. I moaned in appreciation as his experience mouth licked and slurped and sucked my cock. Logan then grasped my cock with the hand he was finger fucking me with to lick and suck along my asshole.

"Aww, yes, Wolvie!" I moaned, "Keep doing that!" Logan kept sucking and licking along my ass, then shoved his long tongue deep into my hole. He reached so far that he hit my prostate and began licking and sucking it and fucking against it with his tongue, while I moaned and gasped. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I began to gasp and moan uncontrollably, my hips bucking as I released my pent up load all over myself and Logan's stroking hand. Logan, who had been stroking himself off this whole time, also began shooting his cum into his own hand, then rose from tongue-fucking my hole to keep shooting his second load of the night all over my asshole and my still-shooting cock.

We stopped to rest for a few seconds, breathing deeply, then Logan began to collect the gooey mess of our come on his fingers. First he coated the fingers on one of his hands with cum and held it up to me. I began to sucking on his fingers eagerly and eat off the cum. He took some more and sucked it himself, moaning as he did so, the taste so appealing. Then his hand dipped to where he had shot all over my ass and he began to massage the cum all over it, gather a great deal of it and inserting it into my ass, finger fucking me while he did so.

"Aww man, Logan," I said, "that feels so good."

"Yeah, you like those thick fingers fucking that tight hole?"

"Yeah, it feels so good. I love it. Keep doing it."

"I can't keep it up much longer, Joshie. I need to fuck you."

"Aww yeah, do it, Logan! Please, I need it so bad."

Logan then took another handful of the plentiful cum and began to massage his cock with it. When he got it good and lubed from the collection of our cum, he pushed his cock slowly into me in one thrust.

"Aww man, Logan!"

"I know, Joshie."

"I need it bad!"

"I know. You'd better hold on, darlin'. `Cause once I start this up, I ain't gonna be stoppin'."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." I replied.

Logan began then, pulling his long, thick cock slowly out of my gripping asshole, then pushing it back in. Then, slowly, Logan got faster and faster, until he was fucking me at lightning speed. He alternate back and forth between short, quick rabbit hunches, then pulling his cock all the way out before pushing the entire thing back into me. He would every now and then stop and twist his cock around inside me, making me feet really good.

Logan and I also kept switching positions. We had started out with me on my back and him on top of me, looking into each others eyes as we fucked. Then, Logan turned me over, with me on my elbows and knees while he kisses and sucked along my back and he fucked me from behind that way. Then Logan got daring and began to stand up, cock still inside me, and held me up only by his hands and his cock and fucked me that way. At one point, he stood me up bedside one of the walls and fucked me standing up that way. Then we went back to missionary, and then Logan turned me over on my side. Logan held one of my legs in the air over his shoulder while he fucked me sideways, his cock hitting real deep there, causing loud moans from both of us.

Finally, we went to my favorite position. Logan, cock still inside me, got on his knees, my legs around his waist, me seated in his lap as he thrusted his cock up into me and I rode up and down his huge dick, our mouths interlocked, our sweating bodies gasping and heaving for breath as we fucked like machines. I loved how this position allowed me to fuck up and down on his huge cock as fast or as slow as I wanted to, and alternate between teasing and giving in to his desires.

Finally, the dam broke and the two of us had to cum.

"Aww, fuck, Wolvie! I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too, Joshie!" Logan shouted.

It happened at the same time. Logan's cock inside me began spewing blast after blast of hot, creamy man cream up my chute, mixing with what was already there, while my own sizeable load of man cream shot up between us, blasting into our moaning mouths, all over our sweaty chests, catching in the hair on Logan's body, sliding and lubing my smooth torso.

As our orgasms died down, Logan collapsed backward on the bed and I fell atop him, his rigid cock still inside of me, and we caught our breaths, while kissing each other softly and lovingly, slowly caressing our skin.

We lay like that for about 5 minutes.

"Well, looks like it's time for round two!" Logan suddenly quipped enthusiastically as his cock thrust into me again.

"Ding, ding, ding!" I replied as I gleefully began riding him again.

Needless to say we didn't stop for a very . . . very . . . very long time.

We cherished our time together, the first time that we could be together without a major crisis. Because we both knew, as always, that there would be something else dangerous around the corner, and that we would face it together.

But that is a story for another time.

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P. S., for those confused about Willow's comments: in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season two, Buffy's boyfriend, the ensouled vampire Angel, lost his soul from experiencing a true moment of happiness (sharing her bed on her 17th b-day). Buffy had to eventually stab him and send him into a hell dimension portal that his evil self created (he soon returned because Willow had succeeded in returning his pure soul before it happened). As for Dawn's blood: during season 5, Buffy was sent a sister who was the embodiment of a key purposed to open the portal to another dimension that would allow an evil god(dess), Glory, to achieve her full power and return to her own world--at the cost of hell breaking loose in ours. The only way to close the portal was the blood of the key--Dawn. However, since Dawn was derived magically from Buffy's blood, Buffy sacrificed herself to the portal, closing it, but dying in the process. In the premiere of Season 6, she was brought back to life by Willow and her friends (Anya, Xander, and her girlfriend, Tara. Spike had been keeping tabs on Dawn, and Giles had left for England.)

Additionally, the power transfer I had Willow do also came from the end of Season 5. Glory had previously extracted a good deal of Tara's mind to make herself more powerful. Willow was able to get it back . . .and in the process make Glory weak enough to defeat her.