Chapter 6- The Danger Room

I enter the Room after Logan. It seems empty, and gray, in a technological sort of way. There are many panels around the room, on the far wall there is a saucer-like control room that must control whatever there is in the Danger Room.

"Okay, kid," says Logan, "there's some stuff you need to know. Cyclops is very strict on the code-names-while-in-training rule, and so is Phoenix, so for future reference, Scott made you a list of names and codenames.

He hands me the sheet of paper, and I go down the list. Most of them I already know, but I looked them all over just to make sure.

Scott Summers-Cyclops



Orroro Munroe

Henri (Hank) McCoy-Beast

Remy Lebeau-Gambit

Jubilation Lee-Jubilee

Jean Grey-Summers-Phoenix

Bobby Drake-Iceman

Kurt Wagner-Nightcrawler

Evan Daniels-Spyke

After I'm done, I pocket the paper in one of the invisible pockets in my suit and then follow after Lo--Wolverine. Phoenix comes down from the control room and Logan goes up.

"Welcome to the Danger Room Psyche. The main reason why we are here today is to teach you the use of your telekinetic powers." she said to me, then looked up towards Logan. "Logan, load disc program 1."

A few seconds later, the room had transformed into a large room filled with discs.

"Okay. This is simply an abilities training simulation. We simply want to test your ability to control your powers."

"Sure. But how?" I ask.

"You'll see." She looks around, and her eyes stop. She points to one disc in particular and tells me to move it. I pick it up. Easy. Then she asks me to move it left and right, then up and down, then in circular motions. For the next two hours, I did nothing but manipulate the discs, holding different numbers of discs, moving different discs in different directions, at different speeds, you name it, I did it. Then Jean said it was enough. By this time I had about 50 discs in levitation, which I dropped.

Next, Phoenix taught me how to focus telekinetic energy into defensive energy. Then, for another hour, I blocked discs that she threw at me, from all directions, at all kinds of speeds, at all kinds of strengths, etc.

Then, Jean taught me to make telekinetic blasts. I had a bunch of tests to go through with these, like target practice, controlling the power of the blasts, etc. This went on for another hour.

Then, Jean told me we were finally finished with power training for the day. Logan changed the room setting into a dojo. Then for 2 hors, we did martial arts and gymnastics training.

After we finished that, Logan said I was finally finally FINALLY done for the day.. I was relieved. I learned a lot in a little time. However, I was so damn tired! We left the danger room and went to shower in the locker room. By now it was after 8:00 at night. I looked away from him while we showered. I didn't want him to smell another one of my erections, which I would immediately get from looking at his tones muscular body.

I then decided that I wanted to be more than this man's trainee and protege. I really wanted to be his lover, but that would never happen, but I did want to at least be his friend, possibly his best friend if possible. But what if he didn't even want me as his friend? I began to feel nervous again. And of course, Logan smelled it.

"What're you so nervous about, kid?" Logan asked.

"Logan, I want to ask you something." I began.

"Shoot, bub."

He didn't mean it that way, Joshua. I tell myself.

"Logan, um, I was wondering, um, I've never really had too many friends, and um, like, especially a best friend. And since we're, like, working, so close, um..."

"Kid, please quit the ums, likes, and you knows."

"Okay, I will." I reply, embarrassed. "Do you think that we could be best friends?"


"Well, friends?"


"Yeah, friends."

"I dunno kid. I'm not real good at gettin' close to people. It doesn't really work out well. Especially for them."


"Never mind. I really don't think it's a good idea for us to be friends."

"Please?" I say, then put on my best puppy dog look.

"You ought to stop that. You look cute in a way."

I must have blushed every shade of red from pink to fuchsia. Logan chuckled, then said, "Of course, we can be friends."


"Really. So, friend, what do you want to talk about?" Logan inquired as he turned off the shower and he passed me a towel.

"Um, well, you know some stuff about my past, considering Xavier has most likely told everyone my story. What's yours? What happened in your childhood that made your powers come through?"

Logan became completely silent. After a long pause, and after we had both fully dressed, he answered, "I don't really know nothin' about my past. I know I was in the Canadian army at one time, and I know about how I got my claws, and everything after that, but that's all."

"You weren't born with those claws?" I ask.

"Not this way. It was this government program called Weapon X that did this to me. They did all kinds of testing and manipulation of mutants, and sent them on missions as troops. The experiment they used on me was to alter my skeleton to make it stronger by reinforcing my bones with adamantium, the real strongest metal in the world."

"Why you?"

"The mutation would allow me to survive the operation and to live through the poisoning associated with the metal."

"But why can't you remember anything about your past?"

"Because they also installed memory implants in my brain."

"So your parents and family? Your childhood? You can't remember anything?"

"Not that it would matter. I don't even remember how old I am, or what my birthday is, or anything at all. In addition to that, every now and then I have nightmares related to the experiments."

"You didn't try to go back and find out whoever did this to you in the first place?"

"Yeah, I've tried. But by now, all of them are dead anyway. I've either killed them myself or they have died of old age by now."

"I'm sorry." I say. I catch myself before I try to hug him.

"'S okay kid." he answers. After a moment of silence, he looks at his watch. "Kid, it's almost 9:00. What say we get something to eat, then get some shut eye?"

"Sure." I say. We turn off the shower, then go upstairs for some food.

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