Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 7: The Mall

Logan and I go to the kitchen, since we know the both of us missed the school dinner. Of course, the two of us are talking about food.

"So, what's your favorite food?" he asks.

"Pizza or Spaghetti. I love pizza especially." I reply. "You?"

"I like pizza too, but I much prefer a large, juicy steak."

"With what on the side?"

"Mashed potatoes and corn."

"What for dessert?" I ask. Oops! I hope he didn't take that the wrong way!

"Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream."

"Really? I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!"

"Well, maybe we have some here." he says.

We arrive at the kitchen, but the fridges were almost completely empty. The freezers were empty too, and so were the cupboards.

"Jean and `Ro have to go shopping." Logan remarks Logan. "Looks like we're going out to eat."

"Where do you suggest?" I asked.

"Well, since we both like pizza, there's this place at the mall here that has really good pizza. And our mall is luckily open until midnight on weekends. What say we get some pizza and ice cream?"

"I say let's go!"

"Great. I'm payin. Let's get dressed to go." We go to our own rooms. The guys are asleep, so I quickly, quietly, and carefully find a pair of nice jean pants and a dark blue, tight long sleeve shirt. It's a little chilly, it being fall, so I also get my leather jacket. I open my door to go to Logan's room, but he's already at my door. He looks so hot! He's in those black jeans that aren't too tight, yet aren't too loose either, and they bring out his muscular legs in places. He also wears a skintight black shirt with white trim around the collar. This under his own leather jacket, which is more like a motorcycle jacket.

"I was gonna knock, but, well, anyway, ya ready kid?" he asks me.

"Sure" I say, after a couple of seconds more staring. "I was just gonna come knock to get you.:

"Okay, well, since we're both ready, let's go." he says. I follow him down the hall to the elevator, and when we get off, we go to the garage. "which one is yours?" I ask.

"That one." he answers, indicating the motorcycle is saw the last time I came in here. He had two black helmets waiting for us. He handed one to me.

"Thanks." I say.

"You're welcome." He gives me a pair of black gloves, then puts on his own black fingered gloves. Then he gets on the motorcycle and I get on behind him.

"Hold on tight." he says. I put my hands around his waist. I didn't want to sit too close to him, as i thought i would get a hard-on. "You're gonna fall off like that." he says. So I scoot up closer to him, and lean against his back, wrapping my hands in a tighter hug around his waist.

"That's better. Here we go." Logan starts up the motorcycle and we're off. I like the feeling of riding with him. I feel so--free. I feel so close to him like this. I want to cling to him forever. Then at the times he turns, I think I may fall off, so I cling tighter to him.

We eventually arrive at the mall, park, then take our helmets and go straight for the food court. We ordered 2 large slices of pizza, both sausage and pepperoni, then sat down to eat.

"So Logan, will everyday be like today?" I ask, mainly meaning all the training.

"You still have a lot of training left, but not all together and all day like today. You have a good handle on telekinesis, you just need to learn the other stuff. And there's still your survival training to do."

Which I don't know if I'm looking forward to or regretting. I think.

"Oh, your classes start Monday. Professor X's gonna give you your schedule tomorrow."

"Well, I guess I have a full plate."

"You'll be okay, kid."

"I sure hope so." My eyes wander around a bit, as I detect someone familiar. I look at the different couples at the mall, and my eyes fall on one in particular, because I recognize the guy and his thoughts are so loud and angry, they're booming into my head.

It's that damn kid from school that used to live with me. The gay black mutant. I ought to walk up to him and punch his face in. The lowlife. And who the hell is he with? Probably his fuckin' boyfriend. I`m gonna rough him up as soon as his lover`s gone.

"Josh? Kid? What's wrong?" asked Logan.

"It's that guy, Peter, that I used to live with. I hear his thoughts. He's insulting me."

"Don't sweat it kid. It's not like he's sitting next to us." says Logan, then stands and turns away. "I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back, k?"

"But--" I try to protest, but he's already off. I turn back to Peter, who ushers his girlfriend over to the table next to mine. I can hear both of their thoughts. Her thoughts set me at ease.

Why is Peter doing this? So what if he's gay? I think it's sweet that he's in love, no matter how old he is. And all mutants can't be bad can they? I mean, If I were a mutant, I wouldn't want everyone pissed off at me just because my DNA is different.

Just when I became comfortable, I was discomforted by Peter.

Hmm. If I see the guys, maybe we can all get together and beat him up. Or maybe we'll chop him up into little pieces and send him to his dead mommy and daddy.

"That's enough!" I say in a gruff voice. It was one thing for him to verbally (well, mentally) assault me, but my parents was a different story.

"What's the matter? Am I thinking too loudly for you?" he retorts.

"Yes, you are. You did discover that I was a mutant. What you didn't know was that I am a telepath, capable of reading people's minds. Why do you have to be so bigoted towards me? No, that's not the point. The point is that I will not have you disrespecting my family and friends!"

"You mean your boyfriend, right?" he mocked, "Or are you afraid to say it?"

"I'm not afraid, it's just not true." I say.

"See Peter, it's not his boyfriend. Now will you leave the kid alone?" interjected his girlfriend.

"Shut up Karen!" he yells, then turns back to me. "You're lying. Girly man." Then he looks around a few seconds, and his eyes stop on a fixed point, and a smirk forms. I follow his gaze to the food court. It was four of the players from his (was mine) football team. Peter waved the four of them over to my table.

"Well, if it isn't our little girly man?" says Butch, one of the more muscular, huge members of the team.

"Girly man's here on a date with his boyfriend." Peter says, emphasizing boyfriend.

"Look you guys, I'm not on a date. My friend brought me here to eat."

"Aww, his `friend' brought him here on a date." Butch says mockingly. "Well, you see kid, we don't like little gay girly mutant mutts like you. So we're going to have to teach you a lesson."

"Leave me alone. I didn't do any of you anything."

"Peter, guys, leave the kid alone!" says Karen.

"Shut up Karen!" he says back

"That does it! I'm out of here!" Karen says. She leaves in a huff, with Peter yelling screw her after her. He turns back to me too early to see her flip him off.

"Now where were we?" asks Peter.

"You were getting away from my friend there." says Logan's gruff voice. You can hear the growl in his chest. A growl that serves to do nothing but make my temperature rise. He moves faster than any of us expect and puts a fist up to Peter's throat. He unsheathes his claws, except for the middle one, trapping Peter between the other two. "These claws extend a foot long. They're made of adamantium, which can cut through anything. So if you and you're friends don't clear out of here, I'm gonna send this third claw through your neck." He emphasizes this by extending the third to barely touching his neck. "Got it?"

"Um, yeah, uh uh." Peter seemed at a loss for words. The other boys instantly cleared out. When Logan quickly sheathed his claws, Peter ran off, too. With pissed pants.

Then Logan turned to me. "You okay kid?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, thanks to you." I answer. "I was gonna get pulverized there."

"Well, I'm not letting anything happen to ya, kid. I have to make sure my friends stay safe. So friend, want to get that Ice cream I promised?"

"Sure. You didn't think I'd actually forget, did you?"

The two of us got the ice cream, made more small talk, and eventually left. When we went to the motorcycle, we were the only ones there. Logan stopped instead of getting on.

"What's up?" I asked him.

"Well, I wanted to thank you."

"Thank me? For what?"

"For being my friend. Most of the kids at the achool find me scary. But not you."

"Well, unlike most, I'm not quick to judge."

"Well, at any rate, I wanted to thank you, and to give you something." He removed a small box from a pocket in his jacket. A ring box. He hands it to me. Inside is a white gold ring, with a sapphire in the center.

"It's beautiful!" I say. "No, I can't accept this, it's just too beautiful. And too expensive."

"Nonsense." says Logan, "It's nothing. Besides, it was on sale, so it can't be returned. I just...really felt like gettin' ya something."

"Well, in that case, I'll keep it." I say. I put it on my finger, then add, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Logan says. He seems to want to say something else, but I can't figure it out.

"Logan?" I say.

"Let's go kid." Logan says.

"You're not going anywhere!" A voice rings out from behind us. We turn to see 4 men clad in all black. All four had distorted faces and unnatural eyes. The owner of the voice steps forward. A blonde woman, in a black leather body suit, with white circle designs all over it.

"We only want the boy, Wolverine." says the woman.

"Too bad, cause you ain't gettin him!" says Logan.

"Then I'll just have to take him." she replies. "Get him!"

Yeah, I know, nice place to leave a story. But the next chapter opens with my first fight scene of the story. You don't want to miss it. And stay tuned for the next installment!

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