Chapter 8: Vertigo

"Get him!" Vertigo yelled. The 4 vampires ran towards me and Logan. Logan unsheathed his claws, ready for battle, and stood in a defensive stance between me and the vampires.

Two of the undead fighters attacked Logan. He caught their fists when each punched at him and threw both of them backwards. They landed on their backs, sprung up onto their hands again, and kicked Logan into the gut, causing him to fall backwards.

Logan sprung back to his hands, then yelled for me to run. I reluctantly turn and run, but somehow Vertigo is already there, and in my way.

"You are coming with me." she says. "Surrender to the power of Vertigo!" She holds her arms out to her sides and releases a beam of energy that hits me right in the head. I can barely think straight because of this beam she's using.

I look back in Logan's direction. He can barely hold up either. The beam is affecting him also, and the vampires are immune to it. They are closing in around him, ready to strike him down. For both of our sakes, I have to take out Vertigo.

I put my hands to my throbbing head and, in a matter of seconds, concentrate on my telekinetic energy, focus it into a beam, then direct and release it at Vertigo. She moans in pain as she gets hit full contact and is sent flying. The buzzing in my brain stops. I look back at Logan fighting again. He seems to be able to handle them, as he took one by surprise by beheading him. Without his head, the vampire became dust.

I look back towards Vertigo. She is about to release another buzz beam, but I'm ready this time. I lock my mind onto her, then swing my hands in a throwing motion. She goes flying to my right, and skids along the ground to a halt.

She flips up, then runs towards me again, then tries to kick me. I catch her foot with my right hand, jump into the air and kick her in the face with my left foot. I hear an electric buzzing crackling from her head. I realize that Vertigo is a mere robot. I flip forward towards her, then when I land on my feet I jump into the air and kick at her with both feet, alternating one after the other, still in my mid-air jump. I land five good hits, then extend my claws and slice off Vertigo's head. The robot starts to beep. I look at Logan, who senses what I sense. cartwheels out of the way as I throw the robot into the two remaining vamps of Logan. The robot explodes, taking out both of the vamps with it.

"You kicked some vampire butt." I say.

"Thanks. And you kicked some robo-butt." he replies.

"Well, thanks." I say. "Not bad for a second time."

"Second time?" Logan inquires.

"Yeah, my first time was when I went away from my foster parents because my mutation kicked in. That night three vamps came after me. One was going to rape and kill me. My telekinesis showed itself then."

"Well, at least you did more this time. Now Let's hurry home."

We got on the motorcycle and sped back to the house. It was after midnight when we made it back. We turned on the lights to the garage after parking. Scott startled both me and Logan, as he was sitting in his car, out of sight, waiting for us. This surprised me, as I knew about Logan's senses.

"You know, we've been combing the grounds looking for the tow of you. Orroro has been worried sick, and no one even knew you two had left."

"Scott, I only took the kid out for something to eat, since there was nothing to eat here."

"You could have said something. To someone, anyone."

"Sorry. I forgot to leave a note."

"Well see that this doesn't happen again. From now on, do not take kids out of the mansion unannounced. Understand?"

"Yeah, I understand."

"Good. Now, on a second question, why are your clothes ripped and dirty? You guys got into a fight deidn't you?"

"Yeah. Against four vampires and a Vertigo robot."

"Yeah! And I kicked it's butt!" I yip excitedly. Then I regain my composure.

"Ain't no training like on the job trainin'." says Logan.

"Well from now one tell someone where you're goin. And next time, at least call for backup."

"We will." Logan responds. Scott, Logan, and I enter the floor's elevator. As we ascend to the dorm level, I describe in detail how I took out Vertigo.

"Wow kid, you really handled yourself well." Scot told me.

"Well, I knew I had to help Logan. Of course he could take out 4 measly vampires, but he couldn't do vampires and Vertigo. So I simply took her out."

"Good." The elevator arrived at the floor, and Scott and the two of us parted ways.

We walk past Logan's room talking, and I get into my room. I turn back to Logan, and say I enjoyed myself.

"Me too." he replies. He pauses for a moment, in a manner to consider something. I don't want to pry, so I disregard the thought to peek around in his mind.

"Well, goodnight." Logan says. He turns away and starts down the hall.

"Good night." I say. I stop him for a second, "He Logan?"

"Yeah?" he says, with a hopeful type look on his face.

"Um, thank you. For everything." I say. No!! No!! You're supposed to say, I like you!!

"Oh. You're welcome." he says. He turns around and walks down the hall. I feel emotions coming from him, even this far down from him. Sadness and loneliness.

I close the door, change into a tee-shirt, strip to my briefs, and get into bed. NO sooner am I under the covers, than Jubes, Evan, and Bobby come out of the closet.

"Dude, where were you?" they all ask simultaneously.

"I went to the mall for pizza with Logan." I answer after I get over the shock of their surprise.

A puff of fire and brimstone and flash of light later, Kurt was there, too. Another girl phased through the wall. Kurt tells me that the girl is Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat.

"You didn't just have pizza! What happened?" asked Jubes.

I tell all 5 of them exactly what happened that night. When I finished, all 5 of them hade huge grins on their faces. Logan likes Joshua. think all 5 of them.

"What?!" I say aloud. "Logan doesn't like me like me, we're just friends!"

"Sure." says Kitty sarcastically, as she takes my hand. She notices the ring on my finger, and goes bug eyed.

"Damn! That's almost an engagement ring!"

"No, this is a friendship ring."

"You like him, don't you?"

"Yes I like him." I reply. "But I don't want to get my hopes up over something that may not even be true. Besides, he could kill me or something if I pursue this and it's not even true."

"Wolverine wouldn't kill you." assure Kitty and Jubes.

"Says you!" exclaim all of the boys.

"C'mon, Mr. Logan's not a bad guy." says Kitty.

"Um, excuse me, but *yawn* I'm kinda tired, so if we can continue this conversation at another time? Like tomorrow?" I ask.

"It is kinda late." admits Kitty, "So I'll see you guys tomorrow." she adds as she leaves exactly the way she came in--THROUGH the wall.

"I'm gonna go, too." says Kurt. "Later!" and --POOF!-- he's gone.

"I'm going to leave the traditional way." Jubes says. "Seeya!" and Jubilee left by opening and closing the door.

"G'nite!" both Evan and Bobby exclaim as they turn over and start falling asleep. I try to fall asleep, but I can't. All I can think about is Logan. I think of his strong, firm, hairy, muscular body. I also think of how nice it is to talk with him, and how we're both so much alike. And about the ring he gave me. Maybe he does like me. Nah!!

But I can't stop thinking about him. I eventually fall asleep, but the only thing I can dream about are sexual fantasies including Wolverine. Him making love to me, in so many scenarios, locales, positions, and vice versa. And all the scenarios end with the three words. I think I'm falling for my personal trainer/best friend, whom I've known for barely two days!!

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