Tales of a Young Mutant

Chapter 9: Sunday Morning

I awoke the next morning, Sunday, to the sound of the alarm clock. It was 7:00 A.M. I turned off the alarm, got some clothes ready, and tried to go to the bathroom to shower. However, there was already a line there at the bathroom, even with having 6 shower stalls. I simply turned on my heel and went to the elevator.

I put my secret code in for the elevator to go all the way down to the x-team floor and went to the locker room. I would just use the locker room shower instead of the upstairs shower. No one else should be here anyway. Not this early.

Or so I thought. I found Hank already there. I almost went wide eyed.

"Hello Josh. C'mon in. There's room for more."

"Um, no thanks." I say, "I'm not sure I should."

"Nonsense, young man." Hank says. "Besides, I really don't mind."

"Well, if you insist." I say. I strip down and go into the water.

So Josh, how did last night go?" asked Hank.

I filled Hank in on the details of last night. It was hard to stay focused on telling the details, though. Hank looked so sexy nude. Not as sexy as Wolvie, but still he looked very sexy nude. He didn't seem to mine me looking, either. Wait, did I just refer to Logan as Wolvie?!

When I finished the recap, Hank had this big grin on his face. The same one that Jubes, Evan, Kitty, Bobby, and Kurt were wearing last night.

"Oh no, not you too!" I comment.

"I think it's a high possibility. You. And Logan. Together."

"Yeah, right!"

"You don't find him attractive?"

"It's definitely not that. I just don't think he could ever see me the same way that I see him. Besides, I've barely known him for two days!"

"You never know Josh." Hank says as he turns off the shower. He gets two large bath towels and hands me one. "He may actually like you. Of course, only time will tell, right?"

"Right." I answer. I look at my finger and I look at the gorgeous ring that Logan gave me. A sign of friendship. I wanted to get him something in return. Something just as special. Unfortunately, unlike Logan, I have no money. Hank and I dried off, then he put on some shorts and I put on the clothes I brought with me, a blue long-sleeved shirt, which was almost skintight, and some black baggy jeans and black leather high-tops.

We chatted as we walked to the dining hall, and he gave me what schedule I had today. Attached to it was another schedule, an envelope, and a note:

8:00a.m. School Breakfast

8:30a.m. workout with Logan

11:00a.m. Finishing Telekinesis Training

*Learn Psychokinetic Transformation

12:00p.m. Lunch for school

1:00-2:00p.m. Free Time

2:00-3:00p.m. Gymnastics

3:00p.m. Start telepathy training

*thought reading

*psychic bolts

*psychic shields

*Producing illusions

5:00p.m. Martial Arts Training

7:00p.m. School Dinner

8:00p.m.-9:00p.m. Free Time

9:00p.m. Bedtime

After examining my schedule, I flipped over to the note.

Dear Joshua:

Be ready at 7:00 for school. Classes begin at 7:20. Your class schedule is also attached.

I flip the page over. Sure enough, there is the schedule.

1st Period (7:20-8:23) American History Professor Xavier B-105

2nd Period (8:27-9:20) Spanish III Mrs. Grey-Summers B-103

3rd Period (9:24-10:17) Bus. Comp. Apps. Mr. Summers C-213

4th Period (10:21-11:14) Chemistry Dr. McCoy C-105

5th Period (11:18-12:11) English III Mr. Summers B-213

Lunch Period (12:11-12:41)

6th Period (12:45-1:38) Strings Orchestra Professor Xavier A-103

7th Period (1:42-2:35) Advanced Math Ms. Munroe C-209

After looking over the class schedule, I went back to the letter.

All of the students here and staff receive a specialized MasterCard X. It actually works everywhere. (It's even the key to your room.) The balance for all normal students is $50 bucks per month, depending on grades, and there are no wraparound dollars. However, X-men in training receive a silver card with $100 per month, plus extra depending on grades, plus wraparound dollars. This is only for the freshmen ones. Each year, the basic rises $50. Since you are a Junior, you get $120 each month automatically.

Also, these cards already have a picture, so they count as your school ID. Yours is in the attached envelope.

This should help you very nicely. Good luck in your new school year!


` Professor Charles Xavier

Professor Charles Xavier

"Wow!" I say, then open the envelope and pull out the card.

"It also works as an A .T. M. card." says Hank. "This way, you'll be able to use it when you go to cash only places."

"Cool" I say. "What's for breakfast today?"

"On Sunday's it's a all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast."

"Yum! I'm starving! Let's eat!"


I got myself a plate of food, then sat with the little group of friends that I have made since coming to the school (Kurt, Kitty, Evan, Bobby, and Jubilee). I didn't pay much attention to the conversation being made, because I was scanning the dining hall for Logan.

Kitty and Jubilee both noticed.

"Joshua, Logan is usually up late anyway." comments Jubilee.

"So he's either late up, or doesn't come down until he's ready, in which case he fixes his own food." adds Kitty.

But then, as if to purposefully prove them wrong, Logan entered the dining hall. There are a lot of gasps, then whispers, then finally the dining hall returns to its low roar.

"Well, it's only 8:10. He must be hungry today." says Kurt.

Logan looks around the dining hall, and his eyes stop at my table. He smiles, then waves in our direction.

"He's waving at me!" whispers Kitty in glee.

"Are you insane? He's waving at me!" whispers Jubilee. I can tell that they obviously both have crushes on Logan.

Kurt: Both of you--

Bobby:--are insane, he's--

Evan:--waving at Joshua!

Kitty and Jubilee gave them a "yeah right" look, then we all waved back.

<Just to let you know, I was waving at you.> he sends, then keeps going.

I'm jumping for joy inside. He actually waved at me! While Kitty adn Jubilee argue over who it was that Wolverine really waved at, adn while Kurt, Bobby, and Evan argue over who looks the best, I eat my food. It's pretty good. I make sure my grits are seasoned right and eat up. I find that I am still hungry when I finish. We all get up for seconds, and I find myself in line next to Logan.

"Oh, hey Logan." I say.

"Hey kid. So, anticipating today's lesson?"

Are you mad, I'm ecstatic! I'd do anything if it meant I was by your side! I want to do everything near you!

"Sure." I reply. Wuss! I tell myself. "I'm ready."

"Good. Like to see an avid pupil."

You don't know how avid.

"Yeah, well, I like to learn."

"Well, I have a lot to teach, a lot to show, and a lot to give."

What did he mean by that? Is he flirting with me? Oh my god! He's flirting with me! Say `Give me you!` NO, he probably means just friendship, you asshole.

"Which I'm already learning. Like friendship."

"Right. Friendship." his face changes.

He does like you! He wants more than friendship!

What are you, crazy?! You're just imagining things!

"Are you okay, Logan?" I ask.

"Yeah, I'm fine." he says, petting on the realest smile a person could give. It could almost be considered a sexy smile, if it were real. Something was wrong in the feelings. It just didn't--feel real. I could tell there were some negative vibes. I could feel . . . loneliness from him. And longing. I couldn't feel anything else because he started to walk away. Headed out of the cafeteria.

<Go after him!> a bunch of voices rang in my head.

"Wait!" I said, running after him, food with me, "Where are you off to?"

"My room."

"I can come to give you some company. Friend." I say. "That way you won't be so alone."

He seems to brighten a little at that, and he agrees. We both leave the cafeteria and go to his room. The room has clothes all over the place, and holes in some of the walls and in the bed. The room smelled fully---of Logan.

"Sorry if the place is a mess." he says, "but I'm not too keen on cleaning."

"Aww, it's nothing. Almost every teen in America's room looks similar to this from time to time. Nothing I'm not used to." I reply, not wanting him to think I thought it was trashy or revolting or anything.

I can't even say the room smelled bad. To me it smelled--Logan-y.

While we were there, we further discussed liked and dislikes. I was pacing a little, then tripped over something large and sharp. Whatever it was, it cut a large gash in my leg. Wolverine came over to me, to check on me.

"I'm fine."

"But you're bleeding!"

"No, I'm not." I reply, indicating the gash which had completely healed itself. I went back to what I had tripped over. I recognized it as half of a sword (the hilt and part of the blade). Upon closer inspection I realized it was at one time a kitana.

"Where did you get this?" I ask.

"I'll tell you later. Right now we have to go workout." he replies.

Logan and I got to the locker room, and we change into our gym clothes, and then go to the exercise room. We do our workout exactly as before, talking the whole time, whether it's about the school, working out, casual chit/chat, etc.

I was barely able to concentrate on the workout considering that, even though we were just friends, I was still heavily attracted to Logan.

I found myself getting more and more aroused through the workout. The adrenaline pumping must have something to do with it but there was something also very peculiar.

At one point in the workout, I was lifting weights, while Logan bench pressed. I was becoming even more aroused while watching him. The scent of his sweaty body served to further excite me. I thought for sure he'd just cast me away or something, but instead he added additional weight. He strained harder, thus sweating more. This got me more excited. Then I looked towards his pants. My eyes widened as I saw his cock bulge. It was huge!

Suddenly the door to the exercise Room opened. It was Professor Xavier. He told me to come over to him. He was very sweaty.

"Joshua, I need you to clear your mind. I need to block out your exo-empathic abilities."

I do as a I am told, and Xavier touches my forehead. He must be concentrating on doing something in my head. When he stops, nothing seems to have changed.

"What exactly did you do, Professor?" I ask him.

"I simply psychically blocked out your exo-empathic powers."


"You have the power of empathy at such an advanced level that you can also affect the feeling of others. I have to lock this ability out until you can control it. your arousal and sexual excitement, or horniness, has affected the entire mansion. No one has had sex with anyone, but everyone's been masturbating vigorously."

"So, is that why Wolverine's been working out over time?" I say, gesturing to Logan, who had stop pumping iron.

"Possibly. But he works out hard often anyway. Although he does seems to be working out harder than usual."

"I was going to ask him what he meant, but Xavier hovered out of the room before I could get a chance. I returned to my exercising. Logan once again was working out extra hard, and his cock bulge grew again.

I knew I'd cum in my shorts if I didn't do something,, and so would he. So I asked him again about the kitana.

Logan stopped pumping again, and almost dropped the 500 lbs he was using. Lucky for him, I caught it mentally. It was surprisingly easy to lift. I put it back on its holder, then re-asked my question.

"I'll tell you during the run." Logan says. With that, we both set out for the track.


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