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Tales of an Immortal

Chapter One: The Awakening

Remy LeBeau followed stealthily behind the figure that he noticed after being shunned by the rest of his teammates. Gambit wasn't entirely sure that his upset teammate wouldn't just leave him there to die, in fact something told him that it would be necessary to find an alternative ride home. Gambit hoped the person he was following was friend and not foe, but being in the adventure business as long as he had, he knew the chances of that were slim to none.

Gambit reflected over what had happened in the entrance hall of the ghastly palace of evil, recounted on the things that Sinister had said, and recounted the past. Unfortunately, Sinister had indeed been telling the truth.

Mostly the truth, anyway. Then again, those were different times. After a misunderstanding with the Thieves' Guild, in which he killed a man in self-defense, and as such was temporarily kicked out, Gambit had been pressed to be on his own. Being on his own wasn't so bad, but New Orleans had been the Thieves' Guild's territory, so he had to pan out. Baton Rouge wasn't exactly a hot spot and wasn't anywhere near as interesting as New Orleans, so Remy had decided to do it big, and moved up north to New York. It was here that he had first had issues with his powers growing out of control. It was then that he had learned of a geneticist working with mutant DNA, known as Nathaniel Essex. Gambit found the man extremely attractive, even after learning of his shape-shifting powers, and found something erotic in the man's vampiric-looking pale form. Gambit did jobs in gratitude of Sinister's help, including thefts and robberies of priceless artifacts. Afterwhile, Sinister came on to the young Cajun and invited him to share his bed.

Gambit was soon to learn that the arrangement with Sinister was not for the best as he was forced into more and more serious missions, almost losing his life several times, and being guilted into sex several times. Soon after, Gambit demanded an end to the situation between he and Sinister. Sinister agreed, but demanded one more job of him. Gambit, complied, accumulating a group of mutants whom he had told would be either taken as new servants or would be captured and forced to become cloning experiments. Gambit complied, and led them into the home of the Morlocks.

Gambit, shuddered, remembering the carnage as the Marauders slaughtered the helpless mutants, only being able to save one girl out of the entire group.

Gambit's thieving eventually led him back to New Orleans, to serve as temporary leader of the Thieves' Guild, following the death of his adoptive father, Jean Luc LeBeau. Gambit left the Guild in search of adventure with the X-men after saving the life of then team leader Storm. Remy had still been trying to shake the feelings of guilt and depression he had over Mr. Sinister. And then he met Rogue.

Meeting Rogue had been the first time ever that Remy had fallen for a girl since the mishap with Bella Donna, whom he had only gone with to try and get over Sinister, and which turned out to be a mistake because Donna was quite a leech-like bitch at times. But Rogue, although being a literal leech with her powers, was one of the most beautiful women the Cajun had ever met, and he would be certain that she would be his to have and to hold, despite her few protests. Granted their relationship had been a rocky one considering the inability to touch one another, but Rogue and Gambit cared deeply for one another.

It was inevitable that something like dis would occur, Gambit thought to himself, I should have seen it in d' cards. Gambit had the feeling that the shit would eventually hit the fan, especially after meeting the new student Joshua Munroe, son of his friend Ororo. Now while Gambit could easily admit that he was heavily attracted to every one of the female members of the X-men, this had been the first time that he had been taken to a male since Sinister. It wasn't that the others weren't attractive, God knows they were. But every single male was either taller than Remy, more muscular and buff than Remy, or both, which would remind him of the dominance of Sinister. Remy had learned to deal with these thoughts by swearing off men altogether, even to the point of pretending he was straight, which eventually turned into him constantly bashing homosexuality. But seeing Joshua, younger, someone that could submit to him, someone that he could be the metaphorical man with...

Geez, Gambit, stop thinkin' `bout fuckin' Logan's boyfriend, Remy thought, shaking his head, clearing his thoughts. He focused again on following the person, who he realized now was a female. He also noticed that she seemed to be carrying something long, though whatever it was she didn't seem to have much trouble carrying it.

He watched as she entered a huge doorless space. Gambit noticed that the floors wouldn't make a sound if he followed, and he quickly followed her, silent and stealthy, being sure to hide in a corner. In the center of this expansive room was a large circle carved into the floor, with markings resembling hieroglyphics all around it. The immensely high ceiling of the cathedral-like room was held up by immense columns of golden-colored marble. Gambit was amazed at the structure, and was in awe that in this room, lit by torches around it, was golden in color, and seemed to be a lot more lively than the rest of the fortress of evil. Gambit inched closer, hiding behind a column a few yards away from the woman. He could now see her, dressed in blue and silver armor covering all but her face. He heard her as she lay what she carried down, resting it on the floor. As soon as she did, the thing seemed to rise from the floor. Gambit noticed that the thing, which looked now to be a human being, seemed to be levitating on a slab of the ground, like a floating altar. He was now able to make out a young man, of possibly 20 years old. Gambit had to say, now that the truth was out, he was impressed. He noticed the younger man's pouty lips on his brown face, with a cute button nose and a square jaw, on a body obviously well sculpted, judging by musculature evident despite the dark clothing he wore. It was evident however that the guy was also dead. Gambit listened as the woman began to speak.

"Brave and diligent Hades, how unfit it is that you, a mighty Olympian, has fallen at the hands of the Fabled One. But fear not. I will use the Scrolls of the Ancients, and once again bring you back to us, so that we may be able to defeat the invaders. For it is the will of Apocalypse. The will of Lord Sinister. And the will of I, Athena!" As she said this, she pulled out a dagger. "With this dagger, I shall shed the blood of the host, allowing him to be host to Hades once more!" As she said this, Athena raised the dagger.

"Hey, can't the dead just die and move on?" Gambit said, stepping out of the shadows.

"Who are you?" demanded the surprised Athena.

"I'm Gambit of the X—well, Gambit," he replied.

"You're one of the invaders!" shouted Athena. "No matter, I will dispose of you and finish the ceremony!"

Gambit chuckled a little before pulling out his quarterstaff. "You can try, but you gon' lose."

Athena drew her sword and leapt at Gambit. Gambit blocked her first swing, then countered with one of his own. Athena was hit, but seemed unphased. She spun around and kicked at Gambit, who blocked with his staff. However, the strength behind the kick caused him to soar backward, crashing into a column. Gambit tried to get up, but found that he was unable to get past his hands and knees, almost completely winded by the sheer strength of the blow.

"By the Gods, I would have thought that one of you X-men would have been a bigger challenge. No matter, I shall simply kill you now, and get back to the ritual."

Gambit looked up, trying not to let the fear be apparent on his face as he looked at his soon to be killer. But then Gambit saw it. "Sucre bleu!" he shouted. Athena paused and looked behind her, and she too was shocked.


I shook my head, trying to comprehend what was going on. One moment, I was in the living room with my parents and laughing and chatting, having a good time, when this sadistic pale skinned man barged into my house. He held my father by the throat, forcing him to tell his subordinates that they were allowed in. My father urged me to run, which I did, having no choice. I pulled my mother with me, but they grabbed her. She urged me on. I ran to the neighbors' house, but no one was there. I tried to run up the street, but he stopped me. Mr. Sinister. I tried to escape, wanted to escape so badly imagined that I could go anywhere else besides here, imagined myself at the police station. Then it happened. A feeling of immense cold washed over me, and when I wore off, I was in front of the police station. I was amazed, wondering what the hell had happened. The witnesses verified my thoughts, throwing cans and other junk from the streets at me, calling me a `filthy gene freak' among other things. I didn't care, I had escaped from them. Until I ran up an alleyway and bumped directly into him.

Mr. Sinister captured me and performed experiments on me, trying to get me to submit to his will. When I wouldn't, Sinister performed a ritual on me with a golden dagger that allowed my body to be possessed by an evil death spirit, calling itself Hades. Using my powers, which were to transport through and bend to my will the shadows, as well as to wield death in weapon form, Hades killed many people. I was still inhabiting my body, and was forced to watch, forced to commit these acts, unable to free myself. I hoped that at least someday someone could kill me, freeing me of the torture, as well as ending the bloodshed that I was causing. And then I was forced to fight the Fabled One, whom I learned was the one male with the power to stop my captors. That same guy happened to be my kid brother, Joshua. He was finally able to put an end to Hades and free me, killing me. His powers wouldn't work on me, I knew my fate, knew that I was immune to telepathy and healing energies. I bode my bother farewell, his claws of psionic energy finally doing the job.

As I opened my eyes again, I thought that I had moved on to heaven. The bright lights, the gold surrounding me. Upon a second glance, however, I noticed the carvings in the walls, and realized that this room was yet again the chamber that called Hades into being. I sat up hastily, looking at myself, clothed in the dark war uniform of Hades.

"Sucre bleu!" I heard. I looked up to see a very attractive man, looking to be in his mid twenties, tall, with crimson hair. His scruffy face had a sexy five o'clock shadow, and he had the most eerie eyes, with red irises, the rest of the eyes being completely black. He was clothed in a long leather trench coat and a purple jumpsuit, accented with black stripes.

"Hades! You have awakened!" the woman standing above him with the sword getting ready to behead him said. I recognized her. Athena.

"How long was I out?" I asked, still not understanding how I was even alive right now.

"It is uncertain, brother. But it is good that you are alive. Now, I will kill this cretin, and we can be on our way, to destroy the others!" she said as she raised the sword again.

"No!" I shouted, and, without thinking, reached my hand out at her, urging her to stop. But from my hand, an orb of dark energy burst forth, blasting Athena in the back. Athena froze, dropping her sword to the ground. After a few moments, she turned to me, anger apparent in her eyes.

"You are the wretch, not Hades. No matter. I will kill you first, then bring him ba—ugh!" Mid-sentence, Gambit used a staff lying on the ground to sweep her feet from under her. As she stood again, I focused my death energy into a sickle, amplifying the intensity of the death energy, and tossed it at Athena, stabbing her in the chest. I was then somewhat sickened as Athena fell to the ground. The death energy began to spread through her body. She was dying. And I could feel it. I could feel the pain and the agony as my energy flowed through her body. And a part of me enjoyed it, like I was feeding off of it.

"The deed is done, mon ami," the man said, stepping up to me, catching me as I began to collapse to my knees.

"I...could feel it, though...I can sense her dying," I admitted.

"Ignore it, homme. Push the feelings out," he instructed.

I did as he said, concentrating on blocking out the feelings of her death. It took a few moments, but I was able to completely block out her dying.

"Fin?" the man asked. I looked up at him and nodded. "Bien. You remember your name, homme?"

"Yes. Kevin. Kevin Munroe. I'm Joshua Munroe's brother. You know him?"

"Yes, he was my teammate. I am Remy LeBeau, Gambit."

No sooner had I took in this information than we heard sirens blasting in the building, and a computerized voice signal a self-destruct sequence.

"Shit!" Remy shouted, followed by a series of other curses in French. "We need an escape route, Mon ami."

"I can get us out of here," I replied.

"Out of the building, or out of the Savage Land?" he asked. I looked at him, surprised that he was asking something like that, but in his eyes I could see pain, as if there was something he was hiding that was causing him grief.

"Both, actually," I replied, "let's get outta here!" I moved in close to him, holding his hands. "Brace yourself, this may feel really sickening."


"I've teleported enough times, mon ami, to know how it feels," he replied, almost cocky.

"We'll see, I replied, as I closed my eyes and concentrated on transporting us to the escape hangar. Sinister may have been a genius, but he was also a coward. In the event that he wouldn't be able to escape via teleportation, he had a hangar with his own jet plane set up so that he and choice other minions could escape. I felt the awkward feels as Remy and I were enveloped by the shadows and sucked into them, then pushed back out from the floor into Sinister's jet plane.

"Holy shit!" Gambit said, falling to the floor, pale as ever. I could tell that he was indeed not used to the awkward feeling of shadow traveling.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I heard a voice ask. I turned to the cockpit and saw a man, an inch or so taller than me, with dark short-cut black hair accented by red highlights. He wore a red leather vest and pants. I recognized him as Haphaestus, another of Sinister's Olympians who could control fire. He quickly stood to his feet, a ball of fire forming around his hands.

"Hey, I'm just doing the same thing you're doing, trying to get outta here. Why are you in such a hurry anyway? I thought you were supposed to be fighting against the invaders?"

"And you're supposed to be fighting the Fabled One. Wait a minute...are you Kevin or Hades?"

"Why does it matter?" Gambit asked, pulling out his staff. He still looked a little pale, but didn't look as bad as when we first appeared.

"Gambit of the X-men, right? In that case, I know that you're Kevin," replied Haphaestus.

"What's it to you?" I asked, getting apprehensive.

"Relax dude," he said, the fire diminishing, relaxing. "I mean no harm. I'm actually a spy."

"Another one? Charlie need to keep his team in the loop," Remy said, putting away his staff.

"I don't work for Xavier, I work for Nick Fury and the Avengers," replied Haphaestus, "my real name's Josef Martinez, Josef for short." he said holding out his hand to shake. Reluctantly, both I and Remy in turn shook his hand. We began to hear loud thudding sounds again.

"Holy hell!" Josef shouted, running back to the pilot seats. "Strap in, guys, we're blowing this joint!" Remy and I quickly complied, strapping ourselves in as the plane sped off, quickly making its ascent from its hiding place in the mountain and sped off into the sky. Within 20 minutes we were flying out of the Savage Land, out of Antarctica, and back toward America and civilization.

"So...how did you get into being a spy for The Avengers?" asked Remy.

"Essentially, it was either work for the government or go to jail," replied Josef.

"What did you do?" I asked, surprised.

"Illegal alien," said Remy in a casual tone.

"I snuck across the Mexican border into the US," Josef replied, nodding in respect to Remy. "The police captured us, but I escaped, using my mutant powers. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents came and captured me and my choices would have been either a long duration of time in jail or do service for S.H.I.E.L.D., doing spy work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers."

"So what was your job? To just let stuff happen and report back, like letting Sinister destroy my family? Having my parents turned into vampires? Having me being possessed by a demon?" I said, standing to my feet, becoming angered.

"Dude, it's not like that, I swear! I had no awareness that had occurred until after it was over and done with! It was in the works that I would be able to lead the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives into the compound and get them to be able to kill both Sinister and Apocalypse before they went too far. But apparently your group of invaders was able to do the job. I called Fury not too long before you guys arrived inside the plane, and he told me to get the hell out while I still could.

I was still shifty about the whole thing, until I looked at him and he showed me the badge. "Okay, I believe you, I guess," I said. "So, where are we going now?"

"I've got to go to debriefing at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters," replied Josef, "so is there anywhere in particular that you guys need to go? The Xavier school?"

"NO!" I was surprised that Remy had shouted that out at the same time I did. I looked to him, and he seemed to be in as much shock and pain as I was.

"I can't go back. After the revelations that Sinister made, no one wants to have anything to do with me," Remy replied.

"I can't either," I said.

"Why? Josh would be happy I'm sure to see his brother alive, and that he didn't killyou, and besides, you need to go there, you need to get your powers analyzed so that you can be sure what happened with Athena doesn't happen again." He then looked up at Josef. "She wasn't a spy too, was she?"

"No, she was actually a real bad guy," replied Josef.

"Good. So why don't you want to go?" Remy asked looking at me again.

"I'm not ready to face Josh again. And I'm not sure if he'll be ready to see me again. The first time we see each other again, he's forced to drive energy claws through my heart. And I'm not ready to face him yet. Too many reminders about what happened with Mom and Dad," I replied.

"So where should I take you?" asked Josef.

"I been gone from home too long. A trip to New Orleans would do a Cajun some good," replied Gambit.

"I haven't been back there in a long time, either," I said, which surprised Remy.

"You from New Orleans?"


"Cool. Well...would you care to join me?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Cool," Gambit replied, placing his hand on top of mine on my arm rest. "We can get to know one another better," he added, giving me a sly grin.

"Sounds like fun," I replied, shyly looking away from his hot, flame red eyes, knowing I had a small smile on my lips.

"Good," he replied, looking away from me to out the window as Josef set coordinates for Louisiana and cleared it with the airports.

I smiled at the thought of me getting to know this sexy stud seated next to me, his hand on mine causing electricity to flow through my body. I felt at ease, as I settled into my seat, looking past Gambit out the window.

But a thought continuously troubled me. Remy was wrong. I actually did die. Josh killed me. I knew the sickening feeling of death. I actually died. And then I came back. Why and how was I alive again?

Why is Kevin still alive? Curious? Stay tuned!!