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Note: This takes place back in 2001

Tales of an Immortal

Chapter Two: Home Sweet Home

As Remy and I rode along in the jet, we talked some. I found myself very interested in this man. He was incredibly sexy. His long auburn hair looked like it'd be silky to the touch. His lips, framed by a sexy moustache and goatee, looked like they were tasty to the...well, taste. His eyes, red on black, were very mysterious, and for some reason they turned me on, as much as his sexy Cajun accent. I was thrilled to learn that we also came from the same city, New Orleans, which was where we had Josef drop us off at. After leaving us off near the levee near the French Quarter, at about 8 in the evening, he waved us off, then sped off toward his debriefing at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

It was upon stepping back onto the ground that everything really seemed to hit me. I had been missing for over a year. My parents were dead. My brother had just killed me several hours ago, but somehow I was alive again. I had made the choice not to go back to him just yet, and I had joined Remy, who had also decided to avoid returning to...wherever it was that the X-men he was a member of lived. We had both decided to return home to New Orleans, but...I'd been possessed by a malevolent spirit for the past year, I didn't know anything of the world outside of being in Sinister's service. Fighting and...killing innocents for him. But in the more immediate sense of things...I had no money, though I could get on as a busboy again at Café de Monde. But that still didn't solve the other immediate problem...I had nowhere to live, and no money to find a place to live either.

"Um...Remy? Now that we're here...where are we gonna stay?" I asked him.

"Relax, mon ami, Remy got it all figured out. I got a stash of cash saved up from working for Xavier," Remy replied, opening his coat pocket and pulling out some cash in a couple of pockets.

"Damn! How'd you get all that?"

"Old Boy Chuck Xavier pays his X-men a nice bit of money for our missions. T'ink maybe I was one of the few who thought to cash in my money from my ATM cards, no?"

"I see. Good thinkin'," I replied. "What made you think you'd need to do that?"

I regretted saying that almost as soon as I'd said it, for Remy had a saddened look in his eyes. "If you don't wanna talk about it right now, I understand."

"Good. T'anks," he replied, a smile coming back over his features.

"No problem. So, where are we gonna stay?"

"There's a nice hotel, a Hilton near here. We catch a ride there?"

"Uh...sure." Although the prospect of hitchhiking did not sit well with me, I knew better than to walk the streets of N.O. alone. Granted I wasn't alone, and Remy and I both had mutant powers, mine were probably more volatile than his were. However, rather than thumbing it, Remy stopped at a car parked on the side of the road, a brand new Corolla, and, pulled out what looked like a Swiss army knife. Popping out a small blade, winking at me in the process, he jabbed it into the keyhole, turned it, and voila, the door unlocked. He reached over and unlocked the passenger door as well. "Hop in, mon ami."

I hesitated. I didn't exactly feel comfortable stealing a car, especially a brand new one. But considering neither of us had a car right then...desperate times...I got in on the passenger side, while Remy repeated the process on the ignition and we drove on toward the Hilton. Upon arriving at the front door, we ran into the valet.

"Good evening, sirs. Keys, please?"

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! I began thinking over and over again in my head. We were so screwed! You can't hand over keys that you don't have! But then, to my surprise...

"Sorry, mon ami, but I rather park her myself. Just got her, not very trusting, if you know what I mean. You understand, right?" he said to the valet.

I don't know how saying something like that could have gotten the valet to change his mind so quickly, in fact it shouldn't have...but the next thing I knew...

"Of course sir, I understand. There is a covered parking area in that direction. Feel free to park there. Have a good evening," the valet replied with a smile on his face before retaking his post.

I was very confused as Remy parked the car. "Um, how in the hell did you pull that off?"

"Magic," he said winking at me. When he saw me cross my arms and the stern face I had, however, he began to explain. "Okay, the truth is it's one of my mutant powers. It's kinda like a low level empathy. See, a full empath can sense and influence the emotions of others. My lil' charm power let's me...gently stroke the ego. Usually lets me get my way wit' anyone."

"I see. You seem to be very good at this."

"Remy used to be a t'ief full time," he replied, "before I joined Charles Xavier's X-men. So I know how to get around well enough. Don't worry, though, tomorrow the owner'll have their car back with them, and no one will ever know who took it. And then we can also buy a car and not have to be so criminal."

"That sounds like a plan," I said as we got out of the car. I then saw Gambit make a very strange face at me.

"Um, not that it's not a hot look for you, we need to get you a change of clothes," Remy said. I looked at myself, and realized that he was right, my clothes were rather...awkward, being the garments of an evil death spirit. Then I remembered one of the many handy abilities my powers allowed me. My powers allowed me to tap into the energies of death, powers I didn't fully understand and would try not to use. I could also turn into a mist and I also could tap into shadows as well. This helped in many ways, like being able to become a shadow, allowing me to do things like following a person by joining with their shadow, which could also let me control their movements. Because of my ability to manipulate mists and shadows, I could augment my appearance while in mist or shadow form. I did so then, changing into a mist and concentrating on a long-sleeved black cotton t-neck and a pair of low-rise black jeans, and when I returned to normal form, that's how I was clothed. I then looked at Remy, who's uniform may have been conspicuous. I guess the valet hadn't noticed how we were dressed because of us sitting in the car and his angle to look in at us.

"Now for you," I said, extending my hand to him.

"Hey, Hey! Don't mess wit' the jacket, no?" He said.

"Got ya'," I replied, then, hovering my hand over his chest, I turned him into mist as well, then converted him back to normal. He was still in the long overcoat he wore, with a tight tee shirt and jeans on instead. Damn, I make sexy clothes, I thought to myself.

Gambit gave me a smile in thanks. We walked up to the entrance, and Remy gave the valet a tip anyway, a...50? Damn, he's a cool guy! Then we went on to the front desk of the hotel.

"Good evening, and welcome to the New Orleans Hilton. Do you have reservations?" asked the desk clerk, a young blonde girl in her mid-twenties.

"No, actually we were hoping to rest here for the night, and we hoped that you had a room available."

"Sorry, sirs, but we're all booked up this evening," the clerk replied, her tone apologetic. "With the business conventions and this being the week of Southern Decadence, we're all booked up."

"Please, mademoiselle, I'm sure there's some room available," Remy said, a smile on his face, eyes locked with hers. I looked over at him and noticed something very...weird, like his eyes were quivering or something. I figured it meant that he was using his charm power on the girl.

It worked too, the girl started blushing profusely, before typing in a few commands on her computer. "Actually, there is one room left available, the guest just checked out about an hour ago, it should be ready now for you."

"Merci beaucoup, ma' chérie," Remy replied.


"You're welcome," she replied, half giggling as she handed Remy the keys.

The suite she gave us was on the third floor of the hotel. It was amazingly well decorated, not over lavish, but just enough to make you feel not only comfortable, but welcome. I walked around the place as Remy sat down on the bed (it figured that the room we found would have only one king sized bed). I noticed the beautiful view from the balcony, the amazing kitchen area, and in the bathroom...

"Oh my god!" I shouted, not realizing I hadn't been just thinking it. It was evident, though, when Remy stormed into the bathroom, holding a playing card...a glowing playing card?...in his hand.

"Nothing's wrong, it's just...well, look!" I said, indicating the whirlpool Jacuzzi in the center of the bathroom floor, with another amazing view of the city.

"Oh. It's nice," he said, and I noticed the card in his hand stop glowing before he put it away. He then noticed my confusion at seeing what he'd done with that card. "Oh, that's my other mutant power. I can channel excited kinetic energy into an object, causin' the molecules to vibrate real fast, and heat up. Then, I toss the object, and boom!"

"Oh. Cool." It was then that my stomach decided to growl obscenely.

"Looks like someone's a little hungry," said Remy, eyeing my stomach.

"Yeah, a little," I admitted sheepishly.

"Don't be embarrassed, Gambit a little famished himself, no?" he said. Something about that accent was making me hard, as well as seeing his hard body in that outfit, and began fantasizing about him without that outfit on. "Let's get something to eat, mon ami."

"Oh, right," I said, broken from my reverie. I just hoped he hadn't noticed. He seemed nice enough, he did save my life and everything. But that was what the X-men, did, right? And it was just his duty, right? I just hoped he didn't make a big deal out of it if he did notice.

"Or is what you want to eat right here?" he said, a grin on his face, closing the space between us. I definitely didn't expect this. Damn, this hot stud is into me. I didn't have time to think as his breath was almost upon mine, his lips almost touching mine.

"No, no!" I said, pushing him backward. Remy looked at me surprised, his face a mix of hurt and confusion.

"Sorry! I shouldn't have, I mean...I thought you were...damn, Remy done fucked up!" Remy said, walking away cursing himself.

"No, Remy it's not...I mean I am, I mean...I'm into you yes! Definitely, but... I don't really know you, and this is just moving...way too fast!" I said, hoping to catch his attention. I mean, I definitely wanted him, but I had no experience...well, I had female experience, a good deal, but I had no experience with men ever, and I didn't want to rush things with the first. Not that I was sure he was going to be the first. And I don't rush things with women, like, ever.

Remy turned to look at me, very apparently relieved. "Okay, I see. That's fine, we'll go slow. That is if you still wanna go at all?" He said.

"I still wanna go," I replied. "Just...let's be friends, or at least date first, okay?"

"Okay," Gambit replied. "So, friend, would you like to go out with me on a date tonight?"

"Well...(stomach grumble)...Sure."

"Muy Bien. We'll go to one of my favorite restaurants, Paula's.

"Paula's? I love it there!" I said.

"Well then, it's set," Remy said, extending his arm for me to take. I took his arm, and we headed to the elevator. It didn't seem abnormal, actually, because all the couples we passed in the hallway were gay couples. My stomach did flip flops as we got in the elevator. My first date with a man! I wondered how it would go! I'm 21 years old, and felt like a teenager all over again!


That's the end for now. This is a nice looking little couple, isn't it? Stay tuned for the next chapter!