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Note: This takes place back in 2001

Tales of an Immortal

Chapter Four: Shopping

The next morning, Remy kept his word. We returned the car to its original parking spot, and Remy wiped it clean of all prints, making sure to remove all hairs and such from the vehicle.

We then walked to a bus stop, and rode the bus to the nearest car lot. There, Remy purchased a really nice red Lexus convertible.

"Damn, how much does Xavier pay you guys?"

"A hell of a lot. Like I say before, the man got deep pockets," he replied.

"I see," I replied.

"That, and I have been saving up for a long time. I knew sometin' like dis was gonna happen."

"That's cool. So, where to next?"

"Now we go get us some clothes. No sense in us wastin' your gifts on repeatedly making new outfits."

"True," I admitted. I disliked to use my `gifts' as he so called them at any time, and that would be an added bonus to not have to daily change our clothes.

Remy took me all over the city, from shop to shop, and every now and then to different restaurants, where we shopped til we dropped and ate till we were full. Our last stop late that evening was to the Lakeside Mall, one of the largest malls in New Orleans, where we went from store to store, trying on clothes.

In every shop, Remy allowed me to get whatever clothes I needed. Okay, I'm a pretty masculine guy, but I LOVE clothes. Not only am I bisexual, but I'm metrosexual too.

It was while I was looking through a rack of slacks in Macy's that I noticed out the corner of my eye the lady from last night, with the same high-bun hairstyle.

I looked around, searching for Remy. But for some reason, he seemed to be in a daze. He was with some hussy dressed in all white. I had to give it to her, she was fine, but she was with my man...damn, I'm already possessive...and I wasn't having that. And then she leaned in and kissed him...and he kissed her back.

I began to make my way over to her, when she seemed to notice me approaching. Then I saw the eerie blue glow in her eyes, which were a pretty blue already, but the glowing wasn't natural. As I neared her, I noticed that she was looking more and more intent at me, but exasperation showed in her face for some reason. As I got even closer, I noticed that Remy had the same glowing around his own eyes. And then I realized that whatever the woman was attempting to do to me was telepathic in nature. I had an immunity to all telepathy that Remy didn't, so she couldn't affect me, while being able to affect him.

I pulled back my right fist, ready to punch the bitch in the face, but I felt a strong arm lock around my right arm, restraining me, and then my other arm was quickly restrained as well.

"You forgot about me," the woman holding me said, and I knew that she was the brunet, Tessa. "Big mistake."

"Let me rectify it," I replied, slamming my head backward, getting her in the face. Before I could even turn all the way around again to face her again, though, she spun and kicked me in the face, leaving a pretty nice scratch with her stiletto heel.

I concentrated on making as weak a death blast as possible, so as to only stun her, but she kicked my hand, causing it to hit a wall, slightly corroding the area it hit. She then jumped and spun, kicking me in the chest, knocking me backward, and I slid right under the blonde, who promptly raised her foot, then tried to slam it down, and impale my head with her own stiletto heel.

I caught her foot, and pushed it to the side, causing her to fall to the floor. Before I could engage her again, Tessa grabbed me around the throat again, trying to suffocate me.

"Remy!" I shouted out, trying to get his attention.

"Rogue?" he called out in reply, his eyes still clouded. Whatever the blonde chick did to him, it had him locked up pretty good. And who the hell was Rogue anyway?

"It's no use, honey," Tessa said, her grip tightening, trying to put me to sleep.

I slammed my elbow backward into her gut, then brought my fist up under her chin. As she let go and staggered backward, I jumped, spun, and kicked her in the face, and she spun and fell to the floor with the impact.

I pulled her gun from my pocket, and raised it at her. "Drop something?"

"Come now, you wouldn't shoot me?" she asked. She was very cocky about it, but looking into her eyes...there was something else, something different. I looked behind me to check Gambit. The blonde witch still held him prisoner in her mental trap.

I turned back to Tessa who was on her feet, about to try and disarm me, and without thinking, I pulled the trigger on the silencer.

Tessa gasped, looking to her chest...where a small tranquilizer dart was stabbed into her! The gun was a tranq gun? Tessa tried to focus, but fell asleep.

I turned back to the other woman, who had a surprised look as well. I held the gun at her now. "Release Remy and take your friend with you, or I'll tranq you too."

"Fine. I tire of these games anyway," she replied, and to my surprise, she just walked over and did something with her mental powers to counteract the tranq dart. It didn't work much, only enough that she was able to get Tessa up over her shoulder. She walked out with her, and as she walked out, the blue haze over everyone's eyes faded away, and all was back to normal.

"What happened?" Remy asked me. "Remy feel like he blacked out."

"You did, in a manner of speaking," I replied and I related to him what happened with Tessa and the blond woman.

"Regan Wyngarde!"


"Regan Wyngarde, Lady Mastermind! She's the daughter of another guy who used to be in the Hellfire Club before he died, Jason Wyngarde. Their family is bad news! Regan and her sister, Martinique, both got powers inherited from their dad to cast elaborate illusions, like they make you think you're living a whole different life."

"But if her power is illusions, how come I couldn't see them?"

"She don't trick the eyes, she trick the mind. If she couldn't get into your head to use her powers, then you're safe."

That explains why Remy was trapped and I wasn't. No one can get into my head. But another thought was disturbing me.

"Remy...who is Rogue?"

Remy looked down for a moment, before replying, "Rogue was my girlfriend. She was a fellow X-man, real nice, beautiful. But she cut off Remy when she found out the truth."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," I said, realizing that I had brought up the touchy subject of Remy's departure from the X-men again.

"No worries, chere," he replied, with a smile. "Gambit past all that. Gambit moved on now. Gambit more happy to be here wit you."

I realized I began blushing furiously. Remy smiled brighter at this, then said that we should go, we still had to find an apartment the next morning. I was really excited now. Moving in together in an apartment? Now we were really moving fast! But it just seemed natural now.

So we went back to the Hilton, and began to collect our things. I was unsure if we should be moving so fast, but Remy was very attractive, and I realized that I was heavily falling for this mysterious Cajun.

I guess I stood still staring at him too long, with a silly smile, because Remy looked at me, returned my smile, walked over to where I was standing by the window, and kissed me.

I returned the kiss eagerly, mentally filing away the fact that he tasted so sweet. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he led me back to the bed.

As our kiss intensified, Remy unbuttoned my shirt, and I his, and our hands began roaming over each other's body, feeling up our muscles, as our tongue interlocked and dueled.

We were so occupied with our kissing that we almost didn't notice the sound of a click at the door of our room, then felt the glow of the hallway's fluorescent lighting shining on us as it opened. It didn't sound like a break in...did they have the key?! My mind began wandering, wondering who the hell it was that just broke into our room, and while we were really getting comfortable with one another.

"Sucre bleu! What the hell--oh shit!" Remy said when he broke our kiss. I followed his gaze...and was struck immobile, petrified to the bed, staring.

Staring back at me was my younger brother. Joshua Munroe.


Whoa, intense! Family reunion! What will the reaction be when the two brothers finally get over their shock? And what's up with the tranquilizer gun? Stay tuned for more!!