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Tales of an Immortal

Chapter 6: Quickening

I realized at that point beyond a shadow of a doubt that Josh was right. Devin had tracked me all the way to the hotel room that Remy and I were sharing. That meant that he was definitely interested in killing me for my powers. He showed no evidence of having telekinesis the last time we fought, which had to mean that he had just acquired those abilities from someone else. I couldn't and wouldn't let him take my powers. In his hands, they surely would mean destruction and evil.

"Some one seems surer of themselves," Devin said as he twirled his sword.

"What can I say, I've come to terms with what I am," I replied.

"So you know that after I take your head, I'll take your powers?" Devin asked.

"And when I take your head, I'll have yours," I replied.

"Ah, you also have a sense of confidence as well. I like that in a guy. I wonder if I'll inherit that from you as well?"

"I just hope I don't get your sense of asshole," I replied.

I seemed to strike a nerve, because Devin lunged at me, thrusting his sword at me. I moved to my side, he passing harmlessly by me, and colliding with a wall. Unfortunately, this put him right next to Remy. Remy came to, and stood to his feet. Devin was faster, however, and grabbed Remy from behind, pressing the blade of a smaller knife to Remy's neck.

"No! Let him go!" I shouted.

"No way. He's my insurance policy. Let's take this party somewhere a little more open,"" Devin replied, grabbing Remy before telekinetically opening the window behind him, then jumping out of it, using his newly acquired power to fly, likely up toward the roof.

"You have to stop him." I turned to Joshua, who came to stand beside me.

"I can't take him alone. Can't you help me with your powers?" I asked him.

"I can't help you. He's made a challenge and you've accepted. Rules of the Game, no outside help. The fight is a one-on-one. You have to take him alone."

"But where will I get a weapon? He's already outmatching me!"

"For the time being, you can construe one from your death energy powers. You must do this, Kevin. I know you don't like it, but this is your life, your destiny now."

He was right. Damn it, when did he get to give the big-bro-to-little-bro advice?

I jumped out the open window, turning into my mist form, and floated my way up to the rooftop. I solidified myself again, witnessing Devin holding Gambit.

"I'm here now. Let him go," I told Devin.

"Actually, I think I'll dispose of him. He's no use to me anymore," Devin replied, preparing to slit Remy's throat.

"I don't think so, mon ami," Remy replied. Remy reached up and touched the blade at his neck, infusing it with kinetic charge, before slipping down out of Devin's grasp and kicking Devin backward. Devin stumbled but regained his balance and, realizing what Remy was attempting, levitated the knife in his hand, forming a small forcefield around the knife as it exploded, completely shielding himself from damage.

"Nice try," Devin said, before grabbing Remy telekinetically.

"No!" I shouted, sending a death beam at Devin. This forced Devin to drop Remy and block my blast with a telekinetic shield. Remy began to charge a card that he pulled from his pocket.

"No Remy!" I shouted. He looked at me in surprise. "I have to do this myself. This is my fight, and mine alone!"

Remy looked defiant at first, but finally relented. I saw Josh levitate up to the roof and land next to Remy, pulling him back out of harm's way.

Now I could concentrate fully on the task at hand. Whoever he'd inherited this telekinesis from, they were strong, but not too strong. Josh was stronger, and when I was actually fighting him while Hades-possessed, I actually broke his forcefield. With a little added effort I did break his shield. I then formed a scythe of death energy and threw it at him, but he deflected it, and it hit the roof. We went back and forth, me dodging and blocking his telekinesis, and he doing the same for my death scythes and death blasts.

"Okay, we're not getting anywhere," Devin admitted. "I think it's time we did it the old fashioned way," he said, and tossed me the sword he held, pulling out another one from another scabbard on his hip.

"Indeed," I replied as we began to circle each other, gauging each other, trying to see who would move first, looking for an opening.

After what seemed like forever, Devin moved first, attempting a high swing, arced toward my head, which I blocked with my (well his) sword. I then pushed him away, countering with a thrust at his chest. He blocked this and quickly countered by stabbing me in the stomach. I tried to back away, but he grabbed my shoulder, pushing forward, stabbing me, impaling me on his other sword.

"Not so boastful now are we?" he said as he pulled it out. I covered the wound with my hand as I slumped to the ground. Devin stood behind me. I could hear the whoosh of the sword as he raised it, preparing to behead me.

Instinct took over, and I rolled forward, ignoring the pain in my gut as his sword cut air, and I turned and swung my sword downward, putting all the strength I could muster into it, with satisfying results.

"Arrgh!!" he shouted in pain, clutching his bloody shoulder, screaming in pain due to the fact that his arm was on the ground and no longer attached to his body.

He fell to the roof floor, and I considered sparing him. But more than likely, he would either bleed to death and be reborn, and slowly but surely his arm would heal. Then he would get better, train, kill other Immortals, and be stronger as ever the next time we met. I couldn't let there be a next time.

I spun on my heel, swinging the blade, and decapitated Devin. This done, his completely dead body thudding to the floor, I fell to my knees, supporting myself on what was now my sword, and concentrated on turning my stomach to mist form and back, healing the stab wound.

I looked up and saw Remy begin to walk over to me, but Josh held him back, and I saw an orange aura envelop them as Josh placed a telekinetic dome over them. A strong one at that. And I quickly found out why.

The sky darkened even more so than it already was. I heard electric crackling noises, and I looked over to see that Devin's body was the source. More electricity began to crackle around him, and then shoot up into the sky. Then there was a loud boom, and then I looked up, and had no time to move. A large bolt of lightning shot down from out the sky and hit my square in the chest. Rather than feeling in pain due to frying electricity, I felt the intense pain of receiving so much power all at once! It was like Devin's life was flowing through me! It was exhilarating! But at the same time horrifying! My body was being wracked with pain as bolt after bolt of this outstanding lightning hit my body.

After a time, it finally ended and I fell off my knees and onto my back. After a few moments, I wasn't on my back, I was hovering off the ground. I quickly was able to get accustomed to this new ability, as if I'd had it all my life, though, and I set myself on my feet. I must have also gained the knowledge of how to control this ability.

Josh and Remy walked over to me as I set my feet on the ground. "So, that was a Quickening?" I asked Josh.

He nodded in reply. "We should go. Before the cops show up." Josh said. Remy and I agreed. I looked around, looking to discern what to do with Devin's body, but it was gone, nothing remained but a pile of dust where his body must have decayed after I received his abilities.

Using my shadow teleport ability, I transported the three of us back into the room, where Remy, Josh, and I hastily gathered all our clothes and belongings. Apparently, no one was in the neighboring rooms while the fight was going, which explained why police weren't already in on the scene. I had to get Remy to hold both sword with him, as he was the one with the trenchcoat.

After we had collected everything, and Josh berated me on just how many clothes I had bought, we gathered up everything and checked out of the hotel. Josh exchanged a strange grin and wink to the concierge before leaving the hotel with me and Remy.

We piled into Remy's convertible and sped off to the building where the building where Josh was keeping his cloaked X-jet. Pulling out what looked like ordinary car keys, Josh hit a button on the remote that caused a small three-person jet plane to come into view.

"You sure you guys will be okay with multiple Hellfire Club members here?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, we'll be fine," I replied. "Go on ahead. The sooner you go and come back, the sooner we can save Tessa and then go to Xavier's," I answered.

"Okay. I'll be back soon," he replied, then gave me his cell phone. "I'll call you when I get back, okay?"

"Don't take too long, okay little bro?" I asked.

"I won't," he replied with a tight hug. "You watch out for each other, okay?"

"No worries, mon ami. Kevin in good hands," Remy replied.

"And so is Remy," I added, hugging Remy.

"I'll see you guys when I get back," Josh replied, before getting in his jet. With a wave, he started up the jet, then lifted off, and sped off.

"Damn! Those mini-jets get some extreme speed!" I said.

"That they do," Remy replied. "So, now on to another place to stay? I feel that we wore out our welcome at the Hilton."

"I agree," I replied and, using my own telekinesis, I hovered myself and Remy down to the ground.

We settled to the ground just in time to see two young teenage thug-wannabes start Remy's car, after they must have just finished hot-wiring it. "Hey!" Remy shouted. "Bring back my car!!"

"They can't get far," I said, reaching out with my mind. It was amazing the things that I could do without any practice at all. I stretched out my mind, felt along the car, which was maybe 100 feet ahead of us, and I pressed down on the brakes with my TK. This caused the two would-be robbers to skid to a halt.

Remy and I ran forward, ready to encounter the two thieves, but before we could, a crowd of maybe 20 or so street thieves, of various ages, from in their late teens to their mid thirties, stepped out of the shadows, half of them carrying very menacing-looking guns. We turned around to attempt to run, but another group of men had occupied the space behind us as well. Of them, a blonde woman with a chain whip stepped out. She wore a very revealing white leather top, showing a great amount of cleavage, with red leather pants and white leather chaps, with stiletto red leather boots.

"Belladonna, we meet again," said Remy begrudgingly.

"You know her?" I asked him.

"Know me?" she said with a wicked laugh. "What's the matter sweetheart? He never told you he was married?"

"You're married?" I asked him disbelievingly.

"WAS married," he replied. "To an insane bitch."

In reply to that, Belladonna walked up and backhand slapped Remy. "You always knew how to make me mad," she said before kissing him, shoving her tongue into his mouth.

"Hands off!" I shouted, trying to hit her with a TK blast. But nothing happened. I turned to see a bald teenage asian boy with glowing green eyes was the source.

"Are you trying to attack me with some sort of power? Laughable at best," Belladonna said as she pointed toward the boy. "You're powers won't work because Shutdown here won't let them." She then motioned to the thugs behind us. "Tie them up and bring them along."

"Where is she taking us?" I asked Remy.

"To the lair of the Thieves' Guild," he replied as we were tied and pushed along, forced to follow.


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