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Tales of an Immortal

Chapter 7: Rescue

Eventually Remy and I arrived at what looked from the outside to be a dump, a large abandoned old mansion. The place looked like at one time it could have been a great place to live, with many rooms. Now it looked like an evil fairy tale witch's lair.

As we were forced inside, however, it looked very well kept, with marble columns, cherry wood floors, and very well furnished as well. Remy and I were led to what had to have been a sort of common room, where awaiting us, to my shock, were two electric chairs. I struggled against the people holding me while we were untied, but all that granted me was my arms restrained harder behind my back. It was no use. I couldn't escape with Remy because my powers were still being suppressed by Shutdown. We were both forced to sit and be shackled in, then headbands for the electricity to run through were strapped to our heads, followed by collars placed around our necks. When they activated, I could feel something similar to the effect of Shutdown's powers coursing through my system- the collar was a power inhibitor. Once we were all strapped in, Donna grabbed a chair and sat down in it, facing us. At this point, the other Guild members took their leave.

"So, Remy, you returned to New Orleans with out saying hello to lil' ol' me? Shame on you. And look, you brought a friend!" she said. She then pulled out a remote device, with two buttons on it. She pressed and held down both, and both Remy and I began to scream in result as electricity began to course through our bodies.

"Fuck you bitch," Remy replied. "We ain't together no more. An' never will be again, neither."

"Oh please, Remy, we are destined to be together. I'll just have to shock you `til you get in that gorgeous head of yours that we are meant for each other," she said while pressing the button for Remy's side, causing him to shout in pain.

"Stop it!" I shouted, getting her to stop and look at me.

"Oh, this is that whole "X-men stick together to the end thing, right?" she asked mockingly.

"No, this is a `stop hurting my man thing'," I replied. This caused her to look at me harder than before.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"I said stop hurting my man!" I repeated.

"Your man? First of all, Remy is my man! Always has been and always will be. Second of all, my man is no faggot!" she replied before backhand slapping me.

"First of all, he is not your man, he's mine," I replied angrily, not just because she was annoying me, but the word faggot from a bigoted bitch really got under my nerves. "And secondly, don't use the term faggot."

"It's my mouth faggot, and I say what I want," she replied with a sneer. "You can't do anything about it."

"I could if I was out of these cuffs. But then again, I guess you're to cowardly for that," I said tauntingly.

"Nice try, but I'm not stupid. You may be tons better than me at fighting, so I'm going to keep things like this. Much more simple."

"Like your mind, bitch?" I retorted.

"I am not a bitch nor am I simple, and you will not talk to me like that!" she shouted, pressing and holding my buzzer for twice the time she did to Remy.

"Stop! Stop it!" Remy shouted at Donna.

"Then admit it," Donna replied. "Admit that you want to be with me forever," she said.

"Either you are insane, which is a good possibility," I said, panting from the pain, and then, with a chuckle, added, "or Remy is really, really, REALLY good in the sack."

"I told you not to talk to me that way!" she shouted, pressing the button again, and I shouted in pain as she held the button almost a minute, then kept pressing it off and on in spurts.

I sobbed with the pain, when an idea came to me. One that I knew sucked, but it was the only one I could come up with. One I hoped would work.

"It's probably your fault," I chuckled. "Your fault that he turned. Must have been some dried up pussy for him to seek after some moist ass. I wonder how many men besides me he's fucked—"

"SHUT UP!!" she shrieked, turning a knob on the remote and holding down the button again. The charge was stronger this time, and she held that button down for an interminable time. I could feel myself shaking, and bobbing in the chair, could hear Remy shouting, begging and pleading for her to stop, and slowly, I couldn't feel, hear, see anything. It all went black...


"You bitch!" Remy shouted as Kevin's body fell limp in the chair.

"Careful, lover," the insane Bella Donna replied, "You may be next. I'd hate to kill you for our second honeymoon."

Remy fell silent, tears forming. Granted, he and Kevin hadn't been dating for very long, and he only knew him for a short time, but he cared for him deeply. He was really falling for him. And now he was dead, thanks to his crazy ex.

"Shutdown! Nimble!" called Donna. After a few moments, Shutdown, the asian boy from earlier returned, along with a taller black guy in his early twenties who must have been Nimble. He was tall, maybe 6'5, and while not wiry he was slim and muscular, with a body similar to Remy's.

"Yes Donna?" asked Nimble in a deep voice.

"Take this to the cellar. We'll dispose of it in the morning," she said, pointing to Kevin's corpse.

The two walked over and unshackled Kevin's body, ignoring Remy's sobs, Shutdown removing the collar, now pointless, and after pressing a button on it, the sides retracted into the center. Shutdown put this in his pocket and then Nimble grabbed Kevin's arms while Shutdown grabbed his feet and the two carried him out the room.

"Now, I'm going to go freshen up," Donna said, "and then get into my dress. Got to look good. I think it's time we finally renewed our vows," Donna said before leaving the room laughing.

Remy sat quietly sobbing, trying to get himself in check. He was an emotional wreck. On the one hand, he was upset, but on the other he was angrier than ever and swore to kill Donna. He wasn't a murderer, but she may have changed him. Gambit was so busy thinking of ways to torture Donna, that he barely noticed the tickle at his mind that accompanied telepathy. He recognized the mind instantly, it was Professor Xavier. Gambit tried his best to relay the information on where he was and his situation, but thinking about Kevin, his mind became a wreck again, and he could feel the Professor pulling back before he was caught in it. So, as long as Remy could hold out, he could be rescued. But unfortunately it was already too late for Kevin.

What would he tell Xavier? What would he tell Joshua? He had made a promise to Josh right before Josh left for help. That he would protect Kevin with his life. And at the first time he given a chance to prove it, he failed. Remy's thoughts centered around Kevin, about their first meeting, their brief time in New Orleans together, on how happy he had tried to make Kevin.

Then his thoughts went to their hotel stay and the way he was able to help Josh. And how broken would be. And the conversations between Josh and Kevin. And the fight that he won with Devin...and that's when it his Remy like a ton of bricks!! How could he be so stupid?!! Kevin was an Immortal!! Though he `died' from the electric shock, he would soon revive, same as he did in the Savage Land. He had done it on purpose! It was the only way he could think of to get free to save Remy. On the one hand, Remy felt bad that he couldn't be the hero this time, but on the other hand, he had to admit he had a brave and courageous boyfriend. Now he had to wait, and try to stall for time with Donna. He had to be convincing he knew, which wouldn't be too hard, but he had a plan in conjunction with Kevin's. He knew he needed to get attention away from anywhere near Kevin and the cellar. And there was only way he knew to do that.

He waited patiently for Donna to return and about a half hour later, she returned. He had to admit, she did look beautiful. A lace veil covered her face and she wore a very tight white dress, very closely defining her figure, ending at the knees in a flare.

"Usually they say it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding and vice versa, but not for us. We're special," she said, and though he couldn't see it, he knew she was grinning mischievously.

"So," Remy said, making sure to sound like he had no other choice, no happiness in his voice, "When is the big day?"

"Tonight, silly," replied Donna. At that moment, two big twin Hispanic bruisers that Remy didn't even think he could hope to fight, and didn't dare fight knowing that he still had to wait on Kevin, approached. "Bash and Break here are going to get you into your tux." At this, she undid his restraints, and Bash and Break led Remy upstairs to one of the many rooms.

Hurry Kevin, thought Remy. And be safe.


"That bitch is seriously getting on my nerves," said Shutdown shakily from the effort of caring the dead weight of Kevin's body. "I miss the days that the LeBeaus were running the Guild."

"You were barely here then," reminded Nimble.

"Yeah, but that time was a hell of a lot better than this. I remember Old Man LeBeau definitely didn't tolerate killing. I mean a high tolerance for other crimes, but definitely no killing. And why do we have to take him to the cellar? There's plenty enough burly guys that can do this effortlessly."

"Fuck if I know, that shit pisses me off too," admitted Nimble. They kept fussing about how much of a bitch Donna was all the way to the cellar door. When they got there, there, they stopped.

"I'm not carrying him down the fuckin' stairs, too," stated Nimble, grabbing Kevin's right arm.

"I heard that," agreed Shutdown, releasing the feet to grab his left arm, but held to his left foot, while Nimble grabbed his right foot and they began to swing his corpse, to toss him down the stairs.

"One!" counted Nimble.

"Two!" counted Shutdown.


"Three!" I counted, and as they release my legs and feet, I was treated to their surprised faces as I grabbed their arms, and pulled them down with me. While I only slid down the last few stairs at the bottom, the other two tumbled and fell down the entire staircase. When I reached the bottom, I stood and shook off the pain. Thanks goodness I had come back to life in time to understand their plan. Using a technique that I knew had been taught to me by Sinister, I'd made sure that when I revived I didn't breathe out so that the two goons wouldn't notice anything. I got up and looked to see the other two rising. I had to act fast, before my powers would be re-inhibited and an alarm could be sounded.

"Get...him, Nimble!" Shutdown said, trying to orient himself. I noticed Shutdown's hands going to his temples. I didn't know if he was trying to signal someone or use his own powers, but I couldn't let him do whatever it was he was going to do. I quickly slapped the Latin stud, Nimble, to the side with my telekinesis, then picked Shutdown up into the air with my powers, and slung him off into a wall. He hit hard, and with a groan, went limp. As his body flew, something fell out of his pocket. Nimble saw it, then, with a speed and grace like that I've never seen, he performed a spiraling flip through the air, landed with his hand on the object, balancing perfectly, then performed a backflip kick from that stance, kicking the object...directly at my neck! I quickly ducked upon realizing that the small device was the collar I was wearing minutes ago, before I was once again "killed".

When I stood upright again, Nimble had grabbed a long wooden pole from somewhere, and leapt at me with it, thrusting forward with it, trying to jab me in the chest. I sidestepped, expecting him to hit a wall, but he stopped, spun on his heel, and swung the pole around, and I shouted out in pain as he hit me in the back, then swept my feet from under me. I looked up just in time to see him try to stab me in the neck. I quickly turned into my mist form, rematerializing myself behind him. He seemed to expect this because he swung the pole up and backward, hitting me in the chest so hard I flew back into a wall. And in a flash he was upon me again. I had to wind this guy seriously if I expected to win this fight. And then it hit me!

I slid to the side this time, and his pole didn't hit the wall, but instead it hit the shadow portal that I opened behind myself. He tried to pull back, but I rolled forward, away from the wall, getting in position behind him, and I kicked him in the back, forcing him through. I caused the exit of the portal to be the ceiling above and he came crashing down, landing with a thud. He tried to get up, but this caused him to begin to vomit from the effect of being exposed to nothing but negative emotions. I brought my fist down hard, knocking him out. I searched and found some rope to tie him up with, finding the collar in the process, as well as a spare in a box. I placed these on the two henchmen, and then proceeded to exit the cellar.

I had to figure out how the hell I was going to get to Remy. Or where the hell he was. As I crept along the hallway, I began to hear the sounds of a wedding processional, playing from an organ. At least the musician was pretty good. Wait a minute, why in the world was a wedding march playing? That bitch! She's trying to marry...well, remarry...my man!! I wasn't about to let that happen. As I was contemplating what to do, I heard footsteps approaching. Then the idea hit me! I quickly stepped out in front of the guild member as he approached, and hit him with as low level a death blast as I could muster. The guild member slumped to the floor, unconscious. I quickly turned into my mist form and entered his body. Within seconds, I had full control over his motor functions. The annoying thing about mist possession, though, is that I'm not able to get into the mind of the victim, only to possess their body. I wouldn't know anything about the person at all. This was an ability that, while Hades, I had used numerous times for Sinister. I really didn't want to use it, though. Being in other people's bodies just felt weird, and sometimes exiting the body was a strain in itself. And staying for too long could decay the body. I didn't want to kill the person I had inhabited; I just needed to get to the "ceremony" undetected. Now with a disguise, I followed the sounds from the organ back toward the common room.


Remy hated being in weddings, particularly being the groom. Lots of standing in front of everyone as you wait for all the guests to be seated, as well as all the bridesmaids and flower girls to come down the aisle before the bride. It made Remy sick. Remy felt sicker in his stomach when he saw Donna walking down the aisle toward him. Memories returned to him of the first time that they got married, and the circumstances surrounding that. Remy did have feelings for her once, but that was before she turned out to be an insane bitch.

Remy's thoughts then drifted away from Donna to Rogue. He knew that things were over between the two of them, but in heart he still loved her and still wished for her forgiveness. They had in fact been known from time to time to have relationship problems, but they bounced right back. Remy didn't know if this was something to bounce back from though And besides, he didn't know if he should Though it was something new, he really liked what he was building with Kevin. Kevin was kind, masculine, and very noble. He liked that the boy had a innate good heart as well. He hated to his core what he was now. Not so much the living forever part, but Remy could tell that the boy hated the fact that the one true way to defend himself from others like him was to kill them so that he wouldn't be killed. Which meant that he valued life, for himself and others, friend and foe.

The words of the priest shook Remy from his thoughts. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the reunion of Remy LeBeau and Bella Donna Boudreaux in holy matrimony. Let us all bow our heads in a moment of prayer." Remy bowed his head, same as everyone else did, and made a silent prayer to God that help would come.

"Remy, do you take Bella Donna to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?" the minister asked Remy.

"I do," Remy said, defeatedly.

"And do you—"

"I do! I do!" said Donna, cutting off the priest.

"If there are any—"

"There aren't so we can skip that part!" shouted Donna.

"I have to say it," the priest replied, and, dejectedly, Donna shut up. "As I was saying, if anyone gathered here believes that there may be reason why this man and this woman should not be united in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold you peace."

The room was silent for a while, and Remy began to feel defeated. Until one of Donna's own henchmen rose, and stood in the center of the aisle.

"I have a reason," the man said. Remy didn't know him at all, not from any other his previous dealing with the Guild.

"And what is that?" asked Donna, seethingly mad.

"Because he's my man, and you're an insane bitch," the man replied. Remy was confused, until the man's body slumped unconscious to the floor and a mist could be seen where he had been standing.

"Kevin!" Remy shouted as the mist formed his boyfriend.

"Get him!" Donna shouted angrily.


As Donna's minions tried to rush me, I formed a telekinetic forcefield and expanded it, knocking them all back. More tried to attack me, and I repeated what I had done earlier to about 30 of her Thieves, forming a shadow portal, then opening the other end from the ceiling. This knocked out all of those. Sadly, Donna had many more where that came from, almost 200.

Most of them, thankfully, were non-mutant or mutants only in slightly stronger or faster. I began to quickly dispatch them with my telekinesis, as well as some low level death blasts.

Remy attacked the thief that held his quarterstaff and began to help me dispatch Donna's thugs. Eventually, Donna got pissed and pulled a knife from being concealed in her cleavage.

"Damn it, LeBeau! If I can't have you, no one will!" she shouted, putting her hands together, and releasing some sort of plasma beam at him.

"No!" I shouted, getting in front of Remy, and countering with a death ray. Not only did it push past her blast, but it hit her as well. I froze, thinking I had killed her, but instead, her hair turned half gray, and she paled horribly.

"Kill them!" she shrieked, while running away, fleeing the room. At hearing this, Remy stood up close to me, and we were back to back as we began the fight of our lives.

We were doing pretty well, and slowly got the crowd down to about thirty. It was at that point, though, that some of the men stepped aside and let one of the mutant thieves through. He released some sort of energy blast from his hands and I barely had time to form a shield from my shadow powers. This dude's powers were so strong, though, that I could tell I was going to lose my shield.

"Those that harm our allies will suffer the wrath of the X-men!!" I heard a female voice shout. I looked up just in time to see a woman dressed in purple and black hurl a lightning bolt from her hand to fry the guy who was blasting at me. The other left over minions all looked to her, turning their attention away from us, giving me time to lower my shield and catch a breather. I looked directly above us to see my lil' bro Josh hovered down and land next to us. The thieves split into two groups, half of which attacked the flying woman, the others attacked us. As the thieves prepared to attack again, Josh prepared a new telekinetic forcefield around us, and then kept expanding and contracting it, which actually hurt a bunch of guys who were trying to rush us, a couple of which were super speedy mutants whose speed caused their own defeat.

I decided to help, utilizing my telekinesis I lifted the group that were attacking us and began to rapidly slam them repeatedly into the forcefield. Josh concentrated harder to make the forcefield more dense, and soon all of the guys attacking us were knocked out.

I looked to see how the woman from before was faring, and what I saw amazed me. She held her hands out to her sides as she flew on some sort of wind. A small tornado had formed because of here, and the winds held the rest of the thieves inside. With a flick of her hands, the tornado immediately dispersed, flinging all of the thieves within into the walls, where they all slid down unconscious.

Now that the battle was over, I thanked my brother for coming to my rescue.

"No problem. That's what I'm here for," he replied smiling.

"Where's Donna?" The woman asked as she approached. I noticed now that she was very beautiful, though she looked near 40, with dark unblemished skin, and brilliant blue eyes, which I now noticed matched Josh's.

"She ran off when we escaped," Remy replied. "Had to go an' rest after Kevin got done wit' `er," replied Remy.

"What did you do?" Josh asked me, crossing his arms.

"The bitch pissed me off," I replied. "I only hit her with a low-strength death blast. I didn't kill her, I just hit her with enough of a feeling of death that she tremble in fear and run away. I didn't expect her to call out the whole of her pack, though."

"We're gonna have to work on you and your people skills," Josh replied, and then his eyes glowed orange. I followed his gaze, where Remy's collar glowed the same color, then was shattered. After this, three more people I didn't know entered and, fearing they could be more of Donna's people, I began to back away, especially do to some sort of blue monster that entered. Remy, however, grabbed my arm to stop me. "S'okay, chere, they're friends."

"Kevin, allow me to introduce you to Beast, Cable, Phoenix, and Storm," Josh said, pointing first to the blue monster, who as I took the time to look more, wasn't a monster, but simply a man with fur. A man with striking blue eyes and an amazingly muscled body and blue fur. Probably had a nice big blue dick too. Then there was Cable, the normal looking man...well, if you could call a guy with a metal arm normal. He was drop dead gorgeous too, but looked military with some of the firearms he was carrying. Though he was also older, his face wouldn't tell except for the scar over one eye. Phoenix was very attractive as well, that skintight red and gold body suit made her seem hotter in fact. I began to wonder if what they said about redheads was true. And then I saw Storm again. I began to put two and two together.

"Nice to meet you," I said, then asked, "Storm? As in your mother?"

"The one and only," he replied.

"Wow, she's every bit as beautiful as you said. I'm...glad you found her," I said. I tried not to, but looking at Josh and Storm reminded me of my Mom, and I tried to make sure I didn't cry.

"Oh, Kev," Josh said, pulling me into a hug. I hugged him tight, I really needed that. But the current situation brought me back to the present, and I pulled away from him.

"I'll be okay," I said. He made a face at me, so I added, "No really, I'll be fine. I still got you. Besides, we still got a job to do. Rescuing Tessa, remember?"

"Right," he replied. "Um, we still have a problem. What are you going to do about a uniform and codename? If you're coming with us, you have to have them." He then stopped, and looked at Remy, same as everyone else did. "Why the hell are you and everyone else here besides Kevin wearing a tux, Remy?"

"I'll tell you later. Please tell me you brought an extra uniform?" Remy asked.

"I have one of your old ones," replied Beast, pulling it out from the backpack on his back. Remy left to another room to go change.

"Now for you," Josh said to me.

I thought about it for a second while looking at them, thought about something that would fit my powers and match their uniforms, and I got an idea. I turned into mist form, and concentrated hard, then turned back to normal. I knew that it probably looked ominous, but I thought that they'd understand it. It was all black, save the silver tracing the large X on the chest, the X's on the gloves, and the belt buckle. It also had a hood which hid my eyes from view.

"It matches everyone else's," Josh replied, looking it over, apparently impressed. "What is your code-name?"

"Reaper," I replied after thinking it over a moment.

"Reaper? Sound like a Brotherhood name," mused Remy as he re-entered. He was wearing his trademark trench coat, with a blue-black sort of spandex body suit, metallic boots with red knee-caps, fingerless gloves, and a sort of headdress that let his hair out over the top and through a ponytail in the back. When he said Brotherhood, I knew he meant Brotherhood of Mutants, led currently by Mystique.

"Yeah, but it fits. My main ability is death, though I can't die. Well, at least not permanently," I replied.

"Well, there is that exception," Josh reminded me.

"Yeah, yeah," I said, waving at him dismissively. Then, I asked the question to the others, "So, how do we find Tessa?"

"That's actually a very good question," replied Storm. "We definitely can't count on a telepathic scan."

"Right. Lady Mastermind will have masked their minds, and, while I'm confident that I can easily infiltrate her defenses and detect them, it will be impossible to do so undetected," said Phoenix.

"Hmm...maybe we won't have to trace them at all. I think we know someone who knows where Tessa is being kept," Josh said, pulling out his phone.

Josh talked to someone name Cole and, after they had an interesting and amusing conversation, josh relayed where the Hellfire Club was staying.

"Well, you two know the area," Storm said to me and Josh.

"Okay. Phoenix, can you mask us again with your powers?" Josh asked.

"Actually, that'll be much harder to do," she admitted. "While I can do it with most of you guys..."

"...you can't do it for me because I'm resistant to all psionic abilities, right?" I asked.

"Correct," Phoenix admitted.

"That's cool. I know of the place you guys are speaking of. Mom...Mom used to really like that house, she used to drive near it just to look at it," I said, albeit a little saddened. Mom loved that large brick mansion, with its strikingly red bricks, perfectly green bushes and shrubbery, sparkling blue pools...

"If you boys need to sit this one out, speak now," said Cable.

"No," Josh replied. "You guys need us to get there."

"Besides," I added, "If someone is using the house that my mom loved for evil purposes, they're ruining one of my favorite memories of her. I won't stand for that."

"Good. Now the only issue is getting us all there," said Beast.

"I can handle that," I replied. "Everyone stand close to me."

"Oh God, can we not do it that way?" Remy pleaded.

"Um, it would be best to arrive sooner than later," Jean said in a begrudging way. I could tell from her expression that she didn't have to be a telepath to know what was about to happen, and she wasn't much of a teleportation fan either.

"We need to go save Tessa. However it works, we need to go," Josh said, getting closer to me. The others all reluctantly joined us.

"This should be strange, turning into mist," Josh said excitedly.

"Yeah. Mist," I replied, almost with a chuckle. "Um, brace yourself."

After the teleport, however, Josh seemed totally unfazed by the teleport, but everyone else was kneeled over on the ground.

"You didn't feel anything from that?" I asked him, surprised.

"No. Was I supposed to?" he replied. After a time, when we they had become relaxed again, Josh called Cole again. This time he looked upset, because he got no answer.

"Oh no! I hope he didn't try and do something! To go in ahead of us!" Josh said .

"What are we supposed to do?" I asked

"We could try going in through the front?" asked Cable, pulling out a large handgun from a holster.

"We don't even know what we are up against," reminded Beast.

"What do you think, Storm?" asked Cable. I realized that she was definitely the leader of the team.

"Beast, do you have one of our trackers?" she asked.

"Several," he replied, handing her one.

"We split up," she replied. "Charge was likely to have a tracer on him, same as the rest of us. (I assumed that Charge was Cole's codename.) Beast, Psyche, Cable through the back. Gambit will accompany myself and Phoenix from the front. We need to go in now, post haste, so that if our comrades are still alive we can save them." I learned then as they got into their places that Psyche was Josh's codename, though I could have sworn it was something else before, something to do with a bird.

"What about me?" I asked.

"Reaper, you will remain here out front," she replied.

"What? You can't be serious?!" I shouted. I was not going to let them do this with out me!

"I'm dead serious," Storm replied, in a tone that meant there was no room for argument. This woman was seriously authoritative, though in a calm way, and for some reason I couldn't help but feel compelled to do as she said.

"Okay," I replied, relenting. Then Storm passed me a circular device, with an X on it. She told me it was a communicator badge.

"If any thing happens...if you notice anything strange, sounds of a fight, and we don't come back in the next half hour, you press this button (indicating the button in the center of the crosshairs of the X) and call for help from Professor Xavier, and wait on the reinforcements. This is important."

I was surprised, but understood. I was the last reserve. If anything happened to them, and they needed help, I would call in the cavalry. I watched as the others all entered the house, whether from the front or the back.

I went to go wait in a tree outside the mansion grounds, above the ground so that no one could see me. I waited, a good while, checking my watch periodically. I didn't hear anything going on in the house, though, and I didn't see anything weird. Before I knew it, a half an hour had passed. I decided to call in help, and pressed the button on the communicator.

After a few moments, when no one answered, I pressed it again, this time pressing and holding it, and speaking. "Professor Xavier? Professor Xavier can you hear me ?"

"Who is this speaking?" a voice replied after a moment.

"This is Kevin Munroe, known as Reaper. We need help here in New Orleans. The other X-men have entered the mansion where the Hellfire Club is residing, and it's been a half hour and no one's come out!"

"I will organize a team of X-men and have them leave immediately. Stay hidden, Kevin. Help will be there soon. We can't have you get captured and they take away your communicator. Yours is currently the only one giving a signal."

I put the communicator away, and sat there looking at the house. Now all I could do was wait.