Tales of Sol/ The Coming of Sol

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The Coming of Sol One

The Coming of Sol

     The world before was beautiful I a lush field of green grass.

"Many Eons ago this was how the Earth looked," A voice said

"A Planet of peace, love, joy, and all that was good made this planet." The voice told me

"For a time there were no such things as pain, or prejudice, or any of the suffering you see in the world today." The voice commented

The view changed from the peaceful valley to a city in flames. There were people running in terror.

"Then the Dark Lord fell upon bring pain and suffering with him," the voice called out.

My scene changed again to show a being with scarlet skin with horns on his head and goat like legs. I shivered knowing who it was.

"He did all he could to destroy what was good and pure," the voice commented

The beast before me silently laughed as the people below him cried out towards the heavens.

"The Father could not stand by and allow his people suffer, and so I was born to maintain the good in this world," the voice said

All around me I could see the world and the many battles being fought.

"For Centuries I did my best to help those who were caught in the dark ones grasp." The voice came

The seen changed again this time I could see I was in Israeli or at least Israeli at the time.

"I was only suppose to hold out until the arrival of the one who was suppose to bring the final end of the dark one." The voice said

The view showed me the one person I hadn't thought to see it was the son of God Jesus himself. While I could not see all of what had happened I suspected it was because I wasn't suppose to know.

"But once again the Dark Lord got there and did damage. He got the humans to question him and then had him killed," The voice told me.

I could see my Lord nailed up to the cross and tears fell from my face.

"But the Lord left human with the powers to counteract the Dark Lord and his minions. Soon the Slayers were born giving me the room to breath. I scaled back my interventions by fighting him in a different way I added a new element into the planet Heart with this added element I could use love as a weapon against evil." The Voice told me

I thought to myself `what did this have to do with me,'

"A couple of nights ago you felt the death of one of Earth's greatest champion Captain Planet," the voice said as if reading my mind

`Captain Planet? The cartoon?' I thought

"If that where you know him from then yes that Captain Planet a producer had interviewed the Planeteers and had a cartoon made after them," The voice confirmed

`But what did this have to do with me?' I wondered

"Your connection to the Earth allowed to you to feel that death and a part of Captain Planet's Soul was transferred to you," The voice said

`What?' I thought

"Now it will take a time for the Soul to integrate itself into your body but you now the powers of the Planet at your disposal that is you will," the voice said

This was so unreal how could this have happened to me I am just a nobody at the moment.

"You are not a nobody my friend. Now at the moment you have limit powers meaning you can enhance you sight and hearing, and you have control over all matter," The voice said

"Now my nexus please continue the work I have begun," the voice pleaded

Gaia smiled as she finished talking to the young man. He was just what she was looking for his heart was the type to do what was right. She had found her Nexus now she had to help him gain the strength to call on the Planet's Champion