Tales of Sol/ The Coming Of Sol

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The Coming Sol Two

The Changing Battlefield

     "Are you alright?" I heard

"Uuuuugggggghhhhh," was my only responds

"Are you alive?" the female voice asked

I opened my eyes blinking a few times to clear my vision and when I did I could see all around me the building we were in was nothing but a pile of rubble I could see the smoldering remains of the Sentinels. I had a really splitting headache not from the gang but from the information I just received in fact I think the Late Captain Planet had downloaded his entire existence into my brain.

"That was amazing thank you," The Mutant said to me

I tried to move but I was majorly dizzy from the massive amount of energy and huge amount of sensory inputs I was receiving from my new senses.

"Are you alright?" she asked again

"M' dizzy I used ttoo much, much," I stuttered

"I'll say you used to much energy don't think those Sentinels even knew what hit them, and the gang that held us they are still unconscious." The mutant told me

I looked around and saw the gang they were sprawled position and alive.

"As much as I like to stay I need to get out of here," I said regaining some equilibrium.

"Hey I can't just let you leave you saved my life," The woman cried

"Find Professor Xavier he will be able to help you," I told her.

I pulled out my grappling gun and fired it. I pulled back on the gun and took to the air.

     I got back to the Lair feeling overwhelmed I was just given the biggest responsibility known to man. I began working on my mind focusing to control the now ever growing information filling my head the knowledge that I now possess was out of this world.

     "Phantom," I called out

"Guardian Angel are you all right?" He asked

"I don't know," I confessed

"What do you mean?" Dave asked

"I just had a soul core dumped into me," I told him

He looked at me "I know it is crazy but it is true." I told him

"And now I have memories, experiences and more going through my head." I said

I sat down it one of the chairs trying to ingest the latest stuff I had coming to me.

"Are you alright?" he asked yet again.

"I will be but I know now that we have bigger things to worry about." I told him

I was now experiencing new sensations that were out of this world.

"I now have a new responsibilities that make the crime fighting I do now minute." I said as everything in my head was readjusting to fit me.

"So what is this new battle we must fight?" Dave asked

"As funny as it sound it is the same one just a different enemy." I told him

"I must begin a new series of training one that gets me ready to face other evils in this world." I told him

"Mike I didn't start this organization to fight those other demons," Dave replied

"I know but in some sense what's change?" I asked

"For one thing I never encountered vampires and demons of that type." Dave confessed

"Well there are many ways to combat this evil what we never knew was that for every action there is a counter actions," I told him

"Ok that was a strange answer," Dave chuckled

I closed my eyes I was seeing things that I knew I could never reveal.

"Well we now have a new weapon in our arsenal and that weapon is me." I told him

"So what new stuff can you do now?" he asked

"I don't know yet all I do know is that not even the Sentinels are a match for me now," I told him

"Huh?" Dave replied