Tales of Sol/ The Coming of Sol 4

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The Coming of Sol Four


I had really enjoyed the concert I was smiling the whole time for those brief moments I let down my walls and enjoyed myself. I could feel the warmth of love and hope coming off their music.

That stopped me for a moment the voice told me that the Dark Lord was would do all he could to acquire a victory and what could be a huge blow then to destroy hope and joy.

After the concert I pulled Dave aside.

"Dave I think we have a problem," I told him

"What sort of problem?" He asked

"I think our celebrities are in danger," I told him

"Why do you say that?" Dave inquired

"I was remembering what the voice told me about how the big and bad would do anything to get a victory of the Almighty." I told him.

"Ok so do you think he is here?" Dave asked

"I can't be certain but yes I do," I told him.

"What make you so sure that he maybe?" Dave asked

"First when I opened my senses to detect Jeff and the others I felt a very powerful presents. So powerful that I had to turn off my enhancements or it would have overloaded me." I started

"Then while the concert was going I could feel the loving and caring energy coming off of them that is a threat to him because it brings people together," I told him

"You have any idea who he is?" Dave asked

"No I don't he a trickster so he could be anyone," I told him

We walked out the door and headed for my Durango. We were almost there when I heard a glowing noise I was then hit by a huge ping from the Mother.

"Dave get down!" I yelled as I was tackled from behind

"Ha, ha, ha an after show dinner," the Creature laughed

I pushed him off me "Not tonight my friend," I told him

I turn to see him his eyes were an evil yellow and his forehead was enlarged like he was hit there. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it.

The Vampire laughed as I hid Dave behind me it charged us I brought my fist around catching it in the jaw. Sending it flying backwards right into a parked car.

It got up and let off a low but high pitch howl I picked up the sense of more vampires coming.

"This just got more interesting," I said

"No kidding," I heard Dave from behind me

I ran to my Durango and grabbed my Fighting Pike and hit the release mechanism bring it out to fullest extension.

I swung the Pike around and turned back towards the Vamps.

"How brave a puny human wants to fight the brutish Vampires," The Lead Vampire cackled

"I am no mere human and you will so find out," I told them

They charge me I swung my Pike about I got the sense to duck so I did. A wooden spike came flying over my head striking a vampire dead on the heart.

I jumped over one vampire meaning to punch him but instead my hand turned to fire and he went ablaze.

I looked down at my hand as if I had never seen them before.

The fire died down and my hand turned back to normal and I got back into a fighting stance as the remaining vampires came at Dave and I.

I brought my Pike around and caught one Vampire in the jaw and another in the stomach. Dave got into the act by punching a vampire in the stomach He had years fighting experiences under his belt so he most definitely could hold his own against these demons.

 A vampire charged trying to take me down I brought my Pike around and caught him in the leg tripping her.

She kicked her leg out and caught me in the stomach I let out an, "Oomph" as the air in my lungs were knocked out.

I brought my Pike around and hit the Vamp so hard it right arm came off.

The Vamp let out a cry in pain then charged me again this time I brought the Pike around and the female vampire end up running into the end of the Fighting Pike then the strangest thing happened my Pike began glowing and the vampire vaporized.

I looked down at my Pike then looked around to see that it was just me, Dave and a Hooded Woman in a Black jumpsuit and black cape. All that was left of the Vamps was dust in the wind.

I was still shocked at the way the vampire died

"Well I think we are going to have to find out what else you can do?" Dave said.

I looked back down at my Pike then to my hand, and back at the Pike, "What the Hell just happened?" I asked

"How about you go home and get some rest we'll figure something out tomorrow," Dave Suggested

"Good idea," I replied we thanked the hooded woman and then left the stadium.

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