The Tales of Sol/ The Coming of Sol Six

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The Coming of Sol Six

Going with the wind

"I should have known it would be too easy to beat that goody two-shoe he implanted himself in another." The Creature growled

"I felt his presents at the concert there were too many people there for me to get a fix on him but I know he was there and knew of my presents as well." The creature growled

"Well I will have to find him and destroy him as well," The Creature Laughed

 I stood there looking at Jeff both stunned and shocked. I could see tears forming into Jeff's eyes. I looked at him deeply as if I could see into his soul.

`How do I tell this wonderful man that I am the Guardian Angel, or that I am developing powers?' I thought to myself

I pulled him into a hug letting him know it wasn't him.

"I'm sorry Jeff I didn't mean to act like that," I told him

"I am still working on how to act human again," I continued

"But you are more human then I have ever seen." Jeff countered

"You took us in knowing who we were, and the only thing you wanted was our friendship," Jeff spoke

"I know but it too long since I could give my heart someone," I said which brought tears to my eyes.

"Why are you crying?" Jeff whispered

"Just realizing how long it has been since I hugged someone like this," I said

"So Mike you want to see if we were meant to be?" Jeff asked

"Are you sure?" I asked back

"Mike I haven't felt this good in a long time," Jeff replied

I just looked at him then asked, "What will your brothers think?"

Jeff looked at me for a second then replied, "I don't know,"

"I don't want them to think I was only being nice to you guys so I can get into your pants," I said on the verge of tears pouring out of my eyes.

Jeff pulled me into a huge bear hug and cooed, "They won't we've seen how you act around us I know the rest would love the idea of you bagging me,"

I tried to laugh but my own self-consciousness was still holding an iron fist over me.

I looked at him and said, "Ok we'll see what they say, but if the choice is for you to choose between me and you brothers I want you to choose them,"

"That is not for you to decide," Jeff responded

I looked at him then firmed up and calmed myself down; I began a mind focusing exercise to get myself back under control.

"I hope you are right," I commented

"You and me both," Jeff replied

We walked out of the Holo-Room together. Just as we came up to the living room the doorbell began to ring.

Opening the door to see the rest of the guys standing there Nick with his head held in shame afraid to look me in the eyes. The Drew and Justin both look like they have been threw a war just by the expression on their faces.

"Come in my friends," I said cheerfully

They all looked up at me, and then made their way to the living room.

"Ok I take it I need to make myself scarce?" I questioned

"No Mike we brought you in on this you might as well stand," Justin commented

"No this is a band thing, and something I don't need to be apart of," I said back.

I got up and headed up stairs to get a shower.

When I came back down the guys all looked beat Jeff was hugging Nick "Hey Nick what is Jenny like?" I asked

"She's wonderful we met in Missouri while we were on our way to Chicago," Nick perked up

"She sound like perfect girl for you Nick," I commented

"She is Jenny is smart, beautiful, and like me for me," Nick replied with a smile that could make a stormy day seem sunny.

I prayed that she didn't end up hurting him.

"So how did things go?" I asked looking at Jeff

"Well you were right Mike Nick was more surprised by me coming out," Jeff responded

"I am so sorry Jeff I don't know how you can forgive me for all the things I said," Nick cried

"Nick to err is human," I told Nick

"How can you remain so calm about me treating one of my own friends the way I did?" Nick asked

"Nick it is not my place to judge you, I leave that the Lord above," I told him

Nick was about to respond when my phone went off.

"Hello?" I answered

"Mike I need you at the Lair immediately," I heard Dave.

"What AT1 you need me at the base?" I asked

"Yes I need you to come in as soon as possible," Dave confirmed

I hung up and said, "I am sorry guys I have to head in we've been trying to get aircraft 414 back in the air for weeks,"

"We understand," Drew commented

"You guys are welcome to stay here if you guys are tired of sleeping on those hotel beds," I informed them

"Oh no we can't do that," Justin said

"Oh yes you can remember the Holo-Room is yours to play with," I told them

"Why I love to see what else we can do with your Holo-Room," Drew said excitedly.

After leaving the guys back at the house I entered the Lair "What up Dave?" I asked

"Mike I like you to meet Professor Xavier he deals with gifted people," Dave introduced

I closed my eyes a huge amount of information had just been downloaded into my mind.

Then I remember Xavier, and his companions helped me a month ago.

"I remember who he is, and I am not a mutant Dave I am something more," I told Dave

"Please explain?" Xavier asked

"About two or three nights ago I came upon a gang who were holding a mutant hostage. While they waited for the FOH to come get her, and get money for the capture," I started off

"Well I came to her rescue then they arrived those Metal Monstrosities I had my personal Helicopter fly away fearing it might get shot down," I continued

"One of the gang members got me from behind one of the Sentinels ripped the front section off of the warehouse," I told my tale

"I blacked out, and when I regained consciousness all that remained of the Sentinels were metal globs and the gangs were out cold," I finished up

"Interesting but it doesn't rule out the possibility of you being a mutant," Professor Xavier pointed out

I closed my eyes getting ping from the Mother nothing big just telling me I could trust these people.

"I would have agreed with you except from what the dream told me I am something more and this after I felt the death of the Mother's Champion," I commented

"You felt the death?" Xavier asked

I turned to Dave "You thought I was really a mutant, and call Xavier for help?" I asked

"Mike I had to be sure when you told me about your dream I had to be sure that there wasn't more to it," Dave confirmed

"I am not mad Dave but the Mother is the reason I have these gifts, I can't access the full power of the Mother until I am ready to receive them," I told him

"I don't mean to intrude but how did you feel the death of this being?" Xavier asked

"I was in my home preparing for some guest when I felt a huge ping from the Mother I ran outside and knelt down putting my hand to the soil that was when I felt his death," I told Xavier

"Interesting and you said Mother who is that?" Xavier asked

"That the Earth Professor Mike has gotten in habit in calling the world the Mother, While I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the concept of the Earth being alive. Mike does believe she is," Dave informed

"Interesting I would like for you to come to New York so we can verify that you may or may not be a mutant," Xavier commented

"I would love to come but I don't see me leaving Philly anytime soon," I smiled

We signed off and then I turned to Dave "was there anything else we needed to do?" I asked

"Why don't you go to New York?" Dave asked

"Because my city needs me and I won't leave it," I said rather too quickly

"I see," Dave said starting to piece things together.

I turned around and headed for the Sea Dragon it been too long since I had done any work to it.

I was busy cleaning it when Dave came in the maintance bay.

"Mike I want to apologizes for calling the X-men and not believing you," Dave started off

"I am not mad you are my mentor, and were looking out for me like you always have," I said

"If what you say is true why haven't you confided with me why you have are so uptight?" Dave asked

"I have to be there is too much to be done now more then ever now that I am fighting this new war," I replied without any emotions what so ever.

"I can't let something as irrelevant as emotions get in the way," I snipped

"What about Jeff?" Dave asked

The thought of Jeff pushed his way through the wall I had erected around myself

"I had a talk with the guys they see how you are around them one minute you are caring person willing to give the shirt off your back; to being as cold and as barren the Artic Circle," Dave informed me

"I have things that I have to figure outÉ" I started to say when the world around me changed

I soon found myself on a tropical island with a few huts here and there.

`Where the heck am I?' I thought

"Welcome to Hope Island Mike Pennock," A woman said to me

And what a beautiful woman she with her chocolate shaded skin, her long black hair, and her dark brown eyes. Her long purple gown just agrees with her skin.

"Why thank you," She smiled

"You could hear what I was thinking?" I asked

"Yes I can," She announced

"Who are you?" I asked

"I called to you a couple nights ago I was the one who spoke to you in your dream," the Woman informed me

"My name is Gaia I am the Spirit of the Earth,"

"By the Mother!" I gasped

"I wasn't expecting that response," Gaia smiled

"What am I doing here?" I asked

"I brought you here because I wanted to tell you what is going on and what you need to do," Gaia informed me

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