Tales of Sol/ Guardian Angel 3

By at3unit3 (at3unit3@yahoo.com)

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I also like to thank James author of the Real Dark Knight for his inspirations I just wish I had started sooner.

Guardian Angel Chapter Three

Walking into the Unknown

I was finishing up on my prayer when I felt a ping on my senses.

"What can I do for you Jeff?" I asked

"How did you know it was me?" He asked back

"Lets just I have an inside source," I replied putting my Bible back.

"If you are not done I can wait," Jeff told me

"Something tells me that you would not come to a complete stranger unless there seemed to be no one else turn to," I said turning to see him his face told me everything I needed to know.

"I, I," Jeff stumbled

"How Long?" I asked

"How long? What?" He queried

"Jeff I can smell it on his breath and I can see it in his eyes," I told him.

"I, I, don't know he won't tell anyone but he starting to drink more and more heavily in the past couple of days," Jeff cried

"It is ok Jeff let it out you are worried. They are all worried I heard Drew when I told him I had no alcoholic drinks it seemed that he was praying it," I informed him

"We try to be there for Nick we really try but we are running out of ideas." Jeff cried

I simply walked over to Jeff then I gave him a huge. Then he just broke down whatever feelings he was holding back were now pushing their way out.

"It ok Jeff let it out I don't know what I can do, but I will try" I comforted

He just broke down eventually he fell asleep in my arms I felt a little discomfort but I pushed them aside because a friend needed me. Whatever his fears were he had just let them out. As best as I could I cradled Jeff then carried him up to his room and put him in his bed.

In truth I had no idea how to help I could try talking to him but I didn't know what good it would do. at the moment I knew what would.

I sat on my usual perch next to good old William Penn this was the first thing that came to mind.

I went out on patrol hoping the intense of it would help.

I just happened to look down and see a young boy running from a group of people. I pulled out my grappling gun, and fired.

"Get back here you Muttie we are going to stump those special powers out of you," the Gang laughed.

I swung in a knocked one member out.

The rest turned around to see me standing over the comrade

"Now would you kindly tell me why you are chasing this young man?" I demanded

"This freak picked up a box and sent it flying at one of our friends." The Leader said

"And the Friend of Humanity pays big buck for anyone who kills a mutant." His buddy said.

"Well in that case he just fell into my protection ring." I said pulling out my Pike.

"Why do you care about this freak!" the Gang member retorted

"Easy at this moment his is some one who can't defend himself which includes hatred like yours." I said

One member charged me I swatted him with my Pike. Another came at me only to be picked up by the mutant.

I smiled "Thanks"

"Don't mention it beside I couldn't face myself if you got hurt because of me." The young man said.

Between the two of us the Gang was easily dispatched

"Now what am I do with you?" I pondered

"Well I could go back with you back to your places?" The boy asked

"I love to bring you along but something tells me you will need people who know what you are going through." I told him.

He sort of pouted I felt something in the Air the Mother was warning me of something

"Kid we need to go now!" I said

"Why?" the Kid asked.

"I just got a warning call." I said.

"Are you a mutant too?" He asked.

"No I just happened to have a special thing going with world around us." I said grabbing the kid pulling out my grappling gun firing it just in time to miss the laser that hit our spot.

The kid look back "It, it a Sentinel we get to get out of here!" the kid screamed.

"I know kid I know but I am just a mortal I am no match for that walking monstrosity!" I stated. The laser fired severing the cable line and we became a victim to gravity the kid came through and helped soften our landing I felt and heard my arm break. "Ahhhhh!" I groaned The Sentinel loamed over us `some Guardian Angel I am' I thought then I saw something it was fire hydrant

"Kid with your powers can you break open that fire hydrant?" I asked

"Yeah why?" He said

"No time just have to pray that my plan will work." I told him

He shook his head he looked at fire hydrant and it blew sending water spraining all over the Sentinel.

I prayed pulled out my D'k tahg and threw it at a power line severing it. The power line struck the water the Sentinel raised it arm reading itself to fire `damn' I thought then smoke began to come out of the Sentinel it worked never mix water, electronics and electricity together. The Sentinel was short-circuited and it blew apart. Covering the kid from whatever came our way.

I got up at least I tried but the pain from my broken arm fired threw. I cringed, as the pain just seems to grow in my arm the young mutant looked up at me

"Are you ok?" he asked

"Well my arm is broken and it is hurting like hell?" I stated

"Here allow us to help." came a voice

"Allow us to help," came a voice from behind me

I turned to see a group of people coming our way.

"Don't be afraid," the one in the hover chair said.

Using my Pike as a cane I propped myself up. Only to topple back over one of them came to my side

"Here let me help you," She said Feeling a breeze I felt the Earth reassure me.

"My name is Charlie Xavier." The one in the hover chair said

"I take it you are the X-men?" I queried

"Yes I see you have heard of us," Xavier smiled.

"The name is Guardian Angel," I announced

"Nice to meet you," Xavier smiled.

"Is there anything you can do for the young man beside me?" I asked pointing to my new friend.

"Oh yes we can and I want to thank you for coming to his aid," Xavier stated

"My, my pleasure," I said through the pain in my arm

"If you will come with us we will help you" The woman beside me said

I tapped a button on my wrist and replied, "That won't be necessary," As my own Chopper hovered overhead it lowered a winch and with the remaining strength I held on while it lifted me up.

Through my pain I ordered BEATTI back to the Lair.

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