Guardian Angel Chapter Four

Day at the Base

I awoke on the Lairs medical bed. I looked down at my arm it was wrapped in a cast and I had a bump on my head.

"How do you feel?" I heard Dave ask

"I've felt better," I said honestly

"Well that what you get for taking on a Sentinel." He chuckled

"Thanks a lot it's not like I went in search of those Metal Monstrosities," I said

"I know and the scary thing is those Sentinels are the most deadliest thing to walk the Earth." Dave replied

"And how am I going to explain this to my command?" I asked

"You will think of something." Dave reassured

I arrived at the main gate show the guard my ID and went in.

"Hey Mike what happened to your arm?" Came Hill one of my shop mates

"I slipped down the stairs in my home I was thinking of the joy I would have today and missed that first step." I smiled

"While I believe you when you said you slipped but thinking joyous thought of working here today I think not," Hill replied

"Thanks a lot," I laughed

"You are welcome," Hill laughed back.

"I have you know I like working here," I told him.

"That a lie and you know it. I can see it in your movement you would prefer being back out in the fleet then here," Hill came back

"Petty Officer Pennock are you alright?" came the voice of my LPO a chubby first class who goes by the name of Jack Chapmen

"Yes AT1 I was just being my clumsy self." I told him.

"Oh is that it well it will be a light day anyway." AT1 supplied

"Dammit!" I growled

"You ok Mike?" Hill asked

"I just hate being limited that all" I growled

"Well you should be use to it especially with that limited mind of yours" Hill laughed

"Shut up you redneck," I laughed back.

Just as AT1 said it was a light day and we left for the day.

I got back to the house, which was empty because the guys had other things to do. I hated having my arm broken it made things so inconvenient that it made me unhappy.

I made dinner for myself then checked the news.

After eating my dinner I went to bathroom and took a shower making sure not to get my cast wet I then took a nap.

I was awoken by the sound of my phone ringing I answered "Hello?"

"Woo did I call at a bad time?" Came Jeff's voice

"No, no I was just catching a quick nap." I told him

"Well the guys were wondering if we could come over?" Jeff asked

"For you guys anything," I replied

"Cool," I heard him replied

We hung up and I once again did an internal check of myself and I couldn't understand why I was being so opened with these guys.

Remembering what it was that the guys like to drink I made sure I had them on hand. I was pulling out some oranges and was preparing to freshly squeeze them when I was hit by a huge ping as if some one or something had hit me in the gut. I put down the oranges and ran out side went to a patch of dirt I put my hand on it. Opening my mind to the Mother to see what she was trying to tell me.

Pain huge amount of pain as if someone was either crying really hard or they were dying and didn't want to.

"Mother what is it?" I asked

I closed my eyes and squeezed trying to concentrate on the ping and then just as sudden as it came the cry was silenced I could feel the emptiness of it all.

I didn't know what had just happened all I could figure was someone had just died.

Then I thought I heard a sinister laugh from where I couldn't pinpoint but it felt very evil and down right deadly.

"Sir your guest have arrived," I heard BEATTI announced

I got up feeling a little woozy. I walked into the house and opened the front door.

"Wow what happened?" Jeff asked looking at my broken arm.

"I slip off a jet today at work and landed on my arm," I lied

"Ouch," Nick said

I slowly looked into Nick's eyes and I could see the same troubling feelings that I saw the other night whatever was bothering him he hid it quite well.

Well not too well if his band mates were worrying about him.

"So guys going to come in or are you going stay out here all day?" I asked

"Well we were hoping you let us in," Drew replied

"Ok come on in." I said.

Letting them come in I then asked "Are you guys thirsty or anything?"

"Well I am a bit thirsty," Nick said

"Well I don't have any yoo hoo but I do have some chocolate milk if you like," I told him

"How'd you know I like yoo hoo?" Nick chuckled

"Well for one thing I am a fan, and second I looked it up just so I could give back what I owed you guys," I said

"You owe us?" Drew asked

"I will tell you later," I told him.

"Ok," He replied

"Anyway I looked up what you guys like or at least what I think you like." I said

"Well the chocolate milk will be fine," Nick told me.

I smiled and headed off into the kitchen.

I picked up the oranges I had out before the ping from the Mother.

I put them in the juicer and turned it on went to the fridge and pulled out the gallon jug of Swiss Farm chocolate milk and poured it into a glass. I heard the footsteps "hey I thought you could use some help," Nick indicated

"I could actually." I smiled

"So what else do you know about us?" He asked

"That you are just your average humans with a really good job." I told him

"So you are not going out of your mind knowing that we are here in your house?" Nick asked

"Would you want me too?" I asked

"No not really," He chuckled

"I thought as much you get enough of it from your female fans. You don't need me to do the same." I said to him

"Well we thank you," Nick responded

"I stopped looking at people by what they do but by what they have in their hearts," I told him

"And what does our hearts tell you?" Nick asked

"Well you have a hole in yours," I said nonchalantly

I was sure his heart just stopped there for a second or so.

"IÉ" Nick started

"It is ok Nick you can say something when you are ready," I told him

I then said "It is not my place to judge you I will leave that in the Lord capable hands,"

"It justÉ" He struggled

I looked in his eyes I could see the struggle he was fighting.

"What are you doing?" He asked

"I am looking into your soul the eyes are one of the few places that has the hardest time lying about something." told him

"You know?" He asked

"I know nothing," I told him

Changing the subject "Now get the Orange juice and take it out to your brothers I will bring out your drink in a moment,"

Nick seem to smile at, that and walked out.

As soon as he was out of earshot I bowed and prayed "Oh heavenly father I pray for Nick whatever is troubling him I pray that you will bring him the peace that he needs, Amen,"

"Amen," Came another voice.