Tales of Sol/ Guardian Angel 5

by at3unit3 (at3unit3@yahoo.com)

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Guardian Angel Chapter Five


"Amen," Came another voice

I turned to see Drew coming in the Kitchen

"How much do you know?" Drew asked

"I know nothing only what I can see when I look into your eyes," I informed him

"That spooky really," He responded

"It a gift," I shrugged

"So who else is going to come see me?" I asked

"We are just worried that all none of us can figure out what is troubling my brother, and it bothers the hell out of me," Drew said.

"All I can tell you Drew is let him tell you the more you push the more he will pull away," I told him

Then it hit me, as well I really should follow my own advice sometimes I thought.

"We will give him all of the time he wants but I am afraid that he might do something rather rash," Drew said

I grabbed the remaining drinks in my only working arm and carried them out the others.

"I could helped," Drew pointed out

"Yes you could have but I didn't ask for it," I told him

He was a little taken back by my comment Dave was right I have become pretty cold sometimes.

The rest looked up at me for a few moments and idea came to me to ease the tension.

"Hey guys did you see my Holo-Room yet?" I asked

"No we didn't," Jeff replied

I took them down to my Holo-Room and I pushed a few buttons.

"Ok Nick if you could do anything at this moment what would it be?" I asked

"I don't know," He replied

"Just think if you wanted to do anything what would it be?" I asked

"I don't know maybe flying the X-wing off of Star Wars," Nick Shrugged

"BEATTI program Star Wars 955," I ordered

"Running program enter when ready," BEATTI responded

I opened the door and before us in the next room was a hanger bay full of X-wing fighters and as we entered our clothes changed to that of the Rebels.

"Wow!" The Guys gasped

"Well man your craft," I told them

They all moved to a fighter and I moved to the control room.

"Ok for the first few moments I will let you all get adjusted to your fighters," I told them

They nodded and got in after finding the start switch each fighter roar to life.

Nick was the first to find the throttle grip and was the first off out of the hanger. Jeff followed right behind him then Justin and Drew bringing up the rear.

The room shifted to the view of space I could see them in formation.

"How are you guys doing?" I asked

"This is too cool," Nick cheered

"Damn Right," Drew confirmed

"I can't believe I am actually flying this thing," Jeff cried

"Neither can I," Justin responded

For the next hour the guys trained in the fighters once I was sure they were ready

"Ok guys here comes your first mission," I told them

"Cool," They all said in unison

"Wings of Tie Fighters are on an attack run they are going to try to attack the starbase your job is to prevent them from doing so," I informed

"I am ready," Nick reported

"So are we," Drew and Jeff said at the same time

"Lets do it," Justin responded.

"Ok BEATTI send in the enemy," I ordered

The space before us was filled with Tie Fighters some of them started firing as soon as they materialized

"Ok guys what do you want to do?" Nick asked

"We can pair up and go after them," Drew suggested

"What do you guys want to do?" Nick asked Jeff and Justin.

"We can do that pair up with each other," Justin replied

"I agree," Jeff called out

"Alright Drew you're my wingman," Nick said

"You got it big bro lets get them," Drew said

Nick and Drew flew next to each other.

While Jeff, and Justin did the same.

In the first few moments of the firefight the guys seem to be in trouble but they got it together rather quickly Nick took some damage when he took a hit for his brother here, and there. Jeff took out a handful of fighters in a single sweep while Justin took care of the fighter harassing Nick. I was really impressed at how well they worked together.

They were really doing good until one fighter came around Drew fired on it sending it out of control right into Justin's starboard wing. That sent him out of control making him crash into another fighter. That fighter then smashed into Jeff after that it was a huge domino effect until the Hologrid came up and the guys were looking around at each other.

Then another domino effect as one after another started laughing, as did I.

"Man what a blast!" Nick roar

"That was so far out!" Drew laughed

"What a rush!" Justin giggled

"For a second there I forgot it was all an illusion!" Jeff cheered

"I am glad you all enjoyed it I was impressed up until the very end then I just died laughing at the chain of events Drew caused." I cackled

We were all laughing so hard that we had tears streaking out of our eyes.

"We'll have to do that again but right now I am hungry," Nick laughed

I got up of the floor "Ok how about you guys go clean up and I will start lunch." I suggested

I headed back upstairs before they could say anything I heard them come up to the stairs Nick came into the kitchen as I began to chop up a couple carrots.

"That was badass man I can't believe we were actually did that," Nick exclaimed

"I am glad you liked it," I smiled while getting a couple steaks from the fridge I had let defrost.

"So why are you doing this?" Nick asked

"Doing what?" I asked back

"Well everything really." Nick shrugged.

"Oh lets just say I have a few debts to repay when it comes to my boybands," I told him.

"What kind of debt?" Nick asked

"The kind that can't be easily repaid," I said

"I don't get it," Nick said

"Let just say you are not the only one who doesn't like to show his feeling Nick," I told him

He nodded at me I turned around to continue prepping the steaks.

"That kind of weird to hear someone say that," Nick finally said

"I am sure it is my friend," I told him

Nick left to clean up and I went back to work on lunch.

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