Guardian Angel Chapter Six

Fighting a different Battle

     We had just sat down to eat lunch when Nick Cell Phone went off.

"Hello?" Nick answer

"Where the Fuck are you guys!" The voice screamed

"We are at a friend home," Nick replied

"You were suppose to be at the studio an hour ago!" The man yelled

"Oh Fuck," Nick replied

"Oh Fuck is right! Now drop what you are doing and get your asses in here on the double." The voice screamed then hung up

"Hey guys we have to go," Nick said reluctantly

"Shit did we forget to do something today?" Jeff asked

"Yeah we were suppose to be at the studio an hour ago," Nick replied

"Now hang on one second, Does that guy yell at you like that all the time?" I asked

"Well George is one of our agents and sometime thinks he own us so yeah he yells at us like that all the time." Drew confirmed

"Then I am coming with you," I told them

"Are you sure?" Justin asked

"Yes it was my Holo-Room that distracted you so I am responsible for most of this," I replied

`Beside no one has a right to yell at anyone because of a simple mistake,' I thought

"Are you sure George is a forceful guy?" Jeff asked

"Jeff I severed in the Navy for 4 years I think I can handle this guy." I smiled

They still didn't look like they were comfortable with me coming and my guess was because they wanted to keep me out of the crossfire.

We piled into my Durango and drove out to the studio when we got out there the guys told the security officer that I was with them.

I drove to a reasonable parking spot and we entered the building.

As soon as we were in their agent began bellowing, "It about fucking time you guys showed up!"

"Umm excuse me but I am the reason they are late," I stepped in

"And who the fuck are you!" He practically screamed at me

"I am Petty Officer Third Class Pennock United States Naval Reserve," I replied

"Well Petty Officer Pennock do you know who you are with," He cried

"No I have no idea who I am with, other then four really impressive young men who came to my aid when my Durango broke down," I stated

"So what! They had to be here and not stopping to help every sap," He cried

This just set me off. "Who the hell do you think you are talking to?"

"You are nothing to me Petty Officer," He smirked

"That what you think," I said pulling out my cell phone

I hit a number on my speed dial,

"Who are you calling?" The Agent practically screamed

"Do you know Dave Matthews?" I asked

"What of him?" He asked

"Who do you think is his bodyguard?" I smiled

He paled "Now I will give you ten seconds to walk out that door and never come near these guys again or I will not only ask Mr. Matthews for help, But I will bring in the might of the Navy down on you," I smiled

"You can't do that!" He screamed

"Guys get behind me," I told them the guys did as I pulled out my Fighting Pike and propped it. They did as I instructed and moved behind me.

"Now the only way you are getting to 98 Degrees is through me," I informed him

"But I own them!" He Bellowed

"No you don't!" Nick yelled

George made an advance on the guys I shot out with my Pike grabbing his right leg and he fell to the ground.

"Severs you right," Justin laughed

George just glared at him and got back "So how do you like it when someone fights back?" I asked

"This isn't over!" George growled he turned and left.

He came back in with the security guard and pointed "There the man who assaulted me,"

George just glared at him "Sir I heard the entire conversation out here I will back the sailors demands," The security guard supplied.